Index Vol. 1 A-C

ACMI-Arizona, issues in   1:473
A Voice of Warning   See Publishing (Pamphlets)
Aaronic Priesthood   See Church Organization
Aaron’s Breastplate   See Artifacts
Able   See Heavenly Visitors
Able, Elijah   See African Americans
Abraham   See Heavenly Visitors
Academies   See Education
Acting Teachers   See Church Practices (Home Teachers)
Adam   Heavenly Visitors
Adam-ondi-Ahman   See Cities and Towns (Missouri)
Adams Alter   See Artifacts
Adams, Annie   See Art (Theater-Salt Lake Theater-actresses)
Adams, George   See Apostates
Adams, Spencer   See Sports (Baseball)
Administer to the sick   See Church Ordinances
Adoption-Warner, Frank W.-Amos Warner adopts Native American   1:42
      -Young, Brigham, Sally adopted native daughter   1:40
Adoption (Temple)   See Church Ordinances
African Americans-Able, Elijah-ordained an elder   1:38
      -Chambers, Amanda-slaves, join church-die in wealth   1:332
      -Chambers, Samuel-testimony   1:332
      -Crosby, Oscar-enters valley with the Saints, 1847   1:36
      -Flake, Green-body guard to Joseph Smith   1:774, 1:908
            -brief history   1:36, 1:667
            -tithing, used as   1:85, 1:667
      -Lay, Hark-enters valley with the Saints, 1847   1:36
      -Lewis, Walker-ordained to the priesthood   1:41
      -Mississippi Saints travel to Winter Quarters   1:43
      -Republican Square, Mississippi-gathering of   1:959
Africans-Daniels, William Paul-brief history   1:897
      Alfalfa-Stewart, Joshua Beynon-prayer to save   1:401
      Awards-Bertrand, Louis Alphonse, in Utah   1:354
            -Harris, Martin win county fair   1:352
      Barley-Horner, John M.-size of crop   1:51
      Cocoonery-Bertrand, Louis Alphonse manages for Brigham Young   1:354
      Cooperative Farming-size of   1:360
            -Western Agriculture Company-size of   1:360
      Hogs-Foote, Warren-Missourian agriculture   1:190
      Leany, William-human bones in field   1:898
      Missourians-Foote, Warren-description of   1:190
      Pests-Crickets-Hale, Arocet Lucious fighting   1:48
                      -Seagulls save crops   1:46
      Potatoes-Horner, John M.-size of potato crop   1:51
            -Salt Lake City-where first planted in Salt Lake City   1:47
            -Stewart, Joshua Beynon-prayer to save crops   1:401
      Sericulture-Bertrand, Louis Alphonse manages for Brigham Young   1:354
      Silkworms-Bertrand, Louis Alphonse manages for Brigham Young   1:354
      St. Louis Globe-correspondent on Mormon settlements in Arizona   1:315
      Turnips-Salt Lake City-where first planted in Salt Lake City   1:47
      Viniculture-Bertrand, Louis Alphonse manages for Brigham Young   1:354
      Wheat-Horner, John M.-size of crop   1:51
            -Salt Lake Valley, lack of food   1:48
Ague   See Medical (Sickness and Disease)
Ahashdah   See Pseudonyms
Alam   See Pseudonyms
Alcohol   See Church Practices (Word of Wisdom)
Aldrich, Hazen   See Apostates
Alexander, Sarah   See Art (Theater-Salt Lake Theater-actresses)
Alger, John-Natives-tries to trade pioneer girl for a horse, humorous   1:166
Alger, Samuel-Hancock, Levi-corruption with some members in the Law of Consecration   1:357
Ali, Mohemet-Egyptian mummies and writings of Joseph and Abraham   1:740
Allen, Charles-tarred and feathered   1:597
Allen, Rufus-Battle of Nauvoo   1:905
Allen, William Lewis-Poverty Flats, settle   1:391
Allred, James-Kimball, Heber C. prophecy-Arocet Lucious Hale never to get sick again   1:75
      -Smith, Joseph-body guard   1:908                                                
Allred, Rubin-Inspired to take food to the Hendricks family   1:94
Alma   See Heavenly Visitors
Almanacs   See Publishing
Alpine, Utah   See Cities and Towns (Utah)
American Bible Association   See Groups
American Cyclopedia   See Encyclopedias
American Fork, Utah   See Cities and Towns (Utah)
American Party   See United States Government (Partys)
American Revivalist   See Media (Newspapers and magazines)
Ammunition   See Weapons (Guns)
Anderson, Hugh J.   See United States Government (Governors)
Anderson, May   See Church Organization (General Boards-Primary)
Anderson, George Edward   See Art (Photography)
Anderson, Karl R.   See Church Organization (Patriarchs)
Angell, Truman O.   See Buildings (Architects)
Angels   See Heavenly Visitors
Angels, Unnamed   See Heavenly Visitors
      Buffalo-wool from   1:925
      Dogs-Smith, Joseph, Major   1:463
            -wool from   1:925
      Horses-Hancock, Levi feeds basswood tree to   1:412
      Panthers-Hancock, Mosiah, Jack Reddin buys dead panther from   1:174
      Smith, Joseph-kindness to   1:463
      Wolves-Hancock, Mosiah forced up tree   1:174
Anointings   See Church Ordinances
Anthony-over   See Recreation
Anti-Masonic Enquirer   See Media (Newspapers and Magazines)
Anti-Mormon Party   See United States Government (Parties)
Anton, Professor Charles   See Education (Pofessors)
Apaches   See Natives
Apia Samoa Temple   See Temples
Apostates-Adams, George J.-Mark Twain writes about his Israel group   1:205
                         -Strang, James Jesse, joins   1:901
      -Aldrich, Hazen-Harris, Martin mission to Great Britain   1:319
      -Beebe, Calvin-Book of Commandment witness testimony   1:498
      -Bennett, John C.-Joseph Smith prophecy of demise, fulfilled   1:76
            -Warsaw Signal-Joseph Smith attempted murder, Lilburn W. Boggs   1:289
            -writes The History of the Saints; or, An Expose of Joe Smith and Mormonism   1:417
      -Bishop, Gladden-group   1:954
      -Booth, Ezra-conversion   1:926
             -Rigdon, Sidney challenges to a debate   1:570
            -Smith, Joseph heals Elsa Johnson’s arm, Doctor’s reasoning   1:73
      -Boynton, John F.-James A. Garfield, cousins to   1:674
      -Brannan, Samuel-Brooklyn-cost to charter ship   1:718
             -excommunicated   1:941
             -first California millionaire, steals tithing money   1:135
            -Prophet, The, editor   1:415
            -Yerba Buena California Star-first San Francisco newspaper   1:229
      -Burnett, Stephen-mission call to serve wherever he desires   1:577
      -Cannon, Frank J.-U.S. Senate   1:942
      -Clark, Wycam-organizes first church to oppose Mormonism   1:657
            -Pure Church of Christ, organizes   1:954
      -Copley, Leman-Kitchel, Ashbel, Quaker leader, visits   1:549
            -Law of Consecration failed   1:556
      -Corrill, John-Book of Commandments witness testimony   1:498
             -fish miracle-Missouri persecutions   1:987
             -LDS attitude on war   1:768
             -missing scripture-Bible   1:860
            -Mormonism-how to rid the world of it   1:746
            -Patten, David-Captain fear not   1:726
      -Cowdery, Warren A.-converted after reading Book of Mormon proof sheets   1:606
      -Forsgren, John Eric-missionary miracle-converts long lost sister in Sweden   1:86
      -Gause, Jesse-brief history   1:578
            -Kirtland-escapes persecutors   1:579
      -Godbe, William S.-Sunday school organization   1:153
      -Goodson, John-British Mission, Books of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, burns   1:902
                                         -faith   1:834
      -Higbee, Francis M.-shots at Levi Hancock, bullet does not penetrate clothes   1:406
      -Hurlbut, Doctor Philastus-actual name   1:415, 1:841
      -Hyde, John-Salt Lake City-children, on    1:370
                                 -dancing schools   1:931
      -Johnson, Lyman-Book of Commandments witness testimony   1:498
            -Kirtland Temple-disrupts the sacrament   1:568
            -Smith, Joseph on plural marriage   1:632
      -Lake, Dennis-sues Joseph Smith   1:123
      -Marks, William-Strang, James Jesse, joins   1:901
      -Marsh, Thomas B.-Book of Commandments witness testimony   1:498
            -conversion   1:528, 1:605
            -distribute Missouri lands   1:619
            -Fayette Branch-leads to Kirtland, Ohio along with Lucy Mack Smith   1:536, 1:659
            -fund raising mission to Kentucky, for Missouri Saints   1:619
            -hears of church   1:527
            -Quietist-belongs to   1:656
            -Quorum of the Twelve-organized by age   1:680
      -McLellin, William E.-Book of Commandments-witnesses testimony   1:498
            -Church of Christ, forms   1:319
            -closes school and travels to Jackson County   1:513
            -Kirtland School-teaches penmanship   1:799
            -Smith, Hyrum, serves mission with   1:567
            -Smith, Joseph-the prophets thoughts on   1:875
            -Smith, Samuel, serves mission with   1:519, 1:569
                  -teaches   1:564
             -Young, Brigham ordained an Apostle before he was a High Priest   1:583
      -Morris, Joseph-rebellion   1:900
      -Page, Hiram-Book of Mormon copyright, tries to sell   1:514
            -home teacher, first   1:955
            -seer stones, revelations from   1:524
      -Page, John E.-apostle, ordained to   1:616
            -Strang, James Jesse, joins   1:901
      -Parrish, Warren-The Church of Christ-forms   1:954
      -Rigdon, Sidney-Adam and Eve, sees   1:176
            -Bancemy-pseudonym   1:575
            -Book of Commandment witness testimony   1:498
            -Booth, Ezra-challenges to a debate   1:570
            -Burnett, Peter H.-description of Sidney Rigdon   1:346
            -Canadian mission experience   1:675
            -escapes mob-tavern keeper helps, humorous   1:206
            -Far West-siege of   1:188
            -Independence Day speech   1:614
            -Independence, Missouri-dedicates land   1:561
            -Kitchel, Ashbel-Quaker leader-visit to   1:549
            -Kirtland-escapes persecutors   1:579
            -Lord-compares to John the Baptist   1:175
                  -guides   1:532
            -ministers, his conversion   1:526
            -Missouri-description of   1:560
                  -scheme to oust from the Union   1:143
            -Nauvoo Temple construction-false prophecy   1:409
            -Palmyra Reflector-Mormon migration to Ohio, on   1:536
            -Pratt, Parley P.-converts into Reformed Baptist Church   1:715
            -pseudonym-Pelagoram   1:575
            -re-baptized   1:262
            -revelation-process of   1:573
            -salt sermon-hosanna shouts   1:660
            -Sherman, Lyman Royal-never notified or ordained to be an Apostle   1:607
            -Spaulding manuscript-brief history   1:757
      -Robinson, Ebenezer-Salem revelation, on   1:611
      -Russell, Isaac-1st British Mission-Kimball, Heber C. casts out evil spirits   1:939
            -group   1:954
            -leaves   1:901
      -Ryder, Simonds-Campbellite minister-joins church after reading newspaper article   1:541
      -Salisbury, Kathrine Smith-April 6, 1830 baptism   1:517
      -Sermon, Henry-Thompson, John takes him to meet Martin Harris, testimony   1:204
      -Sermon, John-Thompson, John takes him to meet Martin Harris, testimony   1:204
      -Smith, Sylvester-Elder’s License, signs   1:986
      -Smith, William-April 6, 1830, baptism   1:517
            -mission to Pennsylvania with brother Hyrum   1:612
            -ordained Walker Lewis to the priesthood, African American   1:41
            -plural marriage-performed unauthorized   1:971
            -Strang, James Jesse, joins   1:901
            -Wasp-editor   1:415
      -Strang, James Jesse-breaks away after Joseph Smith dies   1:205
            -brief history   1:901
      -Sweet, Northrup-helps oppose Mormonism   1:657
      -Thayre, Ezra-conversion story   1:531
      -Wakefield, Joseph-apostatizes, Joseph Smith playing with children   1:551, 1:587
      -Whitlock, Harvey-Book of Commandments witness testimony   1:498
            -brief history   1:944
            -McLellin, William E.-conversion   1:519, 1:564
      -Whitmer, John-Book of Commandments-scribe   1:545
             -Book of Mormon, brings for the first time to the Kirtland area   1:489
                   -testimony of   1:511
            -excommunication-misuse of church funds   1:619
            -first official Church historian, Book of John Whitmer   1:310, 1:511
            -Kirtland, some think it is the New Jerusalem   1:661
            -pseudonym-Horah   1:575
            -religious enthusiasm, on   1:550
            -Revelation Book 1-John Whitmer places revelations in   1:545
            -Smith, Joseph-reaches out to-growth of Church in Kirtland   1:658
      -Whitmer, Peter Jr.-1830 mission   1:590
            -April 6, 1830 baptism   1:265
            -Boggs, Lilburn W.-invites to live with   1:981
            -guards Oliver Cowdery and printers copy of the Book of Mormon   1:650
            -Independence, Missouri Temple lot dedicated   1:561
            -mentioned, 1830 mission-golden bible, on   1:342, 1:530
      -Whitmer, Peter Sr.-farming miracle to prepare Joseph Smith to come to his home   1:510
            -Kirtland-escapes persecutors   1:579
      -Wight, Lyman-administration-cast out evil spirit   1:940
            -Black River Company   1:763
            -Book of Commandment witness testimony   1:498
            -High Priest-first ordained by Joseph Smith   1:804
            -Nauvoo House cornerstone, United States President letter set in   1:225
            -siege of Far West   1:188
            -“Wild Ram of the Mountains” New York Sun   1:358
            -Wilson, Moses, General-his conversation with   1:516
            -Zion’s Camp-upset at Joseph Smith   1:603
Apostles   See Church Organization
Apple Poultices   See Medical (Cures)
April 6, 1830-See Church Organization  
Arapeen   See Natives (Chiefs)
Archeology-Glyps-“And it came to pass”   1:235
      -Guatemala-Mayan Ruins   1:231
      -Stockholm Sweden-construction, Viking graves found during   1:20
Archer, Patience Loader Rosa-Martin Handcart Company, man appears, miracle   1:167
      -Sweetwater River-men carry Saints across   1:169
Argentina   See Cities and Towns (Countries)
Arizona   See Cities and Towns (States)
Arkansas   See Cities and Towns (States)
Arrested   See Court Cases
            Confusing-to some, dance in same building that worship takes place   1:472
            Dancing school-Hyde, John-Salt Lake City   1:931
                  -Smith, Jesse N.-Saints should attend   1:471
            Mormon Trail-Young, Brigham   1:930
            Music Festival-first held in the Salt Lake Tabernacle   1:809
            Religious thought-Smith, Jesse N.-evils of dancing, preached   1:471
            Round dance-Smith, Jesse N.-“dance of death”   1:471
      Illustrating-Story of the Book of Mormon-first attempt at   1:140
             -Angel Moroni statues-Dallin, Cyrus-Salt Lake Temple-Angel Moroni Statue-carves  1:105
                   -Fairbanks, Avard-Denver Colorado Temple-Angel Moroni Statue   1:998
                         -Mexico City Mexico Temple-Angel Moroni  Statue   1:998
                         -West Jordan Utah Temple-Angel Moroni Statue   1:998
                   -gold leaf-how much to cover   1:125
                   -Monticello Utah Temple-white statue   1:427
                   -Three Angel Moroni statues flown on the same day   1:429                     
             -Boglum, Gutzon-Mt. Rushmore, carves, parents LDS   1:191
            -Dallin, Cyrus-Brigham Young statue, brief history   1:995
                  -Chief Massasoit monument   1:995
                  -Governor Bradford monument   1:995
                  -Paul Revere monument   1:995
                  -Salt Lake Temple-Angel Moroni Statue-carves   1:105
            -Eagle Gate-entrance to Brigham Young’s farm, later a toll gate   1:997
            -Fairbanks, Avard-Abraham Lincoln-Ford Theater, U.S. Supreme Court,   1:998
                                                 -National Capitol Building   1:998
                   -Daniel Jackling-Utah State Capitol   1:998
                  -Denver Colorado Temple-Angel Moroni Statue   1:998
                  -Esther Morris-National Capitol Building   1:998
                  -George Washington-Washington State Capitol   1:998
                  -John Burke-National Capitol Building   1:998
                  -Lycurgus-Sparta, Greece   1:998
                  -Marcus Whitman-National Capitol Building   1:998
                  -McKenzie King-Ottawa, Ontario, Canada   1:998
                  -Mexico City Mexico Temple-Angel Moroni Statue   1:998
                  -Pioneer Family-Bismarck, North Dakota   1:998
                  -Pony Express monument   1:998
                  -Restoration of the Aaronic Priesthood Monument   1:998
                  -Washington D.C. Temple-Angel Moroni Statue   1:998
                  -West Jordan Utah Temple-Angel Moroni Statue   1:998
                  -Winter Quarters Monument   1:998 
            -Joseph Smith Memorial-Clifford, Edwin, caretaker-Titanic   1:563
                  -size of shaft stone   1:107
            -Knaphus, Torlief-Angel Moroni statue-finger of light miracle   1:242
            -Oliver Cowdery Monument-brief history   1:651        
            -North visitor Center Christus Statue & mural   1:2
      Movies-Brigham Young-Worlds largest premier, favorable for the church   1:303
            -Legacy-Washington D. C. Chapel Angel Moroni statue used in   1:242
            -Mountain of the Lord-Washington D.C. Chapel Angel Moroni statue used in   1:242
            -Trapped by the Mormons-anti-Mormon   1:314
      Murals-Christenson, Carl Christian Anton-Mormon Panorama   1:996
            -North visitor Center Christus Statue mural   1:2
            Bands-Nauvoo Brass Band-entertained in Salt Lake City   1:112
                   -William Pitt’s Brass Band-Mormon Trail   1:930
            Choir-Mormon Tabernacle Choir-visited to the White House   1:144
            General-Salt Lake Musical and Dramatic Association-when formed   1:112
            Hymnal-Deserret Sunday School Songs   1:970
                  -first,-top five hymns sung during meetings   1:824
                        -“Joy to the World”   1:821
                         -morning, evening, and farewell hymns   1:825
                         -number of hymns in   1:820
                          -Pratt, Parley P.-how man hymns did he write   1:823
                          -printing-number of   1:822
                  -Hymn book-Emma Smith collection, original   1:521
                        -set in Nauvoo House cornerstone   1:225
