Vol. 1 index (M-Z)

Maeser, Karl   See Education (Universities)
Magazines   See Media
Mahogany   See Trees
Malaria   See Sickness
Mansion House   See Buildings   
Manti Utah Temple   See Temples   
Maori   See Natives
Mapleton, Utah   Hobble Creek, original name   1:481
Martin Handcart Company   See Mormon Trail (Handcarts)
Martin Harris farm   See Land Acquisitions
Mayans   See Natives
McAuley, Thomas   Book of Mormon printing- “Whistling Tom”   1:226
McClures   See Media (Newspaper and Magazines)
McConkie, Bruce R.   See Church Organization (Apostles)
McConkie, Joseph Fielding   McConkie, Bruce R. sets apart as 19-year old missionary-starts policy   1:9
McCullough, John   See Art (Theater)   
McKay, David O.   See Church Organization (Prophets)
McLellan, William E.   See Apostate
Medals   See War
Media   Newspapers and Magazines-American Revivalist-Civil War prophecy, N. C. Saxton editor   1:426
                        -Atlantic Monthly-America’s most influential, where Joseph Smith and Brigham Young place   1:349
                       -Boston Watchman-Baptist newspaper-anti Mormon   1:415
                       -Chicago Democrat-Wentworth, John editor, Wentworth letter   1:413
                       -Chicago Times-David Whitmer interview-stone box that housed the gold plates   1:52
                       -Children’s Friend-Salt Lake City, Mary Anderson editor   1:415
                       -Contributor, The-Salt Lake City, Junius Wells, editor   1:415
                       -Cosmopolitan-anti Mormon in its views   1:415
                       -Daily Union Vedette-Fort Douglas newspaper-Patrick E. Connor founder   1:415
                      -Deseret News-Bertrand, Louis Alphonse, reporter for   1:354
                            -Bullock, Thomas-proofreader   1:464
                            -original Book of Mormon manuscript   1:225
                            -Salt Lake City-Willard Richards 1st editor   1:415
                            -Young, Brigham-thoughts on San Bernardino colony, lack of confidence in   1:480
                      -Elders Journal-printed in Far West, Missouri   1:228
                            -printed in Far West, Missouri and Kirtland, Ohio, Don Carlos Smith editor   1:415
                      -Evening and Morning Star-Independence, Missouri, W. W. Phelps editor   1:415
                      -Everybody’s Magazine-anti Mormon in its view   1:415
                      -Frontiers Guardian-Kanesville, Iowa, Orson Hyde, editor   1:415
                      -Improvement Era-Salt Lake City, replaces The Contributor   1:415
                      -Jeffersonian Republic-Boggs, Lilburn W-assassination attempt   1:290
                            .-attempted murder case   1:288
                      -Juvenile Instructor-Salt Lake City, George Q. Cannon, editor   1:415
                      -L etoile du Deseret-French Church newspaper   1:354
                      -Latter-day Saints Messenger and Advocate-Cowdery, Oliver-8 beliefs of the Church   1:413
                            -gold plates stone box, what it looked like   1:239
                            -Kirtland, Ohio, Oliver Cowdery editor   1:415
                      -Le Populaire   Bertrand, Louis Alphonse, editor   1:354
                      -Life Magazine-Mormon Tabernacle article   1:455
                      -McClures-anti Mormon in its views   1:415
                      -Millennial Harbinger-Campbellite newspaper   1:415
                      -Millennial Star-Arizona Mormon colonies-on   1:315
                             -Church's longest running publication   1:415
                             -City of Manti, Huntsville, Missouri   1:477
                            -Hyde, Orson-when he was a Campbellite minister, gold bible   1:342
                            -Parley P. Pratt-first editor of   1:415
                            - Shoe and Leather Record article   1:248
                      -Mormon, The-New York City Latter-day Saint newspaper   1:229
                      -Mormon Tribune-replaces Utah Magazine    1:415
                      -Nauvoo Expositor-Sylvestor Emmons, editor-anti Mormon in its views   1:415
                      -Nauvoo Neighbor-Nauvoo, Ill.,  John Taylor editor   1:415
                      -Nauvoo Wasp-Boggs, Lilburn W.-assassination attempt, on   1:292
                      -New York Evening Post-Salt Lake City children   1:370
                      -New York Sun-Wight, Lyman- “Wild Ram of the Mountains”   1:358
                      -Newbury Weekly News-Ballard, Henry-genealogy miracle   1:404
                      -Northern Times-Kirtland, Ohio-Frederick G. Williams editor   1:415
                      -Painesville Telegraph-Golden Bible, on   1:425
                            -Howe, Eber D., editor, anti-Mormon in its views   1:415
                      -Palmyra Freeman-Golden Bible, on   1:425
                      -Palmyra Reflector-Cole, Abner (Obediah Dogberry), anti Mormon   1:415
                      -Palmyra Register-Smith, Joseph reads as a youth   1:344
                      -Pearsons-anti Mormon in its view   1:415
                      -Prophet, The-New York City, Samuel Brannan, editor   1:415
                      -Quincy Whig-articles on the Saints   1:415
                      -Relief Society Magazine-Replaces Woman’s Exponent   1:415   
                      -Rochester Daily Democrat-Harris, Martin-prints his obituary decades prior to his death, humorous   1:350
                      -Rochester Observer-Civil War prophecy, N. C. Saxton   1:426
                      -Saints Herald-Book of Mormon translation process, Emma Smith, on   1:485
                            -David Whitmer interview   1:335
                      -Sangamo Journal-Benton, Thomas Hart, editor, anti-Mormon   1:415
                      -Shoe and Leather Record-Salt Lake City, on   1:248
                      -St. Louis Daily Missouri Republican-Boggs, Lilburn W. assassination attempt   1:290
                      St. Louis Globe Democrat-Arizona Mormon colonies, on   1:315   
                      -Times and Seasons-Babbit, Almon missionary experience, humorous   1:318
                            -Book of Mormon geography   1:222
                            -Missouri persecutions   1:209
                            -Nauvoo, Ill., Joseph Smith editor   1:415
                            -Printed on the same press as the Elders Journal in Far West   1:228
                            -Wentworth Letter printed in   1:413
                       -Upper Missouri Advertiser-Independence, Missouri, W. W. Phelps editor   1:415
