Monday, November 11, 2019

Sleeping on the Kitchen Floor

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Why did Edwin Dilworth Woolley Jr.’s daughter state that quite often her father would sleep on the kitchen floor during the early days of St. George?
a.            The hard floor was better for his back
b.            He was a Minuteman during the Walker War and this way he could leave faster
c.             He was usually chained to a prisoner since he was the constable and there were no jails
d.            He didn’t want to wake his wife when he got up early to work in the temple
Yesterday’s answer:
B   Knit socks for the soldiers
From the life of Martha Elizabeth Ashworth Brian:   In 1849, when Martha was six years of age, her family left England for America. Martha was very ill but was administered to and recovered. On 23 May, 1851, she was baptized in the Missouri River.
Martha helped deliver the great American actress, Maude Adams, and gave her the first bath. Martha was present when Maude made her first appearance on stage as a baby. She did her sewing, designing and made her costumes for several years. She had great ability as a seamstress, planning and making dresses and costumes. She sewed for the Salt Lake Costume House for many years.
Her health began to fail. She contracted smallpox and found that her eyesight was failing her. While living with her daughter, Europha, in Provo during the First World War, even though totally blind, she knitted sox and sweaters for the soldiers, folded bandages, pieced a quilt and did numerous things to round out her full life of service. She accepted her blindness with the same fortitude and good cheer she had shown during the many trials of her life.
International Society Daughters of Utah Pioneers, Pioneer Women of Faith and Fortitude, (Publisher Press, 1998), 1: 353-354.

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