                  -Psalmody-hymn books used   1:970
                  -Songs of Zion   1:970
            Hymns-“Adam-ondi-Ahman”-top five hymn songs   1:824
                  -“Come, Come, Yes Saints”-All is Well-Clayton, William   1:683
                        -Native chief story-this is his song   1:687
                  -“Deseret”-“High on a Mountain Top”   1:971
                  -“Glorious Things of Thee are Spoken”-top five hymn sung   1:824
                  -“High on a Mountain Top”   1:971
                  -“How Firm a Foundation”-top five hymns sung   1:824
                  -“Now Let Us Rejoice”-top five hymns sung   1:824
                  -“O Say What is Truth”   1:826
                  -Phelps, W. W.-writes   1:521, 1:558
                  -Pratt, Parley P.-mission experience, Ziba Peterson sings during court trial   1:529
                        -writes   1:521
                  -Snow, Eliza R.-writes   1:521
                  -“The Spirit of God”-top five hymn songs   1:824
            Singing-singing in tongues   1:273
                  -Smith, Joseph Sr.-singing teacher   1:862
      Musical Instruments-fiddles-Hyde, John, on   1:931
                                                  -Mormon Battalion   1:932
            -violins-Hancock, Levi fixes, gains baptism, suit and shoes   1:320
                  -Hancock, Solomon-breaks and burns   1:366
      Painting-Book of Mormon, first of-Baptism of Limhi   1:141
      Photography-Anderson, George Edward-first LDS pictorial history book   1:308
      -mission call-gone 7 years   1:308
      Poems-Snow, Eliza R.-Sunday school organization-writes poem for occasion   1:153
                         -Zion’s Poetess-writes over 500 poems   1:800
      Theater-Bowery-Natives view play in   1:112
            -Nauvoo-Joseph Smith forms dramatic company   1:198
            -produce used to pay for admittance to   1:835
            -Salt Lake Musical and Dramatic Association-when formed   1:112
            -Salt Lake Theater:
                  -Actors-Couldock, C. W.   1:117
                        -Jagger, Dean-plays Brigham Young in movie, later converts   1:303
                        -Lyne, Thomas S.   1:117
                        -McCullough, John   1:117
                        -Pauncefort, Sir George   1:117
                  -Actresses-Adams, Annie   1:117
                        -Alexander, Sarah   1:117
                        -Hayne, Julia Dean   1:117
                  -Managers-Caine, John T.   1:117
                        -Clawson, Hyrum B.   1:117
Articles and Covenants   See Scriptures (Doctrine and Covenants)
Articles of Faith   See Scriptures (Pearl of Great Price)
Artifacts-Adam’s Altar-Adam-ondi-Ahman   1:669
       -Articles and Covenants-Watters, Virginia Ryder donates   1:62
       -Bible-Bible House, Jesse N. Smith sees ancient Bible   1:434
             -set in Nauvoo House cornerstone   1:225
       -Book of the Law of the Lord-Knight Joseph Sr. recorded in   1:509
       -Brass Plates-Whitmer, David-interview   1:335
       -Breast plate-Aaron’s breastplate-Hill Cumorah-cave “room,” in   1:647
             -stone box, description of, lay out   1:239
       -Cane, Andrew Jackson gives to Thomas Kane   1:241
       -Chase, Sally-peep stone   1:838
       -Doctrine and Covenants-set in Nauvoo House cornerstone   1:225
       -Egyptian-grammar book   1:134
             -mummies-Foote, Warren views in Kirtland Temple   1:741
                   -price paid for   1:742
                   -rumors about   1:57
                   -writings of Joseph and Abraham   1:740
             -scrolls-Woods Museum, Chicago fire, donated to the Church   1:61
      -Glanvil, Joseph-prayer for food, miracle-red and white family towel   1:716
      -Hymn Book-set in Nauvoo House cornerstone   1:225
      -Liahona (Ball of Directors)-David Whitmer interview   1:335
                                                            -sees   1:512
      -Nauvoo House-cornerstone-contents of   1:225, 1:245
      -Nauvoo Temple prints-Thacker, Vern C. donated to while tracting   1:58
      -Newbury Weekly News-Ballard, Henry-genealogy miracle   1:404
      -Oliver Cowdery Monument:
            -Book of Mormon, in   1:651
            -Contributor, The, in   1:651
            -Cowdery Family genealogy, in   1:651
            -Doctrine and Covenants, in   1:651
            -History of the Book of Mormon, Volume 5   1:651
            -History of the Church, Volume 1, in   1:651
            -Pearl of Great Price, in   1:651
            -Portraits of Oliver Cowdery, David Whitmer, Martin Harris, in   1:651
      -Roadometer [Odometer]-Clayton, William/Orson Pratt-design   1:683
            -Harmon, Appleton-builds   1:903
            -King, William A.-builds   1:903
            -Mormon Trail, used on-accuracy of   1:60
      -Seer stone-Smith, Joseph-hat, gold plate translation   1:236
                                 -Gold plate translation-used in   1:240
      -Staffordshire Ware-Nauvoo Temple, rarest   1:432
      -Sword of Laban-Hill Cumorah-cave “room” in   1:647
            -Whitmer, David-interview   1:335
                  -sees   1:512
      -Times and Seasons-set in Nauvoo House cornerstone   1:225
      -Urim and Thummim-Clark, John-Palmyra minister, thoughts on   1:424
            -Palmyra Freeman-article   1:425
            -Smith, Joseph-kept on person for safety of the plates   1:56
            -Tiffany’s Monthly-description of   1:879
            -translation process-gold plates   1:485
            -Whitmer, David sees   1:512
      -Wight, Lyman-letter to United States President set in Nauvoo House cornerstone   1:225
      -Wood, Wilford C.-Adam-ondi-Ahman   1:433
            -Book of Commandments-original edition   1:433
            -Book of Mormon-uncut sheets, 1830 edition   1:433
            -Church artifacts and historical sites purchased   1:433
            -Doctrine and Covenants-first edition-includes Lectures of Faith   1:433
            -Harris, Martin farm (part of)   1:433
            -Liberty Jail   1:433
            -Nauvoo Temple site   1:433
            -Susquehannah River-land along   1:433
            -Taylor, John home   1:433
            -Whitney, Newell K. store   1:433
Ashton, Marvin J.   See Church Organization (Apostles)
Assembly Hall   See Temple Square
Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Treasury   See United States Government
Astrology-Phelps, W. W.-Superintendent of Meteorological Observations   1:438
Atchison, David R.   See Court Cases (Lawyers)
Atkins, B.-Lamb, Charles conversion in England   1:929
Atlanta Georgia Temple   See Temples
Atlantic Monthly   See Media (Newspapers and Magazines)
Australia   See Cities and Towns (Countries)
Avard, Dr. Sampson   See Excommunication 
Awards   See Military (Medals/Awards), See Agriculture, See Scriptures (Bible)
Babbit, Almon   See Church Organization (Stake Presidents)
Bacon   See Food
Bailey, Mary-Smith, Samuel, marries   1:519
Bake, Aagaata Ysten Dater-Kimball, Heber  C., wife   1:842
Baker, Jean Rio Griffiths-Ship-oatmeal for food   1:387
                                                  -porpoises, food on ship   1:388
                                                  -sacrament meeting-held on   1:275
Ball of Directors   See Artifacts (Liahona)
Ballantyne, Richard-Sunday School-organized first   1:871
Ballard, Henry   See Church Organization (Bishops)
Ballard, Melvin J.   See Church Organization (Apostles)
Bancemy   See Publishers (Pseudonyms)
Bancroft, Hubert Howe   See Publishing (Books)
Bands   See Art
Bannock Stake Academy   See Education
Baptism   See Church Ordinances
Baptism for healing   See Church Ordinances
Baptism for the dead   See Church Ordinances
Baptism-Re   See Church Ordinances
Baptist   See Religions
Barley   See Agriculture
Barlow, Israel   See Church Organization (Patriarchs)
Barney, Lewis-James, Carl-religious excitement created by   1:743
      -June 27, 1844-Carthage desertion   1:707
Barton, Wm. P.C. -Egyptian mummies and writings of Joseph and Abraham   1:740
Baseball   See Sports
Basketball   See Sports
Bassett, Heman-sells Levi Hancock’s watch, The Family   1:556
Basswood   See Trees/Shrubs
Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple   See Temples
Battle Creek, Utah   See Cities and Towns (Pleasant Gove, Utah)
Battle of Crooked River   See War
Battle of Nauvoo   See War
Battles   See Natives, See War
Baurak Ale   See Pseudonyms
Beaman, Eliza-woman’s blessings   1:890, 1:892
Bean, Rebecca   See Church Organization (Relief Society)
Bean, Willard-Mission call with wife to Palmyra   1:156
Bear Lake   See Lakes
Bear River Massacre   See Natives (Battles)
Beatie, Hampton-Mormon Station, Nevada   1:911
Beebe, Calvin   See Apostates
Beehive Class   See Church Organization (Young Ladies Mutual Improvement Association)
Beehive House   See Buildings
Belnap, Gilbert   See Church Organization (Bishops)
Bennett, John C.   See Apostates
Bennion, Samuel O.   See Church Organization (First Council of the Seventy)
Benson, Ezra Taft (father)   See Church Organization (Apostles)
Benson, Ezra Taft (son)   See Church Organization (Prophets)
Bent, Samuel   See Church Organization (Council of Fifty)
Bertrand, Louis Alphonse   See Church Organization (Mission President)
Bethlehem Street   See Streets
      Buttermilk-Foote, Warren-Missourian diet   1:190
      Clabber-Missourian Buttermilk   1:190
      Coffee-Hancock, Mosiah-trading with California gold seekers   1:283
            -Snow, Eliza R.-breakfast, used   1:386
      Milk-Ririe, James-cooks Sego Lilies with   1:389
      Tea- British Passenger Act 1849, foods provided on voyages   1:387
            -peppermint-Summer complaint cure   1:381
      Whiskey-Hyde, John-on Salt Lake City children   1:370
Bible   See Scriptures
Bible House   See Buildings-Hotels
Bidamon, Lewis-Emma Smith, new wife, give tours of Nauvoo after Saints leave   1:106
      -Nauvoo House cornerstone-uncovers Book of Mormon manuscript   1:225
Biesinger, Thomas-mission, sent to prison , preaches in and converts   1:160
Big Blue River   See Rivers
Big Elk   See Natives (Chiefs)
Big Foot   See Natives (Individuals)
Bigler, Henry-Mormon Trail-supplies taken on   1:736
      -Smith, Joseph-short prayers and short sermons   1:670
Billings Montana Temple   See Temples
Billings, Titus-joins leaders escaping Kirtland   1:579
      Cranes-lack of food in Salt Lake Valley, 1st year   1:216
      Crows-lack of food in Salt Lake Valley, 1st year   1:216
      Ducks-lack of food in Salt Lake Valley, 1st year   1:216
      Hawks-lack of food in Salt Lake Valley, 1st year   1:216
      Seagulls-fine for killing   1:46
      Snipes-lack of food in Salt Lake Valley, 1st year   1:216
      Plovers-Sydney Australia Temple-protect nesting sites   1:22
      Quails-miracle of   1:50, 1:831
Bishop, Gladden   See Apostates
Bishop, Savalla Henry-mentioned   1:83
Bishops   See Church Organization
Black Hawk War   See Natives (Battles), See War (Natives)
Black, James H.-Ford, James H. interview-Liberty Jail guard, human flesh   1:620
Black River Company-Wight, Lyman-cut wood for the Nauvoo temple   1:763
Blackducks   See Nicknames
Blackleg   See Medical (Sickness and Disease)
Blacksmith   See Trades
Blakesley, William-pillar of light at night at place of baptism in Kirtland   1:67
Blessings   See Church Ordinances
Block Teachers   See Church Practices (Home Teaching)
Blood, William-sealing, wants done   1:973
Boats   See Ships
Body Guards-Smith, Joseph-Allred, James   1:908
                               -Charlesworth, Thomas   1:908
                               -Emmett, James   1:908
                               -Flake, Green   1:36, 1:908
                              -Haight, Isaac   1:908
                              -Hancock, Levi   1:774, 1:908
                              -Harding, Dwight-administered to, miracle   1:101, 1:775, 1:908
                              -Lee, John D.   1:908
                              -Lemon, John   1:908
                              -Noble, Joseph Bates   1:908
                              -Rockwell, Porter   1:774, 1:908
                              -Smith, Hyrum   1:774, 1:908
Bogart, Samuel   See Religions (Methodist)
Boggs, Alvah-on great-grandfather, Lilburn W. Boggs-testimony   1:624
Boggs, Lilburn W.   See United States Government (Governors)
Bolton, Curtis C.-Battle of Nauvoo   1:905
Bond, Charlotte-baptized   1:928
Bond, Ira-baptized   1:928
Bond, John   See Children
Book of Commandments   See Scriptures
Book of Commandments, A   See Scriptures
Book of Commandments and Revelation   See Scripture
Book of Covenants   See Scriptures
Book of John Whitmer-earliest history of the Church   1:310
Book of Mormon   See Scripture
Book of Mormon (original manuscript)   See Scripture (Book of Mormon)
Book of Mormon (printer’s manuscript)   See Scripture (Book of Mormon)
Book of the Law of the Lord-Knight, Joseph Sr. recorded in   1:509
Books   See Publishing
Booth, Ezra   See Apostates
Booth, J. Wilford   See Church Organization (Mission Presidents)
Borglum, Gutzon   See Art (Monuments)
Bortles, J. H.-Book of Mormon press work   1:226
Boscoe, Robbie   See Sports (Football)
Boston Massachusetts Temple   See Temples
Boston Watchman   See Media (Newspapers and Magazines)
Bountiful, Utah   See Cities and Towns
Bountiful Utah Temple   See Temples
Bowel Complaint   See Medical (Sickness and Disease)  
Bowen, Lucy Gates-SS Brigham Young, christens   1:12
Bowery   See Temple Square
Bowman, Ida-dies   1:858
Boy Scouts of America-first LDS troop   1:697
Boyle, Henry G.   See Church Organization (Mission Presidents)
Boynton, John F.   See Apostates
Brackinbury, James-Johnson, Benjamin-conversion   1:630
Brailey, Jesse Doctor-Battle, scares Natives off with his umbrella   1:44
Branch of Love   See Branches
Branches   See Church Organization
Brandy   See Medical (Cures)
Brannan, Samuel   See Apostates, See Excommunications
Bransford, John S.-Salt Lake City mayor   1:789
Bread   See Food
Breast Plate   See Artifacts
Brigham City, Arizona   See Cities and Towns
Brigham Young   See Art (Movies)
Brigham Young Academy   See Education
Brigham Young Academy Student   See Media (Newspaper and Magazines)
Brigham Young and his Mormon Empire   See Publishing (Books)
Brigham Young University   See Sports, See Education
Brink, William B.-mission call-unique   1:577
Brisbane, Australia   See Cities and Towns
Britannia   See Ships (Sail Ships)
British Passenger Act 1849   See Court Cases (Laws)
Broadcasting   See Communications
Brodie, Fawn-Golden Bible   1:758
      -Spaulding manuscript, on   1:758
Brooklyn   See Ships (Sail Ships)
Brooks, Leicester-Harris, Martin mission to Great Britain   1:319
Brown, Benjamin-Anointing-oil taken internally   1:71
      -Nauvoo, IIIinois   1:760
Brown, Gurnsey-Ephraim Hanks, hears voice, rescues handcarts   1:322
Brown, Hugh B.-See Church Organizations (First Presidency)
Brown, John   See Church Organization (Bishops)
Brown, Joseph D.-donates to Mormon cause   1:340
Browning   See Weapons (Guns)
Browning, John Moses   See Weapons (Guns)
Browning, Jonathan   See Weapons (Guns)
Brunson, Seymour-Smith, Joseph-baptism for the dead mentioned at his funeral   1:104
Brush, Nehemiah-baptism for the dead, Nauvoo-most male proxy   1:628
Buchanan’s Blunder   See War (Utah War)
Buckskin   See Clothing
Buffalo   See Food, See Animals, See Clothing
      Architects-Angell, Truman O.-Church Office Building   1:912
            -banknotes-printed in Salt Lake Valley, 1849 on card press   1:457
      Chapels-7th ward-Wilson, William (Billy) Gibson-building fund requirements   1:247
             -Angel Moroni statue   1:242
       Church Historian Office-Smith, Bathsheba Wilson Bigler   1:783
       Church Office Building-brief history   1:912
             -Beehive House   1:912
             -Lion House   1:912
             -Mansion House      1:912
             -Red Brick Store   1:912
             -White House   1:912
       Courthouses-Gilbert, Algernon Sidney-purchases   1:559
              -Independence, Mo.-oldest LDS dwelling west of Mississippi River   1:243
        Endowment House-baptism performed in, 3 types   1:515
               -Woodruff, Wilford-destroys for polygamous marriages   1:258
         Hotels-Bible House-Smith, Jesse N. stays at, sees ancient Bible   1:434
                -Hermitage resort-famous people visit, food, entertainment   1:247
                -Hotel Utah-Joseph F. Smith’s thoughts on not to proceed with   1:246
                -Nauvoo House-cornerstone contents   1:245
         Jails-Liberty-Wood, Wilford C.-purchases   1:433
         Joseph Smith Memorial Building-Hinckley, Gordon B.-revelation on   1:246
         Library-Nauvoo Seventies Hall-upper floor   1:920
         Nauvoo House-Book of Mormon original manuscript placed in cornerstone   1:245, 1:490
         Nauvoo Seventies Hall-construction, tornado, Brigham Young advice   1:920
         Primary Children’s Hospital-first   1:918
         Salt Lake City Mission Home-brief history   1:916  
         Stores-Newell K. Whitney-Wood, Wilford C.-purchases   1:433
         Tithing Office-Joel H. Johnson-“High on a Mountain Top”   1:971
         Walker’s Grand Opera House-burns down, July 4th fireworks   1:828
Capstone-laying ceremony-hosanna shout-1:660 
Construction-Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple-construction miracle   1:24
         -Hawaiian Temple-construction-lack of wood miracle   1:49
         -Kirtland Temple-angels protect during   1:608
               -French, Peter Farm-possibility of using bricks   1:594
               -helps lagging economy   1:431
                -Millet, Artemus story   1:592
          -Logan Utah Temple-accident, miracle   1:108
           -London England Temple-McKay, David O.-site selection   1:27
           -Manti Utah Temple-dream, miracle   1:693
            -Nauvoo Tabernacle-twice the size of the temple, planned, not built   1:244
            -Nauvoo Temple-Joseph Fielding thoughts on   1:113
                                                   -lumber-amount used in   1:751
              -Salt Lake Temple-construction-cracked foundation   1:111
              -Stockholm Sweden Temple-construction stopped, graves found   1:20
              -Tabernacle-construction-Temple Square   1:248
        Cornerstones-Far West Temple-cornerstone laying   1:614
                                       -hosanna shout   1:660
                -Kirtland Temple-cornerstone ceremony-kindness of Joseph Smith   1:595
