Dahle, Fred A.-Titanic-scheduled to sail on   1:563
Daily Union Vedette   See Media (Newspapers and Magazines)
Dallin, Cyrus   See Art (Monuments/Statues)
Dancing   See Art (Dancing)
Daniel Jackling   See Art (Monuments-Avard Fairbanks)
Daniels, Tyler-Smith, Joseph-love for the bible   1:574
Daniels, William Paul   See African-Americans (Africans)
Danites   See Groups
Dating   See Courting
Daughters of Zion   See Groups
Davidson, James   See Court cases (trials)
Davis, Matthew L.   See United States Government (Member of Congress)
Davis, William   See Church Organization (Bishops)
Day, Henry-Smith, Lauritz borrows wagon and team from, tithing miracle   1:261
Deacons   See Church Organization (Aaronic Priesthood)
Death-Cemeteries-Kane, Thomas L.-buried at church he built, LDS church acquired   1:397
       Death-Bowman, Ida-dies   1:858
            -Cowdery, Oliver   1:738
            -Dillinger, John, killed by Samuel P. Cowley, FBI   1:466
            -Erickson, Hilda Anderson-pioneer, the last to die   1:468
            -Greenwell, Zina-dies   1:858
            -Hancock, Levi-dies and comes back to life   1:689
            -Hancock, Mosiah-dies and comes back to life   1:690
            -Leany, Isaac-grandfathers prophecy   1:962
            -Merrill, Marriner W.-dead son appears to   1:884
            -Nelson, George “Baby Face,” killed by Samuel P. Cowley, FBI   1:467
            -Smith, Hyrum Mack-dies   1:858
            -Smith, Sarah Richards-dies   1:858
            -Snow, Eliza R.-New York Times-“Mormon Poetess”   1:801
            -Standing, Joseph-killed on mission to Georgia   1:990
            -Woodruff, Phoebe-dies-then comes back to life   1:772
        Exhumation-Bennion, Samuel O. at Joseph and Hyrum Smith   1:844
        Funerals-Follett, King-Joseph Smith sermon   1:660
        Obituary-Harris, Martin-written decades prior to his death, humorous   1:350
Debate-Rigdon, Sidney challenges Ezra Booth to   1:570
Decker, Charles-purchases native girl, Sally   1:277
Dedications   See Church Practices
Dee, Asa-Poverty Flats, settles   1:391
Delawares   See Natives (Tribes)
Delusions   See Publishing (Pamphlets)
Democratic Party   See United States Government (Parties)
Dennison, Dr.   See Medical
Denver Colorado Temple   See Temples; See Art (Monuments-Fairbanks, Avard)
Depression, The-Relief Society efforts during   1:446
Deseret Almanac   See Publishing
Deseret Alphabet-Smith, Jesse N.-sees Danish characters similar to   1:484
Deseret Club   See Education
Deseret Evening News   See Media (Newspapers and Magazines)
Deseret Horticulture Society-Bullock, Thomas, secretary   1:464
Deseret Hospital-Relief Society, founded by   1:856
Deseret News   See Media (Newspapers and magazines)
Deseret Sunday School Songs   See Art (Hymnals)
Deseret Telegraph Company   See Communication
Deseret Theological Institute-Bullock, Thomas, member of   1:464
Devenish, Henry-Ririe, James-gives a bag of potatoes to   1:389
Dibble, Philo-Kirtland, joins church at   1:526
      -revelation, on process   1:573
      -signs, pillar of light at  night at place of baptism   1:67
      -Smith, Joseph-heals Elsa Johnson’s arm, Doctor’s reasoning   1:73
      -Zion, City of-sees in vision   1:90
Dickens, Charles   See Celebrities
Dickenson, Anna Elizabeth   See Publishing (Books)
Dillinger, John-dies in gunfight with Samuel P. Cowley   1:466
Discernment   See Gifts of the Spirit
Disciples, The   See Religion
Dixie State College   See Education
Doctors   See Medical
Doctrine and Covenants   See Scriptures
Dodds, H. L.-article Missouri/Mormon issues-George Foote to Warren Foote   1:731
Dogs   See Animals, See Clothing
Donations-Arapeen donates Ute Tribal holdings to church at his baptism   1:45
      -Church money and food donation in Salt Lake City in 1930   1:677
      -Egyptian scrolls-Wood’s Museum, Chicago fire, donated to the Church   1:61
      -Griffin, Leslie M.-donates original Nauvoo Temple prints to the Church, miracle   1:58
      -Harris, Lucy-donates money to the translation of the Gold plates   1:500
      -Harris, Martin-donate money for false teeth for charity   1:351
      -Hawaii Temple-construction miracle, lack of wood   1:49
      -Kane, Thomas L.-pamphlet The Mormon causes individuals to donate   1:340
      -Kimball, Sarah M.-Nauvoo Temple-donations to, tricks non-member husband   1:566
      -Red Cross-LDS donations to during WW I   1:886
      -Tanner, John-donates his wealth to the Church   1:832
      -Tennant, Thomas-donates his wealth to the Church   1:832
      -Turkish massacre-church donates to   1:836
      -Watters, Virginia Ryder-donates Articles and Covenants to the Church   1:62
Doniphan, Alexander W.   See War (Generals)
Douglas, Stephen R.   See United States Government (Senators)
Douglass, Frederick   See Celebrities
Draper, William-Dustin, Buduas-conversation with Samuel Bogard, humorous   1:183
      -Far West-siege of, mob sees 1000’s protecting the city   1:207
Dreams   See Gift of the Spirit
Drovetti, Chevalier-Egyptian mummies and writings of Joseph and Abraham   1:740
Drowning-Smith, John Henry, near drowning, miracle   1:407
Dry Creek, Utah   See Cities and Towns (Lehi, Utah)
Dry Diggins, California   See Cities and Towns (Placerville, California)
Ducks   See Birds, See Food
Duffin, Brigham F.-holds first meeting in Caldwell County after Saints expulsion   1:312  
Dumplings   See Food
Duncan, Chapman-Adam’s alter-Joseph Smith uncovers   1:237
      -Voice tells his to go to Missouri to find the truth   1:93
Dunkards   See Religions
Dunklin, Daniel   See United States Government (Governors)
Dunn, Mary-Hancock, Mosiah-sealed to at 12 years of age   1:581
Durfee, Jabez-Johnson, Benjamin-conversion   1:630
Durfee, Tamma-Battle of Nauvoo-number of casualties   1:728
      -Smith, Joseph preaches for 5 hours   1:152
      -Zion’s Camp, Dennis Lake sues Joseph Smith   1:123
Dustin, Buduas-Samuel Bogart-conversation with, humorous   1:183
Dustin, Peter-Book of Commandments witness testimony   1:498
Dutch Reformed Church   See Religion
Dye   See Clothing
E. B. Grandin Print shop   See Publishing (Book of Mormon)
ESPN   See Media (Television)
Eagle Gate monument   See Art (Monuments)
Eagle Rock, Idaho   See Cities and Towns
Eames, Justin-Woodruff, Wilford baptizes, first on an island this dispensation   1:313
Eastern Arizona College   See Education
Eccles, David-Tim Evans-First Security Bank   1:805
      Academies, Stake-Bannock Stake Academy-Ricks College
            -Brigham Young Academy-Brigham Young Academy Student   1:806
                   -Brigham Young University   1:374
                  -Cluff, Benjamin Jr.,  first school principle   1:298
                   -hires non-LDS instructors   1:299
                   -Kane, Thomas L. advises Brigham Young on establishment of   1:336
                    -Maeser, Karl-second school principle   1:298
                    -missionary prep courses offered   1:317
            -Juarez Academy-only Academy remaining   1:374
            -Latter-day Saints Academy-missionary prep courses offered   1:317
            -Salt Lake Stake Academy becomes LDS Business College   1:374
            -Sanpete Stake Academy-Snow College   1:374
            -St. George Stake Academy-Dixie State College   1:374
            -St. Joseph Stake Academy-Eastern Arizona College   1:374
            -Universities, Colleges, and turn over to the State   1:374
            -Weber Stake Academy-Weber State University   1:374
      Degrees-Wells, Emmeline B.-receives honorary   1:339
      Deseret Club-forerunner to Institute of Religion   1:695
      Institute of Religion-Deseret Club forerunner to   1:695
      Kirtland School-from School of the Prophets   1:799
      Principles-Cluff, Benjamin Jr.-BYA first principle   1:298
                              -colors, chooses   1:298
                              -hires non-LDS instructors at BYA   1:299
                        -Maeser, Karl-BYA, second principle   1:298
      Professors-Anton, Charles-brief history   1:839
                                 -description of Egyptian hieroglyphics, Martin Harris gave   1:226
                                -Gold plates translation, Martin Harris   1:485
            -Evans, John Henry-Jesse N. Smith on Joseph and Emma Smith, Daniel H. Wells   1:463
      School of the Elders-Parley P. Pratt taught in Missouri   1:596
            -School of the Prophets-formed from   1:799
      School of the Prophets-activities in Utah   1:127, 1:799
            -adult education-first school for in America   1:127, 1:673
            -first meeting, Jan. 23, 1833-miracle   1:586
            -rituals-sacrament, fist sized pieces of bed   1:81
            -attitude towards education-Martha Cragun Cox story   1:370
            -Gates, Susa Young-University of Deseret, attends at age 13   1:131
            -Smith, Jesse N.-reads Book of Mormon in school   1:635
            -Young, Brigham/Heber C. Kimball-on their   1:130
            -Cowdery, Oliver-hired by Hyrum Smith   1:646
            -Hale, Abby Calista-first non-member teacher at BYA   1:299
            -Hancock, Martha M.-teachers beating students   1:798
            -Holbrook, Caroline Frances Angell Davis-baptism and confirmation for healing   1:129
                  -teaches at age 13   1:129
            -McLellin, William E.-teaches penmanship in Kirtland School   1:799
            -Ottinger, George M.-Book of Mormon-painting of (art teacher-Univ. of Deseret)   1:141
            -Seixas, Joshua-Kirtland School-teaches Hebrew in   1:799
            -food used to pay for   1:128
      Universities and Colleges:
            -Brigham Young College-missionary prep courses offered   1:317
            -Brigham Young University-Utah Stake-funds BYU   1:779
                  -Y-when first appeared on mountainside   1:909
            -Dixie State College-originally St. George Academy   1:374
            -Eastern Arizona College-originally St. Joseph Academy   1:374
            -LDS Business College-originally Salt Lake Stake Academy   1:374
            -Latter-day Saints University-missionary prep courses offered   1:317
            -Oberlin College-Spaulding manuscript found at   1:757
            -Parent School-same as University of State of Deseret   1:128
            -Philadelphia Woman’s Medical College-Pratt, Romania  B. graduates from   1:814
            -Ricks College-originally Bannock Stake Academy   1:374
            -Snow College-originally Sanpete Academy   1:374
            -University of State of Deseret-Bullock, Thomas-Board of Regents, examine teacher 1:464
                  -forerunner to University of Utah   1:128
                  -Gates, Susa Young-attends at age 13   1:131
            -University of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints-Young University   1:936
            -University of Utah-originates from Parent School   1:128
                  -Talmage, James E.   1:936
            -Weber State University-originally Weber Stake Academy   1:374
            -Western Reserve Teachers Seminary & Kirtland Institute-James A. Garfield attends 1:674
            -Young University-University of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints   1:936  
Egan, Howard-Clayton, William journal/laundry deal   1:465
Egyptian characters-Anton, Professor Charles-description of   1:226
Egyptian grammar book   See Artifacts, See Books
Egyptian mummies   See Artifacts
Egyptian scrolls   See Artifacts
Elder’s Journal   See Media (Newspapers and Magazines)
Eldredge, Horace S.   See Church Organization (Seventy, Presidency of)
Election-sustaining vote, Utah Territorial positions   1:456
Elias   See Heavenly Visitors
Elijah   See Heavenly Visitors
Elliot, Bradford W.-Williams, Frederick G.-Luke S. Johnson helps him escape court   1:968
Ellsworth Handcart Company   See Mormon Trail (Handcarts)
Emerson, Ralph Waldo   See Celebrities
Emigrants Guide   See Publishing (Books)
Emmett, James-body guard   1:908
      -leads group from Nauvoo   1:763
Emmons, Sylvester-Nauvoo Expositor, editor   1:415
Encyclopedia Britannica   See Encyclopedias
Encyclopedias-American Cyclopedia-David Whitmer denies testimony-states   1:757
      -Encyclopedia Britannica-David Whitmer denies testimony-states   1:757
End Destinations-Maine   1:937
      -Salt Lake Valley-Jackman, Levi-first glimpse of the valley   1:938