                       -Utah Magazine-Anti Mormon in its views   1:415
                       -Utah Posten-first Utah foreign language newspaper   1:300
                       -Warsaw Signal-Bennett, John C. letter to   1:289
                             -Sharp, Thomas C., anti Mormon in its views   1:415
                      -Wasp-Nauvoo, Ill.-William Smith editor   1:415
                      -Wayne Sentinel-Martin Harris, thoughts on   1:353
                      -Women’s Exponent-Salt Lake City, Louisa Lula Greene, editor   1:415
                            -Wells, Emmeline B., editor   1:339
                      -Yerba Buena California Star-Samuel Brannan prints San Francisco’s first newspaper   1:229
                      -Young Woman’s Journal-Salt Lake City publication   1:415
                      -Zion's Watchman, The-Australia, printed in  1:415
               Newspapers General-publishing lies-humorous   1:445
               Radio-CBS broadcast nationally the Mormon Tabernacle Choir in Chicago   1:286
                     -General Conference-first broadcast by, 1925   1:301
                     -NBC-first Mormon Tabernacle Choir broadcast   1:453
               Stenographers-Sister missionaries called to, 1953   1:461
               Telegraphy-Callings given to the young people   1:267   
               Television-ESPN first televised football game-BYU/Pitt   1:18
                      -General Conference, first televised   1:302
Meetings   See Church Practices
Melchizedek Priesthood   See Church Organization
Melville, Savalla Bishop   Natives, work for in lieu of tithing   1:83
Mental Illness   See Sickness
Merrill, Marriner W.   See Church Organization (Apostle)  
Methodist   See Religions
Mexico   Mayan, “And it came to pass,” usage   1:235
Milk   See Beverages
Millennial Star   See Media (Newspapers)
Miller, J.   Imprisoned 16 times on his mission   1:460     
Miner, Albert   Lake, Dennis sue’s Joseph Smith   1:123
Mining   Lyman, Amasa letter to Brigham Young-those that seek gold   1:450
Ministers   See Religions  
Miracles   Archer, Patience Loader Rozsa-heavenly visitor appears to her as member of the Martin Handcart company   1:167
                   Ballard, Henry-genealogy miracle   1:404
                   Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple construction   1:24
                   Billings Montana Temple-weather miracle   1:32
                   Brown, Hugh B.-mission miracle-members of the Church of England want him to be their minister   1:321
                   Butler, John Lowe-called to the Sioux, miraculous escape   1:162
                   Cardston Alberta Temple-grieving father permitted to speak in the temple   1:29
                         -Wood, E. J.-performing sealing   1:30
                   Chapman, Duncan-hears a voice to join the Saints   1:93
                   Crosby, Jonathan-stray oxen   1:164
                   Far West-mob sees 1000s of defenders   1:207
                   Forsgren, Christina Ericka conversion, sees vision   1:86
                   Gardner, Robert Jr.-baptizes mother in spite of threats   1:264
                   Hamblin, Jacob-conversion   1:96
                         -healing and taken care of the remainder of the trip   1:156
                   Hancock, Clarissa-shoe miracle   1:411
                   Hancock, Levi-mission miracle, repairing violin leads to numerous baptisms   1:320
                         -Higbee, Francis M.-shoots at, miracle   1:406
                   Hanks, Ephraim-sees vision of Willie and Martin handcart companies, miraculously provided with Buffalo meat   1:322
                   Hawaiian Temple-lack of wood during construction   1:49
                   Knaphus, Torlief-sees finger pointed to drawing of Angel Moroni statue   1:242
                   Logan Utah Temple construction miracle   1:108
                   Quails-miracle of   1:50
                   Seagulls-miracle of   1:46
                   Smith, Jesse N.-appears larger to the mob than what he actually is   1:459
                   Smith, John H.-near drowning miracle   1:407
                   Stewart, Adiel-crop miracle, prayer   1:401
                   Veracruz Mexico Temple-dedication weather   1:33
                   WW II-missionary evacuation from Europe   1:449
                   Warner, Frank W.-shot 7 times as two-year-old during the Bear River Massacre   1:42
                   West German mission evacuation prior to WW II   1:35
Mission Calls   See Church Practices   
Missionary experiences    See Church Practices (Missions)    
Missions   See Church Organization  
Mississippi River   See Rivers
Mitchell, Samuel L.   Palmyra Freeman, on    1:425
Moab, Utah   Vina name change, doesn’t go through   1:398
Molasses   See Food
Money   General-Brannan, Samuel-California’s first millionaire-steals tithing money   1:135   
                       -Food used to pay for school   1:128
                       -Salt Lake Utah Temple-cost of   1:248
                 Gold-Lyman, Amasa-letter to Brigham Young   1:450
                       -Mormon Battalion finds    1:284
                Inflation-San Bernardino mission, during   1:479
                Making-Angell, Truman O.-small press, 1849   1:457
Monticello Utah Temple   See Temples
Mormon Battalion   California-find gold   1:284
                                     Wood provided for members of Battalion members at Winter Quarters   1:220   
                                     Young, Brigham-letter to, avoid the surgeon   1:214
Mormon Colonies   Palestine, Brigham Young sends elders   1:393
Mormon Tabernacle Choir   See Art (singing)
Mormon, The   See Media (Newpapers)
Mormon Trail   Accidents-Hamblin, Jacob-father blesses him and two sons   1:411
                            Animals-Hancock, Mosiah and friends surrounded by wolves   1:323   
                            Artifacts-pioneer odometer, accuracy of   1:60
                            Diarist-Bullock, Thomas   1:465
                                  -Clayton, William   1:465
                                  -Egan, Howard   1:465
                            Emigration-1852, the year with the most emigrants   1:159
                            Food-Prairie gum   1:470
                            General-cost of an ox team and handcart   1:327
                                 -Erickson, Hilda Anderson-last pioneer to die   1:468
                                 -number of days to cross   1:165
                            Handcarts-Ellsworth Handcart company-Sabin, Mary Powell-eats watermelon for the first time   1:170