                -Nauvoo House, artifacts in   1:225, 1:245
         Museums-Museum Church History and Art-Washington D.C. chapel Angel Moroni   1:242
                -Wood’s Museum-Egyptian scrolls, Chicago fire, donated to the Church   1:61
Bull, Chief Curley   See Natives
Bullock, Thomas-attainments   1:464
      -British press, thoughts on lies in the press   1:445
      -Clayton, William-uses Bullock’s journal   1:465
Bunce, Naby   Hancock, Solomon-violin playing during Methodist meetings   1:366
Burgess, Harrison   See Church Organization (Quorum of the Seventy)
Burgess, Margarette McIntire-Smith, Joseph takes baby every day to Emma   1:552
Burnett, Stephen   See Apostates
Burt, John M.-fish miracle, Missouri persecutions   1:987
Burton, Robert T.   See Church Organization (Presiding Bishopric)
Butler, Charles-Smith, Joseph tries to secure a loan for Book of Mormon printing   1:514
Butler, John Lowe   See Church Organization (Bishops)
Butler, Sarah Adaline-mentioned, father John Lowe Butler   1:162
Buttermilk   See Beverages
CBS   See Communications
Cahoon, Reynolds   See Church Organization (Council of Fifty)
Cahoon, William-home teaching-Joseph Smith family   1:698
Cain-Patten, David W.-sees, description of   1:665
Cainan   See Heavenly Visitors
Caine, John T.   See Art (Theater-Salt Lake Theater-managers)
Cainhannock   See Pseudonyms  
California   See Cities and Towns (States)
California Gold Rush-Enter Salt Lake Valley, trade with Saints   1:48, 1:283
      -Judd, Zadoc Kapp-wages, process of panning for gold   1:923
      -Mormon Battalion-gold discovery   1:284
      -Mormon Station, Nevada   1:911
      -Saints in California-“poison of gold”   1:450
      -San Francisco-Chinatown in old Mormon dwellings   1:919
Call, Anson   Church Organization (Bishops)
Callis, Charles A.-See Church Organization (Apostles)
Callister, Caroline Smith-Salt Lake Temple dedication, tells of her mother’s vision   1:462
Calloway, Thomas-Adam-ondi-Ahman-Cravensville   1:781
Camp Floyd   See War (Utah War-Johnston’s Army)
Campaigning   See United States Government
Campbell, Alexander   See Religions (Restoration Movement)
Campbell, J. W.-Mexican mission   1:315
Campbell, Mary S.-Female Benevolent Society   1:855
Campbellites   See Religion
Canada   See Cities and Towns (Countries)
Candles-Catholic services, size and numbers of   1:364
      -tallow   1:376
Candy-children make candy from molasses   1:753
Cannibalism-Horner, John M. brothers journey to California    1:355
Cannon, Edward G.-Winnie, K. N.-first Alaskan baptism   1:771
Cannon, Frank J.   See Apostate, See United States Government (Senate)
Cannon, Frank S.-American Party, form-anti Mormon   1:789 
Cannon, George Q.   See Church Organization (First Presidency)
Cannon, Hugh J.   See Church Organization (Mission Presidents)
Cannon, Sylvester Q.   See Church Organization (Presiding Bishop)
Cannons   See Weapons
Capson, V. Russell-North visitor Center Christus Statue mural   1:2
Carbonet soda   See Medical (Cures)
Card, Charles O.   See Church Organization (Stake Presidents)
Cards   See Gambling
Cardston Alberta Temple   See Temples
Carl, James-religious excitement created by   1:743
Carter, Jared-Bent, Samuel-baptizes   1:565
      -Elder’s License-wording of   1:986
      -Littlefield, Lyman Omer conversion   1:576
      -miracle, calms the wind on Lake Erie   1:535
Carthage, Illinois   See Cities and Towns
Catholic   See Religions
Cattaraugus (Seneca)   See Natives (Tribes)
      -Clemens, Samuel (Mark Twain)-book-Innocents Abroad   1:205
            -Mormon Bible, thoughts on, humorous   1:200, 1:542
      -Columbus, Christopher-George Q. Cannon, on  
      -Dickens, Charles-observation of Saints on ship   1:874
      -Douglass, Frederick-reads Thomas L. Kane’s pamphlet, The Mormon   1:340
      -Emerson, Ralph Waldo-Mormon cause, interested in   1:340
      -Greely, Horace-reads Thomas L. Kane’s pamphlet The Mormons   1:340
      -Hugo, Victor-taught the gospel but doesn’t join   1:354
      -Muir, John-Mt. Nebo, climbs with Bishop David Evans-humorous, Mormon families   1:343
      -Napoleon, Louis III-Bertrand, Louis Alphonse petitions to preach the gospel   1:354
      -Tolstoy, Leo-Mormonism-thoughts on   1:201
      -Whittier, John Greenleaf- reads Thomas L. Kane’s pamphlet The Mormons   1:340
Cemeteries   See Death
Centipede   See Insects
Ceuerdon, Henry-Lamb, Charles conversion in England   1:929
Chamberlain, Solomon-visitation from angel in 1816   1:605
Chambers, Amanda   See African Americans
Chambers, George B.-Titanic-scheduled to sail on   1:563
Chambers, Samuel    See African Americans
Chambers, Thomas H.-first meeting in Caldwell County after Saints expulsion   1:312
Chandler, Michael H.-writings of Abraham and Joseph, mummies-brief history   1:740
Chaparral   See Trees/Shrubs, See Clothing (Dye)
Chapels   See Cities and Towns (Buildings)
Chaplins   See Military
Charleston   See Ships (Steamers)
Charlesworth, Thomas-Smith, Joseph-body guard   1:908
Chase, John-Mormon Trail-supplies taken on   1:736
Chase, Sally-attempts to steal the Gold Plates from Joseph Smith   1:838
Cherokee   See Natives (Tribes)
Chicago-Wood’s Museum-Egyptian scrolls, Chicago fire, donated to the Church   1:61
Chicago Democrat   See Media (Newspapers and Magazines)
Chicago Fire-Wood’s Museum-Egyptian scrolls, donated to the Church   1:61
Chicago Times   See Media (Newspapers/Magazines)
Chicago World Fair   See Fairs
Chidster, John M.-Zion’s Camp participant, thoughts on Joseph Smith   1:603
Chief Massasoit Monument   See Art (Monuments-Cyrus Dallin)
Chiefs   See Natives
Children-Bingham, Hannah McFarlane-plays with native children, issues   1:476
       -Bond, John-steals dumplings during company prayer   1:172
       -candy-children make candy from molasses skimming’s   1:753
      -Christmas-children at   1:788
      -Clothing/Shoes-Hancock, Martha M.-wears woodies, problems associated with   1:372
            -Hancock, Mosiah-wears shoes only in church   1:371
      -Dunn, Mary-sealed to Mosiah Hancock at about 12 years of age   1:581
      -Dustin, Buduas-Samuel Bogard, Methodist minister, conversation with, humorous   1:183
      -Hancock, Martha M.-teachers beating students   1:798
      -Hancock, Mosiah-father makes him a rifle, squirrel soup   1:384
            -sealed to Mary Dunn when 12-years of age   1:581
            -Stout, Hosea-body guard   1:773
            -walks from Missouri with no shoes or pants   1:412
      -Littlefield, Louisa Y.-Joseph Smith’s fondness for children   1:636
      -Rollins children-Joseph Smith blesses   1:555
      -sacrament, passed to   1:523
      -Salt Lake City, about   1:370
      -Smith, Jesse N.-Joseph Smith gives copy of Book of Mormon to, prizes   1:635
      -Smith, Joseph-kindness to   1:702
            -playing with   1:186
      -Turkish massacre-church donates to   1:836
Children’s Friend   See Media (Newspapers and Magazines)
Chillicothe Intelligencer   See Media (Newspapers and Magazines)
Chippewa’s   See Natives
Cholera   See Medical
Chopnick, Max   See Awards
Christ, Jesus   See Church Organization, See Heavenly Visitors
Christenson, Carl Christian Anton   See Art (Murals)
Christian Baptist   See Religions
Christiansen, ElRay L.   See Church Organization (Assistant to the Quorum of the Twelve)
Christmas   See Holiday/Vacations
Christus-See Art (Statues)
Church Growth-1829 to present   1:644
      -1837 American baptism   1:845
      -demographics   1:501
      -Kirtland-1831-1832   1:541, 1:658
      -L.D.S. settlements still in existence   1:913
Church Handbook-first-Section 20 & 22   1:949
Church Historian   See Church Practices
Church Historian Office   See Cities and Towns (Buildings)
Church of Christ (Hedrickites)   See Religions  
Church of Christ, The   See Religions
Church of England   See Religions
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, The   See Religions
Church of the Latter-day Saints, The   See Religions
Church of the Messiah   See Religions
Church of the Latter-day Saints, The-Smith, Emma collects hymns-original hymn book   1:521
Church Office Building   See Buildings
Church Ordinances:
      Administer to the sick/injured-Clayton, Diantha-administered t0, sees next life in vision 1:91
            -Gardner, Robert-baptizes mother, heals   1:264
            -Hamblin, Jacob-father heals Jacob’s son   1:411
                  -heals baby on a Steamer   1:155
                  -heals wife and father   1:96,
            -Hancock, Levi-anoints injured body par and administers to   1:100
            -Harding, Dwight-administered to, miracle   1:101
            -Kimball, Heber C.-evil spirits-cast out   1:939
                  -prophecy Arocet Hale never to get sick   1:75
           -Knight, Newell-cast out evil spirit   1:940
                 -Smith, Joseph-administers to Newell’s wife   1:977
           -Lambson, Julina-administer to the sick   1:893
           -Leavitt, Sarah-cholera, 3 blessings   1:963
           -Sessions, Patty Bartlett-helps husband   1:889
           -Smith, Samuel-heals scald victim   1:519
                  -mission experience-inspired to leave on immediately, heals young lady   1:569
            -Stewart, Joshua Beynon-Sarah Cornick while in a coma-brings Sunday school class  1:401
            -Whitmer, David-John Johnson heals father   1:972
      Adoptions (Temple)-Fielding, Joseph-Smith, Hyrum-family sealed/adopted to   1:755
             -why the practice ended   1:102
      Anointings-Brown, Benjamin-consecrated oil taken internally   1:71
            -Hancock, Levi-anoints injured body part   1:100
            -Smith, Bathsheba anoints George Albert Smith   1:888
      Baptism-April 6, 1830-order of first six individuals baptized   1:265
            -Haight, Isaac-clothes freeze   1:688
            -Hancock, Levi-baptize and confirm 71 in one meeting   1:72
            -Hancock, Mosiah-baptism clothes   1:794
                  -baptizes 300 in one day   1:770
            -Hinckley, Gordon B.-the only secret he as left   1:80
            -Grant, Heber J.-baptized in City Creek-four prophets baptized in same creek   1:79
            -Just, Antonin-sends Thomas Biesinger to prison, later converted by him   1:160
            -Kimball, Spencer W.-baptized first time in the family bathtub   1:78
            -Reynolds, George-baptized, fearful of missing the second coming   1:65
            -Rigdon, Sidney-preaching at time of   1:526
            -River Ribble, most attending   1:63, 1:654
           -Smith, Joseph-baptized three  times   1:262
           -Wells, Emmeline  B.-family disowns her after her baptism   1:339
           -Winnie, K. N.-Cannon, Edward G.-Alaska’s first baptism   1:771
           -Woodruff, Wilford-baptizes ministers-rocks thrown at during, faith   1:617
      Baptism for healing-Holbrook, Caroline Frances Angell Davis   1:129
            -Kane, Thomas L.-cured from Malaria, Winter Quarters   1:337
            -Natives-belief in   1:653
            -practiced stop in 1922, First Presidency announcement   1:515
            -Rolfe, Samuel, Nauvoo Temple   1:515
            -Smith, George Albert   1:888
            -Woodruff, Sarah Delight Stocking-cholera, faith   1:103
      Baptism for the dead-Brush, Nehemiah-most baptized male proxy   1:628
            -Cleveland, Sarah M.-most baptized female proxy   1:628
            -development of   1:627
            -Hale, Arocet-Joseph Smith   1:626, 1:628
            -Harris, Martin-performs   1:682
            -Haven, Charlotte-nonmember, observation of baptism for the dead   1:629
            -Horne, Robert-Orson Hyde baptizing for the dead   1:628
            -Huntington, William-baptized for brother, Henry Huntington   1:262
                  -baptized for Samuel Huntington   1:263
             -Hyde, Orson-baptizing for the dead   1:628
            -Jacques, Vienna   1:627
            -Nauvoo-number performed   1:628
            -Neyman, Jane-first to baptize for her dead son   1:104, 1:589, 1:626, 1:627
            -Smith, Alvin-work done for in Nauvoo   1:626
            -Smith, Joseph-first to mention   1:104
            -Woodruff, Wilford-baptism for the dead, on   1:628
            -Young, Brigham-development of   1:627
      Baptism-Re-Cannon, George Q.-When and Why ending the practice of   1:64
            -Harris, Martin-Kirtland, in   1:645
            -Holy Land dedication-brethren rebaptized in Jordan River   1:266
            -Rigdon, Sidney   1:262
            -Smith, Joseph   1:262
      Blessings-Belnap, Gilbert, blesses horse while being chased by mob   1:66
            -Patten, David-blesses mule while being chased by mob   1:66
            -Rollins children-Joseph Smith blesses   1:555
            -Williams, Daniel Paul-Joseph F. Smith blessing   1:897
      Confirmation for healing-Holbrook, Caroline Frances Angell Davis   1:129
      Confirmation-Re-Harris, Martin   1:682
            -Holy Land dedication-brethren rebaptized in Jordan River   1:266
      Consecrated Oil-Coltrin, Zebedee-consecrating, sees finger of God   1:68
            -Smith, Bathsheba anoints with   1:888
            -Smith, Joseph-takes to the Hancock residence   1:774
      Gift of the Holy Ghost-meeting, John Corrill trying to detect deception   1:70
            -Hancock, Levi-baptize and confirm 71 in one meeting   1:72
            -Young, Brigham/Heber C. Kimball conversion   1:928
      Ordinations-Able, Elijah-African American ordained a Seventy   1:38
            -Kingsbury, Joseph-Joseph Smith at Kirtland Temple cornerstone laying   1:595
            -Lewis, Walker-African American-ordained to the priesthood   1:41
            -Morris, George Q.-oldest to be ordained an apostle   1:10
            -Richards, Willard-apostle, only one to be ordained outside the United States   1:849
            -Smith, Joseph/Oliver Cowdery-ordained by Peter, James and John   1:655
            -Woodruff, Wilford-ordaining boys to the Aaronic Priesthood   1:582
            -Young, Brigham-ordained to a Apostle before he was a High Priest   1:583
      Sacrament-Johnson, Lyman-disrupts sacrament in the Kirtland Temple   1:568
            -School of the Prophets ritual-fist sized pieces of bread   1:81, 1:586
            -water, use of-when started, customs during   1:523
      Sealings-Blood, William-wants done just before he dies   1:973
            -Cardston Alberta Temple miracle   1:30
            -Cox, Cordelia Morley-sealed to Joseph Smith, same times marries husband   1:82
            -Fielding, Joseph-Smith, Hyrum-family sealed/adopted to   1:755
            -Hancock, Mosiah/Mary Dunn-sealed to each other at about 12 years of age   1:581
            -Lamb, Charles-John Taylor performs   1:974
            -Richards, Willard-Winter Quarter’s home-sealings performed in   1:922
      Washing and Anointings-Lamb, Charles, in Nauvoo Temple   1:974
            -Nauvoo Temple, in   1:55
      Washing of Feet-School of the Prophets, ritual   1:81, 1:586
Church Organization:
      Aaronic Priesthood-Deacons-assist acting/block/ward teachers   1:151
                                                -watch neighborhoods   1:671
              -General-1877-First Presidency includes worthy young boys   1:124
                     -1908, divided by age   1:124
                     -First, comprised of adults   1:124
               -Priests-Harris, Martin-conference of the church   1:895
                     -Nauvoo Priest quorum-average age   1:896
                     -Smith, Hyrum-first conference of the church   1:895
                     -Smith, Joseph Sr., first conference of the church   1:895
               -Teachers-home teaching only, Missouri   1:964
               -Woodruff, Wilford-ordaining boys to   1:582  
      Apostles-Ashton, Marvin J.-elders team wins Great Britain basketball title   1:16
            -Ballard, Melvin J.-Jesus Christ-vision of   1:609
             -Benson, Ezra Taft-Sunday School, newly organized   1:153
             -Callis, Charles A.-determines “failed” missionaries’ success   1:1
             -Clawson, Rudger-Standing, Joseph, death-faith, courage   1:990
                   -Utah State Penitentiary-hosanna shout   1:537
            -Cowley, Matthew-mentioned   1:10
            -Holland, Jeffrey R.-116 lost pages of the Book of Mormon   1:507
            -Hyde, Orson-baptism for the dead, Nauvoo   1:628
                  -Book of Commandments witness testimony   1:498
                  -British Mission-faith   1:834
                  -Golden Bible, on   1:342, 1:410
                  -Frontier Guardian, editor   1:415
                  -Kirtland-joins church at   1:526
                  -Moroni-guides Columbus, in Washington’s camp   1:178
                  -Nauvoo Temple-dedication, conducts public ceremony   1:269
                  -Presbyterian priest debate, mission   1:818
                  -Prophetic Warning to all the Churches-pamphlet, writes   1:952
                  -pseudonyms-use of in Doctrine and Covenants   1:575
                  -Sherman, Lyman Royal-never notified or ordained to be an Apostle   1:607
                  -Smith, Samuel-serves two missions with   1:519
                  -Sunday school, newly organized   1:153
                  -The Mormon written by Thomas L. Kane, thoughts on   1:336
            -Johnson, Luke-Book of Commandments witness testimony   1:498
                  -Smith, Joseph Sr.-court trial escape   1:668
                  -Williams, Frederick G.-helps him escape court   1:968
            -Lyman, Amasa-Living Constitution   1:792
            -Lyman, Francis M.-California-Saints in-“poison of gold”   1:450
                  -Palestine-dedicatory prayer   1:268
                        -dreams to prepare him for the Palestine dedication   1:405
            -McConkie, Bruce R.-King James version of the Bible, why Saints use   1:572
                  -McConkie, Joseph Fielding, sets apart as 19-year old missionary   1:9
            -Merrill, Marriner W.-Ballard, Henry, genealogy miracle, Newbury Weekly News   1:404
                  -son’s death-appearance   1:884
            -Morris, George Q.-oldest man to be ordained as an Apostle   1:10
            -Packer, Boyd K.-Regina Saskatchewan Temple, dedicates   1:19
            -Patten, David-Battle of Crooked River-Captain fear not   1:726
                                            -militia leaders also religious leaders   1:210
                   -blesses mule while being chased by mob   1:66
                  -brief history   1:562
                  -Cain-description of   1:665
