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A Jack of all Trades

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Like many pioneers, Ann Green Dutson Carling had many skills and traits. Everything from being a midwife to donating an ox team for the construction of the Salt Lake Temple. What did she teach the natives in the area?
a.            Midwifery
b.            Drying fruit
c.             Snaring Rabbits
d.            Quilt making
Yesterday’s answer:
A   The Book of Mormon   
From the life of Dorothy “Dollie” Kimball Bullock:   After their third child was born, Benjamin and Dollie moved to Moira, New York. Dollies’ daughter, Jane, wrote: “While my brother, Isaac, was away attending college, I went home and found that my mother was greatly troubled at the time. My father had brought home a copy of the Book of Mormon which my mother threatened to burn if she succeeded in finding it. But when she found it, her curiosity led her to read it and she was converted to the truth of Mormonism and was soon baptized. At that time the Mormon Elders were preaching in Moira and made their headquarters with my mother, who was the first to be converted in the town, and had one of the first copies of the “Book of Mormon” [which had been] printed. She had already learned to love the earnest God-fearing preacher boy, John Riggs, who had left his home and parents without a dollar to hardly a second change of clothes. A man who was bearing insults and oppressions with a faith unshaken for the gospel he had espoused. She was hungry for the ‘Glad Teachings’ and kept the young elders busy telling all about the regulations of the church.” Most of the family was baptized shortly after Dorothy was, but her husband, Benjamin, was not baptized until much later.
Pioneer Women of Faith and Fortitude, Daughters of Utah Pioneers: (International Society Daughters of Utah Pioneers: 1998), 1:415.

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