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When They Would Receive the Priesthood

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Black, South African, William P. Daniels, stated in 1915 that he and his race would receive the Priesthood, when?
a.            June 1978
b.            In the next life
c.             Before the end of 1915
d.            When Spencer W. Kimball became the prophet
Yesterday’s answer:
D   Primary and MIA
On the re-opening of the Italian Mission in 1965: Two of these organizations proved especially attractive in Italy: the Primary, which was directed at children under age twelve, and the Mutual Improvement Association (MIA), which focused on teens. The Primary organization, which met on a weekday after school, quickly became popular not only among the few member families with children still in the home but also with many non-Mormons who liked the idea of religious instruction designed just for children. According to Duns, “You’d hold a Primary [in Italy] and we’d pack the place full. You wouldn’t believe the number of youngsters that wanted to come to Primary. They’d just absorb it. And then we were hoping that through them they’d take it home. . . We touched more people through the Primary than anything.”
The MIA program for young adults also proved successful in attracting interest. Indeed, mission leaders tried to ensure that it was functioning as quickly as possible in all areas. MIA was held on a week night, and activities might include discussion of current events and religious topics, instruction on vocational and practical matters,  games, singing, dancing, talent shows, and performing plays and numbers that, as Duns [John Jr. Mission president] commented, “Some nights we’d begin to wonder whether we would be able to handle all of it.”
James A. Toronto, The “Wild West” of Missionary Work” Reopening the Italian Mission, 1965-71, Journal of Mormon History, Fall 2014, 50.

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