                  -distributes Missouri lands   1:619
                  -healing, gift of-mission to Pennsylvania   1:612
                  -Quorum of the Twelve organized by age   1:680
                  -Patten, John-baptizes   1:562
            -Pratt, Orson-Harris, Martin-reconfirms into the church   1:682
                  -missions-serves 19, record   1:163
                  -Pamphlets-Interesting Account of Several Remarkable Visions   1:413
                        -Listen to the Voice of Truth   1:414
                  -Prophetic Almanac for 1845, publishes   1:234
                  -Prophetic Almanac for 1846, publishes   1:234
                  -publishes James D. Flanigan pamphlet   1:414
                  -Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints-invited to meeting   1:632
                  -Roadometer-designs   1:683
                  -six shooters, buys while on his mission   1:55
                  -Smith, Samuel-on   1:859
                  -Whitmer, Mary-gold plates-angel shows to   1:649
            -Pratt, Parley P.-1830 mission   1:590
                   -A Voice of Warning-first missionary pamphlet   1:807, 1:952
                   -Administration-evil spirit-cast out   1:940
                   -Book of Commandments witness testimony   1:498
                   -Book of Mormon-gives to Sidney Rigdon   1:526
                   -Brannan, Samuel-excommunicates   1:941
                   -hosanna shouts   1:660
                   -hymns-writes   1:521, 1:823
                   -Kitchel, Ashbel-Quaker leader, visit to   1:549
                   -Later Persecutions of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints 1:413
                   -Millennial Star-editor   1:415
                   -mission, arrested, court trial Ziba Peterson sings hymn   1:529
                   -prisoner in Independence, Missouri-given freedom to roam around town   1:620
                   -proclamations   1:625
                   -Rigdon, Sidney-converts to Mormonism   1:715
                   -School of the Elders-taught in Missouri   1:596
                   -tithing-two and three types, explains   1:618
                   -thoughts on the martyrdom   1:295
                   -Utah Lake-fishing in   1:752
                   -vision of wife while he is in a Missouri jail   1:196
                   -Zion, location of   1:553
            -Rich, Charles C.-acquire land in 1851 that Redland California Temple is built on   1:430
            -Richards, Franklin D.-Articles of Faith-places in Pearl of Great Price   1:413
                  -baptism for healing   1:515
                  -Book of Mormon geography-others thoughts on   1:222, 1:223
                  -Franklin, Idaho-first permanent white settlement   1:808
                  -Longstroth, Nanny patriarchal blessing   1:280
                  -Nauvoo House-Book of Mormon manuscript   1:225
                  -“O Say What is Truth”   1:826
            -Richards, George Franklin-Longstroth, Nanny patriarchal blessing   1:280
            -Richards, LeGrand-Longstroth, Nanny patriarchal blessing   1:280
            -Richards, Stephen L. -Longstroth, Nanny patriarchal blessing   1:280
            -Richards, Willard-apostle, only one to be ordained outside of the United States   1:849
                                                  -apostle, ordained to   1:616
                  -British Mission-faith   1:834
                  -Deseret News, editor   1:415
                  -June 27, 1844-number of bullets received   1:294
                  -Longstroth, Nanny patriarchal blessing   1:280
                  -Utah Territorial government, Secretary of State   1:456
                  -Winter Quarter’s home-Octagon-potato heap-celestial marriages performed   1:922
            -Smith, Hyrum Mack-arrested in Germany-suspicion of spying   1:885
                  -dies   1:858
            -Smoot, Reed-Apostle and U.S. Senator, number of years   1:5
                  -Grant, Heber J. and Warren G. Harding golf together   1:14
                  -mentioned-Mormon Tabernacle Choir visits the White House   1:144
           -Snow, Erastus-Brigham City, Arizona abandoned   1:803
                 -organizes Salem Branch-Section 111   1:611
                 -participates with dramatic company in Nauvoo   1:198
                 -Snowflake, Arizona-name of the town   1:921
           -Talmage, James-Palestine, dedicatory prayer   1:268
                 -University of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints   1:936
           -Teasdale, George-Heber J. Grants vision about his call   1:77
           -Widtsoe, John A.-Book of Mormon geography, thoughts on   1:222
                  -Palestine-dedicatory prayer   1:268
      April 6, 1830-Fayette or Manchester-controversy on where church was organized   1:546
            -Lewis, David, story   1:517
            -order of first 6 baptized into the church   1:265
            -North visitor Center Christus Statue mural   1:2
      Bishops-average length of service   1:907
            -Ballard, Henry-genealogy, miracle   1:404
            -Belnap, Gilbert-Kirtland Temple-wonder of the world   1:709
                  -spying for Joseph Smith, blesses horse while chased by mob   1:66
            -Brown, John-Book of Mormon manuscript, on   1:225
            -Butler, John Lowe-missionary experience with the Sioux, escape miracle   1:162
                  -Nathan visits from the militia /mob, humorous   1:182
            -Call, Anson-faithless Saints   1:762
                  -LDS elders, on   1:761
                  -to Colonel Moses Wilson, “Dethrone God”   1:199
                  -vision of Rocky Mountain prophecy   1:400
            -Clawson, Hyrum B.- Salt Lake Theater-manager of   1:117
            -Cordon, Alfred-persecution working to the Saints benefit   1:744
            -Davis, William-feed natives, not fight   1:37
                  -Forsgren, Christina Ericka-sees in vision, polygamy   1:86
            -Evans, David-John Muir, climbs Mt. Nebo with   1:343
            -Heywood, Joseph L.-Utah Territorial gov’t-supervisor of roads   1:456
            -Isaacson, Peter-Brigham City [Arizona]-United Order   1:803
            -Knight, Vincent-Adam’s alter-Joseph Smith uncovers   1:237
            -Lake, George-“Some heirs of Brigham Young going to hell”   1:441
                  -Woodruff, Wilford-Brigham City, Arizona   1:803
            -Miller, George-Black River Co.   1:763
            -Morley, Isaac-Kirtland-first Book of Mormon in   1:489
                  -tarred and feathered   1:748
            -Partridge, Edward-baptism after he meets Joseph Smith   1:533
                   -brief history   1:538
                   -distributes Missouri lands   1:619
                   -Lord stated most similar to Nathaniel   1:333
                   -pseudonym-Alam   1:575  
                  -sues Missouri, awarded 1 cent
                  -tarred and feathered   1:597
                  -volunteers for Seminole uprising   1:142
            -Smith, Elias-John Smith letter on name of the church   1:613
            -Smith, Simon-Martin Harris dying testimony   1:502
            -Smoot, Abraham O.-David W. Patten-sees Cain, description of   1:665
            -Woolley, Edwin-Sunday school, organization, gentiles partly responsible for   1:153
            -Young, Phineas-baptism   1:928
                  -conversion story   1:518
      Branch Presidents-Hancock, Solomon-protect Saints with brothers, make tomahawks   1:208
                                             -violin, breaks and burns   1:366
            -Jones, Dan-Captain-Maid of Iowa   1:973
            -Knight, Newel-administration to a Sister Peck   1:940
                  -Book of Commandment witness testimony
                  -Colesville Branch-leads to Kirtland, Ohio   1:536
                  -Goldthwaite, Lydia-Joseph Smith’s first marriage   1:956
                  -Page, Hiram seer stone, revelations from   1:524
                  -Smith, Joseph-Knight, Newell-administers to wife   1:977
                        -on   1:976
            -Packard, Noah-conversion story   1:585
            -Pratt, Helaman-Mexican mission, visit Governor Safford of Arizona   1:249
      Branches-“Branch of Love”-Daniel, William Paull   1:897
            -Brisbane, Australia-first branch and meeting house   1:786
            -Colesville Branch-Newel Knight leads to Kirtland, Ohio   1:536
            -Fayette Branch-Lucy Mack Smith/Thomas B. Marsh lead to Kirtland, Ohio   1:536
            -Louth Branch-Lamb, Charles conversion in England   1:929
            -Manchester Branch-Martin Harris leads to Kirtland, Ohio   1:536
            -Salem Branch-Section 111   1:611
            -Young, Brigham-first branch he and his family belonged to   1:928
      Christ, Jesus-Ballard, Melvin J.-vision of   1:609
            -Coltrin, Zebedee, sees in Kirtland Temple   1:68
            -Grant, Heber J.-vision of Jesus, his father and Joseph Smith   1:77
            -Kirtland Temple-seen in vision   1:88
            -Partridge, Edward-states most similar to Nathaniel   1:333
            -Rigdon, Sidney-compares to John the Baptist
                  -guides   1:532
            -School of the Prophets-first meeting, appears   1:586
                  -sacrament ritual, as in Christ day, fist sized pieces of bread   1:81
            -Smith, Hyrum-the Lords thoughts on   1:508
            -Snow, Lorenzo-appears to in the Salt Lake Temple   1:195, 1:610
      Council of Fifty-Bent, Samuel-Branch-presides over   1:576
                                       -Smith, Lucy Mack prophesy to Mr. Ruggles   1:565
            -Cahoon, Reynolds-Book of Commandments witness testimony   1:498
                 -Lamb, Charles-finding work on the Nauvoo Temple   1:973
                  -McLellin, William-teaches   1:564
                  -Patten, John-converted   1:562
                  -polygamy, on   1:631
                  -Smith, Samuel-serves mission with   1:519
             -Clayton, William-copies Thomas Bullock journal   1:465
                   -Diantha Clayton vision of the next life   1:91
                   -Pratt, Orson purchases $400 of guns on mission   1:55
                   -Roadometer [odometer]-designs   1:683
                   -Spencer, Daniel-mission to the natives   1:727
            -Pack, John-first mercantile business held in Salt Lake City   1:136
                  -Parent school held in home, forerunner to University of Utah   1:128
             -Phelps, W. W.-Book of Mormon-testimony of   1:557
                   -Deseret Almanac, publishes   1:234, 1:458
                   -Doctrine and Covenants-marriage article in   1:632
                   -Evening and Morning Star editor   1:415
                   -excommunicated-misuse of church funds   1:619
                   -Hill Cumorah-cave or “room” in   1:647
                   -hymns-writes   1:521, 1:558
                   -Independence, Missouri temple lot   1:561
                   -Living Constitution   1:792
                   -Manchester myth-where church was organized controversy   1:546
                   -pseudonym-Shalemanasseh   1:575
                   -sues state of Missouri, receives $750   1:253
                   -Superintendent of Meteorological Observations   1:438
                   -weather, on   1:495
                   -Young, Brigham sounds like and appears like Joseph Smith   1:904
             -Stout, Hosea-Mosiah Hancock-body guard   1:773
             -Utah Territorial officers-“election”, sustaining vote   1:456
      First Presidency-1877 every worthy boy hold the Aaronic Priesthood   1:124
            -1877-passing sacrament to children   1:523
            -1896-Thursday fast meetings stopped, why   1:984
            -1908-Aaronic priesthood divided by age   1:124
            -1909-Mother in Heaven   1:951
            -1922-baptism for healing stopped   1:515
            -1946-atmosphere during sacrament   1:523
            -1953-woman’s age on mission upped from 23 to 21, call as stenographers   1:461
            -Bountiful Utah Temple site selection   1:26
            -Brief history-1832-1844   1:578
            -Brown, Hugh B.-mission miracle, people pray him to be their new minister   1:321
                  -U.S. Senate, opens with prayer   1:8
            -Cannon, George Q.-Baptism-re, when and why the practice ended   1:64
                  -Cannon, Frank J.-son, apostate   1:942
                  -Columbus, Christopher   1:924
                  -Juvenile Instructor-editor   1:415
                  - Kailimai, Keola vision during David O. McKay prayer   1:883
                  -Sunday school-organized, gentiles partly responsible for   1:153
            -Christiansen, ElRay L.-dies same day as   1:11
            -City of Seth, Missouri-establishes   1:615
            -Clark, J. Reuben Jr.-mention, Mormon Tabernacle Choir visits the White House   1:144
                  -WW II-missionary evacuation   1:449
            -Grant, Jedediah M.-Heber J. Grant vision of Jesus Christ, his father, Joseph Smith   1:77
            -Kimball, Heber C.-British Mission-administration-evil spirit   1:939
                                                   -faith   1:834
                  -Chief Justice, Utah Territorial gov’t   1:456
                  -conversion   1:928
                  -Fielding, Joseph-Smith, Hyrum-family sealed/adopted to   1:755
                  -Goodson, John-Books of Mormon and Doctrine and Covenants,  burns   1:902
                  -Greene, John P.-vision in the night sky   1:115
                  -Hill Cumorah-other records in   1:506
                  -John the Beloved appears in the Kirtland Temple   1:504
                  -Kimball, Ellen Sanders-wife’s name   1:842
                  -mission president-first   1:950
                  -Mormon Trail-his company battles with Natives   1:44
                  -ordained an Apostle before he was a High Priest   1:583
                  -prophecy-cloth in Salt Lake cheaper than eastern cities   1:48, 1:283
                        -Hale, Arocet Lucious-never getting sick again   1:75
                        -Manti Temple/Salt Lake Temple-construction prophecy   1:110
                  -River Ribble-baptism-most attend   1:63, 1:654
                  -Sherman, Lyman Royal-never notified or ordained to be an Apostle   1:607
                  -Vauxhall Chapel-preaches in   1:714
                  -Young, Brigham-on Heber C. Kimball’s education   1:130
            -Lee, John D.-excommunicated-membership reinstated by the First Presidency   1:943
            -Lund, Anthon H.-miracle, Brother meeting ancestors in cemetery   1:92
                  -Palestine-dedication of land   1:268
                        -LDS colony possibility   1:393
            -Lyman, Amasa-acquire land in 1851 that Redland California Temple is built on   1:430
            -Oaks, Dallin H.-Harris, Emer, great-great-grandfather   1:502
            -Reorganization-hosanna shout   1:660
            -Section 138 in the Pearl of Great Price   1:643
            -Smith, George A.-Andrew Jackson cane   1:241
                   -humorous-takes wig off in meeting   1:966
                   -Living Constitution   1:792
                   -Palestine-dedicatory prayers   1:268
                                           -Jordan River, Holy Land, rebaptized   1:266
                                           -LDS colony possibility   1:393
                   -participates with dramatic company in Nauvoo   1:198
                   -Pony express-improvement in speed to send a letter   1:119
                   -Richmond Palladium-Zion’s camp, Joseph Smith leg amputated and dies   1:604
                   -Sherman, Lyman Royal-never notified or ordained to be an Apostle   1:607
                   -Smith, Emma-offers tea and coffee to Brown family, they apostatize   1:587
                   -Smith, John Henry-near drowning miracle   1:407
                   -Smith, Joseph-preach short sermons   1:440
                         -Wilson, Moses General, his thoughts on Joseph Smith   1:516
                   -Sunday school organization, gentiles partly responsible for   1:153
            -Smith, Hyrum-Adam alter, Joseph Smith uncovers   1:237
                  -body guard to Joseph Smith   1:774, 1:908
                  -Book of Mormon manuscript, on   1:225
                        -printing   1:514
                        -publishing-process of bringing manuscript to publisher   1:226
                  -Chamberlain, Solomon, story   1:605
                  -Cowdery, Oliver-hired by to teach school   1:646
                  -Far West-siege of   1:188
                  -Hill Cumorah-cave or “room” in   1:647
                  -June 27, 1844-number of bullets received   1:294
                  -Kirtland Temple-construction-Artemus Millet story   1:592
                        -sees vision in   1:88
                  -Lord, on   1:508
                  -Mason, master-June 27, 1844 distress call   1:711
                  -McLellin, William-serves mission with   1:567
                  -mission to Pennsylvania with brother William   1:612
                  -Presbyterian church-suspended from for poor attendance   1:864
                  -Priest-first conference of the church   1:895
                  -Sherman, Lyman Royal-appointed an apostle but never notified or ordained   1:607
                  -Thayre, Ezra-listens to Hyrum’s preaching   1:531
            -Smith, John Henry-Andrew Jackson cane   1:241
                   -miracle, near drowning   1:407
                  -serves as an apostle the same time as his son   1:197
            -Tanner, N. Eldon-Provo Utah Temple-site selection, dreams   1:31
            -Three Witnesses-authority to choose Twelve Apostles   1:790
            -tithing-missionaries not required to pay   1:161
            -University of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints   1:936
            -Wells, Daniel H.-attorney general, Utah Territorial gov’t   1:456
                  -Church Office Building-constructs first in Salt Lake City   1:912
                  -Smith, Jesse N., on   1:463
                   -Sunday school organization-gentiles partly responsible for   1:153
                  -Young, Brigham-goes to jail with for 24 hours   1:252
            -Williams, Frederick G.-1830 mission-joins missionaries   1:590
                  -Book of Mormon geography-thoughts on   1:222
