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1876 Jewish Population in Salt Lake City

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In 1876, the Salt Lake Tribune reported that there were how many Jewish families in the city?
a.                  40
b.                  11
c.                   23
d.                  31
Yesterday’s answer:
C   That her husband wasn’t dead
From the life of Ann Waddell Stewart Dugdale:   Ann was born in Scotland in 1825. She was the only child. She grew up in Dalkeith, and moved to Edinburgh when she was twenty. There she met John Stewart and they were married on June 16, 1848. Ann’s parents were dead and John was also an orphan.
On May, 3, 1856, Ann, John, and their two surviving children John and Margaret Ann sailed from Liverpool on the ship, “Thornton,” for America. They landed in New York, then went by train to Iowa City, Iowa, and there they joined the James G. Willey Handcart Company.
At a campground at Willow Creek fifteen corpses were buried. John Stewart, Ann’s husband, who appeared frozen to death, was placed with the others on the ground awaiting burial. Ann discovered that he was still breathing, dragged him over to the fire and with the help of others was able to revive him. She threw away most of their remaining possessions so John could ride in the handcart. She strapped her sixth month old baby Margaret across her breast with a large paisley shawl and so she could pull the handcart. The baby suffered from the frost bite to her hands and feet all the rest of her life.
They arrived in Salt Lake in November, 1856. Two days later they moved to Provo, Utah, where four more children were born. Ann’s husband died, October 24, 1866, leaving Ann with five young children to raise.
Pioneer Women of Faith and Fortitude, Daughters of Utah Pioneers: (International Society Daughters of Utah Pioneers: 1998), 1:  850.

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