Friday, October 18, 2019

To The Shock of the Mob

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As a group of Saints being led across Iowa by Keturah Eliza Button Andrews husband, a mob stopped and surrounded them. The mob leader told Keturah’s husband to prepare his group to be shot. Charles, Keturah’s husband started to sing, when something happened that caused the mob to leave the group of Saints in peace. What happened?
a.                   Keturah’s nursing baby started singing
b.                   The mob saw the Three Nephites
c.                   Natives surrounded the mobbers
d.                   Angels with swords in hand stood between the mob and the Saints
Yesterday’s answer:
C   Traveling on the Mormon Trail
From the life of Betsy Lowe Allen:   Betsy’s parents had come from Scotland in 1855, and were working their way towards Utah. They were living in Illinois when Betsy was born. They tied Betsy to a chest that was strapped to the side of the wagon, and the other five children walked beside the wagon and kept Betsy entertained. They continued their journey and reached Utah in 1861.
International Society Daughters of Utah Pioneers, Pioneer Women of Faith and Fortitude, (Publishers Press, 1998), 1:35.

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