Names-Atlantic-born on Brooklyn   1:193
      -Bake, Aagaata Ysten Dater, Heber C. Kimball wife   1:842
      -Echo-Sister Squire names daughter   1:330
      -Pacific-born on Brooklyn   1:193
      -Platte-Eliza Marie Partridge Lyman-names son   1:329
      -Steele, Young Elizabeth-first child born in the Salt Lake Valley   1:194
Napoleon, Louis III   See Celebrities
National Woman’s Suffrage Association   See Suffrage
      Battles-Bear River Massacre-mentioned   1:39
            -Black Hawk War, Hjorth, August Adrainus-“Talk Brigham”   1:39
            -Walker War-Ririe, James-involvement   1:389
      Chiefs-Arapeen-Donates Ute Tribal holdings to the Church at his baptism   1:45
            -Bull, Curley-“Talk Brigham”   1:39
            -“Come, Come, Ye Saints”-old Chiefs story, miracle   1:687
            -Elk, Big-Brigham Young negotiates rent   1:642
            -Kanosh-Young, Brigham-son-in-law to   1:40
            -Massasoit monument-Cyrus Dallin carves   1:995
            -Saints-right for saints to stay on Native lands, chiefs   1:719
            -Spencer, Daniel-mission to the natives   1:727
            -Tawhiao, King-Maori-prophecy on Mormon missionaries coming   1:74
      General-baptism for healing, natives belief in   1:653
             -Bowery-view play in   1:112
            -collecting rents   1:642
            -Hancock, Mosiah-baptizes 300 in one day   1:770
            -Handcarts, pull   1:168
      Individuals-Big Foot-Hamblin, Jacob, plans to kill him and family   1:99
            -Moudalina-saves Newell K. Whitney from being killed   1:591
            -Potangaroa, Paora-prophecy, Mormon missionaries coming to Maroi’s   1:74
            -Sagawitch-Warner, Frank W.-his mother   1:42
            -Sally-purchased by Charles Decker, raised by Clara Decker Young   1:277
            -Tan-tapai-Warner, Frank W.-his father   1:42
            -Utah Lake-amount of fish caught in   1:752
            -Warner, Frank W.-brief history   1:42
                  -mission call-to Natives   1:42
                  -Pisappih Timbimboo-Native name   1:42
      Tribes-Apaches-attacks in Arizona, Stewart, J. Z. mission to Mexico   1:315
            -Assiniboine-Warner, Frank W.-mission call to   1:41
            -Cattaraugus (Seneca)-1830 mission   1:526
            -Cherokee-Spencer, Daniel mission   1:727
                  -Trail of Tears/extermination order   1:254
            -Chippewa’s-Brigham Young negotiates rent   1:642
            -Delawares-1830 mission to   1:177
            -Maori’s-McKay, David O.-meeting-pray for gift of interpretation   1:960
                  -Tawhiao, King-prophecy of Mormon missionaries coming to   1:74
            -Mayans-Glyphs-“And it came to pass”   1:235
            -Missouri-Young, Brigham negotiate rent   1:642
            -Northern Shoshone-Warner, Frank W. belonged to   1:42
            -Omaha’s-Battle with Saints on Mormon Trail   1:44
                  -collecting rents   1:642
            -Oto-Young, Brigham negotiates rent   1:642
            -Ottawa’s-collecting rents   1:642
            -Seminoles-uprising, gov’t asks church for volunteers   1:142
            -Seneca’s-Spencer, Daniel-mission to the natives   1:727
            -Sioux-Butler, John Lowe, missionary experience, escape miracle   1:162
                  -Warner, Frank W.-mission call to   1:42
            -Utes-Arapeen donates tribal holdings to church at his baptism   1:45
      White men/women-Alger, John-pretends to trade girl to Native chief for horse   1:166
            -children, white and native playing together, issue   1:476
             -Crosby, Jesse-Speaking in Tongues, American Native dialect used   1:69
            -Davis, William-feed, not fight   1:37
            -Decker, Charles-purchased native, Sally-raised by Clara Decker Young   1:277
            -Hale, Lucy Clements-Natives steal daughter, rescue   1:331
            -Melville, Savalla Bishop-work for Natives in exchange for tithing   1:83
            -Woodruff, Phoebe Arabell-“He Squaw”   1:965
            -Young, Brigham-be kind to   1:776
Nauvoo Brass Band   See Art (Bands)
Nauvoo Expositor   See Media (Newspapers and Magazines)
Nauvoo House   See Buildings
Nauvoo, Illinois   See Cities and Towns (Illinois)
Nauvoo Illinois Temple   See Temples
Nauvoo Legion   See War
Nauvoo Neighbor   See Media (Newspapers and Magazines)
Nauvoo Seventies Hall   See Buildings
Nauvoo Tabernacle   See Buildings (construction)
Nauvoo Temple (old)   See Temples
Nauvoo Wasp   See Media (Newspapers and Magazines-Wasp)
Neibur, Thomas C.   See Military (Medals/Awards)
Nelson, George “Baby Face”-dies in gunfight with Samuel P. Cowley, FBI   1:467
Nelson, Russell M.-See Church Organization (Prophets)
Nephi   See Heavenly Visitors
Nephi, Utah   See Cities and Towns (Salt Creek, Utah)
Nevada   See Cities and Towns
Newbury Weekly News   See Media (Newspapers and Magazines)
Newell K. Whitney Store   See Buildings
New York Evening Post   See Media (Newspapers and Magazines)
New York Insurance and Trust Co.   See Money
New York Sun   See Media (Newspaper and Magazines)
New York World’s Fair 1965   See Fairs
Newey, LaVerna Burnett-Ririe, James-Camp Floyd-sells Watermelon pie to soldiers   1:390
                                                   -clothing/shoes-lack of   1:373
                                                   -Walker War, digging for Sego Lilies   1:389
Newspapers   See Media
New York   See Cities and Towns
Neyman, Jane-baptized for dead son, Cyrus Livingstone Neyman   1:104, 1:589, 1:626, 1:627
Nickerson, Freeman-conversion   1:675
Nickerson, Moses-Freeman Nickerson conversion   1:675
Nicknames-Blackducks-men seeking Joseph Smith’s life   1:379
      -City of Joseph-Nauvoo   1:218
      -Mormon Bible-Clemens, Samuel-thoughts on, humorous   1:200
            -Gilbert, John H.-typesetter for Book of Mormon, thoughts on   1:226
            -Hamblin, Jacob-conversion   1:96
      -Mormon Hill-Hill Cumorah   1:226
      -Mormonite   1:613, 1:927
            -Johnson, Benjamin-conversion   1:630
            -Painesville Telegraph-voting power   1:686
      -Patten, David-Captain fear not   1:726
      -Richards, Willard-Winter Quarter’s home-“potato heap”   1:922
      -Snobbers-men seeking Joseph Smith’s life   1:379
      -Snow, Eliza R.-Zion’s Poetess   1:800
      -Topeke-Hjorth, August Adrianus-Black Hawk War, “Talk Brigham”   1:39
      -Whimmikie Whammikie two standard Lillikie Strikiety Huffity Whirlamagig   1:377
      -Whistling Tom-Thomas McAuley-Book of Mormon publishing   1:226
      -Wild Ram of the Mountains-Lyman Wight   1:358
      -Woodies-wooden shoes, Martha M. Hancock story   1:372
Night sky-Greene, John P.-vision in sky the evening Joseph Smith received the plates   1:115
      -pillar of light at place of baptism in Kirtland   1:67
Noah   See Heavenly Visitors
Noble, Joseph Bates-Smith, Joseph-body guard   1:908
Nomination   See United States Government  
North Visitor Center-See Temple Square
Northern Times   See Media (Newspapers and Magazines)
Northwestern Shoshone   See Natives (Tribes)
Norton, Miles-dies later after participating in Joseph Smith tar and feathering   1:701
Norway   See Cities and Towns (Countries)
Nuku’ alofa Tonga Temple   See Temples
Nurse   See Medical
Oak   See Trees/Shrubs
Oak bark   See Medical (Cures)
Oakland California Temple   See Temples
Oaks, Dallin H.   See Church Organization (First Presidency)
Oatmeal   See Food
Oberlin College   See Education (Universities)
Obituary   See Death
Odometer   See Artifacts (Roadometer)
Ogden Utah Temple   See Temples
Ohio Observer   See Media (Newspapers and Magazines)
Olihah   See Pseudonyms
Oliver Cowdery Monument   See Art (Monuments/Memorials)
Olmstead, Harvey-helps perform first baptism for the dead   1:589 
Olsen, Nolan P.-Construction accident, miracle   1:108
Omaha’s   See Natives (Tribes) 
Ordinations-See Church Ordinances
Orton, Roger   See Church Organization (Seventy, Presidency of)
Oto   See Natives (Tribes)
Ottawa’s   See Natives (Tribes)
Ottinger, George M.   See Education
Owen, Jesse-mentioned, Creed Haymond world record, 220   1:139
Owenites   See Religions
Ozandah   See Publishing (Pseudonym)  
Pack, John   See Church Organization (Council of Fifty)
Pack, Julia-first mercantile business in Salt Lake City in home   1:136
Packard, Noah   See Church Organization (Branch President)
Packer, Boyd K.   See Church Organization (Apostles)
Page, Hiram   See Apostates
Page, John E.   See Apostates
Painesville Telegraph   See Media (Newspapers and Magazines)
Painting   See Art
Palestine   See Cities and Towns (Countries)
Palmyra Freeman   See Media (Newspapers and Magazines)
Palmyra, New York   See Cities and Towns
Palmyra New York Temple   See Temples
Palmyra Reflector   See Media (Newspapers and Magazines)
Pamphlets   See Publishing
Panther   See Animals
Parades-political campaigning   1:256
Parent School   See Education
Parks, Rufus-baptized   1:928
Parliament of the World Religions-See Religions
Parrish Party   See Groups
Parrish, Warren   See Apostates
Parry, Edward L.-Manti Utah Temple-construction, dream-miracle   1:693
Parry, John-Mormon Trail, Natives pull handcarts   1:168
Partridge, Edward   See Church Organization (Bishops)
Partridge, Eliza Marie   See Eliza Marie Partridge Lyman 
Partridge, Emily Dow   See Emily Dow Partridge Young
Partridge, James Harvey-joins church, ironic   1:538
Patriarchal blessings   See Church Practices
Patriarchs   See Church Organization
Patten, David   See Church Organization (Apostles)
Patten, John-Smith, Samuel/Reynolds Cahoon convert   1:562
Paul   See Heavenly Visitors
Paul Revere Monument   See Art (Monuments)
Pauncefort, Sir George   See Art (Theater-Salt Lake Theater-actors)
Payson, Utah   See Cities and Towns (Peteetneet, Utah)
Pearl of Great Price   See Scriptures
Pearson, Monty   See Sports (Baseball)
Pearson’s   See Media (Newspapers and Magazines)
Peep stone   See Artifacts
Pelagoram   See Pseudonyms
Pencoat, J. -Egyptian mummies and writings of Joseph and Abraham   1:740
Peppermint Essence   See Medical (Cures)
Peppermint Tea   See Beverages, See Medical (Cures)
Perkins, Dicy-nurses the sick   1:376
Perkins, William G.   See Church Organization (Patriarchs)
Perpetual Emigration Fund   See Church Practices
Perry, Red   See Baseball
Persecution-Allen, Charles-tarred and feathered   1:597
      -Babbit, Almon-stolen wagon leads to baptisms   1:318
      -Beans, Willard and Rebecca faced as missionaries in Palmyra area   1:156
      -Belnap, Gilbert/David Patten-blesses horse while being chased by mob   1:66
      -Boggs, Lilburn W.-Executive order 44   1:624
            -extermination order   1:254
      -Bullock, Thomas-British press on   1:445
      -Butler, John Lowe-Nathan visits from militia/mob, humorous   1:182
      -Chillicothe Intelligencer-Nauvoo Legion to attack the United States   1:732
      -Clark, William-Lewis and Clark fame-momentarily stops Missouri persecutions   1:598
      -Clawson, Rudger-threats to kill, faith, courage   1:990
      -Dodds, H. L.-article-George Foote letter to Warren Foote   1:731
      -Ewing, Reverend Finnis-spreads falsehoods along with other ministers   1:600
      -Far West, Missouri-siege of   1:188
      -Gibb, Eliza Dana-persecutions   1:747
      -Hamblin, Jacob-family persecutes after his baptism   1:96
      -Hancock brothers protect Saints from Missouri mobs, make 300 tomahawks   1:208
      -Hancock, Mosiah-dies and comes back to life   1:690
      -Hauns Mill-Leany, Isaac shot 11 times and lives, Brigham Young shot at   1:180
                                -grandfather’s dream-Haun’s mill   1:961
            -Stedwell, Mary-shot and killed at   1:181
      - June 27, 1844-brethren-number of bullets received   1:294
            -Carthage jail-number of bullets in the walls   1:293
            -Daniel, William M.-discharges gun into the mob inside the jail   1:708
            -Smith, Joseph-discharges gun and injures two men, eventually die from injuries   1:705
                  -Master Mason-distress call   1:711
            -Williams, Colonel Levi-lead men that kill Joseph and Hyrum Smith   1:708
      -Kirtland-leaders escape   1:579
            -persecutions   1:746
      -Lightner, Mary Elizabeth Rollins-fish miracle   1:987