            -Young, Clara Decker on   1:324
Endowment House   See Buildings, See Temple Square
Enoch   See Pseudonym, See Heavenly Visitors
Enoch, City of   See Cities and Towns (Countries-Mexico)
Enos   See Heavenly Visitors
Ensign Peak-Johnson, Joel H.-“High on a Mountain Top” or “Deseret”   1:971
      -Knaphus, Torlief-Angel Moroni statue, finger of light, which sketch to use   1:242
Erickson, Hilda Anderson-pioneer, last to die   1:468
Escape-Kirtland-church leaders from persecutors   1:579
      -Reid, James-helps Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdery escape court trial   1:655
      -Rockwell, Orin Porter-attempted murder, Lilburn W. Boggs   1:116
      -Smith, Joseph-tavern keeper helps him   1:206
      -Smith, Joseph Sr.-Luke Johnson helps him escape a trial   1:668
      -Williams, Frederick G.-Luke S. Johnson helps him escape a trial   1:968
Esther Morris Monument  See Art (Monuments-Avard Fairbanks)
Evans, David   See Bishops
Evans, John Henry   See Education (Professors)
Evans, Tim-Eccles, David-First Security Bank   1:805
Eve   See Heavenly Visitors
Evening and Morning Star   See Media (Newspapers and Magazines)
Everybody’s Magazine   See Media (Newspapers and Magazines)
Evil Spirits   See Satan
Ewing, Reverend Finnis   See Religion (Ministers)
Excommunication-Adams, George-Brigham Young excommunicates after leaves church   1:205
      -Avard, Dr. Sampson-organized Danites   1:179
            -Smith, Joseph escapes mob, tavern keeper helps, humorous   1:206
      -Brannan, Samuel-Pratt, Parley P. excommunicates   1:941
      -Cannon, Frank J.-writes against Joseph F. Smith   1:942
      -Copley, Daniel-not going on mission   1:601
      -Harrison, E. L. T.-Sunday school, taught in newly organized   1:153
      -Hurlbut, Doctor Philastus-Mormonism Unvailed [sic]   1:415, 1:841
      -Lee, John D.-membership reinstated   1:943
      -Phelps, W. W.-misuse of church funds   1:619
      -Taylor, John W.-apostle-continued in plural marriage relationship   1:850
      -Thomsen, Karen-non payment of tithing   1:439
      -Whitlock, Harvey-brief history   1:944
      -Whitmer, John-misuse of church funds   1:619
Execution-Holbrook, Joseph witnesses   1:369
Exhumation   See Death
Fabrique Nationale   See Weapons (Guns)
Fairbanks, Avard   See Art (Monuments)
Fairchild, Joshua-Book of Commandment witness testimony   1:498
      County Fair-Harris, Martin win agricultural awards   1:352
      New York 1965-Angel Moroni Statue   1:242
      Salt Lake-Dallin, Cyrus-exhibit first carving of Angel Moroni statue   1:105
      World Fair-Chicago 1893-Brigham Young statue   1:995
            -Smith, George Albert-genealogy miracle   1:285
Faith   See Gifts of the Spirit
Family, The   See Religion (Campbellites)
Far West, Missouri   See Cities and Towns (Missouri)
Far West Temple   See Temples
Fast and Testimony meeting   See Church Practices (meetings)
Fasting   See Church Practices
Fawcett, William-Smith, Joseph testimony on   1:640
Female Benevolent Society   See Church Organization (Relief Society)
Ferguson, Phyllis Hardie-McArthur and Ellsworth handcart company humorous   1:817
Fever   See Medical (Sickness and Disease)
Fiddles   See Art (Musical Instruments)
Fielding, Joseph   See Church Organization (Mission Presidents)
Fielding, Mary-Smith, Joseph held by mob in tavern-escapes, humorous   1:206
Fines   See Court Cases
Fire-Kirtland printing office   1:678
Fireworks-Walker’s Grand Opera House-burns down, 4th of July   1:828
First Presidency   See Church Organization
First Security Bank   See Money
Firsts-A Voice of Warning-first Utah newspaper   1:807, 1(52
       -Adams, Spencer-plays on back to back World Series teams, different teams   1:304
       -Anderson, George Edward-Birth Year of Mormonism-LDS historical pictorial book   1:308
       -BYU/Pitt-first ESPN football telecast   1:18
       -Ballantyne, Richard-organizes first Sunday School   1:871
      -baptism for the dead, first mentioned   1:104, 1:589
      -Baptist-first convert religion in America   1:363
      -Basketball-first all church tournament   1:867
                                -first church league   1:866
      -Benson-Ezra Taft-Washington D.C.-first stake president   1:815
      -Book of Mormon-first foreign language edition   1:946
      -Boy Scouts of America-first LDS troop   1:697
      -Brannan, Samuel-first California millionaire   1:135
      -Brigham Young Academy Student-first Utah student newspaper   1:806
      -Brigham Young statue-first by church   1:995
      -Brisbane, Australia-first branch and meeting house   1:786
      -Britannia-first ship to sail Saint’s from England   1:813
      -British Mission-first organized mission   1:947
      -Bullock, Thomas, Deseret News first proof reader   1:464
      -Church Handbook   1:949
      -Church Office Building-first constructed in Salt Lake City   1:912
      -Cluff, Benjamin Jr.-first BYA principle   1:298
      -Conference-first of Church   1:895
      -Cowdery, Oliver-gives first public discourse in this dispensation   1:704
      -Daily Union Vedette-Utah Territory firsts newspaper, U.S. soldier editor   1:415
      -Dallin, Cyrus-Angel Moroni Statue, first carved   1:105
      -Deseret News-first publication   1:812
      -Doctrine and Covenants-Welsh edition-first foreign edition   1:685
      -Eastern States Mission-first organized United States mission   1:947
      -Egyptian grammar book-Joseph Smith-first to develop in America   1:134
      -Franklin, Idaho-first permanent white settlements   1:808
      -Garn, Daniel-first prison warden   1:137
      -General Conference-1840 first held outside the United States (England)   1:540
            -October 1924-first time radio broadcast   1:301
            -September 1949-first television broadcast   1:302
      -Goldthwaite, Lydia/Newell Knight-Joseph Smith first marriage   1:956
      -Grant, Heber J.-dedicates KZN (later KSL)   1:830
      -Guam-1st LDS meeting   1:985
      -Halifax Nova Scotia Temple and Regina Saskatchewan Temple dedicated same day   1:19
      -hymnal-first, number of hymns in book   1:820
      -Independence, Mo. Courthouse-first in-oldest LDS dwelling   1:243
      -Hale, Abby Calista-first non-member instructor hired at BYA   1:299
      -Haymond, Creed-first LDS running world record, 220   1:139
      -Knight, Newel-first miracle performed on in this dispensation   1:509
      -Larson, Clint-world record in high jump   1:138
      -McConkie, Joseph Fielding-set apart as 19-year old missionary, first   1:9
      -mission president-Heber C. Kimball-British Mission   1:950
      -Mother in Heaven-mentioned   1:951
      -Music Festival-first held in Salt Lake City Tabernacle   1:809
      -Neibur, Thomas C.   See Military (Medals/awards)
      -Neyman, Jane-first to baptize for the dead her dead son   1:104, 1:589
      -Ottinger, George M.-first painting of the Book of Mormon-Baptism of Limhi   1:141
      -Ogden Utah Temple-first temple dedicated in State of Utah   1:428
      -Pack, John/Julia-mercantile business in home   1:136
            -University (Parent School), held in home   1:128
      -Page, Hiram-home teacher, first   1:955
      -Patriarchal blessings-Joseph Smith gives first in this dispensation   1:309
      -Patten, David-first apostle to die in this dispensation   1:562
      -Peterson, Ziba-conducts first legal hanging in California   1:177
      -Pratt, Romania B.-first Utah medical doctor   1:814
      -Primary Children’s Hospital-first   1:918
      -Relief Society-first conference   1:810
      -Roosevelt, Teddy-first to speak in the Salt Lake Tabernacle   1:147
      -Salt Lake City-first orphanage/day care   1:311
            -first stock exchange   1:811
      -San Francisco-first Mormon settlement in the west   1:953
      -Saratoga Spring Resort-first on Utah Lake   1:945
      -School of the Prophets-first school of adult education in America   1:127, 1:673
      -Smith, George Albert-serves as an apostle the same time as his father   1:197
             -U.S. Senate, opens with prayer   1:8
      -Tonga-first foreign language mission   1:948
      -Thanksgiving-first held in Salt Lake Valley   1:132
      -Utah Posten-Salt Lake area first foreign language newspaper   1:300
      -Whitmer, Christian-home teacher, first   1:955
      -Whitmer, John-first official Church Historian   1:310, 1:511
      -Wight, Lyman-ordained first high priest in this dispensation   1:1:804
      -Wilson, Woodrow-Moyle, James H.-appointed to sub cabinet position, first LDS   1:59
      -Winnie, K. N.-Cannon, Edward G.-first baptism in Alaska   1:771
      -Yerba Buena California Star-San Francisco’s first newspaper, printed by Sam Brannan  1:229
Fish   See Food
Fishing River   See Rivers
Flags-Ensign Peak-Joel H. Johnson-“High on a Mountain Top”   1:971
Flake, Agnes Love-brief history   1:36, 1:667
Flake, Green   See African Americans
Flake, James Madison-brief history   1:36, 1:667
Flake, William Jordan-Snowflake, Arizona-name of the town   1:921
Flandin, John Francis Elias   See Bertrand, Louis Alphonse
Flanigan, James H.-Results of Two Meetings Between the L.D. Saints and Primitive. . .   1:414
Flour   See Food
Floyd, John B.   See United States Government (Secretary of War), See War (Utah War)   1:880
Flu   See Medical (Sickness)
Flummerfeli, Isaac-baptized   1:928
Follett, King-Smith, Joseph sermon-hosanna shouts   1:660
      Bacon-Missourian’s diet   1:190
      Bread-British Passenger Act 1849, foods provided on voyages   1:387
            -Hancock, Mosiah, given by California gold seekers   1:283
            -Missourian’s diet   1:190
            -Saleratus-natural yeast found in ponds, used in bread making   1:190, 1:375
            -salt rising bread   1:376
      Buffalo-Ephraim Hanks kills for food for handcart pioneers   1:322
      Corn Bread:
            Corn Dodger-Hancock, Mosiah trying to find cow, wolves, panther   1:174
                  -Missourian’s-diet   1:190
            Corn on the cob-Hancock, Levi family eat when pushed from Missouri   1:412
            Cornmeal-Hale, Arocet Lucious, makes porridge from   1:48
                  -lack of food in Salt Lake Valley, 1st year   1:216
            Johnny cake-Snow, Eliza-eats for breakfast   1:386
      Cranes-lack of food in Salt Lake Valley, 1st year   1:216
      Crows-lack of food in Salt Lake Valley, 1st year   1:216
      Ducks-lack of food in Salt Lake Valley, 1st year   1:216
      Dumplings-Bond, John steals during company prayer, Mormon Trail   1:172
      Fish-Butler, John Lowe, mission experience among the Sioux, escape miracle   1:162
            -considered a rarity   1:48
            -Hanks, Ephraim hauls from Utah Lake to Salt Lake City   1:322
            -Jole (fish heads)-Snow, Eliza R.-eats for breakfast   1:386
            -miracle, Missouri persecutions   1:987
            -Utah Lake-amount caught in   1:752
      Flour-British Passenger Act 1849, foods provided on voyages   1:387
      General-tuition-food used to pay for   1:128
      Hawks-lack of food in Salt Lake Valley, 1st year   1:216
      Hermitage-menu   1:247
      Hogs-Hancock, Levi kills shoats (hogs)   1:217
      Honey-Foote, Warren, description of Missourians food   1:190
      Missourians-Foote, Warren, their diet   1:190
      Molasses-Bountiful, Utah, produced at-children make candy from skimming’s   1:753
                             -British Passenger Act 1849, foods provided on voyages   1:387
      Mush and Milk-Mormon Trail, monotony of, Warren Foote   1:700
      Oatmeal-Baker, Jean Rio Griffiths-British Passenger Act 1849   1:387
      Porpoises-Baker, Jean Rio Griffiths-eats on ship   1:388
      Potatoes-British Passenger Act 1849, foods provided on voyages   1:387
            -Ririe, James-Henry Devenish gives bag to   1:389
            -soup, Snow, Eliza R. incident   1:386
      Quail-miracle of   1:50
      Raw Hide- Hale, Arocet Lucious-Salt Lake Valley, lack of food   1:48
            -James, Sarah-eat while with the Willie Handcart Company   1:171
            -lack of food in Salt Lake Valley, 1st year   1:216
      Rice- British Passenger Act 1849, foods provided on voyages   1:387
      Sego Lilies-Hale, Arocet Lucious-Salt Lake Valley, lack of food   1:48
            -Hancock, Mosiah-depletes ammunition, digs for   1:385