                                                      -Jones, Mary Ann-handcart weigh-in   1:325
                                 -General-natives pull handcarts   1:168
                                 -Sweetwater river crossing incident   1:169
                                 -Martin Handcart company-Archer, Patience Loader Rozsa-heavenly visitor   1:167
                                       -Hanks, Ephraim vision of, miracle   1:322
                                       -Ink, frozen   1:328
                                       -Loader, Patience-baby girl born, named Echo   1:330
                                 -Willie Handcart company-Hanks, Ephraim vision of, miracle   1:322
                                       -Ink, frozen   1:329
                                       -James, Sarah-lack of food-wanting to eat shoes   1:171
                            Life on-Alger, John teasingly tries to trade pioneer girl to the natives   1:166
                                  -Lyman, Eliza Marie Partridge-Platte, names son after the river   1:329
                                  -River crossings-hold hands   1:173
                            Miracles-Crosby, Jonathan-stray oxen   1:164
                            Natives-Hales, Lucy Clement-steal her child   1:331
                            Sickness-Hamblin, Jacob-Methodist ministers offer   1:50
                                  -Woodruff, Sarah Delight Stocking-baptism for healing   1:103
                            Wagon Companies-Heber C. Kimball-battle with natives   1:44
                                  -Hodgett-Bond, John-lack of food, steals dumplings during prayers   1:172
                            Winter Quarters-African Americans-34 join Saints at Winter Quarters   1:44
Mormon Tribune   See Media (Newspapers and Magazine)
Mormons, The   See Printing (Pamphlets)
Mormonism Unvailed [sic]   See Printing (Books)                 
Morris, George Q.   See Church Organization (Apostles)
Moses, Phoebe Arabell Woodruff   “Critters” found in cabin   1:359
Mountain of the Lord   See Art (Movies)
Moyle, James H.    Wilson, Woodrow appoints to subcabinet position-first for a Latter-day Saint   1:59
Muir, John   Hikes Mt. Nebo, humorous thoughts on Mormons   1:343
Murals   See Art (Murals)
Museums   Museum of Church History and Art-Angel Moroni statue   1:242
Music   See Art
Musser, A. Milton   Sunday school-superintendent of first   1:153
Names   Atlantic-born on the ship Brooklyn   1:193
                Echo-Patience Loader on baby girl born   1:330
                Pacific-born on the ship Brooklyn   1:193   
                Platte-Eliza Marie Partridge Lyman names son   1:329
Napoleon III, Louis   Bertrand, Louis Alphonse, laughs at   1:354
National Woman’s Suffrage Association   See Suffrage
Natives   Apaches-Cause issues for Arizona settlements   1:315   
                 Battles-Bear River Massacre-Frank Warner shot during   1:39, 1:42
                        -Heber C. Kimball company battles west of Winter Quarters   1:44
                        -Seminole uprising-LDS men recruited to fight during Missouri years    1:142
                        -Walker War-mentioned   1:389
                 Chiefs-Arapeen-donates tribal holdings when he converts to the church   1:45
                       -Curley Bull- “Talk Brigham”   1:39
                       -Kanosh, son-in-law to Brigham Young   1:40
                 General-Arizona natives   1:474
                       -Children, sell   1:277
                             -playing with white children   1:476
                       -Salt Lake Temple dedication-vision of Natives entering   1:483
                 Language-Corrill, John-Native dialects used when speaking in tongues   1:70
                        -Crosby, Jesse-Native dialects used when speaking in tongues   1:69
                       -Hjorth, August Adrainus- “Talk Brigham”   1:39
                 Maori-King Tawhiao prophecy about Mormon Elders coming to teach   1:74
                 Mayans- “And it came to pass,” usage of   1:235
                 Natives-Big Foot-wanting to kill Jacob Hamblin   1:99
                        -Sagawitch-parent of Frank W. Warner   1:42
                       -Sally-Charles Decker purchases from   1:277
                       -Tan-tapai-cci-parent of Frank W. Warner   1:42
                       -Timbimboo, Moroni-first Native American bishop   1:452
                       -Warner, Frank W.-adopted by white family   1:39
                             -native name Pisappih Timbimboo   1:42
                             -shot during Bear River Massacre   1:39, 1:42
                Persecution-Trail of Tears 1838 month’s prior to Missouri extermination order   1:254   
                Whites (dealings with)-Alger, John teasingly tries to trade a pioneer girl to   1:166
                       -Bowery (Temple Square)-natives see plays performed in   1:112
                       -Butler, John Lowe-called on mission to the Sioux-miraculous escape   1:162
                       -Davis, William-philosophy about   1:37
                       -Hales, Lucy Clement-steal her child   1:331
                      -Hamblin, Jacob-listens to inspiration given while issues with the Saints   1:99
                      -Handcarts-natives pull   1:168
                      -Hjorth, August Adrainus- “Talk Brigham”   1:39
                      -Natives, work for in lieu of   1:83
                      -Warner, Amos-adopts Frank W. Warner   1:42
                      -Young, Brigham philosophy about   1:37
Nauvoo House   See Buildings
Nauvoo Expositor   See Media (Newspapers and Magazines)
Nauvoo (Commerce), Illinois   Bidamon, Lewis and wife, Emma Smith give tours of   1:106
                                                       City of Joseph-Brigham Young first announces   1:218
                                                       Water stinks, sickness   1:215
Nauvoo Illinois Temple   See Temples
Nauvoo Legion   Bullock, Thomas-Lieutenant Colonel in   1:464   
                              Smith, Joseph-neatness of uniform   1:463
Nauvoo Wasp   See Media (Newspapers)
Neibur, Thomas C.   Medal of Honor-the first Latter-day Saint to receive   1:133
Nelson, Russell M.   See Church Organization (Prophets)
Nephi, Utah   Salt Creek, original name   1:481
New York Evening Post   See Media (Newspapers and Magazines)
New York, New York   Prophet, The-Samuel Brannan editor   1:415
New York Sun   See Media (Newspapers and magazines)
New York World Fair   See Fairs
New York Yankees   See Sports (Baseball)
Newbury Weekly News   See Media (Newspapers and Magazines)
Newell K. Whitney store   See Artifacts (Wood, Wilford C.)