      -mob detains Joseph Smith in tavern, keeper helps him escape, humorous   1:206
      -Markham, Stephen-his name intimidates the mob   1:699
      -Missouri mob violence   1:764
      -Mulholland, James-hiding important church papers from the mob   1:633
      -Painesville Telegraph-Mormon migration, on   1:534
      -Partridge, Edward-sues in Missouri court   1:253
            -tarred and feathered   1:597
      -passive resistance-ending of   1:846
      -Phelps, W. W.-sue in Missouri courts   1:253
      -polygamy-Cox, Cordelia Morley husband’s persecuted for   1:82
             -Reynolds, George-test trial   1:252
      -property losses in Missouri, Saints   1:623
      -Roberts, B. H.-Parliament of World Religions, rejected by   1:7
      -Smith, Jesse N.-Niels Jensen-set up with a mob   1:459
      -Smith, Joseph-accused of Lilburn W. Boggs attempted murder   1:288
            -execution-proposed   1:750
            -inspiration to flee enemies just before they arrived   1:976
            -Parrish Party   1:678
            -Warsaw Signal-Boggs attempted murder   1:289
       -Spaulding manuscript-brief history   1:757
       -Standing, Joseph-killed on mission in Georgia   1:990
       -tar and feathering-Allen, Charles   1:597
             -Mason, Carnot-on Joseph Smith’s strength   1:972
             -Morley, Isaac   1:748
             -Partridge, Edward   1:597
             -Rigdon, Sidney-John Johnson Farm incident   1:972
                                               -participants later die   1:701
             -Smith, Joseph-participants later die   1:701
             -Whitmer, David   1:748
      -Times and Seasons-Native agent temporarily stops Missouri persecutions   1:209
      -Trapped by the Mormons-anti-Mormon, Great Britain   1:314
      -U.S. Gov’t-corruption of   1:634
      -U.S. Marshalls search for Quorum of the Twelve in Nauvoo Temple   1:54
      -Woodward, Major George-Missouri persecutions, Saints innocent   1:749
      -Zion’s Camp-planned battle at Fishing River, weather thwarts   1:602
Personage   See Heavenly Visitors
Peteetneet, Utah   See Cities and Towns (Payson, Utah)
Peter   See Heavenly Visitor
Peter, James and John   See Heavenly Visitors
Peterson, Ziba-1830 mission   1:590
      -Brief history, sheriff of Dry Diggins, California   1:177, 1:530
      -mentioned-Golden Bible, on   1:342
      -mission call, 1830-receives at the same time as Parley P. Pratt   1:529
Petitions   See Court Cases
Pettigrew, David-mentioned-Levi Hancock anoints injured body part   1:100
Phelps, W. W.   See Church Organization (Council of Fifty)
Philadelphia Woman’s Medical College   See Education (Universities)
Philips, Wendell-reads Thomas L. Kane’s pamphlet The Mormons   1:340
Phippen, James Worthington-Smith, Joseph, on   1:637
Pierce, Eli H.-October 1875 general conference-called to serve mission-less active   1:513
Pioneer Day   See Holidays/Vacations
Pioneer Family   See Art (Monuments-Avard Fairbanks)
Pioneers and Prominent Men of Utah   See Publishing (Books)
Pipe Smoking   See Church Practices (Word of Wisdom-Pipes)
Pisappih Timbimboo   See Natives (Individuals)
Pitt, University of   See Sports (Football)
Pitt, William-Brass Band, Mormon Trail   1:930
Pittsburgh Pirates   See Sports (Baseball)
Pixley, Benton Rev.   See Religions
Placerville, California See Cities and Towns (California)
Plates of Ether   See Scriptures
Pleasant Grove, Utah   See Cities and Towns (Utah)
Plongeon, Le-Popol Vuh, on   1:232
Plovers   See Birds
Plural Marriage   See Church Practices (Polygamy)
Polygamy   See Church Practices
Pond, Allie Young-Snow, Lorenzo-visitation by the Savior in the Salt Lake Temple   1:610
Pondtown, Utah   Cities and Towns (Salem, Utah)
Pony Express   See Post Office, See Art (Monuments-Avard Fairbanks)
Poplar   See Trees
Popol Vuh-Central American manuscript-Bible stories   1:232
Post Office:
      Letters-cost of sending   1:118
            -Wight, Lyman-letter to United Stated President set in Nauvoo House cornerstone   1:225
      Pony Express-cost of a letter   1:120
            -improvement in speed   1:119
      Stamps-Temples featured on   1:23
Potangaroa, Paora   See Natives (Individuals)
Potato Soup   See Food (Potatoes)
Potatoes   See Agriculture, See Sickness (Cures)
Poverty Flat, Utah   See Cities and Towns
Prairie Gum-Smith, Jesse N. on Mormon Trail   1:470
Pratt, Addison-Tonga-first foreign language mission   1:948
Pratt, Helaman   See Church Organization (Branch Presidents)
Pratt, Orson   See Church Organization (Apostles)
Pratt, Parley P.   See Church Organization (Apostles)
Pratt, Romania B.   See Medical (Doctors)
Prayer-Anderson, George Edward-photograph church history-mission to England   1:308
       -Bigler, Henry-Joseph Smith-short prayers and sermons   1:670
       -Bond, John-steals dumplings during, Mormon Trail   1:172
       -Brown, Hugh B.-Church of England, people pray for him to be their minister   1:321
             -U.S. Senate, opens with prayer   1:8
      -Burgess, Harrison-mission experience, is Book of Mormon true   1:87
      -Butler, John Lowe-missionary experience, escape from Sioux, miracle   1:162
      -Cardston Alberta Temple-miracle, father hears dead son’s voice   1:29
      -Cox, Cordelia Morley-polygamy, is it a just principle   1:82
      -Foote, Warren-Methodist camp meeting prayers, humorous   1:368
      -Forsgren, Christina Ericka-right church, miracles that follow   1:86
      -Glanvil, Joseph-prayer for food, miracle-red and white family towel   1:716
      -Hamblin, Jacob-conversion story   1:96
            -heal father   1:411
      -Hancock, Levi-personage appears to, dies and sees body   1:689
      -Hancock, Mosiah-forced up tree by wolves   1:174
            -Smith, Joseph Sr.-prayer on food   1:848
      -Harding, Phebe Holbrook-prophecy while administered to, fulfillment   1:101
      -Hinckley, Gordon B.-U.S. Congress, opens with prayer   1:8
      - Kailimai, Keola vision during David O. McKay prayer   1:883
      -Kirtland Temple-all pray vocally at the same time   1:272
      -McKay, David O.-Maori meeting-gift of interpretation, pray for   1:960
      -Rigdon, Sidney-conversion   1:532
      -School of the Prophets-first meeting, Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father appear   1:586
      -Smith, George A.-prayer for drowning son, John Henry Smith   1:407  
      -Smith, George Albert-opens U.S. Senate with prayer   1:8
      -Smith, Joseph-Adam and Eve-sees   1:176
            -Hiram Page situation   1:524
      -Smith, Lucy Mack-voices tells her why her sons were killed   1:95
      -Snow, Lorenzo-Saviors appears to in the Salt Lake Temple after prayer   1:195, 1:610
      -Stewart, Joshua Beynon-prayer to save alfalfa and potato crops   1:401
      -Woodruff, Wilford-prayer-healed   1:754
            -vision, best sermon of his life   1:717
            -wife dies, then comes back to life   1:772
      -Woolley, Ralph-Hawaii Temple construction miracle, lack of wood   1:49
      -Young, Brigham-Joseph Smith appears to in vision and shows him Ensign Peak   1:89
            -Nauvoo Temple-capstone ceremony, arresting officers waiting   1:282
Presbyterian Church   See Religions
Presiding Bishop   See Church Organization
Press   See Publishing, See Money
Primary   See Church Organization (General Boards-Primary)
Primary Children’s Hospital   See Buildings
Printing   See Publishing
Prison/Jail:-Carthage-number of bullets in walls   1:293
      -Liberty-Ford, James H. took LDS leaders outside for walks, human flesh   1:620
            -Lyman Royal Sherman story   1:607
      -Pratt, Parley P.-mission experience, Ziba Peterson sings hymn during trial   1:529
      -Smith, Jesse N.-member imprisoned 16 times for preaching   1:460
      -“Uncle Sam’s boarding house,” Nancy Abigail Clement Williams   1:873
      -Utah State Penitentiary-hosanna shout in   1:537
      Prisoner-Biesinger, Thomas converts while in a Czechoslovakia prison, mission   1:160
            -Pratt, Parley P.-Independence, Missouri-given freedom to roam   1:620
                  -vision of wife while in   1:196
            -Smith, Joseph Sr.-teaches gospel while a prisoner   1:501
            -Young, Brigham-sentenced to 24 hours in   1:252
      Warden-Garn, Daniel-first in Utah   1:137
Prophecy   See Gifts of the Spirit
Prophet, The   See Media (Newspapers and Magazines)
Prophetic Almanac for 1845   See Publishing (Almanacs)
Prophetic Almanac for 1846   See Publishing (Almanacs)
Prophetic Warning to All the Churches   See Publishing (pamphlets)
Prophets-See Church Organization
Provo River   See Rivers
Provo, Utah   See Cities and Towns (Utah)
Provo Utah Temple   See Temples
Provo Woolen Mills-established by the School of the Prophets   1:127
Psalmody   See Art (Hymnals)
Pseudonyms   See Publishing
      Almanacs-1852 Almanac   1:497
            -Deseret Almanac, W. W. Phelps publishes   1:234, 1:458
            -Kirtland Literary Firm-prints first   1:234, 1:496
            -Mormon Almanac and Latter-day Saint Calendar   1:496
            -Prophetic Almanac for 1845-Orson Pratt publishes, more secular   1:234
            -Prophetic Almanac for 1846-Orson Pratt publishes, more spiritual   1:234
            -Smith family reliance   1:494
      Book of Commandments-Church of Christ (Hedrickites)-publish   1:692
      Book of Mormon-Bortles, J. H.-publishing-press work on   1:226
            -Cowdery, Warren A.-reads proof sheets at the printers and is converted   1:606
            -E. B. Grandin Print Shop-Solomon Chamberlain story   1:605
            -Gilbert, John H.-typesetter for, thoughts on   1:226
            -Grandin, Egbert B.-publisher of, process, guarding the manuscript   1:226, 1:514
            -Hyde, William-reads proof sheets at the printers and is converted   1:606
            -McAuley, Thomas-press work   1:226
            -punctuation issues   1:226
            -size of publishing job   1:734
      Books-Anderson, George Edward-Birth Year of Mormonism   1:308
            -Cannon, Frank J.-Brigham Young and his Mormon Empire   1:942
                  -Under the Prophet in Utah   1:942
            -Clemens, Samuel-Innocents Abroad   1:205
            -Dickenson, Anna Elizabeth-Whited Sepulchers-Salt Lake City children   1:370
            -Egyptian grammar book, Joseph Smith-first developed in America   1:134
            -Emigrants Guide-Bullock, Thomas writes   1:464
            -Goodreads.com-Book of Mormon and Bible ranking with top books   1:423
            -History of the Book of Mormon-Reynolds, George   1:651
            -“History of the Saints; or, An Expose of Joe Smith and . . .,” John C. Bennett writes   1:417
            -History of Utah-Bancroft, Hubert Howe-non-member writes   1:416
            -Mormonism Unvailed [sic]-Hurlbut, Doctor Philastus author   1:415
            -Pioneers and Prominent Men of Utah-Billy Wilson-Hermitage Resort   1:247
            -Story of the Book of Mormon, The-first attempt at illustrating   1:140
            -Twelve Mormon Homes-Kane, Elizabeth L.-sheds church in good light   1:336
            -View of the Hebrews-Smith, Ethan   1:493
      Pamphlets-A Voice of Warning-first missionary pamphlet   1:807, 1:952
                                -Lamb, Charles conversion   1:929
             -Delusions-Alexander Campbell-anti LDS pamphlet   1:415
             -Interesting Account of Several Remarkable Visions-Pratt, Orson   1:413
            -Late Persecutions of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints-Pratt, Parley P.  1:413
            -Listen to the Voice of Truth   1:414
            -Prophetic Warning to all the Churches-Hyde, Orson   1:952
            -Results of Two Meetings Between the L.D. Saints and Primitive Methodists   1:414
            -The Mormons-Douglas, Frederick, reads   1:340
                  -Emerson, Ralph Waldo reads   1:340
                  -Greely, Horace, reads   1:340
                  -Kane, Thomas L.-writes to help Saints cause   1:336
                  -Philips, Wendell, reads   1:340
                  -Sumner, Charles-reads   1:340
                  -Whittier, John Greenleaf   1:340
            -Views of the Powers and Policies of the Government . . .   1:287
