Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Sparking their Interest

Unknown Date
Johanne Marie Thomsen

What was it that early convert Johanne Marie Thomsen did that interested the rest of the family to join the Church?
a.                  Volunteered her parents home for branch meetings
b.                  Volunteered her parents home for the missionaries to teach investigators
c.                   Sang Church Hymns
d.                  Read the Book of Mormon out loud
Yesterday’s answer:
B   Drying fruit
From the life of Ann Green Dutson Carling:   Not only being the only midwife in Fillmore and the neighboring towns, Ann also set broken bones and sewed up wounds. Her fee as a midwife was $3.00 in either cash or produce.
In addition to being a midwife, she laid out the dead, was a charter member of and a teacher in the Fillmore Ward Relief Society. She donated money to the Perpetual Emigrating Company, donated an oxen team for use in building the Salt Lake Temple, and taught Indians to dry fruit.  
It was her custom to perch on the running gears of a wagon and tell the driver to drive as fast as the horse would go. One day, she fell from this precarious perch and broke her hip. This accident brought a halt to her practice as a midwife at the age of ninety.
Pioneer Women of Faith and Fortitude, Daughters of Utah Pioneers: (International Society Daughters of Utah Pioneers: 1998), 1:503.

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