                  -court, escapes with the help of Luke S. Johnson   1:968
                  -Independence Temple Lot dedicated   1:561
                  -Kirtland, joins church in   1:526
                  -mentioned, Golden bible, on   1:342
                  -Northern Times-founded by   1:415
                  -pseudonym-Shederlaomach   1:575
            -World War II-only older men can serve missions   1:449
      Heavenly Father-Coltrin, Zebedee sees finger of God in Kirtland Temple   1:68
            -School of the Prophets-first meeting, appears   1:586
            -Whitmer, David-interview, on seeing   1:335
      Melchizedek Priesthood-Elder’s License-wording of   1:986
            -High Priest-Lyman Wight ordained first   1:804
             -Seventy-Able, Elijah, ordained   1:38
            -Young, Brigham and Heber C. Kimball ordained to an Apostle before a High Priest   1:583
      Mission Presidents-Bertrand, Louis Alphonse-revolutionary that joins the Church   1:354
             -Booth, J. Wilford-Middle Eastern saints   1:957
             -Boyle, Henry G.-Methodist faith, on   1:362
             -Cannon, Hugh J.-Kailimai, Keola vision during David O. McKay prayer   1:883
             -Carrington, Albert-assessor and collector, Utah Territorial gov’t   1:456
                   -Palestine dedication-Jordan River, Holy Land, rebaptized   1:266
                         -LDS colony possibility   1:393
             -Fielding, Joseph-Apostles protecting them with six shooters   1:54
                   -Black River Co.   1:763
                   -faithless saints   1:762
                   -Nauvoo Temple construction   1:113
                   -Quail, miracle of   1:831
                   -Smith, Hyrum-family sealed/adopted to   1:755
            -Greene, John P.-Boggs, Lilburn -attempted murder of   1:710
                  -Kimball, Heber C./Brigham Young conversion   1:928
                  -Quincy, Illinois-citizens, relief of the Saints   1:251
                  -Seminole uprising-Government asks church for volunteers   1:142
                  -Stedwell, Mary-Hauns Mill-shot and killed, only woman to die   1:181
                  -tar and feathering-David Whitmer, Isaac Morley   1:748
                  -vision in the night sky the evening Joseph Smith receives plates   1:115
                  -Woodward, Major George-Missouri persecutions-Saints innocent   1:749
            -Hinckley, Bryant S.-Patriarchal blessing-posterity will be great-Gordon B. Hinckley   1:278
            -Lyon, Edgar T.-“Old Nauvooers”   1:979
            -Moyle, James H.-Wilson, Woodrow appoints to sub cabinet position   1:59
            -Smith, E. Wesley-Kailimai, Keola vision during David O. McKay prayer   1:883
            -Smith, Jesse N.-ACMI-Arizona problems   1:473
                  -Arizona, defend against cowboys   1:474
                  -Bible House-sees ancient Bible   1:434
                  -Civil War-soldiers return home   1:444
                  -dancing-confusing to some to dance and worship in the same building   1:472
                        -preaching on evils of   1:471
                  -Deseret alphabet   1:484
                  -Holling, Marcus-personage visit, “go to Brigham Young”   1:482
                  -“Itch”-missionaries in hospital because of   1:469
                  -Jail-member imprisoned 16 times for preaching   1:460
                  -Kane, Thomas L.-gov’t should give Saints all land west of Rocky Mountains   1:437
                  -Mission experience-escape mob miracle   1:459
                  -Mormon Trail-prairie gum   1:470
                  -Norway, LDS church cannot solemnize marriages   1:436
                  -Railroad camp mission   1:442
                  -Salt Lake Temple dedication-meets cousin, tells of her mothers vision   1:462
                        -Smith, Joseph vision and prophecy   1:483
                  -Smith, Joseph-and Emma, Jesse N. Smith, on   1:463, 1:635
                        -preach short sermons   1:440
                  -Swapp, Elizabeth-set apart as a nurse   1:443
                  -Thomsen, Karen-excommunicated-non payment of tithing   1:439
                  -Wells, Daniel H., on   1:463
                  -Woodruff, Wilford-“Some heirs of Brigham Young going to hell”   1:441
            -Wood, M. Douglas-World War II missionary evacuation   1:35
      Missions-British Mission-first organized church mission   1:947
                             -Kimball, Heber C.-first mission president   1:950
             -Eastern States Mission-first organized United States mission   1:947
             -Gold Mining Mission-value of gold found   1:991
             -Lamanite Mission 1830/1831-number of baptisms in Missouri   1:992
             -Southern States-Callis, Charles A. determines “failed” missionaries’ success   1:1
            -Temple Square-brief history   1:713
            -West German-World War II mission evacuation miracle   1:35
            -year with fewest missionaries   1:159
      Mutual Improvement Association-Young Ladies Society   1:793
      Names of the Church:
            Church of Christ, The-Book of Commandments   1:613
             Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, The-Doctrine and Covenants   1:613
             Church of the Latter-day Saints, The-Doctrine and Covenants   1:613
      Patriarchs-Anderson, Karl Ricks-Kirtland historian   1:595
            -Barlow, Israel-baptized   1:928
            -Callister, Thomas E.-Hinckley, Gordon B.-patriarchal blessing   1:279
            -Coltrin, Zebedee-Able, Elijah-African American-ordains a Seventy   1:38
                  -Book of Commandments witness testimony   1:498
                  -Gause, Jesse-serves mission with   1:578
                  -Kirtland Temple-sees finger of God while consecrating oil   1:68
                  -mission experience, faith, courage   1:158
                        -Winchester, Indiana-protected from mob, baptizes members of   1:554
                   -Nauvoo House-cornerstone contents   1:245
                  -School of the Prophets-first meeting, Jan. 23, 1833, miracles   1:586
                        -rituals   1:81
                  -Smith, Joseph-sees Adam and Eve   1:176
            -Foote, Warren-Dunkards, attends baptism-unusual method of   1:365
                  -Foote, George-letter Missouri/Mormon issues   1:731
                  -Kirtland Temple-Foote, Warren, views mummies   1:741
                  -Methodist camp meeting, thoughts on prayers, humorous   1:368
                  -Missourians, description of   1:190
                  -Mormon Trail-food, monotony of   1:700
                  -Nauvoo named “City of Joseph”   1:218
                  -“Smart”-in regards to sickness   1:213
                  -“Stupid”-in regards to sickness   1:213
            -Groves, Elisha H.-fund raising mission to Kentucky, for Missouri Saints   1:619
                  -Patten, David, ordained an elder by   1:563
            -Hanks, Ephraim-hauls fish from Utah lake to Salt Lake City   1:322
                  -Martin Handcart rescue   1:169
                        -hears voice   1:322
            -Harris, Emer-great-great-grandfather to Dallin H. Oaks   1:502
            -Jackman, Levi-Salt Lake Valley-first glimpse of   1:938
            -Kingsbury, Joseph-Kirtland Temple cornerstone laying, Joseph Smith’s kindness   1:595
                  -plural marriage, on   1:631
            -Murdock, John-Book of Commandment witness testimony   1:498
                  -Confirmation meeting-1830 mission, non-members not allowed admittance   1:543
                  -Kirtland-joins church in   1:526
            -Perkins, William G.-Kane, Thomas L.-gives 2nd patriarchal blessing to   1:338
            -Smith, John-Andrew Jackson cane   1:241
                  -General Conference-Sept. 1851-motion, Word of Wisdom, commandment   1:588
                  -Longstroth, Nanny-patriarchal blessing-prophet, seers and revelators   1:280
                  -mentioned, gives Thomas L. Kane patriarchal blessing   1:338
                  -Smith, Elias-letter to, name of the church   1:613
             -Smith, Joseph Sr.-Chamberlain, Solomon-story   1:605
                   -court trial escape   1:668
                   -music (singing) teacher   1:862
                   -Priest-first conference of the church   1:895
                   -prison, sent to for debt-teaches the gospel in   1:501
                   -Wayne Sentinel-places ad-Alvin Smith’s remains   1:733
             -Young, Lorenzo D.-baptized   1:928
                    -Canadian mission-Artemus Millet story   1:592
                   -Hovey, Joseph Grafton-Brigham Young appears like Joseph Smith   1:777
      Presiding Authority-Huntington, William-baptized for dead brother, Henry Huntington 1:262
                                                -Living Constitution   1:792
                                                -Nauvoo Temple construction-Rigdon, Sidney-false prophecy   1:409
                                                      -tabernacle   1:244
                                               -Word of Wisdom resolutions   1:857                                         
      Presiding Bishopric-Burton, Robert T.-Morrisite rebellion-makes arrests   1:900
              -Cannon, Sylvester Q.-Relief Society efforts   1:448
              -Hunter, Edward-Lauritz Smith tithing miracle   1:261
              -tithing-land tithe paid to   1:618
              -Whitney, Newel K.-associate judge, Utah Territorial gov’t   1:456
                   -Kirtland-escapes persecutors   1:579
                   -polygamy, on   1:631
                   -pseudonym-Ahashdah   1:575
                   -Smith, Joseph heals Elsa Johnson’s arm   1:73
                   -treasurer-Utah Territorial gov’t   1:456
                   -War of 1812, Moudalina   1:591
                   -Whitney, Samuel-his thoughts on Newel   1:571
      Primary-Religion Class Association-prior to the Primary   1:843
Primary-Anderson, May-Children’s Friend-editor   1:415
                  -Greene, Louisa Lulu-Woman’s Exponent-editor   1:415
      Prophets-Benson, Ezra Taft-mission experience   1:525
                             -proclamation   1:625
                             -WW II-distributing church aid to Europe   1:525
                             -Washington D.C.-first stake president   1:815
            -Grant, Heber J.-baptized in City Creek along with four other prophets   1:79
                   -dedicates KZN (later KSL), first broadcast   1:830
                   -Harding, Warren G. golfs with   1:14
                   -Oliver Cowdery Monument-dedicates   1:651
                   -vision of his call   1:77
                   -Wilson, Woodrow mentioned in Hawaiian Temple dedicatory prayer   1:146
            -Hinckley, Gordon B.-award, accepts bible award for church   1:418
                  -baptism, the only secret he has left   1:80
                  -Halifax Nova Scotia Temple, dedicated
                  -Hinckley, Bryant S.-patriarchal blessing   1:278
                  -Joseph Smith Memorial Building-thoughts on, revelation received   1:246
                  -patriarchal blessing   1:279
                  -temples, small-white angel Moroni statue, Monticello Utah Temple   1:427
                  -U.S. Congress, opens with prayer   1:8
            -Kimball, Spencer W.-baptism, his   1:78
                  -mission-father announces at Spencer’s graduation   1:157
            -Lee, Harold B.-Provo Utah Temple-site selection, non-member dream   1:31
            -McKay, David O.-Daniels, William Paul-counsel to   1:897
                   -inspired to warn others at a volcano   1:4
                  -Johnson, Lyndon B.-inspired by meeting with   1:6
                  -Kailimai, Keola-vision during David O. McKay prayer   1:883
                  -London England Temple site selection, construction   1:27
                  -Maori meeting-gift of Interpretation, pray for   1:960
                  -McMurrin, James L.-prophecy to   1:851
            -Monson, Thomas S.-Freiberg Germany Temple, faith, miracle   1:593
            -Nelson, Russell M.-Parliament of the World Religions, attends   1:7
            -Smith, George Albert-Andrew Jackson cane   1:241
                     -Chicago World Fair-genealogy miracle   1:285
                     -inspiration-mission experience   1:887
                     -serves in Quorum of the Twelve at the same time as father   1:197
                     -Smith, Bathsheba anoints her son with oil, baptism for healing   1:888
                    -U.S. Senate, opens with prayer   1:8
            -Smith, Joseph-Abel, Elijah-African American, on ordination   1:38
                   -Adam’s alter-uncovers   1:237, 1:669
                   -America’s most influential list-where he places on   1:349
                   -April 6, 1830-baptized   1:265
                   -Avard, Dr. Sampson-forms Danites, excommunicated by   1:179
                   -baptized-three times   1:262
                   -baptism for the dead, first mentioned   1:104
                   -Baptist minister-kicks out of his home   1:975
                   -bible-love for   1:574
                         -translation of   1:572
                   -body guards-Allred, James   1:908
                          -Charlesworth, Thomas   1:908
                          -Emmett, James   1:908
                          -Flake, Green   1:36, 1:908
                          -Haight, Isaac   1:908
                          -Hancock, Levi   1:774, 1:908
                          -Harding, Dwight-administered to, miracle   1:101, 1:775, 1:908
                          -Lee, John D.   1:908
                          -Lemon, John   1:908
                          -Noble, Joseph Bates   1:908
                          -Rockwell, Porter   1:774, 1:908
                          -Smith, Hyrum   1:774, 1:908
                   -Boggs, Lilburn W.-accused of attempted murder   1:288
                                                          -Warsaw Signal-on attempted murder   1:289
                   -Book of Mormon-geography, thoughts on   1:222
                         -Lightner, Mary Elizabeth Rollins-reads for the first time   1:489
                         -printing-editions and changes   1:488
                               -loans tries to obtain   1:514
                         -publishing-his participation in   1:226
                   -Booth, Ezra-conversion   1:926
                   -Burgess, Margarette McIntire-takes baby to Emma every day   1:552
                   -Burnett, Peter H.-description of Joseph Smith   1:346
                   -Butler, John Lowe-calls on 2nd Sioux mission after he escaped the first time   1:162
                   -Cahoon, William-home teaches the Joseph Smith family   1:698
                   -Call, Anson-to Moses Wilson, “Dethrone God”   1:199
                   -Canadian mission-Freeman Nickerson conversion   1:675
                   -Charge-deceiving people, court case, lawyer helps him escape   1:655
                   -Children-fondness for   1:636
                   -Christ, Jesus-sees in vision in Kirtland Temple   1:88
                   -Clayton, Diantha-sees Joseph Smith in vision-his question to her   1:91
                   -Clemens, Samuel-thoughts on “Mormon Bible” and Joseph Smith, humorous   1:200
                   -Coltrin, Zebedee-Adam and Eve, sees   1:176
                   -Common Stock, The Disciples   1:538
                   -consecrated oil-takes to Levi Hancock residence   1:774
                   -Coray, Martha Jane-Joseph Smith wrestles husband, injures   1:185
                   -Corrill, John-thoughts on Joseph Smith   1:703
                   -Cottam, Thomas-testimony of   1:639
                   -debating club, belong to in Palmyra   1:344
                   -Disorderly conduct charge   1:345, 1:520
                   -Doctrine and Covenants-W. W. Phelps marriage article in   1:632
                   -Doniphan, Alexander-closeness to   1:837
                   -Dunklin, Governor Daniel-encourages Saints seek redress in Missouri courts   1:253
                   -Egyptian-grammar book, first developed in America   1:134
                         -mummies-rumors about   1:57
                               -writings of Joseph and Abraham   1:740
                   -Far West-siege of   1:188
                   -Fawcett, William-testimony of   1:640
                   -Follet, King-sermon   1:660
                   -General Conference April 1844, nominated to President of the United States   1:150
                   -Gold Plates-night he receives, bring right person   1:184
                         -seer stone-hat, translation   1:236
                               -gold plate translation   1:240
                   -Goldthwaite, Lydia/Newell Knight-first marriage performed   1:956
                   -Grant, Heber J.-in council with Jesus to make Heber an apostle   1:77
                   -Hamblin, Jacob-meets for the first time, thoughts on the prophet   1:706
                   -Hancock, Mosiah-outlines Mormon Trail on map for   1:408
                   -Harris, Lucy takes to court   1:500
                   -heavenly visitors-list of   1:629
                   -Hill Cumorah-cave “room” in   1:647
                   -humorous-tavern keeper helps him escape mob   1:206
                   -husband-on being a good   1:186
                   -Independence, Missouri temple lot dedicated   1:561
                   -Johnson, Elsa-heals arm, Doctor’s reasoning   1:73
                   -June 27, 1844-discharges gun-injures two men who would eventually die   1:705
                         -Master Mason-distress call   1:711
                         -number  of bullets received   1:294
                   -Kimball, Sarah M.-donates to Nauvoo Temple, tricks non-member husband   1:566
                   -Kingsbury, Joseph-Kirtland Temple cornerstone laying   1:595
                   -Kirtland-escapes persecutors   1:579
                   -Knight, Joseph Sr.-Joseph Smith gives cane to   1:509
                   -Knight, Newell-administers to wife   1:977
                   -Lamb, Charles-last speech-affect on enemy   1:978
                   -Leech, James-on   1:641
                   -Littlefield, Lyman O.-testimony   1:638
                   -Louisiana-missionary work, letters to   1:989
                   -Lyon, Edgar T.-“Old Nauvooers”   1:979