      Presses-Book of Mormon publishing, Smith Press used   1:226
            -Far West press buried-used to print Elders Journal, Times and Seasons   1:228
            -Yerba Buena California Star/The Prophet published on the same press   1:229
     Printing-Book of Mormon-one millionth copy   1:487
                          -printing editions and changes   1:488
           -hymnal-first printing   1:822
     Pseudonyms-Ahashdah-Whitney, Newell K.   1:575
             -Alam-Partridge, Edward   1:575
             -Bancemy-Rigdon, Sidney   1:575
             -Baurak Ale-Smith, Joseph   1:575
             -Cainhannock-New York   1:575
             -Enoch-Smith, Joseph   1:575
             -Gazelam-Smith, Joseph   1:575
             -Horah-Whitmer, John   1:575
             -Laneshire House-Printing office   1:575
             -Mahalaleel-Gilbert, Algernon S.   1:575
             -Mahemson-Harris, Martin   1:575
             -Obediah Dogberry-Abner Cole   1:415
             -Olihah-Cowdery, Oliver   1:575
             -Ozondah-Store   1:575
             -Pelagoram-Rigdon, Sidney   1:575
             -Shalemanasseh-Phelps, W. W   1:575
             -Shederlaomach-Williams, Frederick G.   1:575
             -Shinehah-Kirtland   1:575
             -Shinelah-print   1:575
             -Shinelane-printing   1:575
             -Shule-Ashery   1:575
             -Tahhanes-The Tannery   1:575
             -Talents-dollars   1:575
             -Vortex-Nauvoo Wasp-Lilburn W. Boggs-attempted murder   1:292
             -Zombre-Johnson, John   1:575
Pull sticks   See Recreation
Puritans   See Religion
Quails   See Birds
Quakers   See Religions
Quietist   See Religions
Quincy, Illinois   See Cities and Towns
Quincy, Josiah-on Joseph Smith   1:621
Quincy Whig   See Media (Newspapers and Magazines)
Quinine   See Medical (Cures)
Quorum of the Seventy   See Church Organization
Quorum of the Twelve   See Church Organization
Quorum of the Twelve, Assistant to   See Church Organization
Rabbit Brush   See Trees/Shrubs, See Clothing (Dye)
Radio   See Media
Rafael   See Heavenly Visitors
Railroad-ACMI-issues created by   1:473
      -Smith, Jesse N.-“Fighting Mormons”   1:442
Randall, Sally-wagon paint shop in her Nauvoo home parlor   1:783
Raw Hide   See Food
      Mission-Pratt, Orson-19 missions served   1:163  
      Sports-BYU/San Diego State-highest scoring tie in football   1:17
            -Haymond, Creed-first LDS running world record, 220   1:139
            -Larson, Clint-world record in high jump   1:138
Recreation/Games-Anthony-over   1:979
      -Basketball-first all church tournament   1:867
            -first church league   1:866
      -Croquet grounds-Hermitage resort   1:247
      -Dancing school-Smith, Jesse N.-Saints should attend   1:471
      -Hermitage, Merry-go-round, croquet, tennis   1:247
      -marbles-Cox, Martha Cragun story   1:370
      -Merry-go-round-Hermitage Resort, at   1:247
      -Rounders-Hancock, Mosiah and Joseph Smith   1:347
      -Smith, Jesse N.-necessary   1:471
      -Smith, Joseph-ball (Rounders, Town ball), plays, Mosiah Hancock   1:347
            -playing with sons-sliding on ice   1:979
            -Pull sticks   1:186, 1:347
            -snowball fights,   1:186
            -wrestles Brother Coray and injures him   1:185
      -Stink base-Williams, Nancy Abigail Clement, plays   1:383
      -Tennis-Hermitage Resort   1:247
      -Town ball-Hancock, Mosiah and Joseph Smith   1:347
      -Young, Brigham-builds gymnasium in basement of his home   1:853
            -thoughts on a 24-hour day   1:854
Red Brick Store   See Buildings
Red Cross-LDS donations to during WW I   1:886
Reddin, Jack-Hancock, Mosiah, buys dead panther from   1:174
Redland California Temple   See Temples
Reformed Baptist Society   See Religions
Regina Saskatchewan Temple   See Temples
Reid, John   See Court Cases (Trials)
Relief Society   See Church Organization
Relief Society Magazine   See Media (Newspaper and Magazines)
Religion Class Association, The   See Church Organization (Primary)
       Baptist-Boston Watchman-Baptist newspaper, anti-LDS sentiment   1:415
             -first convert faith in America   1:363
             -Smith, Joseph-kicks minister out of his home   1:975
             -Spencer, Daniel-mission to the natives   1:727
       Campbellites-Christian Baptist, also known as   1:362
             -Family, The-practice   1:556
             -Hyde, Orson on Golden Bible   1:342
             -Johnson, Benjamin F.-conversion to Mormonism   1:927
             -Millennial Harbinger-Campbellite newspaper   1:415
             -Temperance Societies   1:894
       Catholic-Crosby, Jesse-services, attends   1:364
             -Popul Vuh, translates, Catholic Priest   1:232
       Christian Baptist-Campbellites   1:362
       Church of Christ-McLellin, William E. forms   1:319
       Church of Christ-Parrish, Warren, forms   1:954
       Church of Christ (Hedrickites)-Book of Commandments-publish   1:692
       Church of England-Brown, Hugh B.-people pray for him to be their minister   1:321
             -Lothrop, Reverend John-5th great grandfather to Joseph Smith   1:865
       Church of Jesus Christ, the Bride the Lamb’s Wife-George Hinckle forms   1:954
       Church of the Messiah-Adams, George, formed   1:205
       Common Stock   See Law of Consecration   1:538
       Community of Christ:
             Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
                    -Book of Commandments and Revelations-missing pages   1:421
                    -Book of Mormon manuscript  1:225, 1:491
                    -Pratt, Orson-invited to RLDS meeting   1:632
                    -San Bernardino, California-colony   1:480
                    -Smith, Joseph III-serves mission to Salt Lake City   1:259
                          -Smith, Joseph-plays with, sliding on ice   1:979
                    -Smith, Joseph F.-invited to RLDS church meeting   1:632
                    -seer stone-gold plate translation   1:240
                    -Whitlock, Harvey-serves mission for   1:944
       Congregationalists-Page, Hiram seer stone situation   1:524
             -originally Puritans   1:935
       Disciples, The-Campbell, Alexander-founder of   1:532
             -Law of Consecration-Common Stock   1:538
             -Scott, Walter-founder of   1:532
       Dunkards-Foote, Warren-unusual method of baptism   1:365
       Dutch Reformed Church-Daniels, William Paul-Deacon   1:897
       Latter-day Saints:
             Church of Christ, The-Book of Commandments   1:613
             Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, The-Doctrine and Covenants   1:613
             Church of the Latter-day Saints, The-Doctrine and Covenants   1:613
       Lutherans-Forsgren, Christina Ericka-prayer for right church, miracles that follow   1:86
       Methodist-Bogart, Samuel-Dustin, Buduas conversation with, humorous   1:183
                               -Battle of Crooked River-both leaders religious and militia leaders   1:210
                               -meetings, his part in   1:367
             -Booth, Ezra-conversion   1:926
                   -Smith, Joseph heals Elsa Johnson’s arm, Doctors reasoning   1:73
             -Boyle, Henry G.-thoughts on   1:362
             -fastest growing faith at the time of Joseph Smith   1:361
             -Hamblin, Jacob, class leader offer to while sick   1:50
             -Kane, Thomas L., on   1:340
             -Marsh, Thomas B.-joins church   1:527
             -meetings-camp meeting, Warren Foote’s thoughts on, humorous   1:368
                   -versus LDS   1:367
             -Violin playing   1:366
             -Webster, Dwight-Methodist class leader converted by Wilford Woodruff   1:739
       Ministers-Clark, John-Martin Harris visit-Golden Bible   1:424
                               -Gold plates translation, Martin Harris   1:485
              -Ewing, Finnis-spreads falsehoods about the Missouri Saints   1:600
              -invited to speak at LDS meeting, Joseph Smith   1:544
              -Johnson, Nancy-conversion, minister upset   1:630
              -Lyman, Eliza Partridge-Rev. Mr. Marble speaks at LDS meeting   1:271
              -Moore, George-baptism for dead and healing, Saints performed   1:515
              -Pixley, Benton-anti-Mormon articles, writes   1:415
              -Woodruff, Wilford-baptizes a number of  during his British mission   1:617
                    -ministers of the day   1:759
              -Woods, Sashel-Adam-ondi-Ahman-buys after Saints leave the area   1:781
        Owenites-Temperance Societies   1:894
        Parliament of the World Religions-Brigham Henry Roberts-rejected by   1:7
            -Russell M. Nelson attends   1:7
        Presbyterians-attendance policy-Smith members suspended for poor attendance   1:864
            -Callister, Caroline Smith-tells of mother’s vision   1:462
            -Hyde, Orson-debate, mission   1:818
            -Kane, Thomas L., builds church-LDS church purchases   1:397
            -Nauvoo Seventies Hall-Presbyterian meeting house   1:920
        Pure Church of Christ-Clark, Wycam organizes   1:954
        Puritans-Congregationalists   1:935
        Quakers-Kitchel, Ashbel-church leaders visit to   1:549
        Quietist-Marsh, Thomas B.-belonged to   1:656
        Reformed Baptist Society-Rigdon, Sidney-conversion   1:526, 1:715
        Restoration Movement-Alexander Campbell-writes anti LDS pamphlet Delusions   1:415
        Strangites-Harris, Martin, rumored Great Britain mission for   1:319
        Unification church-purchases the Washington D.C. chapel   1:242
Religious enthusiasm-meetings-camp meeting, Warren Foote’s thoughts on, humorous   1:368
      -Whitmer, John, on   1:550
Remington   See Weapons (Guns)
Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints   See Religions (Community of Christ)
Reptiles-Lizards-Moses, Phoebe Arabel Woodruff-shakes bedding out each day   1:359
Republican Party   See United States Government (Parties)
Rescues-Fawcett, William-Joseph Smith rescue   1:640
     -Hale, Lucy Clements-natives steal daughter   1:331
      -Martin Handcart   1:169
                     -Ephraim Hanks hears voice, kills buffalo   1:322
      -sugar equipment coming to Utah   1:202
      -Quincy-citizens, relief for Saints   1:251, 1:735
Resolutions-Huntington, William   1:857
Restoration of the Aaronic Priesthood Monument   See Art (Monuments-Fairbanks, Avard)
Retrenchment Society   See Church Organization (Young Ladies Society)
Revelation   See Gifts of the Spirit
Revelation Book 1   See Scriptures
Revenue Cutter   See Ships (Boats)
Reynolds, George   See Church Organization (Seventy, First Council of)
Reynolds, Thomas   See United States Government (Governors)
Rheumatism   See Medical
Rhubarb   See Medical (Cures)
Rice   See Food    
Richards, Franklin D.   See Church Organization (Apostles)
Richards, George Franklin   See Church Organization (Apostles)
Richards, LeGrand   See Church Organization (Apostles)
Richards, Stayner   See Church Organization (Quorum of the Twelve, Assistant to)
Richards, Stephen L.   See Church Organization (Apostles)
Richards, Willard   See Church Organization (Apostles)
Richards, Willard-Titanic-scheduled to sail on   1:563
Richmond, Indiana   See Cities and Towns
Richmond Palladium   See Media (Newspapers and magazines)
Ricks College   See Education
Riddle, A. G.-Kirtland-emigration to   1:547
Rifle   See Weapons (Guns)
Rigdon, Sidney   See Apostates
Ripley, Alanson-Missouri mob violence   1:764
      -Smith, Joseph proposed execution   1:750
Ririe, James-Camp Floyd-items sold cheap   1:881
                            -sells Watermelon pies to the soldiers   1:390
      -clothing/shoes lack of   1:373
      -Walker War, digging for Sego Lilies   1:389
River boat   See Ships
River Ribble   See Rivers
Rivers-Big Blue-April 1833 General Conference held on river boat   1:149, 1:540
       -City Creek-Baptism-four prophets baptized in   1:79
      -Crooked River-Battle of, James Hendricks shot and crippled   1:94
                                       -militia leaders on both sides also religious leaders   1:210
      -Fishing River-Zion’s Camp, planned battle at, weather thwarts   1:602