Newspapers See Media
Nicknames   “Black Ducks”- non members trying to do Joseph Smith harm   1:379
                       Davis, William- “The Captain”   1:37
                       “Fighting Mormons”   1:442
                       Flax wheel-Whimmikie Whammikie two standard Lillikie Strikiety Huffity Whrilimagig   1:377
                       Hill Cumorah- “Mormon Hill”   1:226
                       Hjorth, August Andrianus- “Topeke”   1:39
                       McAuley, Thomas- “Whistling Tom”   1:226
                       Moroni-”Prince of America”   1:178
                       Nauvoo- “City of Joseph,” Brigham Young first announces   1:218
                       Shoes- “woodies”   1:372
                       Umbrella- “Dumbelly”   1:462
                       Wight, Lyman- “Wild Ram of the Mountains”   1:358
Non Members    Anthon, Charles-Clark, John, thoughts on Martin Harris story   1:424   
                                    -Harris, Martin visits   1:226
                              Bancroft, Hubert Howe-book, History of Utah   1:416
                              Benton, Thomas Hart-Sangamo Journal, editor, anti-Mormon   1:415
                              Browne, Joseph D.-donates money to Mormon cause   1:340
                              Campbell, Alexander-Delusions-Pamphlet, anti Mormon   1:415
                              Cluff, Benjamin Jr.-hires first non-LDS teachers at BYA   1:298
                              Cole, Abner-Palmyra Reflector,editor, anti Mormon-Obediah Dogberry   1:415
                              Conner, Patrick E.-founds Daily Union Vedette-Utah’s first daily paper   1:415
                              Cope, Thomas P.-donates money to the Mormon cause   1:340
                              Emerson, Ralph Waldo-Reads Thomas L. Kane’s pamphlet The Mormons, becomes interested in cause   1:340
                              Hale, Abby Calista-first non LDS teacher hired to instruct at BYA   1:299
                              Holling, Marcus-told by personage to go to Utah   1:482
                              Howe, Eder D.-Mormonism Unvailed [sic]-Spaulding theory   1:492
                                    -Painesville Telegraph, editor-anti Mormon   1:415
                              Hurlbut, Doctor Philastus-Mormonism Unvailed [sic], anti Mormon book   1:415
                              Kane, Elizabeth W.-patriarchal blessing   1:338
                                    -writes book on Mormons   1:336
                              Kane, John K.-donates money to Mormon cause   1:340
                              Kane, Thomas L. -baptism for healing   1:337
                                   - Gilded angel placed on-angel represents Apostle John   1:238
                                   -Jackson, Andrew cane   1:241
                                    -Last words to the Saints   1:337
                                    -Methodist-humorous thoughts on   1:340
                                    -Patriarchal blessing-receives two   1:338
                                    -Presbyterian church built, church purchases   1:397
                                    -Rocky Mountains-Gov’t should give all land west of to the Saints   1:437
                                    -The Mormons-pamphlet   1:336
                                    -writes favorable pamphlet on the Church   1:336   
                              LDS meetings, on   1:153
                              Mitchell, Samuel L.   Palmyra Freeman, on   1:425
                              Nelson, George-”Baby Face”   1:467
                              Pixley, Benton Reverend-Missouri-anti Mormon literature   1:415
                              Saxton, N. C.-Smith, Joseph Civil War prophecy   1:426
                              Sharp, Thomas C-editor of the Warsaw Signal-anti Mormon in his views   1:415
                              Smith, F. W.-ACMI issues   1:473
North Visitor Center   See Buildings, See Temple Square
Northern Times   See Media (Newspapers and Magazines)
Nurses   See Sickness and Disease  
Nyman, Jane   Baptism for the dead-first to perform in the Mississippi River   1:104
Oak Bark   See Sickness (Cure)
Oakland California Temple   See Temples
Oatmeal   See Food
Obediah Dogberry   See Printing (Ghost Names)
Obituaries   See Death      
Odometer   See Artifacts, Mormon Trail
Ogden Utah Temple   See Temples
Olson, Nolan P.   Logan Temple construction temple   1:108
Ordinations   See Church Ordinances
Orphanage   Salt Lake City’s first   1:311
Pack, John   First mercantile store in Salt Lake City   1:136
                      Parent School held in his home   1:128
Pack, Julia   First mercantile store in Salt Lake City    1:136
Packer, Boyd K.   See Church Organization (Apostles)
Painesville Telegraph   See Media (Newspapers and Magazines)
Palenque   Mayans- “And it came to pass,” usage   1:235
Palestine   See Israel (Holy Land)
Palmyra, New York    Churches, four on one intersection, only town in America   1:395   
                                       Population at the time of Joseph Smith   1:392
Palmyra New York Temple   See Temples
Palmyra Freeman   See Media (Newspapers and Magazines)
Palmyra Register   See Media (Newspapers and Magazines)
Pamphlets   See Printing
Panca, Nevada   White Mountain expedition   1:451
Parent School   See Education (Universities)
Parliament of World Religions   See Religions (Parliament of World Religions)
Parry, John   Mormon Trail-natives pull handcarts   1:168
Partridge, Edward   See Church Organization (Presiding Bishop)
Patriarchal Blessings   See Church Practices
Payson, Utah   Peteetneet, original name   1:481
Pearson, Monte   Pitch first no hitter in Yankee Stadium history   1:15
Pearsons   See Media (Newspapers and Magazines)
Patton, David   See Church Organization (Apostles)
Pauncefort, Sir George   See Art (Theater)
People’s Party   See Utah Politics
Peppermint Tea   See Sickness (Cure)
Perkins, Dicy   Nurse, early LDS   1:376
Perkins, William G.   See Church Organization (Patriarchs)
Perry, Red   See Sports (Baseball)
Persecution   ACMI-issues   1:473
                         Adam-ondi-Ahman-Saints turn guns into Missouri mob, non-member sides with the Saints   1:255
                         Babbit, Almon-missionary experience, humorous   1:318   
                         Bean, Willard and Rebecca-caretakers of the Joseph Smith Sr. farm-gain respect with time after persecution   1:156
                         Bennett, John C.-History of the Saints; or, Expose of Joseph Smith and Mormonism   1:417
                         Boston Watchman-Baptist newspaper, anti Mormon in its view   1:415
                         Campbell, Alexander-Delusion, pamphlet-anti Mormon   1:415
