Thursday, November 28, 2019

What Patience Liked About the Church

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Patience Loader

What attracted Patience Loader to the Church and caused her and her husband to be baptized during the winter of 1850-51 in England?
a.                  The fact that they paid tithing
b.                  The fact that they could dance
c.                   The fact that it looked fun
d.                  The fact that they had additional scripture
Yesterday’s answer:
D   Their wagon overturning
From the life of Caroline Barnes Crosby:   It was a general time of rejoicing for several months among the Saints. They frequently met from house to house, to break bread, and drink wine and administer to the poor and afflicted. We also would attend a blessing at Dr. Frederick G. Williams. His eldest daughter had been lately married, and was about to leave for Missouri: he therefore blest her family previous to their leaving. He laid his hands upon each of their heads, and the scribe wrote them [the blessings]. The prophet Joseph was present, and had a vision of their journey, saw their wagon turn over, but no one was injured. It came to pass even as he said.
Women’s Voices-An Untold History of The Latter-day Saints 1830-1900 (Salt Lake City: Deseret Book Company, 1982), 51.

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