      -Mississippi River-baptism for healing   1:515
            -Neyman, Jane-baptism for the dead, baptized for dead son   1:104
      -Provo-fish, considered rarity   1:48
            -Smith, John Henry, near drowning, miracle   1:407
      -River Ribble-Baptism-most attending   1:63, 1:654
      -Susquehanna River-Wood, Wilford C.-purchases land along   1:433
      -Sweetwater River-Martin Handcart Co.-young men carry Saints across   1:169
Rivinius, E. H. -Egyptian mummies and writings of Joseph and Abraham   1:740
Roadometer [odometer]   See Artifacts
Roberts, Brigham Henry-See Church Organization (Quorum of the Seventy)
Robinson, Ebenezer   See Apostates
Rochester Daily Democrat   See Media (Newspapers and Magazines)
Rochester Observer   See Media (Newspapers and Magazines)
Rockwell, Orin Porter-April 6, 1830-baptism   1:517
      -body guard to Joseph Smith   1:774, 1:908
      -Boggs, Lilburn W.-attempted murder   1:289
            -Sentencing, attempted murder Lilburn W. Boggs   1:116
Rogers, Noah-Tonga-first foreign language mission   1:948
Rogers, Thomas-Harris, Martin, mortgage agreement   1:514
Rolfe, Samuel-Joseph Smith, baptism for healing   1:515
Rollins, Caroline-Book of Commandments-saves revelations to   1:633
      -lives with Algernon Sidney Gilbert family   1:555
Rollins, James Henry-lives with Algernon Sidney Gilbert family   1:555
Rollins, Keziah-sends her children to live with Algernon Sidney Gilbert   1:555
Rollins, Mary Elizabeth   See Lightner, Mary Elizabeth Rollins
Roosevelt, Teddy   See United States Government (U.S. Presidents)
Rounders   See Recreation
Rowe, W. H.-Salt Lake City businesses, owns   1:248
Russell, Isaac   See Apostates
Ruth, Babe   See Sports (Baseball)
Ryder, Simonds   See Apostates
SS Brigham Young-See Ships (WW II), See War (Ships)
SS Joseph Smith-See Ships (WW II), See War (Ships)
Sabin, Mary Powell-Watermelon-celebration when enter Valley   1:170
Sacrament   See Church Ordinances
Sacrifice-Wells, Emmeline B.-joins church, loses family   1:339
Safford, Anson P. K.   See United States Government (Governor)
Sagawitch   See Native (Individuals)
Sagers, Harrison-Smith, Joseph sends to Louisiana on mission   1:989
Saints Herald, The   See Media (Newspapers and Magazines)
Salem, Utah   See Cities and Towns (Pondtown, Utah)
Salaratus   See Food (Bread), See Soap
Salisbury, Katherine Smith   See Apostates
Salt Creek, Utah   See Cities and Towns (Nephi, Utah) 
Salt Lake City, Utah   See Cities and Towns (Utah)
Salt Lake City Mission Home   See Buildings
Salt Lake Fair   See Fairs
Salt Lake Musical and Dramatic Association   See Art (Music) (Theater)
Salt Lake Stake Academy   See Education
Salt Lake Stock Exchange-first in Utah   1:811
Salt Lake Tabernacle   See Temple Square
Salt Lake Temple   See Temples
Salt Lake Theater   See Art (Theater)
Salt Lake Tribune   See Media (Newspaper and Magazines)
Salt Lake Valley-Jackman, Levi-first glimpse of   1:938
      -Young, Clara Decker, on   1:324
Salts   See Medical (Cures)
San Diego State   See Football
San Francisco   See Cities and Towns (California)
San Francisco Chronicle   See Media (Newspapers and Magazines)
Sanders, Darius-Stink base, plays   1:383
Sanford, Joel-baptism   1:928
Sanford, Louiza-baptized   1:928
Sangamo Journal   See Media (Newspapers and Magazines)
Sanpete Stake Academy   See Education
Santaquin, Utah   See Cities and Towns (Summit Creek, Utah)
Saratoga Springs Resort   See Holidays/Vacations (Vacation Resorts)
Satan-Kimball, Heber C. casts out evil spirits   1:939
      -Knight, Newell-evil spirit cast out, Sister Peck   1:940
      -Smith, Joseph-appears to
Saunders, Orlando-Smith family, on work habits   1:863
Savage   See Weapons (Guns)
Saxton, N. C.-Smith, Joseph, letter to-civil war prophesy   1:426
Sayer, John R.-Titanic-scheduled to sail on   1:563
Schaefer, Michael   See Court Cases (Judges)
School of the Elders   See Education
School of the Prophets   See Education
Scorpion sting   See Medical (Cures)
Scorpions   See Insects
Scott, Ann-hides important church papers from the mob   1:633
Scott, George N.-political campaign-parades   1:256
Scribes-Harris, Martin-pulls joke, switches stones   1:236 
      116 lost pages-Holland, Jeffrey R., thoughts on   1:507
      Bible-“And it came to pass,” usage of   1:235
            -American Bible Association-humorous, flood Utah with Bibles   1:967
            -Awards-Chopnick, Max presents Church with Bible award   1:418
            -Goodreads.com ranking   1:423
            -Layman’s National Bible Committee-award church   1:418
            -McConkie, Bruce R.-why the Saints use the King James version of the bible   1:572
            -missing scripture   1:860
            -Nauvoo House-cornerstone-set in   1:225
            -New Testament-rate of revelation received   1:599
            -Old Testament-rate of revelation received   1:599
            -Smith, Jesse N.-sees ancient bible at Bible House stay   1:434
            -Smith, Joseph-love for   1:574
      Book of Commandments-Church, name of   1:613
            -Church of Christ (Hedrickites)-publish   1:692
            -Cowdery, Oliver-partial scribe   1:545
            -Doctrine and Covenants-forerunner to   1:419
            -Hancock, Levi-signature   1:495
            -Rollins, Mary Elizabeth and Caroline save revelations   1:555, 1:633
            -Taylor, John-saves the revelations   1:633
            -Whitmer, John-scribe   1:545
            -Wood, Wilford C.-original edition purchased by   1:433
      Book of Commandments, A   on   1:664
      Book of Commandments and Revelation-Book of Commandments, forerunner  1:419, 1:664
            -full title and missing pages   1:421
            -Missouri-sent to be published   1:420
      Book of Covenants-pseudonyms, use of   1:575
      Book of Mormon-“And it came to pass”-usage of   1:235
            -Book of Mormon-first foreign language edition   1:946
            -Booth, Ezra-conversion   1:926
            -Cowdery, Warren A.-reads proof sheets at the printers and is converted   1:606
            -first attempt at illustrating   1:140
            -geography   1:222, 1:223
            -Goodreads.com ranking   1:423
            -Goodson, Isaac, burns   1:902
            -Hyde, William-reads proof sheets at the printers and is converted   1:606
            -Johnson, Benjamin-conversion   1:630
            -Leany, William-human bones found in field   1:898
            -Lightner, Mary Elizabeth Rollins-reads for the first time   1:489
            -Manti, City of-location of ancient city, Huntsville, Missouri   1:477
            -Marsh, Thomas B.-sixteen printer pages takes back to Boston   1:528
            -Oliver Cowdery Monument, in   1:651
            -one millionth copy printed   1:487
            -original-preface   1:507
                  -Testimony of the Three Witnesses found at the back of   1:233
                  -Wood, Wilford C.-purchases   1:433
            -painting, first-Baptism of Limhi   1:141
            -Phelps, W. W.-testimony of   1:557
            -printing editions and changes   1:488
            -publishing-Whitmer, Christian-copying from proof sheets   1:605
                   -printing   1:513
                   -punctuation issues   1:226
                   -size of   1:734
                  -terms of contract   1:226
            -revelation-rate received   1:599
            -Rigdon, Sidney-role in his conversion   1:526
            -sealed portion, what it contains   1:230
            -Smith, Jesse N.-reads Book of Mormon in school   1:635
            -Thayre, Ezra-receives shock when he opens   1:531
            -Three Witnesses-testimony   1:757
            -Whitmer, Mary-belief in to dying day   1:649
            -Young, Phineas-conversion   1:518
      Book of Mormon origin theories-Spaulding manuscript   1:492
            -View of the Hebrews-Ethan Smith   1:493
      Book of Mormon original manuscript-Nauvoo House cornerstone   1:245, 1:490, 1:491
            -portions of given to others   1:225
      Book of Mormon printer’s manuscript-Cowdery, Oliver commanded to make   1:650
            -mentioned   1:491
            -RLDS Church owns   1:490
      Brass Plates-mentioned, David Whitmer interview   1:335
      Doctrine and Covenants-1981 edition-dropped pseudonyms   1:579
            -Articles and Covenants-Section 20   1:413
                  -Watters, Virginia Ryder donates   1:62
            -Book of Commandments-compare verses to   1:505
            -Church, name of   1:613
            -Goodson, Isaac, burns   1:902
            -Lectures of Faith-included    1:799
                  -Wood, Wilford C., purchases original   1:433
            -Nauvoo House cornerstone-set in   1:225
            -Oliver Cowdery Monument, in   1:651
            -on   1:664
            -Phelps, W. W.-marriage article in   1:632
            -pseudonyms-use of   1:575
            -Roberts, B. H.-1921 edition, section 10 date error   1:648
            -Section 20 & 22   1:949
            -Section 111-Salem revelation   1:611
            -Section 112-Vauxhall Chapel-mission to England   1:714
            -Smith, Joseph F.-vision-brief history Section 138   1:643, 1:858
            -Welsh edition-first foreign edition   1:685
      Gold Bible-Chamberlain, Solomon story   1:605
             -Corrill, John, mentioned   1:233
             -Harris, Martin, on   1:353
             -mentioned   1:342
             -Packard, Noah-conversion   1:585
      Golden Bible-Brodie, Fawn   1:758
             -Clark, John-minister-Martin Harris visit to   1:424
             -Hyde, Orson, prophecy on   1:410
             -Johnson, Benjamin-conversion story   1:630, 1:927
             -Lightner, Mary Elizabeth Rollins-reads for the first time   1:489
             -Marsh, Thomas B.-conversion   1:528
             -news of   1:510
             -Painesville Telegraph article   1:425
             -Young, Phineas, conversion   1:518
      Gold Plates-Burgess, Harrison-Angel appears to and shows   1:87
             -Corrill, John, mentioned   1:233
             -description of, Emma Smith   1:485
                   -Tiffany’s Monthly   1:879
             -estimate number of plates   1:231
             -Hill Cumorah-cave “room” in   1:647
             -Smith, Joseph-hat, seer stone-gold plate translation   1:236
             -stone box lay out that housed   1:239
             -Tiffany’s Monthly-states Martin Harris’s wife and daughter handled   1:227
             -Translation-Johnson, Elizabeth Anne Whitmer Cowdery   1:485
                  -Smith, Emma-on   1:486
             -Whitmer, Mary-gold plates, angel shows   1:649
      Joseph Smith Translation of the Bible-McConkie, Bruce R., on   1:572
      King James Version of the Bible-Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdery translate   1:522
            -McConkie, Bruce R.-why the Saints use   1:572
            -Saints, why use   1:906
      Kirtland Revelation Book-on   1:664
             -Section 76, 1st revelation recorded in   1:420
      Mormon Bible-Clemens, Samuel-thoughts on, humorous   1:200, 1:542
            -Gilbert, John H.-typesetter for Book of Mormon, thoughts on   1:226
            -Hamblin, Jacob-conversion   1:96
            -Hyde, Orson preaches against as a Campbellite   1:342
      Pearl of Great Price-Articles of Faith-brief history   1:413
                                                -lists   1:414
            -Chandler, Michael H.-writings of Abraham and Joseph, mummies-brief history   1:740
            -Oliver Cowdery Monument, in   1:651
            -Section 138   1:643
      Plates of Ether-Whitmer, David sees   1:512
      Revelation Book 1-Whitmer, John places revelations in   1:545
Scurvy   See Medical (Sickness and disease)
Seagull   See Birds
Sealings   See Church Practices
Seer stone   See Artifacts
Sego Lilies   See Food
Seixas, Joshua   See Education  
Senate-See United States Government
Senators-See United States Government
Seneca’s   See Natives (Tribes)
Sentencing   See Court Cases
Sericulture   See Agriculture
Sermon, Henry-Thompson, John takes him to meet Martin Harris, testimony   1:204
Sermon, John-Thompson, John takes him to meet Martin Harris, testimony   1:204
Service   See Church Practices
Sessions, Patty Bartlett-Administers to the sick, helps husband   1:889