            -Ririe, James-digs for, cooks with milk   1:389
      Shoats   See hogs
      Shoes-James, Sarah makes soup from while with the Willie Handcart Company   1:171
      Slippery Elm-Hancock, Mosiah, uses bark for food   1:174
      Snipes-lack of food in Salt Lake Valley, 1st year   1:216
      Squirrels-Hancock, Mosiah-father makes rifle for, squirrel soup   1:384
      Sugar- British Passenger Act 1849, foods provided on voyages   1:387
      Sugar Beets-locations of set up   1:221
            -sugar equipment coming to Utah   1:202

      Sugar cane-Bountiful, Utah-produced at   1:753
      Thistle Roots- Hale, Arocet Lucious-Salt Lake Valley, lack of food   1:48
            -Hancock, Mosiah-depletes ammunition, digs for   1:385
            -lack of food in Salt Lake Valley, 1st year   1:216
      Violets-lack of food in Salt Lake Valley, 1st year   1:216
      Watermelon-Sabin, Mary Powell-Brigham Young introduce when first entering valley   1:170
      Watermelon Pie-Ririe, James sells to soldiers at Camp Floyd   1:390
      Weeds-lack of food in Salt Lake Valley, 1st year   1:216
      Wheat-Foote, Warren, Missourian diet   1:190
      Wild Onion-lack of food in Salt Lake Valley, 1st year   1:216
      Wolves-lack of food in Salt Lake Valley, 1st year   1:216
Food, mild   See Medical (Cures)
Football   See Sports
Foote, George-Foote, Warren-letter to on Missouri/Mormon issues   1:731
Foote, Warren   See Church Organization (Patriarchs)
Ford, Henry-Mormon Tabernacle Choir, brings to Chicago, Century of Progress Fair   1:286
Ford, James H.-Liberty Jail guard-took LDS leaders outside for walks   1:620
Ford, Thomas   See United States Government (Governors)
Forsgren, Christina Ericka-prayer for right church, miracles that followed   1:86
Forsgren, John Eric   See Apostates
Fort Lemhi, Idaho   See Cities and Towns
Fox Island, Maine   See Cities and Towns (States)
Franklin, Idaho   See Cities and Towns
Freiberg, Germany Temple   See Temples
Fremont, John C.-Mormon Battalion-possible battle with   1:1000
French, Peter Farm-Kirtland Temple construction   1:594
Friedrichs, Wilhelm-Argentina-first German immigrant to teach gospel in   1:787
Frontier Guardian   See Media (Newspapers and Magazines)
Fuller, Frank   See Utah Territorial Government (Governors) 
Funerals   See Death
Furgeson, James-Martin Handcart Company rescue   1:169
Gambling-Cards-Adams, Spencer/Babe Ruth humorous story   1:304
      -Lottery Tickets-Holbrook, Joseph-buys   1:369
Garden of Eden-Smith, Joseph teaches in Jackson County, Missouri   1:669
Gardner, Robert-baptizes mother, healed   1:264
      -Blackleg   1:212
      -Book of Mormon, testimony of   1:264
      -food, lack of during 1st year in Salt Lake Valley   1:216
      -Winter Quarters-lay out and description   1:220
Garf, Louis-Mexican mission-visit Governor Safford of Arizona   1:249
Garfield, James A.   See United States Government (U.S Presidents)
Garn, Daniel-prison warden, first in Utah   1:137
Gates, Susa Young-University of Deseret, attends at age 13   1:131
Gause, Jesse   See Apostates
Gazelam   See Pseudonym  
Gee, Lysander-mentioned, siege of Far West   1:188
Gehrig, Lou   See Sports (Baseball)
Genealogy   See Church Practices
General Boards   See Church Organization
General Conference   See Church Practices (Meetings)
Generosity-Tanner, John-donates his wealth to the church   1:832
      -Tennant, Thomas-donates his wealth to the church   1:832
      -Wilson, William (Billy) Gibson-helps widows   1:247
Gheen, William-Battle of Nauvoo   1:905
Gibbs, Eliza Dana-persecutions   1:747
      -vision-personage appears to   1:766
Gifford, Alpheus-Kimball, Heber C.-baptizes   1:928
Gift of the Holy Ghost   See Church Ordinances
Gifts   See Holiday/Vacations (Christmas)
Gifts of the Spirit:
      Discernment-Harris, Martin, on   1:539
      Dreams-Cox, Cordelia Morley-Spirit whispers that polygamy is a just principle   1:82
            -Hamblin, Jacob-wifes dream to join church after she persecutes Jacob   1:96
             -Hancock, Levi-Sister’s dream   1:403
             -Horner, John M.-saves crops   1:796
             -Lamb, Charles-future wife’s dream, sealing   1:974
             -Leany, Isaac-grandfather’s dream-Haun’s Mill   1:961
                                                                                 -Johnston’s army   1:962
             -Little, James-finds lost animals, miracle   1:694
             -Lyman, Francis M-dreams to prepare him for dedication of Palestine   1:405
             -Moroni directs Columbus through dreams   1:178
             -Parry, Edward L.-Manti Utah Temple-dream, miracle   1:693
             -Provo Utah Temple, site selection, non-member   1:31
             -Snow, Lorenzo-mission dream-saved from mob   1:797
             -Spori, Jacob-Grau, George conversion   1:934
             -Young, Brigham-Saints taking on fashions of the world   1:776
      Faith-Belnap, Gilbert/David Patten bless horse while being chased by mob   1:66
            -Burgess, Harrison-hears voice, angel appears in answer to prayer   1:87
            -Clawson, Rudger-threats to shoot while on mission   1:990
            -Coltrin, Levi/Levi Hancock-mission experience, faith, courage   1:158
            -Duncan, Chapman-voice tells him to go to Missouri to find the truth   1:93
            -Freiberg Germany Temple-miracle   1:593
            -Hale, Arocet Lucious-Heber C. Kimball “never get sick again” prophecy   1:75
            -Hamblin, Jacob-father joining church   1:411
                  -mission, always fed   1:155
            -Hjorth, August Adrianus-Speaks in Tongues during Black Hawk War   1:39
            -McKay, David O.-Maori meeting, interpretation of tongues   1:960
            -Smith, Joseph-heals Elsa Johnson’s arm-Doctors reasoning   1:73
            -Smith, Samuel-inspired to leave on mission   1:569
            -Stewart, J. Z.-Mexican mission, native issues   1:315
            -Stewart, Joshua Beynon-prayer to save crops, healing of woman in coma   1:401
            -Stewart, Julia Ann-husband recalled 7 days after completing mission   1:316
            -Woodruff, Phoebe-dies, then comes back to life   1:772
            -Woodruff, Sarah Delight Stocking-cholera, baptism for healing   1:103
            -Woodruff, Wilford-rocks thrown at during baptism   1:617
      Inspiration-Allred, Rubin-inspired to take food to the Hendricks family   1:94
            -Butler, John Lowe-mission experience among Sioux, escape miracle   1:162
            -Cardston Alberta-sealing miracle   1:30
            -Chamberlain, Solomon-leaves boat at Palmyra on way to Canada   1:605
            -Hamblin, Jacob-learns of Joseph Smith’s death, meets up with companion   1:98
                  -Natives, inspired to leave area-later learns he saved his and family lives   1:99
            -Johnson, Lyndon B.-feels inspired when meeting with David O. McKay   1:6
            -Johnson, William-inspired to take water to the sick Jacob Hamblin family   1:50
            -McKay, David O.-inspired to warn others at a volcano   1:4
            -Pratt, Parley P.-Joseph Smith/Hyrum Smith, Spirit whispers to him   1:295
            -Siebold, Norman George-World War II missionary evacuation miracle   1:35
            -Smith, George A.-John Henry Smith near drowning   1:407
            -Smith, George Albert-mission experience   1:887
            -Smith, Joseph-Knight, Newell, on-fleeing enemies just before they arrived   1:976
                  -Zion’s camp-not stopping to camp after traveling 25 miles   1:603
            -Smith, Joseph F.-Bean, Willard and Rebecca calls on five year mission to Palmyra   1:156
            -Taylor, John-sees unworthy woman wanting to enter Logan Temple, dedication   1:109
            -Williams, Alexander-inspired to take food to the Hendricks family   1:94
            -Woodruff, Wilford-inspired not to go on a steamer with Saints, later burns   1:97
       Interpretation of Tongues-Kimball, Heber C./Brigham Young conversion   1:928
             -McKay, David O.-Maori meeting-prayer for   1:960
       Prophecy-1837 mission to England-leave from Far West Temple site   1:614
             -Hamblin, Jacob-baptized father in two years   1:96, 1:411
             -Hancock, Levi-shoe prophecy to wife   1:412
             -Hyde, Orson-Golden Bible, prophecy on   1:410
             -Kimball, Heber C.-cloth in Salt Lake City cheaper than eastern cities   1:48, 1:283
                   -Manti Temple/Salt Lake Temple-construction prophecy, fulfilled   1:110
             -Kirtland Temple-many prophesy in   1:88
             -Leany, Isaac-grandfather’s death   1:962
             -McMurrin, James L.-McKay, David O. prophecy to    1:851
             -Salt Lake Temple dedication-Joseph Smith vision and prophecy   1:483
             -Smith, Joseph-Jackson Country left desolate-fulfilled during Civil War   1:672
                   -John C. Bennett prophecy (curse), fulfilled   1:76
                   -outlines Mormon Trail on map for Mosiah Hancock   1:408
                   -Rocky Mountain   1:400
             -Smith, Lucy Mack-prophecy to Mr. Ruggles, Presbyterian minister   1:565
             -Tawhiao, King-Mormon missionaries coming to Maori’s   1:74
             -Young, Brigham-prophecy to Solomon Kimball   1:928
       Revelation-Doctrine and Covenants Section 112-Vauxhall Chapel-mission to England   1:714
                                  -Section 138-Joseph F. Smith-redemption of the dead   1:858
            -Hinckley, Gordon B.-Joseph Smith Memorial Building   1:246
            -Johnson, Elizabeth Anne Whitmer Cowdery, Gold plates translation   1:485
            -plural marriage   1:631, 1:632
            -Robinson, Ebenezer-Salem revelation, on   1:611
            -Smith, Joseph-process of   1:573
            -Smith, Joseph and Hyrum, why the Lord allowed for their lives to be taken   1:463
             -Taylor, John-revelation to call Heber J. Grant and George Teasdale   1:77
       Singing in Tongues-Kirtland meeting   1:273
       Speaking in Tongues-Corrill, John-meeting, speaking in tongues, Native dialect used   1:70
             -Crosby, Jesse-Native American dialect used   1:69
             -Hjorth, August Adrainus-“Talk Brigham”   1:39
             -Kimball, Heber C./Brigham Young conversion   1:928
             -Kirtland Temple-Zebedee Coltrin-spiritual manifestations   1:68
      Testimony-Boggs, Alvah-on great grandfather, Lilburn W. Boggs   1:624
              -Book of Commandments witnesses   1:498
              -Book of Mormon-Three Witness testimony   1:757
              -Chambers, Samuel-African American slave-join church   1:332
              -Cottam, Thomas-Smith, Joseph   1:639
              -Cox, Cordelia Morley-polygamy   1:82
              -Fawcett, William-Smith, Joseph   1:640
              -Gardner, Robert-Book of Mormon   1:264
              -Harris, Martin-dying testimony   1:502
              -Littlefield, Lyman O.-Smith, Joseph   1:638
              -Littlefield, Louisa Y.-Smith, Joseph   1:636
              -Old Nauvooers-Lyon, T. Edgar, on Joseph Smith   1:979
              -Phelps, W. W-Book of Mormon, on   1:557
              -Sermon-Henry-Thompson, John takes him to meet Martin Harris, testimony   1:204
              -Sermon-John-Thompson, John takes him to meet Martin Harris, testimony   1:204
              -Whitmer, John-testimony of the Book of Mormon   1:511
      Visions-Ballard, Melvin J.-Jesus Christ   1:609
            -Burgess, Harrison-Kirtland Temple, in   1:88
            -Call, Anson-Smith, Joseph Rocky Mountain prophecy, seen previously   1:400
            -Callister, Caroline Smith-Salt Lake Temple dedication, tells of mother’s vision   1:462
            -Clayton, Diantha-next life, sees   1:91
            -Dibble, Philo-City of Zion, sees in   1:90
            -Forsgren, Christina Ericka-prayer for right church, miracles follow   1:86
            -Gibbs, Eliza Dana-personage appears to   1:766
            -Grant, Heber J.-sees, his call to the Apostleship   1:77
            -Greene, John P.-vision in night sky the evening Joseph Smith receives plates   1:115
            -Hamblin, Jacob-father joins church   1:96
            -Lamb, Charles-conversion   1:929
            -Moroni-directs Columbus through   1:178
            -Pratt, Parley P.-vision of wife while in jail   1:196