                         Cosmopolitan-anti Mormon in its view   1:415
                         Cox, Cordelia Morley-polygamy   1:82
                         Daily Union Vedette-Utah’s first daily paper, anti Mormon in its view   1:415
                         Everybody’s Magazine-anti Mormon in its view   1:415
                         Far West-mob sees 1000s of defenders   1:207
                               -press buried   1:228
                         Ford, Thomas-does not protect Joseph Smith in Carthage jail   1:293
                         Hamblin, Jacob conversion story   1:96
                         Hancock brothers protect 600 homeless Saints   1:208
                         Hancock, Levi-family moves out of Missouri experience   1:412
                         Haun’s Mill-Laney, Isaac shot many times   1:180
                               -Stedwell, Mary-dies at   1:181
                         Howe, Eber D.-Mormonism Unvailed [sic]-Spaulding manuscript-accuses Joseph Smith   1:492
                         Hurlbut, Doctor Philastus-Mormonism Unvailed [sic], anti Mormon in its views   1:415
                         June 27, 1844-Number of bullets each man received   1:294
                         McClures-anti Mormon in its view   1:415
                         Millennial Harbinger-anti Mormon in its views   1:415
                         Movies-Trapped by the Mormons   1:314
                         Nauvoo Expositor-anti Mormon in its view   1:415
                         Nauvoo Temple-capstone ceremony, lawmen wait to arrest apostles   1:282
                         Painesville Telegraph-anti Mormon in its views   1:415
                         Palmyra Reflector-anti Mormon in its views   1:415
                         Parliament of World Religions-rejects the Church   1:7
                         Partridge, Edward-awarded one cent during Missouri mob test trail   1:253
                         Pearsons-anti Mormon in its view   1:415
                         Pixley, Benton Reverend-Missouri, anti Mormon literature   1:415
                         Polygamy-Reynolds, George-test trial-tried on a Sunday   1:252
                               -women against women, rally   1:260
                         Sangamo Journal-anti Mormon in its views   1:415
                         Sharp, Thomas C.-Warsaw Signal-anti Mormon in its views   1:415
                         Smith, Jesse N., appears larger to the mob than what he actually is   1:459
                         Smith, Joseph-trial, escapes, humorous   1:206
                         Times and Seasons-Missouri persecutions   1:209
                         Van Buren, Martin-rejects visit by Church leaders   1:8
Peterson, Ziba   1830 mission-Orson Hyde Campbellite minister   1:342   
                             Conducts first legal hanging in California   1:177
Phelps, W. W.   See Church Organization (Council of Fifty)
Phillips, Wendell    Reads Thomas L. Kane’s The Mormons   1:340
Pigs   See Food  
Pitt   See Education (Universities)
Pittsburgh Pirates   See Sports (Baseball)
Placerville, California   Brief history   1:177
Platte River   See Rivers
Pleasant Grove, Utah   Battle Creek, original name   1:481
Plovers   See Birds
Poems   See Art
Polygamy   See Church Practices
Pony Express   See Post Office
Poplars   See Trees
Popul Vuh   See Printing (Books)
Porpoises   See Food
Post Office   Letters-Bennett, John C. letter to the Warsaw Signal   1:289
                              -Brown, John to John Taylor-what happened to the original Book of Mormon manuscript   1:225
                              -cost of sending   1:118
                             -Fielding, Mary humorous letter to sister, Mercy   1:206
                             -Kilbourne, David W. to Thomas Reynolds-implicates Joseph Smith and Porter Rockwell in the attempted murder of Lilburn W. Boggs   1:288
                             -Kimball, Sarah M. letter to George Reynolds-what happened to the original Book of Mormon manuscript   1:225
                             -Lyman, Amasa-letter to Brigham Young-thoughts on those who seek gold   1:450
                             -Wentworth Letter-Articles of Faith   1:413
                             -Wight, Lyman letter to the President of the United States-Nauvoo House cornerstone   1:225
                             -Young, Brigham-Holling, Marcus, non member, told to come to Utah   1:482
                                   -Mormon Battalion, leave the surgeon alone   1:214
                       Pony Express-cost of sending a letter   1:119
                             -speed of   1:119   
                       Stamps-four temples featured on   1:23
Potangaroa, Paora   Maori spiritual leader on Mormon Elders coming to teach   1:74
Potatoes   See Food, See Agriculture
Poverty   Smith, Jesse N., on   1:463
Poverty Flats   Lewiston, Utah   1:391
Prairie gum   See Food
Pratt, Helman   1876 Mexican mission-meet Governor Safford of Arizona, wants Saints to move to his state   1:249
Pratt, Orson   See Church Organization (Apostles)
Pratt, Parley P.   See Church Organization (Apostles)
Prayer   Anderson, George Edward-answered prayer to photograph Church history sites   1:308
               Brown, Hugh B.-members of the Church of England want him to be their minister   1:321
                     -offers prayer to open U.S. Senate   1:8
               Burgess, Harrison-prays for testimony of the Book of Mormon, heavenly visitor shows him the gold plates   1:87
               Butler, John Lowe-prays for deliverance from the Sioux natives during mission   1:162
               Cardston Alberta Temple-grieving father permitted to speak in the temple   1:29
               Cox, Cordelia Morley-prays if she should become Joseph Smith’s plural wife, dream   1:82
               Dustin, Buduas-confronts Samuel Bogart about insincere prayer   1:183
               Forsgren, Christina Ericka-prayer during conversion, sees vision   1:86
               Hamblin, Jacob-for father’s recovery   1:96
                     -Methodist minister’s offer   1:50
               Hancock, Mosiah-prays for food, kills pig   1:217
               Harding, Dwight-wife’s prayer   1:101
               Hinckley, Gordon B.-U.S. congress-opens with prayer   1:8
               Kirtland Temple-congregation separate vocal prayers   1:272
               Knaphus, Torlief-prays to know which Angel Moroni drawing is acceptable, miracle   1:242
               Pratt, Parley P.-prays in prison, sees wife in vision   1:196   
               Smith, George Albert-first to give prayer to open U.S. senate from the Church   1:8