      -Bowel complaint, on   1:382
      -woman’s blessings   1:890, 1:891, 1:892
Sessions, Perrigrine-woman’s blessings   1:889, 1:890, 1:891, 1:892
Seth   See Heavenly Visitors
Setting Apart   See Church Practices
Seventy   See Church Organization
Seventy, Presidency of   See Church Organization
Shalemanasseh   See Pseudonyms
Shederlaomach   See Pseudonyms
Sherman, Lyman Royal   See Church Organization (Seventy, Presidency of)
Sherman, William H.-Sunday school, taught in newly organized   1:153
Shinehah   See Publishing (Pseudonyms)
Shinelah   See Publishing (Pseudonyms)
Shinelane See Publishing (Pseudonyms)  
      Boats-Revenue Cutter-Mormon Trail-used to ford rivers   1:724
      General-sacrament meetings held on   1:275
            -ward divisions, on   1:861
      River boats-April 1833 General Conference held on   1:149, 1:540
            -Maid of Iowa-Dan Jones, captain   1:973
      Sail Ships-Baker, Jean Rio Griffiths-oatmeal for food   1:387
            -Britannia-first ship to sail Saints from England   1:813
            -British Passenger Act 1849-food to be provided for during voyages, types   1:387      
            -Brooklyn-Atlantic and Pacific born on   1:193
                  -cost to charter   1:718
                  -Samuel Brannan charters in New York, bring Saints to California   1:135
            -success in carrying the Saints   1:666
      Steamboats-Warrior-Duncan, Chapman rides on, voice go to Missouri for the truth   1:93
            -Woodruff, Wilford-inspired not to go onto a steamboat with Saints   1:97
      Steamships-Carpathia-Elders on during rescue of Titanic   1:563
            -Mauretania-Elders rescheduled to sail on   1:563
            -Titanic-Elders scheduled to sail on   1:563
            -Virginia-Martin, James Hamilton, LDS Elder on, rescue of Titanic   1:563
      Steamers-Charleston-church leaders escape Kirtland   1:579
            -Hamblin, Jacob-healing miracle   1:155
            -Trenton-leaders escape on   1:579
      WW II-SS Brigham Young-Bowen, Lucy Gates christens   1:12
            -SS Joseph Smith, Eugene W. Hilton   1:13
Shoats (hogs)   See Food
Shoe and Leather Record   See Media (Newspapers and Magazines)
Shoes   See Clothing, See Industry
Sholz, Charles W.-Quincy, Illinois-Saints flooding into comparison   1:735
Shule   See Publishing (Pseudonym)
Shurtliff, L. J.-Titanic-scheduled to sail on   1:563
Siebold, Norman George-World War II-missionary evacuation, miracle   1:35
Sign of the Cross   See Military (Chaplains)
Signs-Hamblin, Jacob-conversion, heals wife and father   1:96
      -night sky at place of baptism in Kirtland   1:67
Silkworms   See Agriculture
Simpson, George-mob leader, Missouri   1:597
Singing   See Art (Singing)
Sioux   See Natives (Tribes)
Site Selection-Adam-ondi-Ahman, Wilford C. Wood purchases   1:433
       -Bountiful Utah Temple-First Presidency chooses site, first in Church history   1:26
      -Harris, Martin, Thomas Lakely buys a portion of the farm   1:514
            -Wood, Wilford C. purchases part of   1:433
      -Liberty Jail, Wilford C. Wood purchases   1:433
      -Nauvoo Temple site, Wilford C. Wood purchases   1:433
      -Redland California Temple-land purchases in 1851   1:430
      -Susquehanna River-land along, Wilford C. Wood purchases   1:433
      -Taylor, John home, Wilford C. Wood purchases   1:433
      -Whitney, Newell K. store, Wilford C. Wood purchases   1:433
Six Shooters   See Weapons (Guns)
Slaves-Flake plantation   1:36, 1:667
      -Independence, Missouri courthouse built by   1:559
      -Smith, Joseph, on   1:756
      -Utah Territory, in, brief history   1:756
Slight, Thomas-Bear Lake-monster spotted in   1:899
Slippery Elm   See Trees, See Food
“Smart”   See Medical (Sickness and disease)
Smith, Alexander Hale-Smith, Joseph plays with-sliding on ice   1:979
Smith, Alvin-baptism for the dead, Nauvoo   1:626
      -Smith, Joseph-appears to   1:629
      -Smith, Joseph Sr.-places ad in Wayne Sentinel-Alvin Smith’s remains   1:733
Smith, Bathsheba Wilson Bigler   See Church Organization (Relief Society)
Smith, Caroline-Clayton, Diantha-next life, converses with   1:91
Smith, Don Carlos-April 6, 1830, baptism   1:517
      -Elders Journal-editor   1:415
      -Sherman, Lyman Royal-never notified or ordained to be an Apostle   1:607
Smith, E. Wesley   See Church Organization (Mission Presidents)
Smith, Eden-mission call to serve wherever he wants to   1:577
Smith, Elias   See Church Organization (Bishops)
Smith, Emma-“A Collection of Sacred Hymns for the Church of the Latter-day Saints”   1:521
      -Bidamon, Lewis, new husband, give tours of Nauvoo after Saints leave   1:106
      -Cahoon, William-home teaches the Joseph Smith family   1:698
      -coffee, tea-offers Brown family, apostatizes   1:588
      -Doniphan, Alexander-closeness to   1:837
      -Gold plates-night Joseph Smith receives, bring the right person   1:184
            -translation, on   1:486
      -hiding important papers from the mob   1:633
      -Murdock, Julia Clapp   1:662
      -Smith, Jesse N., on   1:463
      -Smith, Joseph, baptized for healing in Mississippi River   1:515
      -translation process-stone in hat, interview with Saints Herald   1:485
Smith, Emma S.   See Church Organizations (Relief Society)
Smith, Ethan   View of the Hebrews-Book of Mormon origin theory   1:493
Smith, F. W.-ACMI-creates issues for   1:473
Smith, Frederick G.-Smith, Joseph-plays with sliding on ice   1:979
Smith, George A.   See Church Organization (First Presidency)
Smith, George Albert-See Church Organization (Prophets)
Smith, Hyrum   See Church Organization (First Presidency)
Smith, Hyrum Mack   See Church Organization (Apostles)
Smith, Jesse N.   See Church Organization (Mission Presidents)
Smith, John   See Church Organization (Patriarchs)
Smith, John Henry   See Church Organization (Apostles)
Smith, Joseph III   See Religion (Re-Organized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints)
Smith, Joseph   See Church Organization (Prophets)
Smith, Joseph Sr.   See Church Organization (Patriarchs)
Smith, Joseph Sr. Family-Clark, John, Palmyra minister-thoughts on   1:424
      -Saunders, Orlando-on Smith family work habits   1:863
Smith, Joseph F.   See Church Organization (Prophets)
Smith, Joseph Fielding   See Church Organization (Prophets)
Smith, Lauritz-Bishop assigns tithing, hears voice   1:261
Smith, Lot   See Church Organization (Stake Presidents)
Smith, Lucy Mack-Buffalo, New York-courage to preached gospel at   1:659
       -Fayette Branch, leads to Kirtland, Ohio along with Thomas B. Marsh   1:536,         
      -Harris, Lucy visit-gold plate translation   1:500
      -Presbyterian church-suspended from   1:864
      -prophecy-Mr. Ruggles Presbyterian minister   1:565  
      -Smith, Joseph-Urim and Thummim kept on person, safety of the plates   1:56
      -voice tells her why her sons were taken   1:95
Smith, Lucy Meserve   See Church Organization (Relief Society Presidents)
Smith, Moses-Harris, Martin, on rumored Strangite Great Britain mission   1:319
Smith, Samuel H.-April 6, 1830 baptism   1:265
      -Greene, John P./Brigham Young Book of Mormon   1:513
      -healing a badly scalded child   1:519
      -McLellin, William-serves mission with   1:569
            -teach   1:564
      -mentioned, erroneously (not part of the 1830 mission to the Lamanites)   1:342
      -mission calls, six   1:519
      -Patten, John-convert   1:562
      -Pratt, Orson, on   1:859
      -Presbyterian church-suspended from for poor attendance   1:864
      -Young, Phineas-conversation story   1:518
Smith, Sarah Richards-Joseph F. Smith’s wife, dies   1:858
Smith, Simon   See Church Organization (Bishops)
Smith, Sylvester   See Apostates
Smith, William   See Apostates
Smoot, Abraham O.   See Church Organization (Bishops)
Smoot, Reed-See Church Organization (Apostles), See United States Government (Senators)
Snipes   See Birds, See Food
Snobbers   See Nicknames
Snow-snowball fight-Joseph Smith participates   1:186
Snow, Eliza R.   See Church Organization (Relief Society), See Art (poems)
Snow, Erastus   See Church Organization (Apostles)
Snow, Lorenzo   See Church Organization (Prophets)
Snow, Warren S.-Manti Hill-Moroni dedicated   1:223
Snow College   See Education
Snowflake, Arizona   See Cities and Towns
Soap-Cottonwoods-used to make lye   1:376
      -Goose Root-part of process   1:376
      -Green Soap-medical cure, itch   1:469
      -Lye-part of process   1:376
      -making   1:375, 1:376
      -Willows -used to make lye   1:376
Songs of Zion   See Art (Hymnals)
Sonne, Alma   See Church Organization (First Quorum of the Seventy)
Sons of Helaman   See Groups
Southern States Mission-See Church Organization (Missions)
Spafford, Belle   See  Church Organization (Relief Society)
Spanish-American War   See War
Spanish Fork, Utah   See Cities and Towns
Spanish Influenza   See Medical (Sickness/Disease)
Spaulding Manuscript-brief history   1:757
       -Brodie, Fawn, on   1:758
      -Howe, Eber D.-Spaulding theory   1:492
Spaulding, Solomon-Spaulding manuscript, brief history   1:757
Speaking   See Church Practices
Speaking in Tongues   See Gifts of the Spirit
Spencer, Daniel   See Church Organization (Stake Presidents)
Spencer, Horace-Smith, Samuel, baptized   1:519
Spori, Jacob-dream-George Grau conversion, first in Palestine   1:934
      Baseball-Adams, Spencer-first LDS player in majors, humorous Babe Ruth story   1:304
            -Gehrig, Lou-rooms with Spencer Adams   1:304
            -Jacobs, Rayp-plays two major league game in 20 year career   1:334
            -Kimball, Newt-pitches no hitter in first professional appearance   1:305
            -Lazzeri, Tony-rooms with Spencer Adams   1:304
            -Pearson, Monty-pitches first no-hitter in Yankee Stadium history   1:15
            -Perry, Red-gift from Pittsburgh Pirates   1:306
            -Pittsburgh Pirates-gift to Red Perry   1:306
            -Ruth, Babe-Spencer Adams humorous gambling story   1:304
            -World Series-Adams, Spencer plays in back to back on separate teams   1:304
                 -LDS combined pitching record in   1:307
      Basketball-all church tournament   1:867
            -Ashton, Marvin J.-elders team that wins Great Britain title   1:16
            -first church league   1:866
      Football-BYU/Pitt-first football telecast on ESPN   1:18
            -BYU/San Diego State highest scoring tie   1:17
            -Boscoe, Robbie-Wilford Woodruff-great great grandfather   1:868
            -Young, Steve-Brigham Young great great grandfather   1:868
      Golf-Grant, Heber J. and Warren G. Harding play   1:14
      Track and Field-Haymond, Creed-first running world record, 220   1:139
            -Larson, Clint-first LDS world record in high jump   1:138
Spying-Belnap, Gilbert, for Joseph Smith    1:66
      -Smith, Hyrum Mack-arrested for suspicion of during WW I   1:885
Squirrel   See Food
St. George Stake Academy   See Education
St. George Utah Temple   See Temples
St. Johns, Arizona   See Cities and Towns
St. Joseph Stake Academy   See Education
St. Louis Daily Missouri Republican   See Media (Newspapers and Magazines)
St. Louis Globe   See Media (Newspapers and magazines)
Stake Academies   See Education
Stake Presidents   See Church Organization
Stakes   See Church Organization
Stamps   See Post Office
Standing, Joseph   See Death
Stapley, J.-baptism for healing   1:515
Statues-See Art
Stealing-Bond, John-steals dumplings during prayer, Mormon Trail   1:172
      -Natives-stealing from Saints   1:99
Steamboats   See Ships
Steamers   See Ships
Stedwell, Mary-Hauns Mill-shot and killed   1:181
Steele, Catherine-gives birth to first child born in the Salt Lake Valley, Young Elizabeth   1:194
Steele, John-father of Young Elizabeth Steele, first child born in the Salt Lake Valley   1:194
Steele, Young Elizabeth-first child born in the Salt Lake Valley   1:194
Stenographers   See Communication
Stevenson, Edward-Book of Mormon manuscript receives portion of   1:225
      -Harris, Martin-rebaptize   1:682
      -Smith, Joseph-seer stone, hat-gold plate translation   1:236
Stewart, Isaac J-Mexican Mission-visit Governor Safford of Arizona   1:249