                   -Mansion House speech   1:379
                   -Manti, City of-ancient city of, location   1:477
                   -Mason, master-June 27, 1844 distress call   1:711
                         -Nauvoo Saints belonged to   1:983
                   -McLellin, William-Joseph Smith’s thoughts on   1:875
                         -wants to fight the prophet   1:567
                   -ministers-invited to speak at LDS meetings   1:544
                   -Murdock, Julia Clapp-twins given to Emma and Joseph   1:662
                   -Nauvoo-forms dramatic company   1:198
                   -Nauvoo House-Book of Mormon manuscript placed in cornerstone   1:245, 1:491
                   -Nauvoo Temple-dedication of baptismal font   1:269
                   -Nomination, U.S. Presidency   1:287
                   -Partridge, Edward-on   1:533
                   -Patriarchal blessing-gives first in this dispensation   1:309
                   -Phippen, James Worthington-his thoughts on   1:637
                   -polygamy-Cox, Cordelia Morley-sealed to same time she marries husband   1:82
                   -preach short sermons   1:440
                   -prophecy-Jackson Country left desolate, fulfilled during the Civil War   1:672
                         -John C. Bennett curse   1:76
                         -Rocky Mountain   1:400
                   -pseudonym-Baurak Ale   1:575
                         -Enoch   1:575
                         -Gazelam   1:575
                   -public speaker   1:704
                   -Quincy, Josiah-his thoughts on Joseph Smith   1:621
                   -revelations-process of   1:573
                         -rate of receiving   1:599
                         -Salem revelation   1:611
                   -Richmond Palladium-bad press-leg amputated and dies   1:604
                   -Rollins children-Joseph Smith blesses   1:555
                   -Satan-destroyer of the water   1:563
                   -Saxton, N. C.-letter to, Civil War prophecy   1:426
                   -School of the Prophets-first school in America for adult education   1:127, 1:673
                   -service-cuts wood for widows   1:347
                   -Sherman, Lyman Royal story   1:607
                   -short prayers and sermons   1:670
                   -slavery, on   1:756
                   -Smith, Hyrum-Joseph Smith’s thoughts on   1:508
                   -Smith, Jesse N., on Joseph and Emma   1:463
                   -Times and Seasons-editor   1:415
                   -Translation of King James Version of the Bible   1:522
                   -Urim and Thummim-kept with him so he knew if the plates were safe   1:56
                   -visitor-Joseph Smith ordinary man   1:348
                   -Washington D.C.-preaches in-Matthew L. Davis synopsis   1:622
                   -Wentworth, John-13 Articles of Faith, brief history   1:413
                   -Whitlock, Harvey-brief history   1:944
                   -Whitmer, John-scribe for during translation   1:511
                   -Wight, Lyman   See Apostates
                   -Williams, Frederick G., on   1:590
                   -Wilson, Moses, General-his thoughts on Joseph Smith   1:516
                   -Word of Wisdom-coffee and tea   1:588
                         -tobacco users, number of   1:122
                   -Young, Brigham ordained an Apostle before he was a High Priest, on   1:583
                   -Zion, location of   1:553
                   -Zion’s Camp-recieves inspiration not to stop after traveling 25 miles   1:603
            -Smith, Joseph F.-Abel, Elijah-African American, on ordination   1:38
                  -Daniels, William Paul-blessing from   1:897
                  -Doctrine and Covenants-Section 138-redemption of the dead   1:858
                  -Hotel Utah-thoughts on not building Joseph Smith building   1:246
                  -inspired to call Willard and Rebecca Bean on mission to Palmyra   1:156
                  -Kailimai, Keola vision during David O. McKay prayer   1:883
                  -Lyman, Francis M.-appears to in dream, prepare him for Palestine dedication   1:405
                  -Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints-invited to meeting   1:632
                  -Smith, Joseph Fielding-records father’s vision   1:643
                  -WW I-six sons serve in military   1:886
                  -White House, 1st to visit after Joseph Smith   1:144
                  -Whitmer, Mary-gold plates, angel shows to   1:649
            -Smith, Joseph Fielding-Rigdon, Sidney-Lord’s preparation   1:532
                  -Smith, Joseph F.-records father’s vision   1:643
                  -Word of Wisdom   1:588
                  -World War II missionary evacuation   1:35
            -Snow, Lorenzo-Palestine-Jordan River, rebaptized after dedication   1:266
                                              -LDS colony possibility   1:393
                                              -Lyman, Francis M.-appears to in dream, Palestine dedication   1:405
                   -mission dream-warned of mob   1:797
                   -Savior appears to in the Salt Lake Temple   1:195, 1:610
                   -Utah State Penitentiary-hosanna shout   1:537
            -Taylor, John-American Bible Association, humorous   1:967
                   -anointing-hosanna shouts   1:660
                   -apostle-called to be   1:616
                   -Articles of Faith list   1:414
                   -associate judge, Utah Territorial gov’t   1:456
                  -Bertrand, Louis Alphonse-French revolutionary, baptizes   1:354
                  -Johnson, Joel H.-“High on a Mountain Top”   1:971
                  -June 27, 1844-number of bullets received   1:294
                  -Lamb, Charles-performs sealing to wife   1:974
                  -Living Constitution   1:792
                  -Logan Temple dedication-noticed unworthy lady entering temple   1:109
                  -Nauvoo Neighbor-editor   1:415
                  -Nauvoo Temple-capstone ceremony-arresting officers waiting   1:282
                  -revelation received to call Heber J. Grant and George Teasdale   1:77
                  -Smith, Hyrum-John Taylor thoughts on   1:508
                  -sugar equipment to Utah, rescue effort   1:202
            -Woodruff, Wilford-apostle, called to be   1:616
                  -baptism for the dead, on   1:628
                  -Boggs, Lilburn W.-on attempted murder   1:291
                  -Boscoe, Robbie-great great grandfather to   1:868
                  -Dallin, Cyrus-commissions to carve first Angel Moroni Statue   1:105
                  -Eames, Justin, baptizes, first on island of the sea in this dispensation   1:313
                  -Endowment House-instructs to destroy, polygamous marriages performed   1:258
                  -Garden of Eden, Jackson County, Missouri   1:669
                  -Inspiration not to go on a steamer along with Saints   1:97
                  -Johnson, Lyman-disrupts sacrament in the Kirtland Temple   1:568
                  -Leany, Isaac-shot 11 times at Hauns Mill   1:180
                  -mission experience-baptizing ministers, rocks thrown at while baptizing, faith   1:617
                        -ministers of the day   1:759
                        -prayer-he is healed    1:754
                  -Ordaining boys to the Aaronic Priesthood   1:582
                  -Patriarchal blessing-Joseph Smith Sr.-he will baptize father’s house, fulfillment  1:739
                  -Salt Lake Temple dedication-Joseph Smith vision of future events   1:483
                  -speeches, recording   1:852
                  -Utah Territorial legislature-Superintendent of Meteorological Observations   1:438
                  -vision-best sermon in his life   1:717
                  -Woodruff, Phoebe-dies-then comes back to life-prayers and faith   1:772
                  -Young, Brigham-“Some heirs of going to hell”   1:441
            -Young, Brigham-accomplishments, on   1:730
                  -America’s most influential list-where he places on  1:349
                  -Anderson, Hugh J.-Governor of Maine, end destination   1:937
                  -Arkansas-letter to, Saints possible end destination   1:696
                   -baptism for healing   1:515
                   -baptism for the dead, development of   1:627
                   -Bertrand, Louis Alphonse-manages his cocoonery   1:354
                   -Brigham Young-Dean Jagger plays part, later converts   1:303
                   -conversion    1:928
                   -dancing   1:930
                  -dramatic company-participates in Nauvoo   1:198
                  -dream-Saints taking on the fashions of the world   1:776
                  -Eagle Gate-entrance to farm, later a toll gate   1:997
                  -education, on his   1:130
                  -Fielding, Joseph-Smith, Hyrum-family sealed/adopted to   1:755
                  -Flake, Green-slave, gives him his freedom   1:85
                  -General Conference-Oct. 1856-on handcart rescue   1:326
                  -gymnasiums built in his basement   1:853
                  -Harris, Martin-invited to move west   1:982
                        -on did he leave the Church   1:319
                  -Hauns Mill-shot at   1:180
                  -home teaching, on   1:964
                  -hosanna shouts-arrive in England for mission   1:660
                  -Johnson, Lyman, his remorse   1:568
                  -Kane, Elizabeth-other records   1:506
                  -Kane, Thomas L.-advises on his Will and the establishment of the BYA   1:336
                  -Kanosh-father-in-law to   1:40
                  -kindness   1:778
                  -Law of Consecration-failure of in Missouri, thoughts on   1:584
                  -Manti Hill-Moroni dedicated   1:223
                  -Millet, Artemus-story   1:592
                  -Mormon Battalion-avoid the surgeon   1:214
                        -correspondence to   1:723
                        -officers-personally choses   1:722
                        -prisoners-treatment of   1:769
                        -promise of safety   1:999
                        -recruits, on filling   1:877
                  -Natives-feed, not fight   1:37
                        -wanting to collect rents   1:642
                  -Nauvoo-City of Joseph   1:218
                  -Nauvoo Seventies Hall-tornado, advice on re-construction   1:920
                  -Nauvoo Temple-capstone ceremony, arresting officers waiting   1:282
                        -dedication of exterior, attic, and the alter in the attic   1:269
                  -Ordained an apostle before a High Priest   1:583
                  -Palestine-dedication of, possible LDS colony   1:393
                  -plural marriage-initial reaction to   1:684
                        -on   1:631
                  -property possession value in 1855   1:994
                  -Recreation-thoughts on a 24-hour day   1:854
                  -Richards, Willard-celestial marriages performed in   1:922
                  -SS Brigham Young-WW II transport ship, granddaughter christens   1:12
                  -San Bernardino, California-thoughts on Saints that go   1:478, 1:480
                  -Sentenced to 24 hours in prison   1:252
                  -Sherman, Lyman Royal-never notified or ordained to be an Apostle   1:607
                  -Smith, Joseph-appears like   1:777, 1:904
                        -John C. Bennett prophecy (curse), fulfilled   1:76
                        -Vision, of-shows Brigham Ensign Peak   1:89
                  -Sunday school-formation of, gentiles partly responsible   1:153
                  -United Order-sustaining vote   1:580
                  -Utah Territorial governor   1:456
                  -Utah War-indicted for treason   1:880
                  -Watermelon-feeds to Ellsworth Handcart company, first in Salt Lake   1:170
                  -Word of Wisdom-General Conference September 1851, motion   1:588
                  -Young, Ann Eliza Webb-sues   1:980
                  -Young, Steve-great great grandfather to   1:868
                  -Young, Willard-son, fought in Spanish American War   1:676
      Quorum of the Seventy-Burgess, Harrison-Kirtland Temple-vision in   1:88
                                                     -missionary experience, hears voice, miracle   1:87
            -Hancock, Joseph-Hancock brothers protect Saints, make tomahawks   1:208
            -Roberts, B. H.-Book of Mormon geography, thoughts on   1:222
                  -Doctrine and Covenants, 1921 edition, section 10 date error   1:648
                  -rejected by Parliament of World Religions   1:7
                  -Smith, Joseph-prophecy-desolation over Jackson Country, fulfilled   1:672
            -Seventy apostles-sometimes called   1:791
            -Sonne, Alma-Titanic-scheduled to sail on   1:563
            -Winchester, Benjamin-organize Salem Branch, Section 111   1:611
      Quorum of the Twelve-Cowley, Matthias-resigns from the Quorum of the Twelve   1:850
             -In disguise, U.S. Marshalls search for in Nauvoo Temple   1:54
             -organized by age   1:680
             -proclamations   1:625
             -Taylor, John W.-resigns from the Quorum of the Twelve   1:850
             -Three Witnesses-choose   1:790
      Quorum of the Twelve, Assistant to-Christiansen, ElRay-Brown, Hugh B. dies same day  1:11
            -Richards, Stayner-Longstroth, Nanny patriarchal blessing   1:280
      Relief Society President-Bean, Rebecca-first Relief Society in Palmyra, New York   1:156
            -buildings-constructed own   1:782
            -Cannon, Sylvester Q.-Relief Society efforts   1:448
            -Deseret Hospital-founded by   1:856
            -Female Benevolent Society-also known as   1:855
            -first general conference of   1:810
            -Kimball, Sarah M.-Book of Mormon manuscript-receives portions of   1:225
                  -donation to Nauvoo Temple-tricks non-member husband   1:566
            -Lightner, Mary Elizabeth Rollins-Boggs, Lilburn W.-makes suit for   1:981
                  -Book of Commandments-saves revelations   1:633
                  -Book of Mormon-reads for the first time   1:489
                  -fish miracle, Missouri persecutions   1:987
                  -lives with Algernon Sidney Gilbert family   1:555
            -Red Cross-Relief Society involvement with during WW I   1:886
            -Smith, Bathsheba Wilson Bigler-Church historian office in her Salt Lake City home   1:783
                  -Smith, George Albert-baptized for healing, anointed with oil   1:888
            -Smith, Emma S.-set apart as   1:443
            -Smith, Lucy Meserve-Flax Wheel-Whimmikie Whammikie two standard Lillikie. . .   1:377
                  -Smith, John H.-miracle, near drowning   1:407
            -Snow, Eliza R.-dies-New York Times-Mormon Poetess   1:801
                  -hymns, writes   1:521
                  -Jole, eats for breakfast   1:386
                  -Sunday school organized, writes poem for occasion   1:153
                  -woman’s blessings   1:891, 1:892
                  -Zion’s Poetess-writes over 500 poems   1:800
            -Spafford, Belle-gather windfall peaches and apples   1:447
            -Welfare efforts during the depression   1:446
            -Wells, Emmeline B.-baptism-sacrificed family   1:339
                 -honorary degree-receives   1:339
                 -Lady Teachers   1:882
                 -on judges removal from office for jailing Brigham Young   1:252
           -Young, Zina Diantha Jacobs-woman’s blessings   1:892
      Seventy, First Council of-Bennion, Samuel O.-exhumation of Joseph/Hyrum Smith   1:844
            -Reynolds, George-baptized, fearful of missing second coming   1:65
                  -History of the Book of Mormon, writes   1:651
                  -polygamy trial   1:52
                  -Story of the Book of Mormon, The-first illustrating 1:140
      Seventy, Presidency of-Eldredge, Horace S.-Utah Territorial gov’t, marshal   1:456
            -Hancock, Levi-anoints injured body part and administers   1:100
                  -baptize and confirm 71 in one meeting   1:72
                  -Bassett, Heman-sells Levi’s watch   1:556
                  -body guard to Joseph Smith   1:774, 1:908
                  -Hancock, Mosiah takes oath on Joseph Smith’s body   1:356
                  -Hancock, Solomon-breaks and burns violin   1:366
                  -Higbee, Francis M.-shots at, bullet does not penetrate shirt   1:406
                  -Law of Consecration-corruption by some members   1:357
                  -mission experience-faith, courage   1:158
                         -Sister’s dream   1:403
                         -Winchester, Indiana-protected from mob, baptizes members of   1:554
                   -Mormon Battalion-Brigham Young correspondence to   1:723
                   -praying-personage appears to-dies, sees body   1:689
                   -protects hundreds of Saints in Missouri, makes weapons   1:208
            -Orton, Roger-Kirtland Temple-angels protect during construction   1:608
                                          -vision in   1:88
            -Sherman, Lyman Royal-appointed to be an apostle, never notified or ordained   1:607
                  -Johnson, Benjamin-conversion   1:630, 1:927
            -Young, Joseph-baptism   1:928
                  -Nauvoo Temple-dedication, conducts private ceremony   1:269
      Stake Presidents-Babbit, Almon-Battle of Nauvoo   1:905
                                           -Johnson, Benjamin conversion   1:630
                                           -mission experience, stolen wagon results in baptisms  1:318
            -Card, Charles O.-Logan Temple, unworthy woman tries to enter   1:109
            - Johnson, Joel Hills-Elder’s License-wording of   1:986
                   -“High on a Mountain Top” brief history   1:971
                  -Johnson, Benjamin conversion   1:630, 1:927
                  -U.S. Gov’t-corruption of   1:634
            -Lewis Ben E.-Provo Utah Temple-site selection meeting, dream   1:31
            -McConkie, Joseph Fielding-set apart as 19-year old missionary, first   1:9
            -Millet, Artemus-Kirtland Temple construction   1:592
            -Smith, Lot-Woodruff, Wilford-“Some heirs of Brigham Young going to hell”   1:441