               Smith, John H.-near drowning accident miracle   1:407
               Smith, Joseph-vision of Adam and Eve   1:176
               Smith, Lauritz-Bishop determines his tithing, faith   1:261
               Snow, Lorenzo-prays, sees the Savior in the Salt Lake Temple   1:196
               Stewart, Adiel-crop miracle   1:401
               Woolley, Ralph-Hawaiian Temple construction lack of wood miracle   1:49
               Young, Brigham-where to settle the Saints, Joseph Smith appears in vision   1:89
Presbyterian Church   See Religions
Presiding Bishop   See Church Organization
Preston, England   River Ribble-most attend a baptism   1:63
Priest   See Church Organization
Printing   Book of Mormon-Original manuscript, on   1:490
                       -Printer’s manuscript   1:490
                       -printing process   1:226
                  Books-Anderson, George Edward-Birth of Mormonism   1:308
                        -Bancroft, Hubert Howe-History of Utah   1:416
                        -Bennett, John C.-The History of the Saints; or, Expose of Joseph Smith and Mormonism   1:417
                        -Dickinson, Anna Elizabeth-Whited Sepulchers   1:370
                        -Goodreads.com-top books, Book of Mormon and Bible ranking   1:423
                        -Kane, Elizabeth Wood-Twelve Mormon Homes Visited In Succession on a Journey Through Utah and Arizona-writes   1:226
                        -Hurlbut, Doctor Philastus-Mormonism Unvailed [sic]-anti Mormon book   1:415
                              -Howe, Eber D.-Spaulding theory   1:492
                        -Popol Vuh-Central American manuscript-akin to the Bible   1:232
                        -Smith, Ethan Rev.- “View of the Hebrews,” claims Joseph Smith got his idea for the Book of Mormon   1:493   
                        -Twain, Mark-Innocents Abroad   1:205
                              -Roughing It   1:205
                        -Whitmer, John-Book of John Whitmer   1:310
                  Ghost Names-Obediah Dogberry-Abner Cole, anti Mormon in his views   1:415
                  Pamphlets-Delusions-Campbell, Alexander-anti Mormon   1:415
                        -Interesting Account of Several Remarkable Visions-Orson Pratt-19 paragraphs of beliefs   1:413
                        -Late Persecutions of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints-Parley P. Pratt-18 beliefs   1:413
                        -Listen to the Voice of Truth, Orson Pratt   1:414
                        -The Mormons-Douglass, Frederick-reads   1:340
                              -Emerson, Ralph Waldo reads, interested in Mormon cause   1:340
                              -Greeley, Horace-reads   1:340
                              -Kane, Thomas L.- writes, favorable   1:336
                              -Phillips, Wendell-reads, 1:340
                              -Sumer, Charles-reads, 1:340
                              -Whittier, John Greenleaf-reads, 1:340
                        -The Result of Two Meetings between the L.C. Saints and Primitive Methodist   1:414                        
                        -Views of the Power and Policies of the Government of the United States   1:287
                  Presses-Far West, Mo. press buried   1:228
                        -Yerba Buena California Star-printed on the same press as The Mormon   1:229
Printing Presses   See Printing (Presses)
Prison   General-Biesinger, Thomas sent to prison-converts accuser   1:160   
                     -Garn, Daniel-first Utah Territorial Prison warden-he was a prisoner first   1:137
                     -Pratt, Parley P.-sees vision of wife while in   1:196
                     -Young, Brigham-24 hours in prison   1:252
                Jail-Carthage-Thomas Ford does not protect Joseph Smith and others   1:293
                     -Liberty Jail-Wood, Wilford C. purchases   1:433
                     -Miller, J.-imprisoned 16 times on his mission   1:460
Prophecy   See Gifts of the Spirit
Prophetic Almanac for 1845   See Almanacs
Provo River   See Rivers
Provo Utah Temple   See Temples
Pulsipher, John   Mormon Trail-surrounded by wolves   1:323
Quails   See Birds
Quincy Whig   See Media (Newspapers and Magazines)
Radio   See Media
Recreation   See Games/Recreation   
Reddin, Jack   Mentioned, Mosiah Hancock sells him a wolf pelt   1:174
Redlands California Temple   See Temples
Regina Saskatchewan Temple   See Temples
Relief Society Magazine   See Media (Newspapers and Magazines)  
Religions   Baptist-Boston Watchman-Baptist newspaper-anti Mormon in its view   1:415
                          -first major convert faith in America   1:363
                          -Hancock, Levi W.-breaks up baptist congregation, dream of parishioner   1:403
                    Campbellites-Campbell, Alexander-writes Delusion-anti Mormon pamphlet   1:415
                          -Hyde, Orson, when he was a minister-gold bible   1:342
                          -Millennial Harbinger-Campbellite newspaper   1:415
                    Church of Christ, The-formed by James J. Strang   1:319
                    Church of the Messiah-Apostate, George Adams forms   1:205
                    Community of Christ-See below, Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
                    Dunkards-Baptism and washing of feet   1:365
                    Laymen’s National Bible Committee   Presents award to the Church   1:418   
                    Lutheran-Forsgren, Christina Ericka prays during conversion, sees vision   1:86
                    Methodist-Boyle, Henry G.-on   1:362
                          -fastest growing at the time of Joseph Smith   1:361
                          -Foote, Warren, on meetings   1:368
                          -Hancock, Mosiah on meetings   1:366
                          -Kane, Thomas L.-humorous thoughts on   1:340
                          -ministers offer to a sick Jacob Hamblin family   1:50
                    Ministers -Bogart, Samuel-Battle of Crooked River-faces David Patton   1:210
                                            -confronted by young man about insincere prayer, humorous   1:183
                                             -Methodist meetings   1:367
                                      -Clark, John-Book of Mormon translation process   1:485
                                            -Palmyra minister, Martin Harris tells about Golden Bible   1:424
                                      -Norway clergy-not recognizing LDS marriages   1:436
                                      -Pixley, Benton-Missouri, spreads anti Mormon literature   1:415
                                      -permitted to preach in LDS meetings   1:271