Stewart, J. Z.-Mexican Mission-Native issues during Arizona portion   1:315
                             -Mission call, completes, recalled 7 days later   1:316
                             -visit Governor Safford of Arizona   1:249
Stewart, Joshua Beynon-Patriarchal blessing, gift of healing-heals woman in a coma   1:401
      -prayer to save alfalfa and potato crops   1:401
Stewart, Julia Ann-husband called on mission 7 days completing mission, faith, courage   1:316
Stilson, Susan-baptized   1:928
Stilson, William-baptized   1:928
Stink base   See Recreation/Games
Stock Exchange   See Money
Stockholm Sweden Temple   See Temples
Stoddard, Lyman-Hamblin, Jacob baptizes   1:96
Stone Boxes-gold plates-lay out of stone box   1:239
      -Harris, Martin searches for, Hill Cumorah   1:53
      -Whitmer, David-Chicago Times interview-Hill Cumorah   1:52
Story, M.-mentioned, Book of Mormon publishing   1:226
Story of the Book of Mormon, The   See Books
Stout, Hosea   See Church Organization (Council of Fifty)
Stowell, Josiah-Book of Mormon copyright, tries to sell   1:514
Strang, James Jesse   See Apostates
Strangites   See Religions
Streets-Bethlehem Street-City of Zion   1:394
            -Hell Street-Salt Lake City-Christmas day fight   1:224
            -Jerusalem Street-City of Zion   1:394
            -Salt Lake City-size of streets   1:248
            -Whiskey Street-Salt Lake City-Christmas day fight   1:224
Strong, Avah   Editor-Rochester Daily Democrat   1:350
Students   See Education
“Stupid”   See Medical (Sickness and Disease)  
Success-Callis, Charles A.-determines “failed” missionaries’ success   1:1
Suffrage Association-National Woman’s Suffrage Association-Emmeline B. Wells attends   1:339
      -polygamy-women in favor for polygamy   1:260
Sugar   See Medical (Cures), See Food
Sugar Beets   See Food
Sugar House, Utah   See Cities and Towns   (Utah)
Suing   See Court Cases
Summer Complaint   See Medical (Disease and Sickness)
Summerhays, Joseph W.-Nauvoo House cornerstone-contents of   1:225
Summit Creek, Utah   See Cities and Towns (Santaquin, Utah)
Sumner, Charles   See United States Government (Senators)
Sunday school   See Church Organization
Surgeon   See Medical
Susquehanna River   See Rivers
Sustaining Vote   See Church Practices
Swapp, Elizabeth-Smith, Jesse N.-set apart as nurse   1:443
Sweet, Northrup   See Apostates
Sweetwater River   See Rivers
Swiss Temple   See Temples
Sword of Laban   See Artifacts  
Sydney Australia Temple   See Temples
Tabernacle   See Temple Square
Taft, William Howard   See United States Government (U.S. Presidents)
Tahhanes   See Publishing (Pseudonym)    
Talents   See Pseudonyms
Tallow   See Candles
Talmage, James E.   See Church Organization (Apostles)
Tan-tapai   See Natives (Individuals)
Tanner, John-donates all his money to the Church   1:832
Tanner, Mary Jane-Christmas tree’s   1:788
      -sick “stupid”   1:802
      -Sunday School-size of   1:870
Tanner, N. Eldon   See Church Organization (First Presidency)
Tar and feathering   See Persecution
Tarantula   See Insects
Tawhiao, King   See Natives (Chiefs)
Taxes-Goodrich, George Albert-Nevada accidentally builds meeting house in   1:396
Taylor, John (Prophet)   See Church Organization (Prophets)
Taylor, John-Book of Commandments-saves revelations   1:633
Taylor, John W.   See Excommunication
Taylor, Stephen W.-Martin Handcart Company-rescue   1:169
Tea   See Beverages
Teasdale, George   See Church Organization (Apostles)
Telegraphy   See Communications
Television   See Media, See Communications
Temperance Society   See Word of Wisdom
Temple Presidents   See Church Organization
Temple Recommends   See Church Practices
Temple Square:
      Assembly Hall-World War II-general conference held in last 3 years of WWII   1:435
      Bowery-Natives view play in   1:112
      Brigham Young statue-placed on   1:995
      Endowment House-baptisms performed in, 3 types   1:515
            -Woodruff, Wilford destroys because of polygamous marriages   1:258
      General-rank with other top places of interest and resorts   1:219
      North Visitor Center-Christus Statue mural   1:2
      Sugar beet equipment-set up on north east corner of the temple block   1:221
      Tabernacle-construction of   1:248
            -General Conference-October 1856-handcart rescue-Sisters take bloomers off in   1:326
            -music festival-first held in   1:809
            -Roosevelt, Teddy-first to speak in   1:147
            -World War II-closed during the last three years of   1:435
      Temple Square mission-brief history   1:713
Temple Square mission   See Church Organization (Missions), See Temple Square
Temple Tithing Day   See Church Practices (Tithing)
Temples-Apia Samoa-postage stamp, on   1:23
      -Atlanta Georgia-Angel Moroni Statue   1:242
      -Baton Rouge Louisiana-construction miracle   1:24
      -Billings Montana-ground breaking, weather miracle, protestors   1:32
      -Boston Massachusetts-Angel Moroni Statue   1:242
                                                      -one of three flown on the same day   1:429
      -Bountiful Utah-First Presidency chooses site, first time this has happened   1:26
      -Cardston Alberta-miracle, father hears dead son’s voice   1:29
            -Representative of King of England tours   1:28
            -sealing miracle   1:30
      -Columbus Ohio-Angel Moroni Statue-receives from Monticello Utah Temple   1:427
            -Murdock, Julia Clapp-brother owns the land that the temple is built on   1:662
      -Denver Colorado-Angel Moroni statue-Avard Fairbanks   1:998
      -Far West-cornerstone laying   1:614
            -prophecy-1837 mission to England leaves from   1:614
      -Freiberg Germany Temple-faith, miracle   1:593
      -Halifax Nova Scotia-dedicated same day as Regina Saskatchewan, first   1:19
      -Hawaiian-Construction-lack of wood miracle   1:49
            -Wilson, Woodrow-mentioned in Hawaiian Temple dedicatory prayer   1:146
      -Idaho Falls Idaho-Angel Moroni Statue   1:242
      -Kirtland-Belnap, Gilbert-wonder of the world   1:709
            -Burgess, Harrison-vision in   1:88
            -Church Office Building-used as   1:912
            -Coltrin, Zebedee-sees finger of God while consecrating oil   1:68
            -construction-angels protect during   1:608
                  -French, Peter Farm-construct temple out of bricks possibility   1:594
                  -helps lagging economy   1:431
                  -Millet, Artemus story   1:592
            -debt   1:795
            -Egyptian mummies-Warren Foote views   1:741
            -Elijah appears   1:499
            -Harris, Martin-caretaker of   1:982
            -hosanna shout at dedication   1:660
            -John the Beloved, appears   1:504
            -Lord’s House   1:679
            -Meetings-all pray vocally at the same time   1:272
                  -schedule   1:274
            -Staffordshire ware-rarest   1:432
            -Tanner, John-saves from foreclosure   1:832
            -Western Reserve Teachers Seminary & Kirtland Institute-James A. Garfield   1:674  
      -Logan Utah-Construction accident, miracle   1:108
      -London England-McKay, David O.-construction   1:27
      -Manti Utah-baptism for remission of sins and healing   1:515
              -Christenson, Carl Christian Anton-paints murals in   1:996
              -construction-Edward L. Parry dream-miracle   1:693
              -Genealogy miracle-Ancestors appear to a Brother in cemetery   1:92
              -Kimball, Heber C.-construction prophecy   1:110
      -Mexico City Mexico-Angel Moroni Statue-Avard Fairbanks   1:998
      -Monticello Utah-Angel Moroni statue-only temple to have a white statue   1:427
      -Nauvoo Temple (old)-baptism for healing   1:515
            -capstone ceremony, Brigham Young prayer, arresting officers 1:282
            -construction-Charles Lamb finding work on   1:973
                  -Joseph Fielding, thoughts on   1:113
            -dedications, six times at various stages   1:269
            -fire, Lewis Bidamon tries to extinguish   1:106
            -Kane, Thomas-gilded angel installed   1:238
            -Kimball, Sarah M.-donates money to, tricks non-member husband   1:566
            -lumber-amount used in construction   1:751
            -Thacker, Vern-original temple prints found while tracting, 1946   1:58
            -U.S. Marshalls search for Apostles in   1:54
            -washing and anointings   1:55
            -Wood, Wilford C.-purchases site   1:433
      -Nauvoo Illinois Temple (new)-Angel Moroni statue-one of three flown on same day   1:429
      -Nuku’ alofa Tonga-postage stamp, on   1:23
      -Oakland California-five spires, only temple with   1:25
      -Ogden Utah-first temple dedicated in State of Utah   1:428
      -Palmyra New York-dedication-1.5 million view   1:34
      -Provo Utah-site selection meeting, dream   1:31
      -Redland California-land acquisition in 1851   1:430
      -Regina Saskatchewan-dedicated same day as Halifax Nova Scotia, first   1:19
      -Salt Lake Utah-Assembly Room-general conference held in last 3 years of WW II   1:435
            -capstone laying ceremony-hosanna shouts   1:660
            -construction   1:111
                  -cost of   1:248
            -Dallin, Cyrus, carves first Angel Moroni statue   1:105
            -dedication--Smith, Jesse N. meets cousin at, tells of mothers vision   1:462
                  -Smith, Joseph-vision and prophecy   1:483
            -Kimball, Heber C.-construction prophecy   1:110
            -postage stamp, on   1:23
            -Snow, Lorenzo-sees the Savior in   1:195, 1:610
      -St. George Utah-dedication-Wilford Woodruff-ministers of the day   1:759
            -Mace, Rebecca Elizabeth-collecting rags for carpet   1:872
      -Stockholm Sweden-construction, Viking graves found during   1:20
            -postage stamp, on   1:23
      -Swiss Temple-East German Saints, miracle   1:593
      -Sydney Australia-protect nesting plovers   1:22
      -The Hague Netherlands-Angel Moroni statue-one of three flown on the same day   1:429
      -Tokyo Japan-site devastated by WW II bombs   1:21
      -Veracruz Mexico-dedication, weather miracle   1:33
      -Washington D.C.-Angel Moroni statue-Avard Fairbanks   1:998
      -West Jordan Utah-Angel Moroni statue-Avard Fairbanks   1:998
Tennant, Thomas-donates his wealth to the church   1:832
Tenney, Warren R.-Smith, Jesse N. ordains High Priest, mentioned   1:443
Tennis   See Recreation
Terry, George-Mexican mission-visits Governor Safford of Arizona
Testimony   See Gifts of the Spirit
Thacker, Vern C.-Nauvoo Temple prints given to while tracting   1:58
Thanksgiving   See Holiday/Vacations
Thayre, Ezra   See Apostates
The Hague Netherlands Temple   See Temples
Theater   See Art
Thistle root   See Food
Thomas, Charles John-Temple Square mission-custodian (tour guide)   1:713
Thomassen, Peter D.-Utah Posten, first foreign language paper in Salt Lake area   1:300
Thompson, Ezra-Salt Lake City mayor   1:789
Thompson, John-takes apostates to see Martin Harris   1:204
Thomsen, Karen   See Excommunication
Three Witnesses:
      Cowdery, Oliver-1830 mission   1:590
            -Adam and Eve, sees   1:176
            -April 6, 1830 baptism   1:265
            -baptized-re, after out of the Church for 10  years   1:651
            -Book of Commandments   1:505
                  -partial scribe   1:545
            -Book of Mormon-copyright, try to sell   1:514
                  -testimony of   1:503, 1:757
            -Chamberlain, Solomon, story   1:605
            -charge-deceiving people, court case, lawyer helps him escape   1:655
            -death   1:738
            -description of   1:737
            -first public discourse   1:505
            -Hill Cumorah-cave “room” in   1:647
            -Independence Temple lot dedicated   1:561
            -Kirtland persecutions   1:746
            -Latter-day Saints Messenger and Advocate, editor   1:415
            -Marsh, Thomas B.-conversion   1:528
            -mentioned-Book of Mormon publishing   1:226
            -monument to   1:651
            -printers copy of the Book of Mormon   1:650
            -pseudonym-Olihah   1:575
            -public discourse-gives first in this dispensation   1:704