            -Salt Lake Temple dedication-Joseph Smith prophecy and vision   1:483
            -Smith, Joseph-Adam and Eve, sees   1:176
            -Smith, Joseph F.-Joseph Fielding Smith records vision   1:643
            -Young, Brigham-Joseph Smith appears to and shows him Ensign Peak   1:89
      Voices (hear)-Cardston Alberta Temple-father hears son’s voice, miracle   1:29
                   -Duncan, Chapman hears, go to Missouri to find the truth   1:93
                   -Kirtland Temple-voices heard in   1:68
                   -Smith, Lauritz-Bishop assigns tithing, hears voice   1:261
                   -Smith, Lucy Mack-why her son’s were killed   1:95
Gilbert, Algernon Sidney-Independence courthouse, oldest LDS dwelling west Mississippi  1:243
                                                   -purchases   1:559
      -pseudonym-Mahalaleel   1:575         
      -Rollins children sent to live with   1:555
Gilbert, John H.   See Publishing (Book of Mormon)
Glanvil, Joseph-prayer for food, miracle-red and white family towel   1:716
Glyphs   See Archeology
Godbe, William S.   See Apostates
Gold   See Money
Gold Bible   See Scriptures
Gold Mining Mission   See Church Organization (Missions)
Gold Plates   See Scriptures
Golden Bible   See Scriptures
Goldthwaite, Lydia-Knight, Newell-Joseph Smith’s first marriage   1:956
Golf   See Sports
Goodreads.com   See Publishing (Books)
Goodrich, George Albert-marriage proposal, humorous   1:819
      -Nevada-accidentally builds meeting house in, taxes   1:396
Goodson, John   See Apostates
Goose Root   See Soap
Gopher Town   See Cities and Towns
Government Parties   See United States Government
Governor Bradford Monument   See Art (Monuments-Cyrus Dallin)
Governors   See United States Government
Grandin, Egbert B.   See Publishing (Book of Mormon)
Granger, Christina-Martin Harris farm, wore money belt, gold coins   1:514
Grant, George W.-Martin Handcart rescue   1:169
Grant, Heber J.   See Church Organization (Prophets)
Grant, Jedediah M.   See Church Organization (First Presidency)
Grant, Ulysses S.   See United States Government (U.S. Presidents)
Gratitude-Butler, John Lowe-prayer of for inspiration to find food during mission   1:162
Grau, George-conversion-brief history   1:934
Grau, Magdalena-baptized   1:934
Graves, John-Harris, Martin-farm land deal   1:514
Greasewood   See Trees and Shrubs
Great Salt Lake   See Lakes
Greely, Horace   See Celebrities
Greene, John P.   See Church Organization (Mission Presidents)
Greene, Louisa Lulu   See Church Organization (General Boards-Primary)
Greene, Rhoda-baptized   1:928
Greenwell, Zina-Smith, Joseph F. daughter dies   1:858
Griffin, Leslie M.-Nauvoo Temple prints, donates to the Church   1:58
Grouard, Benjamin F.-Tonga-first foreign language mission   1:948
Ground breakings   See Church Practices
      American Bible Associate-flood Utah with Bibles, humorous   1:967
      Clubs-Debating-Smith, Joseph belonged to in Palmyra   1:344
      Danites-Avard, Dr. Sampson organizes   1:179
      Daughters of Zion-Original name of Danites   1:179
      Icarians-Nauvoo, settled after Saints leave   1:354
      Living Constitution   1:792
      Masons-June 27, 1844, Joseph Smith distress call   1:711
            -Nauvoo Saints belong to   1:983
      Morrisites-apostates, rebellion   1:900
      Old Nauvooers-Salt Lake City Twentieth Ward Fast and Testimony meeting   1:979
      Parrish Party-Kirtland printing office fire   1:678
      Sons of Helaman-Hancock, Mosiah belongs to, Nauvoo boy military trn.   1:378
      Whistling and Whittling Band-Hancock, Mosiah belongs to, protect the prophet   1:379
Groves, Elisha H.   See Church Organization (Patriarchs)
Guam   See Cities and Towns (Countries)
Guatemala-glyphs-“And it came to pass”   1:235
      -Mayan Ruins   1:232
Haight, Isaac-baptism-clothes freeze   1:688
      -Smith, Joseph-body guard   1:908
Hale, Abby Calista   See Education (teachers)
Hale, Alma Helaman-Salt Lake City, lack of food   1:48
Hale, Arocet Lucious-baptism for the dead   1:626, 1:628
      -food, lack of-trading with California gold rush emigrants   1:48
      -Kimball, Heber C.-prophecy of never getting sick again   1:75
      -Smith, Joseph-John C. Bennett prophecy (curse), fulfilled   1:76
Hale, Lucy Clement-clothing, heating, bread and soap   1:375
      -Native steal daughter, rescued   1:331
Hale, Rachel Lavory-Salt Lake Valley, lack of food   1:48
Hale, Solomon Elephlet-Salt Lake City, lack of food   1:48
Halifax Nova Scotia Temple   See Temples
Hall, William E.   See Military (Awards/Medals)   See Awards
Hamblin, Jacob-conversion, prophecy of baptizing father   1:96
      -mission-faith, always found people to feed him   1:155
            -learns of Joseph Smith’s death, inspiration   1:98
      -Mormon Trail, sick on-Methodist leader’s offer   1:50
      -Natives, inspired to leave area and save his and family’s lives   1:99
      -prophecy, baptize father in two years   1:411
      -Smith, Joseph-meets for the first time   1:706
Hammer, Paul-Czechoslovakia mission companion put in prison, converts   1:160
Hancock, Clarissa-Hancock, Levi-shoe prophecy to   1:412
Hancock, Francis Marion-shoes-hand-me-down from older brother   1:371
Hancock, John   See United States Government (Second Continental President)
Hancock, Joseph   See Church Organization (Quorum of the Seventy)
Hancock, Levi   See Church Organization (Seventy, Presidency of)
Hancock, Levi Jr.-mentioned, Mosiah Hancock survival to find cow, wolves, panther   1:174
Hancock, Martha-humorous-interaction with U.S. soldiers   1:341
Hancock, Martha M.-accident, pepper in eyes-cure   1:380
       -education-teachers beating students   1:798
      -Summer Complaint-cure   1:381
      -Woodies-wears at school   1:372
Hancock, Mosiah-Alger, John pretends to trade girl to Native chief for horse, humorous   1:166
      -baptism clothes   1:794
      -California gold seekers-trading with, bread, coffee, suit   1:283
      -dig for Sego and Thistle roots, run out of ammunition   1:385
      -Hancock brothers protect the Saints-make 300 tomahawks   1:208
      -Hancock, Levi-anoints injured body part   1:100
             -has son takes oath on Joseph Smith’s body   1:356
            -kills shoats (hogs)   1:217
            -Law of Consecration-corruption by some members   1:357
            -mission experience-fix violin, gains baptisms   1:320
            -rife, makes for   1:384
      -Higbee, Francis M.-shots at father, bullet does not penetrate clothes   1:406
      -Methodist meetings versus LDS meetings   1:367
      -Natives-baptize 300 in one day   1:770
      -Nauvoo sickness   1:215
      -Nauvoo Temple construction, guarding, sealing to Mary Dunn when 12-years-old   1:581
      -Pioneer day-celebrates   1:829
      -shoes-prized-only worn in church   1:371
      -Smith, Joseph-children, kindness to   1:702
            -consecrated oil-takes to   1:774
            -outlines Mormon Trail on map   1:408
            -plays ball with, service, pulling sticks   1:347
      -Smith, Joseph Sr.-prayer on food   1:848
      -Sons of Helaman-military training for young boys   1:378
      -Stout, Hosea-body guard to   1:773
      -survival to find cow, wolves, panther   1:174
      -tithing-loan oxen to the church in lieu of   1:878
      -U.S. soldiers-fight with on Christmas day   1:224
             -humorous encounter with   1:341
      -walks from Missouri, only shirt, no pants or shoes as a child   1:412
      -Whistling and Whittling Band-belongs to-protect the prophet   1:379
      -Young, Brigham-dream of Saints taking on the fashions of the world   1:776
Hancock, Solomon   See Church Organization (Branch Presidents)
Hangtown, California   See Cities and Towns (Placerville, California)
Hanks, Ephraim   See Church Organization (Patriarchs)
Harding, Dwight   See Bodyguards (Joseph Smith)
Harding, Phebe Holbrook-prayer, husband administered to, miracle   1:101
Harding, Stephen S.   See Utah Territorial Government (Governors)
Harding, Warren G.   See United States Government (U.S. Presidents)
Harlan, Richard-Egyptian mummies and writings of Joseph and Abraham   1:740
Harmon, Appleton Milo-roadometer-constructs   1:683, 1:903
Harris, Caroline-moves west with Saints, Brigham Young invites   1:982
Harris, Emer   See Church Organization (Patriarchs)
Harris, Lucy-Book of Mormon printing   1:514
      -Court, takes Joseph Smith to   1:500
Harris, Martin   See Three Witnesses
Harris, Preserved-Gold Bible, on   1:353
Harrison, E. L. T.   See Excommunication
Harvey, Luke-Lamb, Charles conversion in England   1:929
Hatch, Lorenzo Hill-patriarchal blessing, receives four   1:281
      -Salt Lake Temple dedication-Joseph Smith, vision and prophecy   1:483
Hauns Mill   See Persecution, See Cities and Towns (Missouri)
Haven, Charlotte-non-member, observation of baptism for the dead   1:628
Hawaiian Temple   See Temples
Hawks   See Birds, See Food
Hayes, Rutherford B.   See United States Government (U.S. Presidents)
Haymond, Creed   See Sports (Track and Field), See Records
Hayne, Julia Dean   See Art (Theater-Salt Lake Theater-actresses)
Healings   See Administer to the sick
Hears Voices   See Gifts of the Spirit
Heavenly Father   See Church Organization, See Heavenly Visitors
Heavenly Visitors:
      Abel-Smith, Joseph-appears to   1:629
      Abraham-Smith, Joseph-appears to   1:629
      Adam-Smith, Joseph-appears to   1:629
      Alma-Smith, Joseph-appears to   1:629
      Angels-Burgess, Harrison-shown Gold Plates by   1:87
            -Chamberlain, Solomon-angel appears to   1:605
            -Hill Cumorah-cave “room” in   1:647
            -Kirtland Temple-angels protect during construction   1:608
                  -singing   1:68, 1:272
                  -Smith, Hyrum sees in   1:88
            -Smith, Joseph-appears to   1:629
            -unnamed angels-Smith, Joseph-appears to   1:629
            -Whitmer, Mary-gold plates-angel shows   1:649
      Cainan-Smith, Joseph-appears to   1:629
      Christ, Jesus-Coltrin, Zebedee sees in Kirtland Temple   1:68
            -School of the Prophets-first meeting, appears   1:586
            -Smith, Joseph-List of visitants   1:629
            -Snow, Lorenzo-appears to in the Salt Lake Temple   1:195, 1:610
      Elijah-Smith, Joseph-appears to   1:629
      Elias-Smith, Joseph-appears to   1:629
      Enoch-Smith, Joseph-appears to   1:629
      Enos-Smith, Joseph-appears to   1:629
      Eve-Smith, Joseph-appears to   1:629
      Heavenly Father-Coltrin, Zebedee sees God’s finger in Kirtland Temple   1:68
            -School of the Prophets-first meeting, appears   1:586
            -Smith, Joseph-list of visitants   1:629
      Isaac-Smith, Joseph-appears to   1:629
      Jacob-Smith, Joseph-appears to   1:629
      James-Smith, Joseph-appears to   1:629
      Jared (Bible)-Smith, Joseph-appears to   1:629
      John-Smith, Joseph-appears to   1:629
      John the Baptist-Smith, Joseph-appears to   1:629
      Joseph, son of Jacob-Smith, Joseph-appears to   1:629
      Lamech-Smith, Joseph-appears to   1:629
      Mahaleel-Smith, Joseph-appears to   1:629
      Merrill, Marriner W.-dead son appears to   1:884
      Methuselah-Smith, Joseph-appears to   1:629
      Mormon-Smith, Joseph-appears to   1:629
      Moroni-Smith, Joseph-appears to   1:629
      Moses-Smith, Joseph-appears to   1:629
      Nephi-Smith, Joseph-appears to   1:629
      Noah-Smith, Joseph-appears to   1:629
      Paul-Smith, Joseph-appears to   1:629
      People-Hamblin, Jacob-grandfather appears when Jacob has doubts of being baptized   1:96
            -Holling, Marcus-personage visit-“go to Brigham Young”   1:482
            -Patience, Loader, Rosa Archer-man appears while with Martin Handcart, miracle   1:167
            -Pratt, Parley P.-sees vision of wife while he is in jail   1:196
      Personage-Gibbs, Eliza Dana-personage appears to   1:766
            -Hancock, Levi-appears to-Levi dies and sees his body   1:689
      Peter-Smith, Joseph-appears to   1:629
      Peter, James and John-Smith, Joseph and Oliver Cowdery ordained by   1:655
      Rafael-Smith, Joseph-appears to   1:629
      Seth-Smith, Joseph-appears to   1:629
      Smith, Alvin-Joseph Smith, appears to   1:629
      Twelve Jewish Apostles-Smith, Joseph-appears to   1:629