                                      -Smith, Ethan- “View of the Hebrews”   1:493   
                    Parliament of World Religions-reject B. H. Roberts, accept Russell M. Nelson   1:7
                    Presbyterian-Calister, Caroline Smith-mother’s vision while in church   1:462
                                           - Kane, Thomas L. builds, church purchases   1:397
                    Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints-missing pages from the Book of Commandments and Revelations   1:421
                           -original manuscript of the Book of Mormon   1:225, 1:491
                           -San Bernardino, California colony after Saints leave   1:480
                           -Seerstone Joseph Smith used during translation of the Book of Mormon   1:240
                           -Smith, Joseph III-Levi Hancock’s thoughts on   1:379
                                 -sends missionaries to Utah   1:259
                     Roman Catholic-Crosby, Jesse W., on   1:364
                           -Smith, Jesse N., dancing in church buildings   1:472
                     Strangites-Harris, Martin supposedly serves a mission for   1:319
                     Unification Church-Washington D.C. Chapel buys   1:242
Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints   See Religions
Republican Party   See United States Government (Political Parties)
Rescue   Hales, Lucy Clement-Natives steal her child, rescued back-   1:331
                Sugar Beet equipment   1:202   
                Willie and Martin handcart company-Ephraim Hanks sees in vision   1:322
Resort   The Hermitage   1:247
Reynolds, George   See Church Organization (Council of the Seventy)
Reynolds, Thomas   See United States Government (Governors)
Rhubarb   See Sickness (Cures)
Rice   See Food
Rich, Charles C.   See Church Organization (Apostles)
Richards, Franklin D.   See Church Organization (Apostles)
Richards, George Franklin   See Church Organization (Apostles)
Richards, LeGrand   See Church Organization (Apostles)
Richards, Stayner   See Church Organization (Assistant to the Twelve)
Richards, Stephen L.   See Church Organization (Apostles)
Richards, Willard   See Church Organization (Apostles)
Rigdon, Sidney   See Apostates
Ririe, James   Clothes, lack of   1:373
                         Food and Natives   1:389
                         Watermelon pie   1:390
River boats   See Ships
Rivers   Creeks-City Creek-four prophets baptized in   1:79   
               Rivers-American River-Mormon Battalion-gold found on   1:284
                      -Jordan River (Holy Land)-Smith, George A., Lorenzo Snow, Albert Carrington re-baptized in after dedicating the Holy Land   1:266
                     -Mississippi River-Huntington, William baptizes for the dead Samuel Huntington for the dead in   1:263
                           -Nyman, Jane-first baptism for the dead in   1:104                 
                     -Mormon Trail-hold hands while crossing   1:173
                     -Platte River-Lyman, Eliza Marie Partridge names son after   1:329
                     -Provo River-Smith, John H. near drowning miracle   1:407
                     -River Ribble-most attend a baptism   1:63
                     -Susquehanna River-Wood, Wilford C. purchases land on   1:433
                     -Sweetwater River-Martin Handcart crossing incident   1:169
River Ribble   See Rivers
Roberts, B. H.   See Church Organization (Seventy, Quorum of)
Rochester Daily Democrat   See Media (Newspapers and Magazines)
Rochester Observer   See Media (Newspapers and Magazines)
Rockwell, Orin Porter   See Bodyguards
Roman Catholic   See Religions
Roughing It   See Books
Rounders   See Games/Recreation
Rowe, W. H.   ZCMI enterprises, manages   1:248
Rumours   Newspapers publishing lies   1:445
Ruth, Babe   See Sports (Baseball)
Sabbath day   See Church Practices
Sabin, Mary Powell   Watermelon-eating for the first time   1:170
Sacrament   See Church Ordinances
Safford, Anson Pacely Killen   See United States Government (Governors)
Saints Herald   See Media (Newspapers)
Salem, Utah   Pondtown, original name   1:481

Saleratus   See Food
Salt Lake City   Children, visitors perceptions of   1:370
                            City Creek-four prophets baptized in   1:79
                            Hell or Whiskey Street   1:224
                            Latter-day Saint University   1:317
                            Orphanage/Day Care-first   1:311
                            Shoe and Leather Record, on   1:248
                            Shoe factory   1:248   
                            Site of first planting when Saints entered the valley   1:47
Salt Lake Musical and Dramatic Association   See Art (Theater), See Art (Music)
Salt Lake Stake Academy   See Education
Salt Lake Tabernacle   See Temple Square
Salt Lake Theater   See Art   See Buildings
Salt Lake Utah Temple   See Temples
San Bernardino, California   Inflation   1:479   
                                                   Settled by the Saints   1:478
                                                   Young, Brigham, lack of confidence in colony   1:480
San Diego State   See Education (Universities)
Sanders, Darius   Stink base   1:383
Sangamo Journal   See Media (Newpapers and Magazines)
Sanpete Stake Academy   See Education
Santaquin, Utah   Summit Creek, original name   1:481
Saxton, N. C.   Smith, Joseph Civil War prophecy   1:426
Scarlet Fever   See Sickness
School of the Prophets   See Education
Scorpions   See Insects   
Scribes   Harris, Martin, seerstone joke on Joseph Smith   1:236
Scriptures   Bible- “And it came to pass,” use of   1:235
                            -Church receives award for service to   1:418
                            -Goodreads.com-ranking   1:423
                            -Smith, Jesse N.-Bible House-stays at   1:434   
                      Book of Mormon-3rd most published book in the world, Feb. 2000   1:487
                             - “And it came to pass,” use of in the Book of Mormon and Bible   1:235
                             -Burgess, Harrison sees gold plates from heavenly visitor   1:87
                            -geography   1:222
                                  City of Manti-Huntsville, Missouri   1:477
                            -Edition changes   1:488
                            -Gardner, Robert Jr.-testimony   1:264
                            -Gilbert, John H.-Book of Mormon 1st printing, thoughts on   1:226
                            -Goodreads.com-ranking   1:423
                            -Hamblin, Jacob-when he first touched the Book of Mormon   1:96
                            -Harris, Martin-testimony of   1:204