            -Spencer, Daniel-mission to the natives   1:727
            -Woolley, Ralph-Hawaii Temple construction prayer and miracle   1:49
      Stakes-Aaronic priesthood, stake quorums   1:124
            -Ensign Stake-first church league   1:866
            -Granite Stake-first LDS troop   1:697
            -Kanab Stake-collect rags for St. George Temple carpet   1:872
            -size of during early 1900s   1:691
            -Utah Stake-funds BYU   1:779
      Sunday school-academic subjects taught   1:154
            -Ballantyne, Richard-organizes first   1:871
            -organization of-gentiles partly responsible   1:153
            -Tanner, Mary Jane-size of   1:870
      Sunday school superintendent-Musser, A. Milton   1:153
      Temple Presidents-Wood, E. J.-Cardston Alberta Temple sealing miracle   1:30
      Wards-Salt Lake City-Twentieth Ward-“Old Nauvooers”   1:979
             -ships, on   1:861
            -Waterloo Ward-first LDS troop   1:697
      YLMIA-Beehive Class-requirements   1:126
            -Junior Class-forerunner to Beehive Class   1:126
       YMMIA-General Board-building for Joseph Smith   1:246
             -Wells, Junius F.-Oliver Cowdery Monument   1:651
                   -The Contributor, editor   1:415
       Young Ladies Society-Retrenchment Society   1:793
Church Practices:
      Callings/assignments-youth learn telegraphy   1:267
      Consecration, Law of-Common stock, The Disciples   1:538
            -Copley, Leman, failed   1:556
            -Sues, member for $50   1:270
            -United Order-200 settlements practiced   1:663
                   -Idaho, practiced in   1:663
                   -Isaacson, Peter-United Order   1:803
                   -Logan, practiced in   1:663
                   -Nevada, practiced in   1:663
                   -Ogden, practiced in   1:663
                   -Provo, practiced in   1:663
                   -Salt Lake City, practiced in   1:663
                   -Salt Lake Tribune-“United Order of Euchre”   1:765
                   -sustaining vote, Brigham Young   1:580
            -Young, Brigham-thoughts on failure in Missouri   1:584
            Lands-Rigdon, Sidney-dedicates Independence, Missouri   1:561
            Monuments-Oliver Cowdery Monument-Grant, Heber J. dedicates   1:651
            Nations-Holy Land-brethren later rebaptized in Jordan River   1:266
                  -Palestine-dedicatory prayer   1:268
                        -LDS colony possibility   1:393
                        -Lyman, Francis M.-preparation for, dreams   1:405
            Temple Sites-Independence, Missouri   1:561
                   -Manti Hill-Moroni dedicated   1:223
            Temples-Halifax Nova Scotia and Regina Saskatchewan same day   1:19
                  -Hawaiian-Woodrow Wilson mentioned by Heber J. Grant in dedicatory prayer   1:146
                  -Kirtland-hosanna shouts   1:660
                  -Logan Utah-Taylor, John notices unworthy lady entering temple   1:109
                  -Nauvoo Temple-six times during various stages   1:269
                  -Palmyra New York-1.5 million view   1:34
                  -Salt Lake Temple-Smith, Jesse N., meets cousin-tells of mothers vision   1:462
                        -Smith, Joseph vision and prophecy   1:483
                  -St. George Utah-Wilford Woodruff-ministers of the day   1:759
                  -Veracruz Mexico-weather miracle   1:33
      Fasting-School of the Prophet rituals   1:81
      Genealogy-Ballard, Henry, miracle, Newbury Weekly News   1:404
            -Chicago World Fair-genealogy miracle   1:285
            -Manti Utah Temple-ancestors appear to Brother in cemetery   1:92
      Ground breakings-Billings Montana Temple-miracle, protestors   1:32
      Historians-Whitmer, John-first official   1:310
      Home Teaching-acting teachers/block teachers/ward teachers, deacons assist   1:151
            -Cahoon, William-home teaches the Joseph Smith family   1:698
            -Page, Hiram-first   1:955
            -Teachers quorum only, Missouri   1:964
            -Whitmer, Christian-first   1:955
      Hosanna Shouts-brief history   1:660
            -Utah State Penitentiary, in   1:537
             Conferences-August 8, 1844-Brigham Young looks and sounds like Joseph Smith   1:904
                    -June 9, 1830-Articles and Covenants   1:949
                         -Priest, three   1:895
                   -June 3-6, 1831, New Zion, location   1:553
                   -Relief Society-first held   1:810
             Confirmation meetings-Murdock, John, non-members not permitted to attend   1:543
             Fast meetings-first Thursday, twice a day in Kirtland Temple   1:274
                                            -Thursday meeting stopped, why   1:984
                   -Gift of Tongues while singing   1:273
                   -“Old Nauvooers”   1:979
                   -prayer-all pray on knees at the same time   1:272
             Foreign Language meetings-Salt Lake Valley-number held in   1:276
             General-August 17, 1832-Doctrine and Covenants   1:632
                   -April 10, 1843-unique mission calls   1:577
                   -Corrill, John, trying to detect deception   1:70
                   -February 7, 1837-Elders boycott stores and ships that sell liquor, coffee, tea   1:588
                   -Guam-1st LDS meeting   1:985
                   -Kirtland Council Minute Book-meeting notes   1:422
                   -Kirtland Printing office-meetings held in basement   1:712
                   -Kirtland Temple-meeting schedule   1:274
                   -Lyman, Eliza Partridge-Rev. Mr. Marble speaks at LDS meeting   1:271
                   -May 2, 1874-United Order, sustaining vote   1:580
                   -McKay, David O.-Maori meeting-gift of interpretation   1:960
                   -Methodist meetings versus LDS meetings   1:367
                   -ministers-invited to speak at LDS meetings   1:544
                   -mob meeting   1:598
                   -mob shows up to-good outcome   1:743
                   -School of the Prophets-first meeting, Jan. 23, 1833, miracle   1:586
                   -September 17, 1837-mission calls, unique   1:577
                   -Smith, George A.-humorous-takes wig off in meeting   1:966
                   -Sunday school formed, gentiles partly responsible   1:153
            General Conference-1840 held in Great Britain, first time outside America   1:540
                   -April 1833 held on a river boat on Big Blue River   1:149, 1:540
                   -April 1844-Joseph Smith nominated to President of the United States   1:150
                   -April 1919-canceled due to flu epidemic   1:540
                   -Coalville, Utah-hosts   1:540
                   -held quarterly   1:816
                   -June 1919-held   1:540
                   -Logan, Utah-hosts   1:540
                   -Natives attend in Tabernacle   1:39
                  -October 1842-Joseph Smith calls John Lowe Butler to 2nd Sioux mission   1:162
                  -October 1856-Young, Brigham on handcart rescue   1:326
                  -October 1862-hosanna shout-clap hands   1:660
                  -October 1875-Eli H. Pierce called on mission, less active at time of call   1:513
                  -October 1880-Pearl of Great Price presented to the Saints   1:413
                  -October 1890-13 Articles of Faith presented “as the rule of conduct for. . . .”   1:413
                  -October 1897-Cannon, George Q.-ending practice of re-baptism, why   1:64
                  -October 1924-first time radio broadcast   1:301
                  -October 1957-canceled due to flu scare   1:540
                  -Pratt, Orson-invited to Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints   1:632
                  -Provo, Utah-hosts   1:540
                  -September 1851-motion, Word of Wisdom, binding commandment   1:588
                  -September 1949-first time television broadcast   1:302
                  -Smith, Joseph F.-invited to RLDS church meeting while on mission   1:632
                  -St. George, Utah-hosts   1:540
                  -WW II-held in Assembly room in Salt Lake Temple and Assembly Hall, WW II   1:435
             Priesthood meetings-held during the week   1:274
             Sacrament meetings-Harris, Martin-Fifteenth ward offers false teeth   1:351
                   -held on ship   1:275
      Mission calls-April 10, 1843-unique mission calls   1:577
             -Bean, Willard and Rebecca called on five year mission to Palmyra   1:156
             -Brink, William B.-unique call   1:577
             -Burnett, Stephen-called to serve wherever he wants to   1:577
             -Butler, John Lowe-Joseph Smith calls to 2nd Sioux mission after first escape from   1:162
             -Gold mining mission-value of gold found   1:991
             -Groves, Elisha H.-fund raising mission to Kentucky   1:619
             -Marsh, Thomas B.-fund raising mission to Kentucky   1:619
             -Pierce, Eli H.-called during general conference, less active at the time of the call   1:513
             -September 17, 1837-mission calls, unique   1:577
             -Smith, Eden-called to serve wherever he wants to   1:577
             -Smith, Samuel-serves 6 missions   1:519
             -WW II-only older men called to serve missions   1:449
             -Wade, Moses-unique mission call   1:577
             -Willis, Eleazar-unique mission call   1:577
             -women-age change from 23 to 21, 1953   1:461
             -Young, Brigham-Canadian mission, Artemus Millet story   1:592
             -Young, Lorenzo-Canadian mission, Artemus Millet story   1:592
      Missionary Experiences-1841 ensuing war between England and the United States   1:121
            -Anderson, George Edward-Birth of Mormonism-gone 7 years   1:308
            -Ashton, Marvin J.-elder team, Great Britain basketball title   1:16
            -Babbit, Almon-wagon stolen, delay leads to baptism   1:318
            -Bennion, Samuel O.-exhumation of Joseph and Hyrum Smith   1:844
            -Benson, Ezra Taft-England persecution, no preaching   1:525
            -Biesinger, Thomas/Paul Hammer Czechoslovakia mission, prison, convert in   1:160
            -British Mission-faith   1:834
            -Brown, Hugh B.-miracle, people pray to be their new minister, Church of England   1:321
            -Burgess, Harrison-hears voice, miracle   1:87
            -Callis, Charles A.-determines “failed” missionaries’ success   1:1
            -Clawson, Rudger-threats to shoot while on mission in Georgia   1:990
            -Cluff, Harvey Harrison-100,000 miles traveled on missions   1:189
            -Coltrin, Zebedee, Hancock, Levi-mission experience, faith, courage   1:158
                  -Winchester, Indiana-baptizes members of the mob   1:554
            -Forsgren, John Eric-converts long lost sister in Sweden   1:86
            -Glanvil, Joseph-prayer for food, miracle-red and white family towel   1:716
            -Hamblin, Jacob-heals a baby on a Steamer   1:155
            -Hancock, Levi-fixes violin, gains baptism and new suit   1:320
                  -Sister’s dream   1:403
            -Jensen, Niels-escape mob miracle   1:459
            -Kimball, Heber C.-River Ribble-baptism-most attend   1:63
            -Lamanite Mission 1830/1831-number of baptisms in the Missouri area   1:992
            -McKay, David O.-prophecy to, James L. McMurrin   1:851
            -Pratt, Orson-invited to RLDS church meeting   1:632
            -Pratt, Parley P.-arrested, during court trial Ziba Peterson sings hymn   1:529
            -Rigdon, Sidney-Canadian mission experience-Freeman Nickerson conversion   1:675
            -Siebold, Norman George-World War II missionary evacuation   1:35
            -Smith, Jesse N.-escaping mob miracle   1:459
            -Smith, Joseph-Canadian mission experience, Freeman Nickerson conversion   1:675
            -Smith, Joseph F.-invited to RLDS church meeting   1:632
            -Smith, Samuel-inspired to leave on mission   1:569
                  -Phineas Young conversion   1:518
            -Spencer, Daniel-mission to the natives   1:727
            -Stoddard, Lyman-baptized Jacob Hamblin   1:96
            -Thacker, Vern C.-Nauvoo Temple prints donated to while tracting   1:58
            -WW I-British Isles-Sisters serve as missionaries during   1:988
            -Woodruff, Wilford-baptizes ministers, rocks thrown at during baptisms, faith   1:617
                  -converts his family, patriarchal blessing promise   1:739
                  -ministers of the day   1:759
                  -prayer-healed   1:754
                  -vision, best sermon of his life   1:717
      Patriarchal Blessings-clerk paid to record   1:114
            -Hatch, Lorenzo Hill-receives four   1:281
            -Hinckley, Bryant S.-patriarchal blessing-posterity will be great   1:278
            -Hinckley, Gordon B.-patriarchal blessing   1:279
            -Kane, Elizabeth-receives   1:338
            -Kane, Thomas L.-receives two patriarchal blessings   1:338
            -Leany, Isaac-grandfather’s dream   1:961  
            -Longstroth, Nanny-prophets, seers and revelators   1:280
            -Smith, Joseph-gives first in this dispensation   1:309
            -Stewart, Joshua Beynon-gift of healing, heals Sarah Cornick with a coma   1:401
            -Woodruff, Wilford-he will convert his father’s house, fulfillment   1:739
      Perpetual Emigration Fund-Bullock, Thomas, recorder   1:464
            -School of the Prophets, raises funds for   1:127
            -ships-wards on   1:861
            -Tennant, Thomas, donates his wealth to   1:832
      Polygamy-Canadian parliament increases penalty for   1:257
            -Cowley, Matthias-resigns from the Quorum of the Twelve   1:850
            -Cox, Cordelia Morley-sealed to Joseph Smith, married to husband same day   1:82
            -Forsgren, Christina Ericka-vision of, miracle   1:86
            -Johnson, Benjamin-first learns   1:631
            -revelation   1:632
            -Reynolds, George-test trial   1:252
            -Taylor, John W.-resigns from the Quorum of the Twelve   1:850
            -Williams, Nancy Abigail Clement-“Uncle Sam’s boarding house”   1:873
            -Woman-circular sent to congress   1:260
            -Young, Brigham-initial reaction   1:684
      Proclamations-Benson, Ezra Taft   1:625
           -Quorum of the Twelve   1:625
      Service-Smith, Joseph, cut wood for widows   1:347
            -Wilson, Williams (Billy) Gibson-helps widows   1:247
            -Young, Brigham-kindness on Mormon Trail   1:778
      Setting Apart-McConkie, Joseph Fielding-set apart as 19-year old missionary, first   1:9
            -Swapp, Elizabeth-as a nurse   1:443
      Speaking-Rigdon, Sidney-Independence Day speech   1:614
                             -salt sermon   1:660
            -sacrament, during   1:523
            -Smith, Joseph-Follet, King sermon   1:660
                  -last speech, affect on enemy   1:978
                  -preach short sermons   1:440, 1:670
                  -preaches for 5 hours   1:152
                  -public speaker   1:704
                  -short prayers   1:670
            -Woodruff, Wilford-vision, best sermon of his life   1:717
      Sustaining vote-Deseret News-United Order   1:580
            -“election” Territorial officers   1:456
            -Living Constitution   1:792
      Temple Recommends-Logan Temple, member sells recommend to unworthy woman   1:109
      Tithing-Brannan, Samuel-California’s first millionaire, steals tithing money   1:135
            -First Presidency-missionaries not required to pay   1:161
            -Flake, Green-slave used as   1:85, 1:667
            -Hancock, Mosiah-loan oxen in lieu of   1:878
            -Melville, Savalla Bishop-work for Natives in exchange for   1:83
            -Smith, Lauritz-Bishop assigns tithing, hears voice   1:261
            -Temple Tithing day-Nauvoo   1:979
            -Thomsen, Karen-excommunicated-non payment of tithing   1:439
            -Todd, Douglas M. Sr.-named changed to “donation”   1:84
            -two types/three types-Parley P. Pratt explains   1:618
      Visiting Teaching-Lady Teachers, forerunner to   1:882
      Welfare Program-Relief Society efforts during the depression   1:446
            -WW II-Ezra Taft Benson distributing church aid   1:525
      Word of Wisdom:
             Alcohol-Whiskey-Hyde, John on Salt Lake City children   1:370
                   -Mouldalina-saves Newell K. Whitney from being killed   1:591
            Coffee-Smith, Emma offers to Brown family, apostatize   1:587
            General-General Conference-September 1851, Word of Wisdom, motion   1:588
                  -Huntington, William-resolutions   1:857
                  -Smith, Joseph-coffee and tea   1:588
                        -tobacco users at the time he taught the principle   1:122
                  -Smith, Joseph Fielding-on   1:588
                  -Temperance societies-brief history   1:894
            Tea- Smith, Emma offers to Brown family, apostatize   1:587
            Tobacco-Smith, Joseph teaches principle, number of users   1:122
                  -Chewing-Hyde, John-on Salt Lake City children   1:370
                  -Pipe-Pierce, Eli H. throws away when he learns of his mission call   1:513
Churchill, Sir Winston-England-stops proceedings to expel the church from   1:681
Cincinnati Journal and Western Luminary   See Media (Newspapers and Magazines)
Cities and Towns:
      Arizona-Brigham City   1:784
                          Isaacson, Peter-United Order   1:803
            -Holbrook-ACMI issues   1:473
            -Jonesville-Woodruff, Phoebe Arabell-“He Squaw”   1:965
            -Mexican mission-Apache issues during   1:315, 1:316
                  -missionaries visit Governor Safford of   1:249
            -Snowflake-name of the town   1:921
            -St. Johns-settled   1:803
      Arkansas-Brigham Young letter to Governor-end destination   1:696
      California-Dry Diggins-Ziba Peterson sheriff   1:177, 1:530
            -Hangtown-Ziba Peterson conducts 1st legal hanging in   1:177, 1:530
            -Placerville-Originally Dry Diggins-Hangtown   1:177, 1:530
            -Saints in-“poison of gold”   1:450
            -San Bernardino-inflation   1:479
                  -Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, colony   1:480