      Twelve Nephite Apostles-Smith, Joseph-appears to   1:629
      Zelph the Lamanite-Smith, Joseph-appears to   1:629
Hell Street   See Streets
Hemingway, Truman-Harris, Martin, mortgage agreement   1:514
Hemp, Beth-Cardston Alberta Temple sealing miracle   1:30
Hemp, Earl W.-Cardston Alberta Temple sealing miracle   1:30
Hendricks, Drusilla Dora-others inspired to bring food for her family when they ran out   1:94
Hendricks, James-Battle of Crooked River-shot and crippled   1:94
Herbs   See Medical (Cures)
Hermitage Resort   See Holidays/Vacations, See Cities and Towns (Buildings-Hotels)
Herring, George-mission to the natives   1:727
Heywood, Joseph L.   See Church Organization (Bishops)
Higbee, Francis M.   See Apostates
Hill Cumorah-Angel Moroni Statue, Torlief Knaphus, finger of light miracle   1:242
       -cave “room” in   1:647
       -Kimball, Heber C.-other records in   1:506
       -“Mormon Hill”   1:226, 1:914
       -Trees-200,000 planted   1:3
      -Whitmer, David-Chicago Times interview-stone boxes, Hill Cumorah   1:52
Hilton, Eugene W.-SS Joseph Smith, christens   1:13
Hinckle, George M.   See War (Colonels)
Hinckley, Ada-Bryant S. Hinckley-patriarchal blessing   1:278
Hinckley, Bryant S.   See Church Organization (Mission Presidents)
Hinckley, Gordon B.-See Church Organization (Prophets)
History of the Book of Mormon   See Publishing (Books)
History of the Saints; or, An Expose of Joe Smith and Mormonism, The   See Publishing   1:417
History of Utah   See Publishing (Books)
Hjorth, August Adrainus-Speaks in Native tongue, talk Brigham   1:39
Hoagland, Lucas-lack of food in Salt Lake Valley   1:48
Hobble Creek, Utah   See Cities and Towns (Mapleton, Utah)
Hodgett Wagon Company   See Mormon Trail (Company’s)
Hogs   See Agriculture, See Food
Holbrook, Arizona   See Cities and Towns (Arizona)
Holbrook, Caroline Frances Angell Davis   See Education (Teachers)
Holbrook, Joseph-lottery tickets, buys   1:369
      -Nauvoo Temple-lumber, amount used in   1:751
      Christmas-Hancock, Mosiah fights with U.S. soldiers to protect date   1:224
            -hymnal-“Joy to the World”   1:821
            -Tanner, Mary Jane-Christmas trees/gifts   1:788
      July 4th-Walkers Grand Opera House burns down   1:828
      Pioneer Day-Hancock, Mosiah-celebrates   1:829
      Thanksgiving-Mormon Battalion, Thanksgiving dinner on return   1:132
            -Salt Lake Valley, first held in   1:132
      Temple Square-rank with other top vacation resorts and places of interest   1:219
      Vacation Resorts-Hermitage-famous people visit, food, entertainment   1:247
            -Saratoga Springs Resort-first on Utah Lake   1:945
Holland, Jeffrey R.   See Church Organization (Apostles)
Holling, Marcus-personage visit-“go to Brigham Young”   1:482
Holy Land-See Cities and Towns (Countries)
Home Teachers   See Church Practices
Honey   See food   1:190
Hoppe, Emile-first German immigrant to teach the gospel in Argentina   1:787
Hopper, Rebecca-Peterson, Ziba-marries, brief history   1:530
Horah   See Pseudonyms
Horne, Robert-Hyde, Orson baptizing for the dead   1:628
Horner, John M.-Agriculture-amount of produce grown   1:51
      -cannibalism-brothers journey to California   1:355
      -dream-saves crops   1:796
      -money issues 1853-1859   1:847
      -Mormon Battalion-gold discovery   1:284
      -Smith, Joseph-nominated to President of the United States   1:287
Horseradish   See Medical (Cures)
Horses   See Animals
Hosanna Shout   See Church Practices
Hotel Utah   See Cities and Towns (Buildings-Hotels)
Hotels   See Cities and Towns (Buildings-Hotels)
Hovey, Joseph Grafton-June 27, 1844-meager guard   1:293
      -Young, Brigham-appears like Joseph Smith   1:777
            -Mormon Trail-kindness   1:778
Howe, Eber D.-Painesville Telegraph, editor, anti-LDS press   1:415
                                -Mormon migration, on   1:534
      -Phelps, W. W.-writes to about the Book of Mormon   1:557
      -Spaulding Theory, Book of Mormon origin   1:492
Hugo, Victor   See Celebrities  
Humorous-Alger, John pretends to trade girl to Native chief for a horse   1:166
      -Butler, John Lowe-Nathan from militia/mob visits   1:182
      -Clemens, Samuel-thoughts on “Mormon Bible” and Joseph Smith   1:200, 1:542
      -Dustin, Buduas-Samuel Bogard conversation with, humorous   1:183
      -Ellsworth/McArthur handcart story   1:817
      -Foote, Warren-Methodist camp meeting prayers, thoughts on   1:368
      -Goodrich, George Albert-marriage proposal, humorous   1:819
      -Harris, Martin-obituary written decades before his death   1:350
            -switches stones during gold plate translation   1:236
      -Jones, Mary Ann-handcart weigh-ins   1:325
      -Judd, Zadoc Kapp-Mormon Battalion   1:969
      -Muir, John-Mormon family size   1:343
      -Smith, George A.-takes wig off in a meeting   1:966
      -Smith, Joseph escapes mob, tavern keeper helps   1:206
      -Taylor, John-American Bible Association-flood Utah with Bibles   1:967
      -Williams, Frederick G.-Luke S. Johnson helps him escape court   1:968
      -Woodruff, Phoebe Arabell-“He Squaw”   1:965
      -Young, Clara Decker-Salt Lake Valley, on   1:324
Hunt, Captain Jefferson   See Military (Officers)
Hunter, Edward   See Church Organization (Presiding Bishops)
Huntington, C. A.-Martin Handcart Company rescue   1:169
Huntington, Henry-William Huntington baptizes dead brother   1:262
Huntington, Oliver-Megin, Ezekiel, non-member turns his gun in with Saints   1:255
Huntington, Samuel   See United States Government (Governors)
Huntington, William   See Church Organization (Presiding Authority)
Huntsville, Missouri   See Cities and Towns (States)
Hurlbut, Doctor Philastus   See Apostates
Hyde, John   See Apostates
Hyde, Orson   See Church Organization (Apostles)
Hyde, William-Book of Mormon proof sheets, reads and is converted   1:606
      -Young, Brigham looks and sounds like Joseph Smith   1:904
Hymn book   See Art (Music)
Hymns   See Art (Music)
Icarians   See Groups
Iceland   See Cities and Towns (Countries)
Idaho Falls, Idaho   See Cities and Towns
Idaho Falls Idaho Temple   See Temples
Illinois   See Cities and Towns (States)
Illustrating   See Art
Improvement Era   See Media (Newspapers and Magazines)
Inaugural address   See United States Government
Independence, Missouri   See Cities (States-Missouri)
Independent American Party   See United States Government (Parties)
Indigo   See Clothing (Dye)
      Mining-on Utah’s   1:248
      Shoes-Salt Lake City, in   1:248
Inflation   See Money
Ingram, David-Mexico to Canada, travels on foot   1:223
Innocents Abroad   See Publishing (Books)
Insects-Centipede-Moses, Phoebe Arabel Woodruff-shakes out bedding twice daily   1:359
      -Crickets-Hale, Arocet Lucious fighting   1:48
            -Seagulls save crops   1:46
      -Scorpions- Moses, Phoebe Arabel Woodruff-shakes out bedding twice daily   1:359
            -sting-medical cure   1:359
      -Spiders-Tarantula- Moses, Phoebe Arabel Woodruff-shakes out bedding twice daily   1:359    
Inspiration-See Gifts of the Spirit
Institute of Religion   See Education
Iowa   See Cities and Towns (States)
Isaac   See Heavenly Visitors
Isaacson, Peter   See Church Organization (Bishops)
Isoepa, Utah   See Cities and Towns
“Itch”   See Medical (Sickness and Disease)
Izatt, Joel-North visitor Center Christus Statue mural   1:2
Jackman, Levi   See Church Organization (Patriarchs)
Jackson, Albert-Partridge, Emily- father and Charles Allen are tarred and feathered   1:597
Jackson, Andrew   See United States Government (U.S. Presidents)
Jackson Country, Missouri   See Cities and Towns (Counties)
Jacob   See Heavenly Visitors
Jacobs, Norton-First Presidency reorganization-hosanna shouts   1:660
Jacobs, Ray   See Sports (Baseball)
Jacobs, Zina   See Young, Zina Diantha Jacobs
Jacques, John-handcart companies-hunger   1:876
      -“O Say What is Truth”, writes   1:826
Jacques, Vienna-Baptism for the dead-first witness   1:589, 1:627
Jagger, Dean   See Art (Actors)
Jail   See Prison
James   See Heavenly Visitors  
James, Sarah-Shoes, uses to make soup   1:171
Jared (Bible)   See Heavenly Visitors
Jefferson City Jeffersonian Republican   See Media (Newspapers and Magazines)
Jensen, Niels-missionary experience-escape mob miracle   1:459
Jenson, Andrew-Book of Mormon manuscript-receives portions of   1:225
      -Ford, James H. interview-Liberty Jail guard, human flesh   1:620
Jerusalem Street   See Streets
Jimenez, Francisco   See Religions (Catholic)
John   See Heavenly Visitors
John Burke Monument   See Art (Monuments-Avard Fairbanks)
John Taylor home-Wood, Wilford C.-purchases   1:433
John the Baptist   See Heavenly Visitors   1:629
Johnny cake   See Food (Corn bread)
Johnson, Benjamin F.-conversion story   1:630, 1:927
      -polygamy-first learns   1:631
Johnson, Bernard-Johnson, Joel H.-“High on a Mountain Top”   1:971
Johnson, David-Benjamin Johnson conversion story   1:630, 1:927
Johnson, Elizabeth Anne Whitmer Cowdery-Gold plates translation   1:485
Johnson, Elsa-Smith, Joseph heals arm, Doctor’s reasoning   1:73
Johnson, Joel Hills   See Church Organization (Stake President)
Johnson, John-Smith, Joseph heals Elsa Johnson’s arm-doctor’s reasoning   1:73
                                -tar and feathering   1:972
      -pseudonym-Zombre   1:575
Johnson, Luke   See Church Organization (Apostles)
Johnson, Lyman   See Apostates
Johnson, Lyndon B.-See United States Government (U.S. Presidents)
Johnson, Nancy-Johnson, Benjamin conversion   1:630
Johnson, Seth-Johnson, Benjamin conversion   1:630
Johnson, William-Inspired to take water to the sick Jacob Hamblin family   1:50
Johnston’s Army   See War (Utah War)
Joking-Alger, John pretends to trade girl to Native chief for a horse   1:166
      -Harris, Martin-switches stones during gold plate translation   1:236
Jole   See Food
Jolly, William-Packard, Noah-conversion   1:585
Jones, Dan   See Church Organization (Branch Presidents)
Jones, Mary Ann-handcart weigh-ins   1:325
Jonesville, Arizona   See Cities and Towns
Jordan River   See Rivers
Joseph Smith Memorial   See Art (Monuments/Memorials)
Joseph Smith Memorial Building   See Cities and Towns (Buildings)
Joseph Smith Translation of the Bible   See Scriptures
Joseph, Son of Jacob   See Heavenly Visitors  
Juarez Academy   See Education
Judd, Zadoc Kapp-California gold rush-wages   1:923
      -Mormon Battalion-dancing   1:932
            -food rations   1:999
            -Fremont, John C.-possible battle   1:1000
            -humorous   1:969
July 4th   See Holiday/Vacation
June 27, 1844-brethren-number of bullets received   1:294
       -Carthage-desertion   1:707
       -Carthage jail-number of bullets in the walls   1:293
      -Daniel, William M.-Joseph Smith discharges gun into mob in jail   1:708
      -Smith, Joseph-discharges gun and injures two men, eventually die from injuries   1:705
            -Mason, master-distress call   1:711
      -Williams, Colonel Levi-leads men that kill Joseph and Hyrum Smith   1:708
Junior Class   See Church Organization (Young Ladies Mutual Improvement Association)
Just, Antonin-Biesinger, Thomas sends to prison, later converted by him   1:160
Juvenile Instructor   See Media (Newspapers and Magazines)
Kanab Stake   See Church Organization (Stakes)
Kane, Colonel Thomas L.   See Military (Colonels)
Kane, Elizabeth-Twelve Mormon Homes-writes   1:336
      -patriarchal blessing   1:338
      -Young, Brigham on other records   1:506
Kane, John K.   See Court Cases (Judges)
Kanosh   See Natives (Chiefs)
Kartchner, William-San Bernardino, California, family called to settle   1:478
Kearns, Thomas-American Party-helps form-anti Mormon   1:789
Kearny, General Stephen W.   See War (Generals, Mormon Battalion)
Kelsey, Eli-Sunday school, taught in newly organized   1:153
Kesler, A. B.-Book of Mormon manuscript-receives portions of   1:225
Kilbourne, David W.-accuses Joseph Smith of attempted murder   1:288
Kimball, David P.-Martin Handcart Company rescue   1:169
Kimball, Ellen Sanders-real name Aagaata Ysten Dater Bake   1:842
Kimball, Heber C.   See Church Organization (First Presidency)
Kimball, Heber C. Company   See Mormon Trail
Kimball, M. H.-Fifteenth Ward (Salt Lake City) offer false teeth for Martin Harris   1:351
Kimball, Newt   See Baseball
Kimball, Sarah M.   See Church Organization (Relief Society President)
