Published Books

I've always appreciated history and have a soft spot for the pioneer journals and autobiographies. Over the years I've collected numerous stories, tidbits, and historical teasers all originating from my readings inside journals, texts, and studies. I've often turned to this collection to help spice up lessons or talks. It was my oldest son who one day planted the idea of publishing my collection so more could enjoy. With that being said, here are my five books that have published to date by Cedar Fort in Springville, Utah.


Released May 2010

Released May 2011

Released November 2012

 Released November 2013

 Released June 2014
 "Seeds of Faith" is a study of 48 journal accounts of some of the earliest members of the Church and their conversion stories. It's what happens to their lives after they hear of a "gold bible." All eventually join (Although some, with time, do leave) the church, some faster than others and the miracles associated with the conversions. The miracles are numerous and varied and leaves the reader in awe at the heavenly manifestations poured down on these early converts. Angels, voices, pillars of light, and heavenly visitants in the form of Book of Mormon personalities are just some of the miracles that you will read about. I also include six journal accounts of non-members in the form of priests, newspaper men, and politicians that help shed light on the perception of the young Church and the propaganda that the early converts had to filter through in their decision to be baptized.