            -school teacher-hired by Hyrum Smith   1:646
            -Smith, Joseph, reaches out to-growth of the church in Kirtland area   1:658
            -translation-King James version of the bible   1:522
                  -other records   1:505
                  -process of gold plates   1:485
            -Whitmer, David-meets for first time   1:510
      Harris, Martin-agricultural prizes at county fairs   1:352
              -Anthon, Charles-brief history   1:839
             -baptism-re, after the Saints leave the Kirtland area   1:645, 1:682
             -Book of Mormon publishing-he approaches Egbert B. Grandin   1:226
                   -scribe   1:236
                   -testimony of   1:757
                   -testimony of, comes west to Utah, 1870   1:502
             -Clark, John-minister, visit about Golden Bible   1:424
             -farm-Wood, Wilford C., purchase part of   1:433
             -Fifteenth Ward mtg (Salt Lake City)-Relief Society to have false teeth made   1:351
             -Gold Bible, on   1:353
             -Grandin, E. B., Book of Mormon printing   1:514
             -Harris, Lucy-takes Joseph Smith to court   1:500
             -Independence Temple lot dedicated   1:561
             -Manchester Branch-leads to Kirtland, Ohio   1:536
             -Marsh, Thomas B. conversion   1:528
             -Mrs. Hubble, on   1:538
             -obituary written decades before his death, humorous   1:350
             -Palmyra Freeman-Golden Bible article   1:425
             -Priest-first conference   1:895
             -pseudonym-Mahemson   1:575
             -rumored Strangite mission to Great Britain   1:319
             -stone boxes, search for, Hill Cumorah   1:53
             -Thayre, Ezra-conversion story   1:531
             -Thompson, John-takes apostates to see   1:204
             -Tiffany’s Monthly-states wife and daughter handled the gold plates   1:227
             -War of 1812-First Sergeant   1:652
             -Young, Brigham-invites to move west   1:982
      General-Three Witnesses-choose Twelve Apostles   1:790
      Whitmer, David-American Cyclopedia-states, denies testimony   1:757
            -April 6, 1830 baptism   1:265
            -Chicago Times interview, stone boxes at Hill Cumorah   1:52
            -Cowdery, Oliver-meets for the first time   1:510
            -Encyclopedia Britannica-states denies testimony   1:757
            -Johnson, John-heals father   1:972
            -McLellin, William E.-conversion   1:519, 1:564
            -Plates of Ether   1:512
            -Smith, Joseph-testimony of, interview   1:335
            -tarred and feathered   1:748
            -Urim and Thummim in hat, translating process   1:485
            -Whitmer, Mary-seeing the gold plates   1:649
Tiffany’s Monthly   See Media (Newspapers and magazines)
Times and Seasons   See Media (Newspapers and magazines)
Tippits, Alva-religious excitement created by James Carl   1:743
Titanic   See Ships
Tithing   See Church Practices
Tithing office   See Buildings
Tobacco   See Church Practices (Word of Wisdom)
Tobacco, Chewing   See Church Practices (Word of Wisdom)
Todd, Douglas M. Sr.-tithing name changed to “donation”   1:84
Tokyo Japan Temple   See Temples
Tolstoy, Leo   See Celebrities
Tomahawks   See Weapons
Tomlinson, Nathan-baptized   1:928
Tonga See Cities and Towns (Countries)
Topeke   See Nicknames
Town Ball   See Recreation
Trades-Blacksmith-Lauritz Smith-tithing miracle   1:216
Trading-Alger, John-pretends to trade girl to Native chief for horse, humorous   1:166
      -Hale, Arocet Lucious, with California gold seekers in Salt Lake Valley   1:48
      -Hancock, Mosiah-with California gold seekers in Salt Lake Valley   1:283
Translation   See Scriptures (Gold plates)
Trapped by the Mormons   See Art (Movies)
      Basswood-Hancock, Levi feeds to horse   1:412
      Chaparral-clothing dye, used in   1:376
      Cottonwood-soap making, used to make lye   1:376
      General-Hill Cumorah-200,000 planted   1:3
      Greasewood-heating, used for   1:375
      Mahogany-Smith, Lauritz tithing story, miracle   1:261
      Oak-bark-summer complaint cure   1:381
      Poplar-pioneers, tree of   1:475
      Rabbit bush-clothing dye, used in   1:376
      Slippery Elm-Mosiah Hancock uses bark for food   1:174
      Willows-soap making, used to make lye   1:376
Trejo, Meliton G.-conversion, dreams, visit to Utah   1:402
      -Mexican Mission-visits Governor Safford in Arizona   1:249
Trenton   See Ships (steamers)  
Tribes   See Natives
Truman, Harry S.   See United States Government (U.S. Presidents)
Turkish Massacre   See WW I
Turley, Theodore-confronted about Joseph Smith prophecy, John Whitmer   1:511
Turnham, Kirtland-Kirtland named after   1:840
Turnips   See Agriculture
Twain, Mark   See Samuel Clemens
Twelve Jewish Apostles   See Heavenly Visitors
Twelve Mormon Homes   See Publishing (Books)
Twelve Nephite Apostles   See Heavenly Visitors
Twentieth Ward, Salt Lake City   See Wards
Tyler, Samuel D.-ancient City of Manti location, Huntsville, Missouri   1:477
Under the Prophet in Utah   See Publishing (Books)
Unification Church   See Religions
United Order   See Church Practices (Law of Consecration)
United States Government:
      Campaigning-parades   1:256
            -Smith, Joseph-missionaries sent to campaign for   1:287
      Congress-Hinckley, Gordon B., opens with prayer   1:8
             -polygamy-circular sent to by women   1:260
      Corruption-Joel Hills Johnson   1:634
      Governors-Anderson, Hugh J.-Brigham Young, Maine as end destination   1:937
            -Boggs, Lilburn W.-attempted murder, possible suspect   1:288, 1:710
                                                    -how many shots fired   1:290
                                                    -Nauvoo Wasp-Vortex   1:292
                                                    -Porter Rockwell sentencing   1:116
                                                    -Woodruff, Wilford, on   1:291
                  -Executive order 44   1:624
                  -extermination order/Trail of Tears   1:254
                  -Independence courthouse-builds-oldest LDS dwelling   1:243
                  -Lightner, Mary Elizabeth Rollins-makes suit for   1:981
            -Dunklin, Daniel-encourages Saints to seek redress in Missouri courts   1:253
            -Ford, Thomas-afraid he will become a “Pilate” in future history   1:187
            -Huntington, Samuel-William Huntington baptized for   1:263
            -Lucas, Robert-relief for Saints in Iowa   1:251
            -Reynolds, Thomas-Kilbourne, David W. letter to accusing Joseph Smith   1:288
            -Safford, Anson P. K.-missionaries from Mexican mission visit   1:249
      Inaugural address-Garfield, James A.-utters Mormon church in address   1:145
      Member of Congress-Davis, Matthew L.-synopsis of Joseph Smith speech, Washington 1:622
      Nominations-Smith, Joseph nominated to U.S. President, April 1844 conference   1:150
      Party’s-American Party-formed by anti-Mormons   1:789
            -Anti-Mormon Party-Whip Party forms   1:250
            -Democratic Party-Saints support   1:250
                  -Smith, Joseph-prophesy   1:408
            -Independent American Party-Smith, Joseph-prophesy   1:408
            -Liberal Party-political campaigning   1:256
            -Peoples Party-political campaigning   1:256
            -Republican Party-Smith, Joseph-prophesy   1:408
            -Whig Party-formed Anti-Mormon Party   1:250
      Second Continental President-Hancock, John-Levi Hancock signature   1:498
      Secretary of War-Floyd, John B.-resigns   1:880
      Senate-Brown, Hugh B.-opens with prayer   1:8
            -Cannon, Frank J.-member of, apostate   1:942
            -Smith, George Albert opens with prayer   1:8
      Senators-Douglas, Stephen R.-Lincoln, Abraham responds to negative comments   1:148
            -Smoot, Reed-Apostle and Senator, number of years   1:5
                  -Mormon Tabernacle Choir visits the White House   1:144
                  -Grant, Heber J. and Warren G. Harding golf together   1:14
             -Sumner, Charles-reads Thomas L. Kane’s pamphlet The Mormons   1:340
      U.S. Marshalls-Nauvoo Temple, search for members of the Quorum of the Twelve   1:54
      U.S. Presidents-Cleveland, Grover-Saints petition to   1:347
                                         -Utah Statehood, announces   1:869
            -Garfield, James A.-Boynton, John F., his cousin   1:674
                  -utters “Mormon Church” in inaugural address   1:145
            -General-president removes Utah territorial judge for jailing Brigham Young   1:252
            -Grant, Ulysses S.-Hermitage, visits   1:247
            -Harding, Warren G.-Grant, Heber J. golfs with   1:14
            -Hayes, Rutherford B.-woman’s suffrage, Emmeline B. Wells   1:339
            -Jackson, Andrew-Kane, Thomas, gives cane to   1:241
            -Johnson, Lyndon B.-inspired when meeting with David O. McKay   1:6
            -Lincoln, Abraham-defends church against Stephen R. Douglas comments   1:148
            -Roosevelt, Teddy-first to speak in the Tabernacle   1:147
            -Taft, William Howard-Hermitage, visits   1:247
                  -Utah, visits 6 times   1:144
            -Truman, Harry S.-Independence courthouse, LDS dwelling   1:243, 1:559
            -Van Buren, Martin-rejects visit with LDS leaders   1:8
            -Wilson, Woodrow-Grant, Heber mentions in Hawaiian Temple dedicatory prayer   1:146
                  -Moyle, James H., appoints to sub cabinet position   1:59
      U.S. Treasury-Wilson, Woodrow assigns James H. Moyle to sub cabinet position   1:59
      White House-Taft, William invites the Mormon Tabernacle choir   1:144
United States Marshalls   See United States Government
University of State of Deseret   See Education
University of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints   See Education
University of Utah   See Education
Upper Missouri Advertiser   See Media (Newspapers and Magazines)
Urim and Thummim   See Artifacts
Utah Expedition   See War (Utah War)
Utah Lake   See Lakes
Utah Library-Bullock, Thomas, helps organize   1:464
Utah Magazine   See Media (Newspapers and Magazines)
Utah Posten   See Media (Newspapers and Magazines)
Utah Statehood-Mace, Rebecca Elizabeth, celebration at time of announcement   1:869
Utah Territorial Gov’t-Bullock, Thomas-chief recorder   1:464
                                              -Inspector of liquor   1:464
        -Carrington, Albert-assessor and collector   1:456
       -Eldredge, Horace S.-marshall   1:456
       -election-by sustain vote   1:456
       -Governors-Fuller, Frank-Morrisite rebellion   1:900
             -Harding, Stephen S.-Morrisite rebellion and court case   1:900
       -Heywood, Joseph L.-supervisor of road   1:456
      -Kimball, Heber C.-Chief Justice   1:456
      -Richards, Willard-Secretary of State   1:456
      -Superintendent of Meteorological Observations   1:438
      -Taylor, John-associate judge   1:456
      -Wells, Daniel H.-attorney general   1:456
      -Whitney, Newel K.-associate judge   1:456
      -Young, Brigham-governor   1:456
Utah War   See War
Utes   See Natives (Tribes)
Van Buren, Martin-See United States Government (U.S. Presidents)
Views of the Powers and Policies of the Government of the United States   See Publishing
Veracruz Mexico Temple   See Temples
Vina, Utah   See Cities and Towns
Viniculture   See Agriculture
Violets   See Food
Violins   See Art (Musical instruments)
Visions   See Gifts of the Spirit
Voice of Warning   See Publishing (Pamphlets)
Voices   See Gifts of the Spirit (Revelation)
Volunteers-See War
Voree, Wisconsin   See Cities and Towns
Vortex   See Publishing (Pseudonym)
Voting-Painesville Telegraph-LDS power at the polls   1:686
Wade, Moses-mission call, unique   1:577
Wages   See Money (Dollars)
Wakefield, Joseph   See Apostates
Walker, Bill-protects Levi Hancock/Zebedee Coltrin from mob   1:554
Walker War   See Natives, See Wars (Natives)
Walkers Grand Opera House   See Buildings  
      1841 United States and England-Elders sent home   1:121
      Battles-Battle of Crooked River-Hendricks, James shot and crippled   1:94