Kimball, Solomon-Young, Brigham-prophecy   1:928
Kimball, Spencer W.   See Church Organization (Prophets)
Kimball, Vilate-baptism   1:928
Kimball, William-Martin Handcart Company rescue   1:169
Kindness-Egyptian scrolls-Wood’s Museum, Chicago fire, donated to the Church   1:61
      -Griffin, Leslie M.-donates original Nauvoo Temple prints to the Church   1:58
      -Johnson, William-inspired to take water to the sick Jacob Hamblin family   1:50
      -Smith, Jesse N.-Joseph Smith, kindness to animals   1:463
      -Smith, Joseph-baby, takes to Emma each day   1:552
             -children, to   1:702
            -cut wood for widows   1:347
            -Kingsbury, Joseph-Kirtland Temple cornerstone laying ceremony   1:595
            -Leech, James-Joseph Smith, on   1:641
            -Smith, Jesse-gives a copy of a Book of Mormon as a child   1:635
      -Stockholm Sweden Temple-Church stops construction, Viking graves found   1:20
      -Sydney Australia Temple-protects nesting plovers   1:22
      -Tanner, John-donates his wealth to the church   1:832
      -Tennant, Thomas-donates wealth to the church   1:832
      -Turkish massacre-church donates to   1:836
      -Watters, Virginia Ryder-Articles and Covenants-donates to Church   1:62
      -Wilson, William (Billy) Gibson-helps widows   1:247
King, Erma-Hancock, Mosiah fights with U.S. soldiers on Christmas day to protect   1:224
King James Version of the Bible   See Scripture
King Sydney E.-North visitor Center Christus Statue mural   1:2
King, William A.-Roadometer (odometer), builds   1:903
Kingsbury, Joseph   See Church Organization (Patriarchs)
Kington Fort, Utah   See Cities and Towns
Kirtland Camp-Adam-ondi-Ahman-settle in   1:297
      -Manti, City of-ancient city, location   1:477
      -size of   1:296
Kirtland Council Minute Book   See Church Practices (meetings)
Kirtland, Ohio   See Cities and Towns
Kirtland Printing Office   See Cities and towns
Kirtland Revelation Book   See Scriptures
Kirtland Safety Society notes   See Money
Kirtland School   See Education
Kirtland Temperance Society-brief history   1:894
Kirtland Temple   See Temples
Kitchel, Ashbel   See Religions (Quakers)
Knaphus, Torlief   See Art (Sculptors)
Knight, Electa-Knight, Newell-administration to a Sister Peck   1:940
Knight, Joseph-Urim and Thummim in hat, translating process   1:485
Knight, Joseph Sr.-Book of Mormon copyright, tries to sell   1:514
      -friendship to Joseph Smith, Smith gives cane to   1:509
Knight, Newel   Church Organization (Branch Presidents)
LDS Business College   See Education
LDS Messenger and Advocate   See Media (Newspapers and Magazines)
Lady Teachers   See Church Practices (Visiting Teaching)
Lake, Dennis   See Apostates
Lake, George   See Church Organization (Bishops)
Lake City, Utah   Cities and Towns (American Fork, Utah)
Lakely, Thomas-Harris, Martin farm, buys a portion of   1:514
Lakes-Bear Lake-monster spotted in   1:899
       -Great Salt Lake-monster spotted in   1:899
      -Utah Lake-fish-amount caught in   1:752
            -monster spotted in   1:899
            -Saratoga Spring Resort-first on   1:945
Lamb, Charles-Battle of Nauvoo   1:905
      -conversion-vision   1:929
      -Nauvoo Temple-work on   1:973
      -sealing, future wife’s dream   1:974
      -Smith, Joseph-last speech-affect on enemy   1:978
Lamech   See Heavenly Visitors
Lambson, Julina-woman’s administrations   1:893
Land acquisition   See Site Selection
Laneshire House   See Publishing (Pseudonym)
Larsen, Clint   See Sports (Track and Field), See Records
Late Persecution of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints   See Publishing (Pamphlets)
Latter-day Saint Messenger and Advocate   See Media (Newspapers and Magazines)
Latter-day Saint Millennial Star   See Media (Newspapers and Magazines-Millennial Star)
Law of Consecration   See Church Practices
Laws   See Court Cases
Lawyers   See Court Cases
Layman’s National Bible Committee   See Scripture (Bible)
Lazzeri, Tony   See Sports (Baseball)
L’ etoile du Deserets   See Media (Newspapers and Magazines)
Le Populaire   See Media (Newspapers and Magazines)
Leany, Isaac-dream, grandfather-Haun’s Mill   1:961
                             -grandfather-Johnston’s army   1:962
      -Hauns Mill-shot 11 times and survives   1:180
      -human bones in field   1:898
Leany, William-human bones in field   1:898
Leavitt, Sarah-Cholera-administration   1:963
Lebolo, Antonio-Egyptian mummies and writings of Joseph and Abraham   1:740
Lectures on Faith   See Scriptures (Doctrine and Covenants)
Lee, Harold B.   See Church Organization (Prophets)
Lee, John D.-excommunicated-reinstated membership   1:943
      -Smith, Joseph-body guard   1:908
Leech, James-Smith, Joseph recollections   1:641
Legacy   See Art (Movies)
Lehi, Utah   See Cities and Towns (Utah)
Lemon, John-Smith, Joseph-body guard   1:908
Letters   See Post Office
Lewis, Ben E.   See Church Organization (Stake Presidents)
Lewis, David-April 6, 1830 baptism story   1:517
Lewis, John Rial-Poverty Flats, settles   1:391
Lewis, Walker   See African Americans
Lewiston, Utah   See Cities and Towns
Leyland, Benjamin-religious excitement created by James Carl   1:743
Liahona   See Artifacts
Liberty Bonds   See Money, See War
Liberty Jail   See Prison/Jails
Library   See Buildings
Lightner, Mary Elizabeth Rollins   See Church Organization (Relief Society)
Lincoln, Abraham   See U.S. Govn’t (U.S. Presidents), See Art Monuments-Avard Fairbanks)
Lincoln, Mary Todd-attends Joseph Smith trial, attempted murder Lilburn W. Boggs   1:203
Lion House   See Buildings
Literary Firm, Kirtland   See Publishing (Almanacs)
Little, James-dream-finds lost animals, miracle   1:694
Little, James A.-Book of Mormon geography, others thoughts on   1:222
Littlefield, Louisa-Smith, Joseph-testimony of   1:636
Littlefield, Lyman Omer-conversion-knows church is true when he hears Jared Carter   1:576
      -Smith, Joseph-testimony of   1:638
Littman, Mark E.-North visitor Center Christus Statue mural   1:2
Living Constitution   See Groups
Lizards   See Reptiles
Logan Journal   See Media (Newspapers and Magazines)
Logan Utah Temple   See Temples
London England Temple   See Temples
Longstroth, Nanny-patriarchal blessing, John Smith-“prophets, seers and revelators”   1:280
Lothrop, Reverend John   See Religion (Church of England)
Lottery Tickets   See Gambling
Louisiana   See Cities and Towns (States)
Lucas, Robert   See United States Government (Governors)
Lucas, Samuel D.-Boggs, Lilburn W.-attempted murder, possible suspect cleared   1:288
Lund, Anthon H.   See Church Organization (First Presidency)
Lutheran   See Religions
Lycurgus   See Art (Monuments-Avard Fairbanks)
Lye   See Soap
Lyman, Amasa   See Church Organization (Apostles)
Lyman, Eliza Marie Partridge-Meetings-Rev. Mr. Marble speaks at LDS meeting   1:271
      -Platte-names son   1:329
      -woman’s blessings   1:892
Lyman, Francis M.   See Church Organization (Apostles)
Lyne, Thomas S.   See Art (Theater-Salt Lake Theater-actors)
Lyon, Edgar T.   See Church Organization (Mission President)
Mace, Rebecca Elizabeth-St. George Temple-collect rags for carpet   1:872
      -Utah Statehood celebration-day of news   1:899
Madder   See Clothing (Dye)
Maeser, Karl G. See Education (Principles)
Mahalaleel   See Pseudonyms, See Heavenly Visitors
Mahemson   See Pseudonyms
Mahogany   See Trees
Maid of Iowa   See Ships (River boats)
Maine   See Cities and Towns (States)
Malaria   See Medical (Sicknesses)
Mansion House   See Buildings
Manti Utah Temple   See Temples
Manwaring, Leona Goodrich-marriage proposal, humorous   1:819
Mapleton, Utah   See Cities and Towns (Hobble Creek, Utah)
Maps-Smith, Joseph outlines the Mormon Trail on the map for Mosiah Hancock   1:408
Marbles   See Recreation
Marcus Whitman Monument   See Art (Monuments-Avard Fairbanks)
Mark, William   See Apostates
Markham, Stephen-his name intimidates the mob   1:699
Marriage-Goldthwaite, Lydia/Newell Knight-Joseph Smith’s first marriage   1:956
      -Norway, LDS church cannot solemnize   1:436
      -Smith, Samuel-marries Mary Bailey and Levira Clark   1:519
Marsh, Thomas B.   See Apostates
Martin Handcart Company   See Mormon Trail (Handcarts)
Martin, James Hamilton-Titanic attempted rescue   1:563
Mason, Carnot-dies later after participating in Joseph Smith tar and feathering   1:701
                                  -Smith, Joseph-his strength   1:972
Masons   See Groups
Mayans   See Natives (Tribes)
McAuley, Thomas-Whistling Tom-Book of Mormon publishing-press work   1:226
McArthur Handcart Company   See Mormon Trail (Handcart Company’s)
McClure’s   See Media (Newspapers and Magazines)
McCollough, John   See Art (Theater-Salt Lake Theater-actors)
McConkie, Bruce R.-See Church Organization (Apostles)
McConkie, Joseph Fielding-See Church Organization (Stake Presidents)
McGee, Bertha J.-Johnson, Joel H.-“High on a Mountain Top”   1:971
McKay, David O.-See Church Organization (Prophets)
McKean, James B.   See Court Cases (Judges)
McKenzie King   See Art (Monuments-Avard Fairbanks)
McLellin, William E.   See Apostates
McMurrin, James L.-McKay, David O.-prophecy to   1:851
Medal of Honor   See Military (Medals/Awards)
      Broadcasting-Mormon Tabernacle Choir, Mormon Tabernacle Choir   1:286
      CBS-Mormon Tabernacle, choir broadcast   1:286
            -American Revivalist-Saxton, N. C. editor   1:426
            -Anti-Masonic Enquirer-Weed, Thurlow editor-agrees to print Book of Mormon   1:514
            -Atlantic Monthly-Smith, Joseph/Brigham Young, America’s most influential list   1:349
            -Boston Watchman-Baptist newspaper   1:415
            -Brigham Young Academy Student-first Utah student newspaper   1:8:06
            -Chicago Democrat-Wentworth, John-13 Articles of Faith, brief history   1:413
            -Chicago Times-Whitmer, David interview-stone boxes   1:52
            -Children’s Friend-Salt Lake City-May Anderson, editor 1903   1:415
            -Chillicothe Intelligencer-Nauvoo Legion to attach the United States   1:732
            -Cincinnati Journal & Western Luminary-Truman Coe article on early Mormonism   1:729
            -Commercial Bulletin and Missouri Literary Register-Egyptian mummies, rumors on   1:57
            -Contributor, The-Oliver Cowdery Monument, copy of in   1:651
                  -Salt Lake City-Junius F. Wells editor, 1879   1:415
            -Cosmopolitan-anti LDS press   1:415
            -Daily Union Vedette-Utah Territory first newspaper, U.S. soldier editor   1:415
            -Deseret Evening News-Smith, Hyrum Mack-arrested WW I suspicion of spying   1:885
            -Deseret News-Bullock, Thomas, first proof reader   1:464
                  -Grant, Heber J.-dedicates KZN-Deseret New radio station   1:830
                  -hosanna shouts-clap hands   1:660
                  -Nauvoo House cornerstone-Book of Mormon manuscript   1:225
                  -plural marriage, on   1:631
                  -publication-first   1:812
                  -Relief Society-conference, first   1:810
                  -Roadometer (odometer)-King, William A. builds   1:903
                  -Salt Lake City-stock exchange   1:811
                        -Willard Richards editor, 1850   1:415
                  -Sustaining vote-United Order   1:580
                  -Walker’s Grand Opera House-burns down, July 4th fireworks cause of   1:828
                  -Weather, on   1:495
            -Elder’s Journal-Far West press buried   1:227
                  -Kirtland, Ohio and Far West, Missouri-1837-Don Carlos Smith editor   1:415
                  -Missouri land distribution situation   1:619
            -Evening and Morning Star-Church of the Latter-day Saints, The   1:613
                  -church organized at Manchester, New York error   1:546
                  -Independence, Missouri-W. W. Phelps editor, 1832   1:415
            -Everybody’s Magazine-anti LDS press   1:415
            -Frontier Guardian-Kanesville, Iowa, Orson Hyde editor, 1849   1:415
            -General-Bullock, Thomas-British press, thoughts on lies in   1:445
            -Improvement Era-Salt Lake City, 1897
            -Jefferson City Jeffersonian Republican-Lilburn W. Boggs attempted murder   1:290
            -Juvenile Instructor-Salt Lake City-Cannon, Frank J.-worked for   1:942
