Wednesday, November 6, 2019

In Case of a Native Attack

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In Peoa, Utah, in case of a native attack, where were the Saints to go?
a.                  The Fort
b.                  The neighboring, much larger town of Oakley
c.                   The Chapel
d.                  Their basements
Yesterday’s answer:
A   Her ancestors fighting in the Revolutionary War
From the life of Eliza R. Snow:   One story that Eliza included in her short biography, Sketch of My Life, was about her grandfather on her mother’s side, Jacob Pettibone. While fighting the English, he was captured and taken prisoner. He was confined in a cell with a fellow prisoner, but they were so scantily feed and exhausted that his companion died. In order to get more food, Jacob wrapped his cell mate in a blanket and reported him sick. This way he was given food for two which saved his life. He kept the body in the cell as long as he dared. Eliza wrote, “This, with many other incidents of Revolutionary War sufferings recounted by my grandparents, so deeply impressed my mind that, as I grew up to womanhood, I fondly cherished a pride for the flag which so proudly waved o’er the graves of my brave and valiant ancestors.”
Lesson Committee, Museum Memories-Daughters of Utah Pioneers, (Salt Lake City, Talon Printing, 2010), 2: 333.

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