                         -militia leaders also religious leaders on both sides   1:210
                         -Patten, David-dies at   1:562
                               -nickname-Captain fear not   1:726
            -Battle of Nauvoo-Lamb, Charles   1:905
                  -number of casualties   1:728 
            -Siege of Far West   1:188
      Civil War-Smith, Jesse N.-soldiers return home from   1:444
            -Smith, Joseph prophecy of Jackson County left desolate, fulfilled during Civil War   1:672
      LDS-attitude on   1:768
      Liberty Bonds-LDS investment in during WW I   1:886
      Natives-Black Hawk War-“Talk Brigham”   1:39
            -Seminole-uprising, government asks church for volunteers   1:142
            -Walker War-Ririe, James, involved in   1:389
      Prophesy-Smith, Joseph-on   1:408
      Spanish-American War-Young, Willard-fought in   1:676
      Utah War-Buchanan’s Blunder-also known as   1:880
             -Camp Floyd   1:880
                   -Ririe, James-camp articles sold cheap   1:881
             -facts about   1:880
             -Floyd, John B.-Secretary of War-resigns as a result of the Utah War   1:880
             -Johnston’s Army-Camp Floyd-Ririe, James-camp articles sold cheap   1:881
                                                                         -sells Watermelon pies to soldiers  1:390
                   -Leany, Isaac-grandfather’s dream   1:962
             -Mormon Rebellion   1:880
             -Mormon War-also known as   1:880
             -Mountain Meadows Massacre   1:880
                   -Lee, John D.-excommunicated, membership reinstated   1:943
                         -executed   1:908
             -Utah Expedition-also known as   1:880
             -Young, Brigham-indicted for treason   1:880
      Volunteers-Government asks church for, Seminole uprising   1:142
      War of 1812-Harris, Martin-First Sergeant   1:652
      World War I-British Isles-local sisters did the missionary work   1:988
             -LDS enlistments   1:886
             -Neiber, Thomas C.-first LDS to be awarded Medal of Honor   1:133
            -Red Cross-LDS donation to during   1:886
            -Smith, Hyrum Mack-arrested for suspicion of spying   1:886
            -Smith, Joseph F.-6 sons served during   1:886
                  -deaths   1:858
            -Turkish massacre-church donates to   1:836
      World War II-Assembly Hall-general conference held in last 3 years of WW II   1:435
            -Evacuations-missionary miracle   1:35
            -Guam-1st LDS meeting   1:985
            -Mission evacuations, miracle   1:449
            -Salt Lake Temple-Assembly room-general conf. held in last 3 years of WW II   1:435
            -Ships-SS Brigham Young-Lucy Gates Bowen christens   1:12
                  -SS Joseph Smith-Eugene W. Hilton christens   1:13
            -Tokyo Japan Temple-Site devasted by World War II bombs   1:21
War of 1812   See War
Ward Teachers   See Church Practices (Home Teaching)
Wards   See Church Organization
Warner, Amos-Warner, Frank W.-adopts, Native American   1:42
Warner, Frank W.   See Natives
Warsaw Signal   See Media (Newspapers and Magazines)
Washing and Anointings   See Church Ordinances
Washing of Feet   See Church Ordinances
Washington D. C. Chapel   See Buildings (Chapels)
Washington D.C. Temple   See Temples; See Art (Monuments-Fairbanks, Avard)
Washington, George   See Art (Monuments-Avard Fairbanks)
Wasp   See Media (Newspapers and Magazines)
Waste, Warren-dies later after participating in Joseph Smith tar and feathering   1:701
Waterfall, William-Political campaigns-parades   1:256
Waterloo Ward   See Church Organization (Wards)
Watermelon   See Food
Watermelon Pie   See Food
Watson, William-Lamb, Charles conversion in England   1:929
Watt, Isaac-“Joy to the World”   1:821
Watters, Virginia Ryder-Articles and Covenants, original rough draft, donated to Church   1:62
Wayne Sentinel   See Media (Newspapers and magazines)
      -Cannons-Battle of Nauvoo, Tamma Durfee recollections   1:728
            -fired during the Kirtland persecutions   1:746
      -General-Saints turn in guns including one non-member   1:255
      -Guns-ammunition-Hancock, Mosiah runs out, digs for Sego and Thistle roots   1:385
             -Browning   1:192
             -Browning, John Moses-Ogden gun maker   1:192
             -Browning, Jonathan-Nauvoo gun maker   1:192
             -Colt-mentioned   1:192
             -Fabrique Nationale-mentioned   1:192
             -Remington-mentioned   1:192
             -rifle-Hancock, Levi makes for son Mosiah-squirrel soup   1:384
             -Saints-taken from in Missouri   1:705, 1:710
             -Savage-mentioned   1:192
            -Six Shooters-Quorum of the Twelve protect themselves with   1:54
                  -purchases $400 worthwhile on mission   1:55
            -Tomahawks-Hancock brothers make 300 to protect Saints from mobs   1:208
            -Winchester-mentioned   1:192     
Weather-Billings Montana Temple miracle, ground breaking, protestors   1:32
      -Fishing River-Zion’s camp, planned battle at, weather thwarts   1:602
      -Nauvoo Seventies Hall-construction, tornado   1:920
      -Phelps, W. W.-on   1:495
      -Rigdon, Sidney-Missouri weather, description of   1:560
      -Veracruz Mexico Temple-dedication, miracle   1:33
Weaving   See Clothing
Weber Stake Academy   See Education
Weber State University   See Education
Webster, Dwight-Methodist class leader-Wilford Woodruff converts   1:739
Weed, Thurlow-Book of Mormon, agrees to print   1:514
Weeds   See Food
Weeks, William-Griffin, Leslie M. donates original Nauvoo Temple prints to the Church   1:58
Weekes, Ron-Veracruz Mexico Temple dedication weather miracle   1:33
Welfare Program   See Church Practices
Wells, Daniel H.   See Church Organization (First Presidency)
Wells, Emmeline B.   See Church Organization (Relief Society)
Wells, Junius F.   See Church Organization (Young Men’s Mutual Improvement Association)
Wells, Robert W.-Missouri Attorney General, friendly to the Saints   1:253
Wentworth, John-Chicago Democrat-editory-13 Articles of Faith   1:413
West German Mission   See Church Organization
West, John A.-dancing and recreation   1:471
West Jordan Utah Temple   See Temples; See Art (Monuments-Fairbanks, Avard)
Western Agriculture Company   See Agriculture (Cooperative farming)
Western Monitor   See Media (Newspapers and Magazines)
Western Reserve Teachers Seminary & Kirtland Institute   See Education
Western Union   See Communications  
Whalen, Mary-William (Billy) Gibson Wilson, marries-Hermitage Resort owner   1:247
Wheat   See Agriculture, See Food
Whig Party   See United States Government (Parties)
Whiskey   See Beverages, See Church Practices (Word of Wisdom), See Medical (Cures)
Whiskey Street   See Streets
White House   See United States Government
White House (Brigham Young)   See Buildings
White, Thomas-Hancock, Levi-corruption of, Law of Consecration   1:357
Whitlock, Harvey   See Apostates, See Excommunications
Whitmer, Christian-Book of Mormon-copy from the proof sheets at the printers   1:605
      -Chamberlain, Solomon, story   1:605
      -Home teacher, first   1:955
Whitmer, David   See Three Witnesses
Whitmer, David Jr.-Book of Mormon, believer in-father’s interview   1:335
Whitmer, John   See Apostates
Whitmer, John C.-Whitmer, Mary-gold plates, angel shows to   1:649
Whitmer, John Jr.-mentioned, Whitmer, David interview-testimony of Joseph Smith   1:335
Whitmer, Mary-gold plates, angel shows   1:649        
Whitmer, Peter Jr.   See Apostates
Whitmer, Peter Sr.   See Apostates
Whitney, Elizabeth Ann-joins the Church   1:571
Whitney, Newell K.   See Church Organization (Presiding Bishop)
Whitney, Samuel-thoughts on his brother, Newel   1:571
Whittier, John Greenleaf   See Celebrities
Widows   Smith, Joseph cuts wood for   1:347
Widtsoe, John A.   See Church Organization (Apostles)
Wight, Lyman   See Apostates, See Military (Colonels)
Wild Onions   See Food
Willis, Eleazar-mission call, unique   1:577
Wilson, Woodrow   See United States Government (U.S. Presidents)
Williams, Alexander-Inspired to take food to the Hendricks family   1:94
Williams, Frederick G.   See Church Organization (First Presidency)
Williams, Colonel Levi-leads men that kill Joseph and Hyrum Smith   1:708
Williams, Nancy Abigail Clement-Stink base, plays   1:383
      -“Uncle Sam’s boarding house”   1:873  
Willie Handcart Company   See Mormon Trail (Handcarts)
Willow   See Trees/Shrubs, See Soap
Wilson, Ben-Wilson, William (Billy) Gibson kindness, on   1:247
Wilson, Moses   See Military (General)
Wilson, William (Billy) Gibson-Hermitage resort-famous people visit, food, recreation   1:247
Winchester   See Weapons (Guns)
Winchester, Benjamin   See Church Organization (Quorum of the Seventy)
Winnie, K. N.-Alaska-first baptism-Edward G. Cannon   1:771
Winter Quarters   See Mormon Trail (Towns)
Winter Quarters Monument   See Art (Monuments-Fairbanks, Avard)
Wolves   See Animals
Women’s Exponent   See Media (Newspapers and magazines)
Wood, E. J.   See Church Organization (Temple Presidents)
Wood, M. Douglas   See Church Organization (Mission President)
Wood, Wilford C.-Church artifacts and historical sites, purchases many   1:433
Woodies   See Clothing/Shoes
Woodruff, James-produce used to pay for entertainment   1:835
Woodruff, Jesse-Woodruff, Phoebe Arabell-“He Squaw”   1:965
Woodruff, Phoebe-dies-then comes back to life   1:772
Woodruff, Phoebe Arabell-Natives-“He Squaw”   1:965
Woodruff, Sarah Delight Stocking-baptized for healing   1:103
Woodruff, Wilford   See Church Organization (Prophets)
Woods, James W.   See Court Cases (Lawyers)
Woods, Sashel   See Religion (Ministers)
Woods, T. George-first LDS Boy Scout Troop, organizes   1:697
Woods Museum   See Buildings
Wool   See Clothing
Woolley, Edwin   See Church Organization (Bishops)
Woolley, Ralph   See Church Organization (Stake Presidents)
Word of Wisdom   See Church Practices
World Fairs   See Fairs
World Series   See Baseball  
World War II   See War
YMMIA   See Church Organization
Yerba Buena California Star   See Media (Newspapers and Magazines)
Young, Ann Eliza Webb-sues Brigham Young   1:980
Young, Brigham-See Church Organization (Prophets)
Young, Clara Decker-raises native daughter, Sally   1:277
      -Salt Lake Valley, on-humorous   1:324
Young, Clarrissa-baptized   1:928
Young, Emily Dow Partridge-Edward Partridge-family considers crazy after conversion   1:538
                                                         -tarred and feathered   1:597
                                                   -woman’s blessings   1:892
Young, Fanny-baptized   1:928
      -vision in night sky the evening Joseph Smith received the plates   1:115
Young, John-ACMI-issues created by railroad, F. W. Smith   1:473
Young, John Sen.-Kimball, Heber C./Brigham Young conversion   1:928
Young, Joseph   See Church Organization (Seventy, Presidency of)
Young, Lorenzo D.   See Church Organization (Patriarchs)
Young, Mary-baptism   1:928
Young, Miriam-baptism   1:928
Young, Persis-baptized   1:928
Young, Phineas   See Church Organization (Bishops)
Young, Steve   See Sports (Football)
Young, Willard-Spanish American war, fought in   1:676
      -Young University   1:936
Young Ladies Society   See Church Organization (Mutual Improvement Association)
Young Men’s Mutual Improvement Association   See Church Organizations
Young University   See Education
Young Woman’s Journal   See Media (Newspapers and Magazines)
Young, Zina Diantha Jacobs   See Church Organization (Relief Society)
ZCMI-sales amount during the first year   1:993
      -shoe factory   1:248
Zanusk, Darryl F.-Brigham Young-movie, largest Hollywood premier   1:303
Zelph the Lamanite   See Heavenly Visitors
Zion, City of-Dibble, Philo sees in vision   1:90
      -street names, Jerusalem and Bethlehem street   1:394
Zion’s Camp-Chidster, John M.-participant-thoughts on Joseph Smith   1:603
      -Fishing River-planned battle, weather thwarts   1:602
      -Lake, Dennis sues Joseph Smith   1:123
      -Wight, Lyman-upset at Joseph Smith   1:603
Zion’s Watchman   See Media (Newspapers and Magazines)
Zombre   See Pseudonyms

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