                  -Cannon, George Q., editor 1866   1:415
                  -Elder’s License-wording of   1:986
            -LDS Messenger and Advocate-Kirtland, Ohio-Oliver Cowdery editor, 1834   1:415
                  -Oliver Cowdery, list of beliefs   1:413
            -L’ etoile du Deserets-French Church newspaper   1:354
            -Latter-day Saint Messenger and Advocate-stone box lay out, gold plates   1:239
            -Le Populaire-Bertrand, Louis Alphonse editor   1:354
            -Logan Journal-Cannon, Frank J.-editor   1:942
            -McClure’s-anti LDS press   1:415
            -Messenger and Advocate-Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, The   1:613
            -Millennial Harbinger-Campbellite press   1:415
            -Millennial Star-hosanna shout   1:660
                  -Hyde, Orson-Golden Bible, prophecy on   1:410
                        -Mormon Bible, on   1:342
                  -Manti, City of-ancient city location, Huntsville, Missouri   1:477
                  -Pratt, Orson-on Samuel Smith   1:859
                  -Pratt, Parley P.-editor, 1840   1:415
                  -Salt Lake City, on   1:248
                  -September 1851, Brigham Young motion, Word of Wisdom   1:588
                  -Smith, Joseph-Baptist minister-kicks out of his home   1:975
                        -seer stone and hat, gold plate translation   1:236
                  -St. Louis Globe correspondent on Mormon Arizona settlements   1:315
                  -Titanic-Elders to sail on   1:563
                  -Utah Lake-fishing in   1:752
                  -Whitmer, David-heals John Johnson’s father   1:972
                  -Williams, Frederick G.-Luke S. Johnson helps him escape court trial   1:968
            -Mormon, The-John Taylor-American Bible Association, humorous   1:967
            -Mormon Tribune-replaces Utah Magazine   1:415
            -Nauvoo Neighbor-Nauvoo, Illinois, John Taylor editor   1843   1:415
            -Newbury Weekly News-Ballard, Henry-genealogy miracle   1:404
            -New York Evening Post-Salt Lake City children, on   1:370
            -New York Sun-Wight, Lyman-Wild Ram of the Mountains   1:358
            -Northern Times-Kirtland, Ohio-found by Frederick G. Williams, 1834   1:415
            -Ohio Observer-Truman Coe article on early Mormonism   1:729
            -Palmyra Freeman-Golden Bible article   1:425
            -Palmyra Reflector-Mormon migration to Ohio, on   1:536
            -Painesville Telegraph-anti-LDS press   1:415
                  -Golden Bible article   1:425
                  -Mormon migration,  on   1:534
                  -voting, Mormon political power   1:686
            -Pearson’s-anti LDS press   1:415
            -Prophet, The-New York City, Samuel Brannan editor, 1845   1:415
                  -published on same press as Yerba Buena California Star   1:229
            -Quincy Whig-anti LDS press   1:415
            -Relief Society Magazine-Salt Lake City-1915
            -Richmond Palladium-Zions’ camp, Joseph Smith has leg amputated and dies   1:604
            -Rochester Daily Democrat-Harris, Martin obituary   1:350
            -Rochester Observer-Saxton, N. C., editor   1:426
            -Ryder, Simonds-joins church after reading article   1:541
            -Saints Herald, The-Smith, Emma interview, translation process-stone in hat   1:485
                  -Whitmer, David interview-testimony of Joseph Smith   1:335
            -Salt Lake Tribune-Cannon, Frank J.-editor   1:942
                  -hosanna shouts   1:660
                  -“United Order of Euchre”   1:765
            -San Francisco Chronicle-Cannon, Frank J.-reporter   1:942
            -Shoe and Leather Record-Salt Lake City-on   1:248
            -St. Louis Daily Missouri Republican-Lilburn Boggs murder attempt-shots fired   1:290
            -St. Louis Globe-correspondent on Mormon settlements in Arizona   1:315
            -Tiffany’s Monthly-Gold plates-description of   1:879
                  -Harris, Martin-Gold Bible   1:353
                  -states that wife and daughter handled plates   1:227
            -Times and Seasons-13 Articles of Faith   1:413
                  -Almanacs   1:496
                  -Babbit, Almon-stolen wagon, delay leads to baptisms   1:318
                  -church organized at Manchester, New York error   1:546
                  -Clark, William-Lewis and Clark fame-momentarily stops Missouri persecutions   1:598
                  -Goodson, Isaac-Books of Mormon/Doctrine and Covenants, burns   1:902
                  -“Hot drinks not for the body or belly”   1:588
                  -Kimball, Heber C.-casts out evil spirits   1:939
                  -mentioned, Far West press buried   1:228
                  -Missouri mob violence   1:764
                  -Native agent momentarily stops Missouri persecutions   1:209
                  -Nauvoo House cornerstone, set in   1:225
                  -Nauvoo, Illinois-Joseph Smith-editor, 1842   1:415
                  -Smith, Joseph-proposed execution   1:750
                  -Woodruff, Wilford-baptizing ministers on his British mission   1:617
                  -Young, Brigham/Heber C. Kimball-first branch that they belonged to   1:928
            -Upper Missouri Advertiser-Independence, Missouri, 1831   1:415
            -Utah Magazine-anti LDS press   1:415
            -Utah Posten-Salt Lake area first foreign language newspaper   1:300
            -Warsaw Signal-anti LDS press   1:415
                  -Smith, Joseph-attempted murder of Lilburn W. Boggs   1:289
            -Wasp-Nauvoo, Illinois, William Smith, editor, 1842
                  -Vortex-Lilburn W. Boggs murder attempt   1:292
            -Wayne Sentinel-Grandin, E. B.-editor   1:514
                  - Harris, Martin, on   1:353
                  -mentioned, Egbert Grandin owner, Book of Mormon publishing   1:226
                  -Missouri/Mormon issues   1:733
                  -Smith, Joseph Sr.-places ad-Alvin Smith remains   1:733
            -Western Monitor-Saints should seek redress for persecutions   1:600
            -Women’s Exponent-Salt Lake City, Louisa Lulu Greene editor, 1872   1:415
                  -Snow, Eliza R.-Zion’s Poetess, writes over 500 poems   1:800
                  -Wells, Emmeline B.-editor   1:339
            -Yerba Buena California Star-San Francisco first newspaper   1:229
            -Young Woman’s Journal-Salt Lake City-1889   1:415
            -Zion’s Watchman-Australia 1853   1:415
      Radio-Grant, Heber J.-dedicates KZN (later KSL), first broadcast   1:830
            -October 1924 General Conference-first time broadcast on radio   1:301
      Television-BYU/Pitt first televised ESPN football game   1:18
            -General Conference-September 1949, first time broadcast   1:302
      Cures-apple poultices-pepper in eyes   1:380
            -Brandy-Bowel complaint   1:382
            -Carbonet soda-Bowel complaint   1:382
            -food, mild-Young, Brigham counsel to the Mormon Battalion   1:214
            -green soap-Itch   1:469
            -herbs-Young, Brigham counsel to the Mormon Battalion   1:214
            -horseradish cures scurvy at Winter Quarters   1:211
            -milk-pepper in eyes   1:380
            -Oak bark-summer complaint   1:381
            -Peppermint essence-Bowel complaint   1:382
            -peppermint tea-summer complaint   1:381
            -potatoes cure scurvy   1:211
            -Quinine-fevers   1:383
            -rhubarb-Bowel complaint   1:382
            -Salts-fevers   1:383
            -scorpion sting   1:359
            -sugar-pepper in eyes
            -whiskey-Bathsheba Smith puts on George Albert Smith   1:888
      Doctors-Dennison, Dr.-participates in tarring and feathering of Joseph Smith   1:972
             -Pratt, Romania B.-first woman medical doctor in Utah   1:814
            -Smith, Joseph heals Elsa Johnson’s arm, Doctor’s reasoning   1:73
      Nurse-Swapp, Elizabeth-set apart as nurse   1:443
      Sickness & Disease-Ague-Kimball, Heber C., Arocet Lucious Hale never get sick   1:75
                                               -Young, Brigham-kindness   1:778
            -Blackleg (scurvy)-discover horseradish cures scurvy   1:211
                  -Gardner, Robert   1:212
            -Cholera-Hamblin, Jacob family, healed   1:411
                  -Leavitt, Sarah-administration   1:963
                  -Mormon Trail-wipes out 14 of a family of 15   1:725
                  -Woodruff, Sarah Delight Stocking-baptism for healing   1:103
            -Fever-Williams, Nancy Abigail Clement gets, cure doesn’t work   1:383
            -Flu-General Conference, April 1919- canceled due to   1:540
                         -October 1957, canceled due to   1:540
            -Itch-missionaries go to hospital because of   1:469
            -Malaria-Kane, Thomas L.-baptism for healing   1:337
            -Scurvy-Winter Quarters, horseradish   1:211
            -“smart” and “stupid” in regards to sickness   1:213
            -Spanish Influenza-Joseph F. Smith-Doctrine and Covenants Section 138   1:858
            -“stupid,” Mary Jane Tanner   1:802
            -Summer Complaint-Hancock, Martha M., cure   1:381
      Infirmities-Rheumatism-William Kimball carrying Saints over the Sweetwater River   1:169
      Surgeons-Young, Brigham to Mormon Battalion-avoid   1:214
Meeks, Dr. Priddy-Brigham Young-dreams of Saints taking on fashions of the world   1:776
Meetings   See Church Practices
Megin, Ezekiel-Adam-ondi-Ahman-non-member turns in gun with Saints   1:255
Melchizedek Priesthood   See Church Organization
Melville, Savalla Bishop-working for Natives in exchange for tithing   1:83
Memorials   See Art (Monuments/Memorials)
Merrill, Marriner W.   See Church Organization (Apostles)  
Merry-go-round   See Recreation
Messenger and Advocate   See Media (Newspapers and Magazines)
Methodist   See Religions
Methuselah   See Heavenly Visitors
      Captains-Hunt, Jefferson-Mormon Battalion-Brigham Young correspondence to   1:723
      Chaplin’s-LDS only members to wear sign of the cross   1:250
      Colonels-Conner, Patrick E.-Daily Union Vedette-editor, Utah Territory first newspaper 1:415
            -Hinckle, George M.-traitor at siege of Far West   1:188
                  -The Church of Jesus Christ, the Bride of the Lamb’s Wife   1:954
            -Kane, Thomas-baptism for healing   1:337
                  -Emerson, Ralph Waldo-interests him in Mormon cause   1:340
                  -government should give Saints all land west of the Rocky Mountains   1:437
                  -Jackson, Andrew gives his cane to   1:241
                  -last word to the Saints-“heart deposited in the temple”   1:337
                  -Nauvoo Temple-gilded angel installed   1:238
                  -patriarchal blessings-receives two   1:338
                  -Presbyterian church, builds-LDS church purchases   1:397
                  -The Mormon-writes pamphlet to help the Saints cause   1:336
             -Wight, Lyman-General Moses Wilson-conversation with   1:516
             -Williams, Levi-leads men that kill Joseph and Hyrum Smith   1:708
      Court Marshal-Far West, siege of   1:188
      First Sergeant-War of 1812-Martin Harris   1:652
      Generals-Clark, John B.-Missouri militia, in place of David R. Atchison, too friendly   1:188
             -Clark, William-Lewis and Clark fame-momentarily stops Missouri persecutions   1:598
             -Doniphan, Alexander W.-siege of Far West, vows to kill the Governor   1:188
                   -Smith, Joseph-closeness to   1:837
                         -execution-proposed   1:750
                         -prophecy of Jackson County being left desolate, Civil War   1:672
             -Kearny, Stephen W.-Mormon Battalion-possible battle with James Fremont   1:1000
             -Wilson, Moses-Anson Call to, “Dethrone God”   1:199
                   -Smith, Joseph-execution, proposed   1:750
                         -thoughts on   1:516
      Majors-Woodward, George-Missouri persecutions   1:749
      Medals/Awards-Medal of Honor-Thomas C. Neibur, first LDS to receive   1:133
                                          -William E. Hall-recipient   1:767
            -Neibur, Thomas C.-first LDS to receive Medal of Honor   1:133