                  -Young, Brigham-thoughts on Saints that settle in   1:480
            -San Francisco-Chinatown-settle in abandon Mormon dwellings   1:919
                  -first Mormon settlement in the west   1:953
                  -Yerba Buena California Star-first newspaper in, Samuel Brannan   1:229
            -Young, Brigham-thoughts on Saints that settle in   1:478
      Colorado-Mormon Town-Mississippi Saints winter   1:917
      Hawaii-Kailimai, Keola vision during David O. McKay prayer   1:883
       Idaho-Eagle Rock   1:785
               -Fort Lemhi-first white settlement   1:808
              -Franklin-first Anglo-Saxon permanent settlement   1:808
              -Idaho Falls   1:785
             -United Order practiced in   1:663
       Illinois-Carthage-June 27, 1844, desertion   1:707
             -Nauvoo-City of Joseph, named   1:218
                   -description   1:760
                   -Lyon, Edgar T.-“Old Nauvooers”   1:979
                   -murderers hide out, get turned into sheriff   1:827
                   -sickness   1:216
             -Quincy-citizens, relief for Saints   1:251, 1:735
      Indiana-Richmond-Richmond Palladium-Zion’s camp, on-false report, Joseph Smith   1:604
            -Winchester-Levi Hancock/Zebedee Coltrin-baptize members of the mob   1:554
      Iowa-Cutler’s Park-Natives wanting to collect rent   1:642
            -Lucas, Governor Robert, relief to the Saints   1:251
      Louisiana-missionary work-letters to Joseph Smith   1:989
      Maine-End Destination-Brigham Young   1:937
            -Fox Islands-Wilford Woodruff baptizes first person on island this dispensation   1:313
      Massachusetts-Salem-Branch organized, Section 111   1:611
      Mississippi-Republican Square-gathering of African-American saints   1:959
            -Saints travel from to Winter Quarters   1:43
      Missouri-Adam-ondi-Ahman-Adam’s altar   1:669
                                                                -Joseph Smith uncovers Adam’s altar   1:237
                            -Cravensville-new name after Saints leave the area   1:781
                            -weapons-Saints turn in including one non-member   1:255
                            -Wood, Wilford C.-purchases   1:433
            -City of Seth-First Presidency establishes   1:615
            -Cravensville-Adam-ondi-Ahman previously   1:781
            -Far West-mob sees 1000’s protecting city, miracle   1:207
                  -printing press buried   1:228
                  -siege of   1:188
                  -size of   1:780
                  -Temple, events surrounding   1:614
            -Hauns Mill-Leany, Isaac shot 11 times and lives, Brigham Young shot at   1:180
                                       -grandfather’s dream   1:961
                  -Stedwell, Mary-shot and killed at   1:181
            -Huntsville-ancient City of Manti-location of   1:477
            -Independence-First Courthouse-oldest LDS dwelling west of Mississippi River   1:243
                  -Independence temple lot dedicated   1:561
                  -Partridge, Edward, W. W. Phelps-sue in Missouri jail   1:253
            -Rigdon, Sidney-description of   1:560
      Nevada-Goodrich, George Albert accidentally builds meeting house in, taxes   1:396
            -Mormon Station-Hampton Beatie forms settlement   1:911
             -United Order-practiced in   1:663
      New York-Buffalo-Smith, Lucy Mack courage to preach gospel at   1:659
            -Palmyra-churches on four corners of intersection   1:395
                  -population at the time of the Smith family   1:392
                  -pseudonym-Cainhannock   1:575
      Ohio-Kirtland-Church growth   1:541, 1:658
                     -importance to church   1:548
                     -inflation-land prices   1:833
                     -Mormon migration to   1:534, 1:547
                     -New Jerusalem-some think   1:661
                     -printing office fire   1:678
                     -pseudonym-Shinehah   1:575
                     -Turnham, Kirtland-Kirtland named after   1:840
                     -Western Reserve Teachers Seminary & Kirtland Institute-James A. Garfield   1:674  
      Utah-Alpine-previously named Mountainville   1:481
            -Battle Creek-re-named Pleasant Grove   1:481
            -Bountiful-sugar cane raised on benches   1:753
            -Coalville-General Conference, hosts   1:540
            -Dry Creek-re-named Lehi   1:481
            -Gopher Town-Spanish Fork   1:399
            -Hobble Creek-re-named Mapleton   1:481
            -Isoepa-brief history   1:958
            -Kington Fort-Morrisite rebellion   1:900
            -Lehi-previously Dry Creek   1:481
            -Lewiston-Poverty Flats   1:391
            -Logan-General Conference, hosts   1:540
                  -United Order-practiced in   1:663
            -Mapleton-previously Hobble Creek   1:481
            -Moab-petition to change name to Vina   1:398
            -Mountainville-re-named Alpine   1:481
            -Nephi-previously named Salt Creek   1:481
            -Ogden-United Order-practiced in   1:663
            -Payson-previously named Peteetneet   1:481
            -Peteetneet-re-named Payson   1:481
            -Pleasant Grove-previously named Battle Creek   1:481
            -Pondtown-re-named Salem   1:481
            -Poverty Flats-Lewiston   1:391
            -Provo-General Conference, hosts   1:540
                  -sugar beet equipment set up at   1:221
                  -United Order practiced in   1:663
            -Salem-previously named Pondtown   1:481
            -Salt Creek-re-named Nephi   1:481
            -Salt Lake City-Church donation in money and food during 1930   1:677
                  -Crops, location of first   1:47
                  -Orphanage/day care-first   1:311
                  -Shoe and Leather Record-on   1:248
                  -United Order practiced in   1:663
                  -Young, Brigham-vision of, Joseph Smith shows him Ensign Peak   1:89
            -Santaquin-previously named Summit Creek   1:481
            -Spanish Fork-Gopher Town   1:399
                  -Icelandic population-oldest in America   1:915
            -St. George-General Conference, hosts   1:540
            -Sugar House-sugar beet equipment set up at   1:221
            -Summit Creek-re-named Santaquin   1:481
            -Vina-petition to change Moab town name to   1:398
      Wisconsin-Voree-Strang, James Jesse church   1:901
City Creek   See Rivers
City of Joseph   See Nicknames
City of Seth, Missouri   See City and Towns (Missouri)
Civil War   See War
Clabber   See Beverages
Clapp, Abner-Columbus Ohio Temple land   1:662
Clapp, Orris-Columbus Ohio Temple land   1:662
Clark, Ezra-mentioned, Jonathan Crosby, wagon stuck miracle   1:164
Clark, J. Reuben Jr.   See Church Organization (First Presidency)
Clark, John   See Religions (Ministers)
Clark, John B.   See Military (Generals)
Clark, Levira-Smith, Samuel, marries   1:519
Clark, General William   See Military (Generals)
Clark, Wycam   See Apostates  
Clawson, Ebenezer-Foote Warren, stays with during Dunkards meeting   1:365
Clawson, Hyrum B.   See Art (Theater-Salt Lake Theater-manager), See Church Organ. (Bishops)
Clawson, Moses-Foote, Warren, stays with during Dunkards meeting   1:365
Clawson, Rudger   See Church Organization (Apostle)
Clayton, Diantha-Vision of the next life   1:91
Clayton, William   See Church Organization (Council of Fifty)
Clemens, Samuel   See Celebrities
Cleveland, Abner-Belnap, Gilbert-wonder of the world   1:709
Cleveland, Grover   See United States Government (U.S. Presidents)
Cleveland, Sarah M.-baptism for the dead in Nauvoo-most female proxies   1:628
Clifford, Alice Maria-Joseph Smith Memorial caretaker, Titanic   1:563
Clifford, Edwin-Joseph Smith Memorial caretaker, Titanic   1:563 
Clothing-Buckskin-Ririe, James-lack of clothes   1:373
      -Dye-Chaparral   1:376 
            -coloring for clothing   1:375, 1:376
            -Copperas   1:376
            -Indigo   1:376
            -Madder   1:376
            -Rabbit brush   1:376
      -Foote, Warren-Missourian clothing, description of   1:190
      -Hancock, Levi-fix violin and gains baptism and suit and shoes   1:320
      -Hancock, Mosiah-baptism clothes   1:794
      -Kimball, Heber C.-prophecy-cloth in Salt Lake City cheaper than eastern cities   1:48, 1:283
     -Ririe, James-lack of   1:373
     -Wool--Buffalo-wool from   1:925
           -Dogs-wool from   1:925
      -Shoes-Hancock, Clarissa-Levi Hancock shoe prophecy to   1:412
             -Hancock, Mosiah-walks from Missouri with no shoes during winter months   1:412
                        -wears only in church   1:371
            -James, Sarah makes soup from while with Willie Handcart Company   1:171
            -moccasins-Ririe, James-lack of clothing and shoes   1:373
            -woodies-Hancock, Martha M.-wore at school, problems associated with   1:372
      -Weaving-dye’s used   1:376
Clubs   See Groups
Cluff, Benjamin Jr.   See Education (Principle)
Cluff, Harvey Harrison-Missionary service-100,000 miles   1:189
Cobbs, Polly-Harris, Lucy takes Joseph Smith to court   1:500
Cocoonery   See Agriculture
Coe, Joseph-Independence, Missouri temple lot dedicated   1:561
      -Smith, Emma-offers tea and coffee to the Brown family, apostatize   1:587
Coe, Truman-article on early Mormonism   1:729
Coffee   See Beverages
Cole, Abner-Palmyra Reflector, editor-Obediah Dogberry-pseudonym   1:415
Colt   See Weapons (Guns)
Coltrin, Zebedee   See Church Organization (Patriarchs)
Columbus, Christopher   See Celebrities
Columbus Ohio Temple   See Temples
Commercial Bulletin and Missouri Literary Register   See Media (Newspaper/Magazines)
      Stenographers-women called on missions to serve as, age change   1:461
      Telegraphy-Deseret Telegraph Company-Custer’s last stand-reported   1:933
             -youth called to and learn   1:267
      Western Union-purchases Deseret Telegraph Company   1:933
Community of Christ   See Religions
Cone, John Redman-Egyptian mummies and writings of Joseph and Abraham   1:740
Confirmation   See Church Organization (Gift of the Holy Ghost)
Confirmation for healing   See Church Ordinances
Confirmation-Re   See Church Ordinances
Congregationalist   See Religion
Congress-See United States Government
Consecrated Oil   See Church Ordinances
Consecration, Law of   See Church Practices
Construction   See Buildings
Contributor, The   See Media (Newspapers and Magazines)
Conversion-Booth, Ezra-Book of Mormon   1:926
      -Chamberlain, Solomon-angel appears to in 1816   1:605
      -Daniels, William Paul-brief history   1:897
      -Grau, George-first in Palestine   1:934
      -Hamblin, Jacob-prophecy that he will baptize father   1:96
      -Johnson, Benjamin-Golden Bible comes into neighborhood   1:629, 1:927
      -Just, Antonin-sends Thomas Biesinger to prison, later converted by him   1:160
      -Kimball, Heber C.   1:928
      -Lamb, Charles   1:929
      -Littlefield, Lyman Omer-knows church is true when he hears Jared Carter’s voice   1:576
      -Marsh, Thomas B.-journeys from Boston to Palmyra, Grandin print shop   1:528
      -Nickerson, Freeman-Joseph Smith/Sidney Rigdon Canadian mission   1:675
      -Packard, Noah-Gold bible   1:585
      -Patten, David-brief history   1:562
      -Thayre, Ezra-Book of Mormon-receives shock   1:531
      -Trejo, Meliton G.-dream, visit to Utah   1:402
      -Rigdon, Sidney-preaching at time of baptism   1:526
      -Ryder, Simonds-Campbellite minister joins church after reading newspaper article   1:541
      -Young, Brigham   1:928
      -Young, Phineas-Samuel Smith gives him Book of Mormon   1:518
Cook, Lyndon W.-Kingsbury, Joseph biographer   1:595
Cooperative Farming   See Agriculture
Cope, Thomas P.-donates to Mormon cause   1:340
Copley, Daniel   See Excommunication
Copley, Leman   See Apostates
Copperas   See Clothing (Dye)
Coray, Martha Jane-Smith, Joseph wrestles with, injures   1:185
Corbett, Irene C.-Titanic-dies on   1:563
Cordon, Alfred   See Church Organization (Bishops)
Corill, John-meeting-speaking in tongues, American Native dialect used   1:70
      -Smith, Joseph-on   1:703
Corn Dodger   See Food
Corn on the Cob   See Food
Cornerstones   See Buildings
Cornick, Sarah-healed of while in a coma   1:401
Cornmeal   See Food
Corrill, John   See Apostates
Cosmopolitan   See Media (Newspapers and Magazines)
Cottam, Thomas-Smith, Joseph-testimony on   1:639
Cottonwood   See Trees/Shrubs, See Soap
Couldock, C. W.   See Art (Theater-Salt Lake Theater-actors)
Council of Fifty   See Church Organization
Counties-Jackson Country-Garden of Eden, location of   1:669
            Argentina-German immigrants the first to teach the gospel in   1:787
             Australia-Brisbane-first branch and meeting house   1:786
             Canada-parliament increases penalty for polygamy   1:257
             England-General Conference held-first outside the United States   1:540
             Guam-1st LDS meeting   1:985
             Iceland-Spanish Fork, Utah-oldest Icelandic settlement in America   1:915
             Mexico-Stewart, J. Z.-faith courage him and wife during mission   1:316
                   -Gulf of Mexico-City of Enoch-location of   1:669
             Norway-LDS church cannot solemnize marriages   1:436
             Palestine-dedication-possible LDS colony   1:393
                                   -Holy Land-brethren later rebaptized in Jordan River   1:266
                                   -Lyman, Francis M.-dreams to prepare for   1:405
                                   -Palestine-dedicatory prayer   1:268
                  -Grau, George, first convert   1:934
              Tonga-first foreign language mission in the church   1:948
Courage-Clawson, Rudger-threats to shoot while serving mission in Georgia   1:990
      -Coltrin, Zebedee/Hancock, Levi-mission experience   1:158
      -Hamblin, Jacob-conversion-family persecutes after his baptism   1:96
      -Hjorth, August Adrianus-encountering natives during Black Hawk War   1:39
      -Smith, Lucy Mack-preaches gospel in Buffalo, New York in spite of opposition   1:659
      -Stewart, J. Z.-Mexican mission-native issues   1:315
      -Stewart, Julia Ann-husband recalled on mission 7 days after completing a mission   1:316
Court Cases:
       Arrested-Burton, Robert T.-Morrisite rebellion arrests   1:900
             -Pratt, Parley P.-mission experience, Ziba Peterson sings hymn during trial   1:529
             -Smith, Hyrum Mack-WW I for suspicion of spying   1:885
      Court Houses-Independence, Mo.-oldest dwelling west of Mississippi River   1:243
      FBI-Cowley, Samuel P.-Dillinger, John, dies during gun fight   1:466
            -killed during gun fight with George “Baby Face” Nelson, also killed by Cowley   1:467
      Fines-Smith, Joseph helping two youth in court   1:979
      Indictments-Young, Brigham-treason-Utah War   1:880
      Judges-Kane, John K.-donates to Mormon cause   1:340
            -McKean, James B.-Brigham Young trial-wife sues   1:979
            -Schaefer, Michael-Brigham Young trial-wife sues   1:979
      Laws-British Passenger Act 1849-types and amount of food to be provided on voyages 1:387
            -Canadian parliament increases penalty for polygamy   1:257
            -deceiving people   1:655
            -disorderly conduct-Joseph Smith   1:345, 1:520
      Lawyers-Atchison, David R.-protects Joseph Smith in court, “My life for yours”   1:188
            -Burnett, Peter H.-Smith, Joseph-description of   1:346
            -Woods, James W.-Carthage Jail-35 bullets in jail room walls   1:293
      Petitions-Moab, Utah to change city name to Vina   1:398
      Sentencing-Rockwell, Orin Porter-attempted murder, Lilburn W. Boggs   1:116
             -Smith, Joseph-helping two youth in court   1:979
             -Young, Brigham-24 hours in Jail    1:252
      Suing-Consecration, Law of-$50   1:270
            -Lake, Dennis sues Joseph Smith   1:123
            -Partridge, Edward, W. W. Phelps-sue State of Missouri   1:253
            -Young, Ann Eliza Webb-sues Brigham Young   1:980
      Trials-Atchison, David R.-protects Joseph Smith in court, “My life for yours”   1:188
            -Davidson, James-defends Joseph Smith during   1:509, 1:520
            -Harris, Lucy takes Joseph Smith to court   1:500
            -Hurlbut, Doctor Philastus-wanting to physically harm Joseph Smith   1:415
            -Lincoln, Mary Todd attends Joseph Smith trial   1:203
            -Missouri court-Consecration, Law of-awards $50 in lawsuit   1:270
            -Morrisites-freed by Stephen S. Harding   1:900
            -Murderers of Joseph/Hyrum Smith-same day capstone ceremony, Nauvoo Temple 1:282
            -Pratt, Parley P.-mission experience, Ziba Peterson sings hymn during   1:529
            -Reid, John-defends Joseph Smith during trial   1:509, 1:520, 1:655
            -Reynolds, George-polygamy test trial   1:252
            -Saints seek redress in Missouri courts   1:253
            -Smith, Joseph/Oliver Cowdery-lawyer helps them escape court   1:655
            -Smith, Joseph Sr.-Luke Johnson helps him escape the trial   1:668
            -Williams, Frederick G.-Luke Johnson helps him escape court   1:968
Court Marshal   See Military
Courting-Hancock, Mosiah/Erma King Christmas day fight with U.S. soldiers   1:224
Cowboys-Smith, Jesse N.-protect against   1:474
Cowdery, Lyman-Cowdery, Oliver-hired by Hyrum Smith   1:646
Cowdery, Oliver   See Three Witnesses
Cowdery, Warren A.   See Apostates
Cowley, Matthew-See Church Organization (Apostles)
Cowley, Matthias-resigns from the Quorum of the Twelve   1:850
Cowley, Samuel P.   See Judicial (FBI)
Cox, Cordelia Morley-Plural marriage-sealed to Joseph Smith same time marries husband   1:82
Cox, Martha Cragun-Education-children’s attitude towards   1:370
Crane, George-Smith, Joseph tries to secure a loan   1:514
Cranes   See Birds, See Food
Cravens, Jon-Adam-ondi-Ahman-Cravensville   1:781
Crickets   See Agriculture (Pests), See Insects
Crooked River   See Rivers
Croquet grounds   See Recreation
Crosby, Jesse W.-Catholic services, attends   1:364
      -Smith, Joseph, on-disgusted that he would do housework   1:186
      -Speaking in Tongues-American Native dialect spoken   1:69
Crosby, Jonathan-Mormon Trail, wagon stuck, miracle   1:164
Crows   See Birds, See Food
Cutler’s Park, Iowa   See Cities and Towns (States)

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