      Mormon Battalion-California gold discovery-their part in   1:284
             -clothing allowance sent to the Saints, money derived from   1:720
             -dancing   1:932
             -food rations   1:999
             -Fremont, John C.-possible battle   1:1000
             -Judd, Zadoc Kapp-humorous   1:969
             -Kearny, General Stephen W.-battle with John C. Fremont   1:1000
             -Native lands-right to stay on   1:719
             -one-hundred gun salute-receive   1:721
             -Thanksgiving dinner   1:132
            -Young, Brigham-avoid surgeon   1:214
                  -correspondence to   1:723
                  -officers, personally choses   1:722
                  -prisoners-treatment of   1:769
                  -recruits, on filling   1:877
      Nauvoo Legion-Chillicothe Intelligencer article-attack United States   1:732
      Soldiers-Hancock, Martha-humorous interaction with   1:341
            -fight with on Christmas day   1:224
            -Trejo, Meliton G.-dream to visit Utah while a soldier in the Philippines   1:402
Milk   See Medical (Cures), See Beverages
Millennial Harbinger   See Media (Newspapers and Magazines)
Millennial Star   See Media (Newspapers and Magazines)
Miller, Eleazer-Young, Brigham, baptizes   1:928
Miller, George   See Church Organization (Bishops)
Millet, Artemus   See Church Organization (Stake President)
Miner, Albert-Zion Camp, Dennis Lake sues Joseph Smith   1:123
Mining   See Industry  
Miracles-Ballard, Henry-genealogy miracle   1:404
      -Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple construction miracle   1:24
      -Billings Montana Temple, ground breaking, protestors   1:32
      -Brown, Hugh B.-Church of England, people pray for him to be their minister   1:321
      -Burgess, Harrison-prayer, angel shows him the Gold Plates   1:87
      -Butler, John Lowe-mission experience among Sioux, escape miracle   1:162
      -Cardston Alberta Temple, father hears dead son’s voice   1:29
      -Carter, Jared-calms the winds on Lake Erie   1:535
      -“Come, Come, Ye Saints”-Chief story-his song   1:687
      -Crosby, Jonathan-Mormon Trail, wagon stuck, miracle   1:164
      -Dibble, Philo-City of Zion, sees in vision   1:90
      -Duncan, Chapman-voice tells him to go to Missouri to find the truth   1:93
      -Far West-mob  sees 1000’s protecting the city   1:207
      -fish miracle-Missouri persecutions   1:987
      -Forsgren, Christina Ericka-prayer for right church, polygamy   1:86
      -Freiberg Germany Temple-faith   1:593
      -Genealogy-Manti Utah Temple-ancestors appear to a Brother in a cemetery   1:92
      -Glanvil, Joseph-prayer for food, miracle-red and white family towel   1:716
      -Griffin, Leslie M.-donates original Nauvoo Temple prints to the Church   1:58
      -Hancock, Levi-Francis M. Higbee shoots at, bullet doesn’t penetrate clothes   1:406
      -Hamblin, Jacob-conversion and life shortly afterwards   1:96
            -heals a baby on a Steamer   1:155
      -Harding, Dwight-administered to, prophecy that happens   1:101
      -Hawaii Temple-construction-lack of wood   1:49
      -Hjorth, August Adrianus-Speak in Tongues during Black Hawk War   1:39
      -Kirtland Temple-Jesus Christ appears, visions seen in   1:88
      -Knaphus, Torlief-finger of light shows which drawing of Angel Moroni to use   1:242
      -Knight, Newel-first miracle performed on in this dispensation   1:509
      -Little, James-dreams   1:694
      -Logan Utah Temple-construction accident, miracle   1:108
      -Manti Utah Temple-construction, dream   1:693
      -McKay, David O.-Maori meeting-pray for gift of interpretation   1:960
      -Quails-miracle of   1:50, 1:831
      -Seagulls-miracle of   1:46
      -signs-pillar of light at place of baptism in Kirtland   1:67
      -School of the Prophets-first meeting-Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ appear   1:586
      -Smith, George Albert-Chicago World Fair-genealogy miracle   1:285
      -Smith, John Henry, near drowning   1:407
      -Smith, Joseph-Adam and Eve, sees   1:176
            -heals Elsa Johnson’s arm, Doctor’s reasoning   1:73
      -Smith, Lauritz-tithing miracle   1:261
      -Veracruz Mexico Temple-dedication weather miracle   1:33
      -Whitmer, David-heals John Johnson’s father   1:972
      -Whitmer, Peter Sr.-farming miracle to have Joseph Smith come to his home   1:510
      -Woodruff, Sarah Delight Stocking-cholera, baptism for healing   1:103
      -Woodruff, Wilford-vision, best sermon   1:717
      -World War II-missionary evacuation from   1:35, 1:449
      -Young, Brigham-Joseph Smith-appears to and shows him Ensign Peak   1:89
                                          -looks and sounds like   1:904
Mission Calls   See Church Practices
Mission Experiences   See Church Practices
Mission Presidents   See Church Organization
Missions   See Church Organization
Missions, Sent Home   See Church Practices
Mississippi   See Cities and Towns (States)
Mississippi River   See Rivers
Mississippi Saints-Mormon Town, Colorado-winter at   1:917
      -Saints travel from to Winter Quarters   1:43
Missouri   See Cities and Towns (States), See Natives
Missourians-Foote, Warren-description of, diet, agriculture, clothing   1:190
Mitchell, Edwin-Lamb, Charles-future wife’s dream, sealing   1:974
Moab, Utah   See Cities and Towns  
Moccasins   See Clothing/Shoes
Molasses   See Food
      Banks-First Security   1:805
            -New York Insurance and Trust Co.-money for Book of Mormon printing   1:514
      Bank notes-printed in Salt Lake Valley, 1849 on card press   1:457
      Company purchases-Western Union purchases Deseret Telegraph Company   1:933
      Dollars-Brooklyn-cost to charter   1:718
            -Egyptian mummies-price paid for   1:742
            -Horner, John-money issues 1853-1859   1:847
            -Kirtland Temple-debt   1:795
            -money donation by church in 1930   1:677
            -Mormon Battalion-clothing allowance-money derived from   1:720
            -pseudonym-Talents   1:575
            -Tanner, John-donates his wealth to the Church   1:832
            -Tennant, Thomas-donates his wealth to the Church   1:832
            -Turkish massacre-church donates to   1:836
            -wages, California gold rush   1:923
            -Young, Brigham-land possession valve in 1855   1:994
            -ZCMI-sales amount in first year   1:993
      Gold-Angel Moroni statue-how much gold leaf to cover   1:125
            -Gold Mining mission-dollar value found   1:991
            -Granger, Christina-wore money belt, gold coins   1:514
            -Hale, Arocet Lucious show California gold seekers gold dust, trade with   1:48
            -Judd, Zadoc Kapp-process of panning for   1:923
            -Mormon Battalion-gold discovery   1:284
            -Snow, Lorenzo-Jesus Christ stands on during visit to   1:610
       Inflation-Kirtland, Ohio-land prices   1:833
             -San Bernardino, California   1:479
       Kirtland Safety Society notes-John Goodson cashes in New York bank   1:834
       Liberty Bonds-LDS investment in during WW I   1:886
       Mormon Trail-cost of wagon versus handcart   1:327
       People-Brannan, Samuel-California’s first millionaire   1:135
             -Bullock, Thomas-helps establish Utah Territory monetary system   1:464
       Presses-Salt Lake Valley, 1849 money printed on   1:457
       Produce-used in place of money   1:835
       Stock Exchange-Salt Lake City, in   1:811
       Temples-Freiberg Germany Temple-land purchase and construction   1:593
             -Salt Lake-cost of construction   1:248
Monson, Thomas S.   See Church Organization (Presidents)
Monsters-Bear Lake   1:899
      -Great Salt Lake   1:899
      -Utah Lake   1:899
Monticello Utah Temple   See Temples
Monuments   See Art (Monuments/Memorials)
Moore, George Reverend   See Religion (Ministers)
Morgan, Samuel G. -Egyptian mummies and writings of Joseph and Abraham   1:740
Morley, Isaac   See Bishops
Mormon   See Heavenly Visitors
Mormon Almanac and Latter-day Saint Calendar   See Publishing (Almanacs)
Mormon Battalion   See War
Mormon Bible   See Scriptures
Mormon Panorama   See Art (Murals-Carl Christenson)
Mormon Rebellion   See War (Utah War)
Mormon Station, Nevada   See Cities and Towns
Mormon Tabernacle Choir   See Art (Choirs)
Mormon, The   See Media (Newspaper and Magazine)
Mormon Trail:
      Animals-Hancock, Mosiah-wolves   1:323
      Artifacts-odometer, used on-accuracy of   1:60
      Bands-William Pitt   1:930
            -Kimball, Heber C. Company battle with Omaha Natives   1:44
            -Hodgett Wagon Compay-Bond, John steals dumplings during company prayer   1:172
      Dancing-Young, Brigham, Iowa   1:930
      General-cost of wagon versus handcart   1:327
            -Revenue Cutter-boat used to ford rivers   1:724
            -river crossing, how   1:173
            -supplies taken on   1:736
            -year with fewest emigrates   1:159
      Food-mush and milk, Warren Foote-monotony of food   1:700
            -Ellsworth Handcart Co.-humorous story   1:817
                   -Jones, Mary Ann-weigh ins   1:325
                  -Powell, Mary Sabin-fed watermelons for celebration   1:170
            -Hanks, Ephraim-rescue, kills buffalo   1:322
            -Jacques, John-hunger, thoughts on   1:876
            -Martin Handcart Co.-frozen ink   1:328
                  -Patience Loader Rosa Archer-man appears to, miracle   1:167
                  -Sister Squires-names daughter Echo   1:330
                  -Sweetwater River-young men carry Saints across   1:169
            -Natives-pull handcarts   1:168
            -Willie Handcart Co.-frozen ink   1:328
                  -James, Sarah-makes soup from shoes   1:171
            -McArthur Handcart Co.-humorous story   1:817
      Maps-Smith, Joseph outlines the trail on the map for Mosiah Hancock   1:408
      Miracle-Crosby, Jonathan-Mormon Trail, wagon stuck miracle   1:164
            -Young, Brigham-appears like Joseph Smith   1:777
      Natives-“Come, Come, Ye Saints”-Chief’s song, miracle   1:687
            -Handcarts, pull   1:168
      Pioneers-Benton, John-wolves   1:323
            -Erickson, Hilda Anderson-last to die   1:468
            -Ferguson, Phyllis Hardie-McArthur and Ellsworth handcarts, humorous story   1:817
            - Hamblin, Jacob-family sick, offer from Methodist class leader   1:50
                  -how long on   1:165
            -Hancock, Mosiah-wolves   1:323
            -Lyman, Eliza Marie Partridge-names son Platte   1:329
            -Pulsipher, John-wolves   1:323
            -Smith, Jesse N.-prairie gum   1:470
            -Squire, Sister-names daughter Echo   1:330
      Salt Lake Valley-Jackman, Levi-first glimpse of   1:938
      Sickness/Disease-Cholera-wipes out 14 of a family of 15   1:725
      Towns-Winter Quarters-lay out and description   1:220
                        -Mississippi Saints traveled to, African Americans   1:43
                        -Sickness, scurvy   1:211
Mormon Tribune   See Media (Newspapers and Magazines)
Mormon War   See War (Utah War)
Mormonism Unvailed [sic]   See Publishing (Books)
Mormonite   See Nicknames
Mormons, The   See Publishing (Pamphlets)
Moroni   See Heavenly Visitors
Morris, George Q.-See Church Organization (Apostles)
Morris, Joseph   See Apostasy
Morrisites   See Groups
Morton, Betsey-baptized   1:928
Morton, John-baptized   1:928
Moses   See Heavenly Visitors
Moses, Phoebe Arabel Woodruff-bedding-shaking because of lizards and scorpions   1:359
Mother in Heaven-First Presidency, 1909   1:951
Moudalina   See Natives
Mountain Meadows Massacre   See War (Utah War)
Mountain of the Lord   See Art (Movies)
Mountainville, Utah   See Cities and Towns (Alpine, Utah)
Moyle, James H.   See Church Organization (Mission Presidents)
Mt. Rushmore   See Art (Monuments)
Mulholland, James-hides important church papers from the mob   1:633
Muir, John   See Celebrities
Murals-See Art
Murdock, John   See Church Organization (Patriarchs)
Murdock, Julia Clapp-Columbus Ohio Temple land   1:662
Museums   See Cities and Towns
Music Festival   See Art (Dancing)
Musical Instruments   See Art
Musser, A. Milton   See Church Organization (Sunday School)
Mutual Improvement Association   See Church Organization

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