                            -Lightner, Mary Elizabeth Rollins-reads for 1st time, thoughts on   1:489
                            -Original-testimony of the Three Witnesses   1:233
                            -Original manuscript-on   1:490, 1:491
                                  -what happened to   1:225
                            -Printer's manuscript-on   1:490, 1:491
                            -Reynolds, George-first to illustrate the Book of Mormon   1:140
                            -Seerstone, Martin Harris joke on Joseph Smith   1:236
                            -Trejo, Meliton-translate into Spanish   1:402
                            -Twain, Mark-humorous comment on   1:200
                            -Wood, Wilford C.-purchases 1830 original uncut sheets   1:433
                     Doctrine and Covenants-Articles and Covenants-most significant beliefs of Church   1:413
                                                                      -original donated to the Church   1:62
                           -Book of Commandments   1:419
                                 -Wood, Wilford C., purchases original   1:433
                           -Book of Commandments and Revelations-first book that records the revelations to the Church   1:419
                                -Full name: A Book of Commandments and Revelations of the Lord Given to Joseph the Seer and Others by the Inspiration of God and Gift and Power of the Holy Ghost Which Beareth Record of the Father and Son Which is one God Infinite and Eternal World Without End Amen   1:421
                                -Kirtland Revelation Book-2nd book started in Kirtland to record revelations   1:420
                                -Missing pages from   1:421
                           -Bertrand, Louis Alphonse-translates into French   1:354
                           -Wood, Wilford C., purchases original   1:433
                           -Word of Wisdom-introduced at School of the Prophets   1:122
                     Gold Plates-Burgess, Harrison sees gold plates from heavenly visitor   1:87
                           -Harris, Martin-wife touches   1:227
                           -Sealed portion-what it contained   1:230
                           -Size of   1:231
                           -Smith, Emma-description of   1:485
                           -Stone box-what it looked like   1:239
                           -Whitmer, David, interview   1:335
                     Golden Bible-Clark, John-Palmyra minister, Martin Harris tells about   1:424  
                           -Hyde, Orson-when a Campbellite minister preaches against   1:342
                          -Palmyra Freeman-Golden Bible, on   1:425
                           -prophecy about as a non member   1:410
                     Pearl of Great Price-Articles of Faith-Wentworth letter   1:413
                           -Articles of our Faith   1:413
Sealings   See Church Ordinances
Seerstone   See Artifacts   
Seibold, Norman George   West German mission evacuation miracle prior to WW II   1:35
Sego Lilies   See Food
Seminole Uprising   See War, See Natives
Senate   See United States Government (Senate)
Senator   See United States Government (Senator)
Sentences   See Court trials
Service   Smith, Joseph cuts wood for widows   1:347
Sessions, Patty   Bowl complaint-home remedy   1:382
Setting apart   See Church Practices
Sharp, Thomas C.   Warsaw Signal, editor of, anti Mormon in his views   1:415
Shearman, William H.   First Sunday school, formation of   1:153
Ships   Food-diet, oatmeal   1:387
                   -porpoises-food on ship   1:388
             River boats-General Conference held on, first   1:149
             Sail Ships-Brooklyn-Brief history   1:193
                                     -Mormon Battalion discovers gold in California   1:284
             Steamboats-Hamblin, Jacob returning from mission-miracle healing and taken care of the remainder of the trip   1:155   
             WW II-missionary evacuation from Europe miracle   1:449
                   -SS Brigham Young-Lucy Gates Bowen christens   1:12
                   -SS Joseph Smith-Eugene W. Hilton christens   1:13
Shoe and Record Record   See Media (Newspapers)
Shoes   See Clothing and Shoes
Sickness & Disease   Ague-Arocet Lucious Hale-Heber C. Kimball prophecy   1:75
                                     Blackleg-cure, horseradish   1:211
                                            -Gardner, Robert   1:212
                                     Bowel Complaint-Patty Session, home remedy   1:382
                                     Cholera-Hamblin, Jacob-father heals   1:411
                                          -Horner, John, brother almost eaten   1:355
                                          -Woodruff, Sarah Delight Stocking-baptism for healing   1:103
                                     Colds-Foote, Warren-smart   1:213
                                     Cures-Blackleg-horseradish   1:211
                                           -Brandy, bowel complaint   1:382
                                          -Corbnet Soda, bowel complaint   1:382
                                          -Green soap, the Itch   1:469
                                         -Hancock, Martha M., children get Cayenne Pepper in their eyes   1:380
                                         -Oak Bark   1:381
                                         -Peppermint-bowel complaint   1:382  
                                               -tea   1:381
                                        -Quinnene-fevers   1:383
                                        -Rhubarb, bowel complaint   1:382
                                        -Salts-fevers   1:383
                                 Doctors-Avard, Sampson Dr.-organizes Danites   1:179
                                       -Brailey, Jesse Dr.-battle with the natives   1:44   
                                       -Smith, Joseph heals Elsa Johnson’s arm, doctors response   1:73
                                       -Young, Brigham-letter to Mormon Battalion-leave the surgeon alone   1:214
                                 Fever-Hamblin, Jacob-sick on Mormon Trail-Methodist ministers offer   1:50
                                      -Holbrook, Caroline Francis Angell Davis-healed after baptism   1:129
                                      -Stink base, sick while playing   1:383
                                General-Hancock, Mosiah-Nauvoo (Commerce) sickness   1:215
                                      -Young, Brigham-letter to the Mormon Battalion stating to leave the Surgeon alone   1:214
                                Hospitals   Smith, Jesse N.-the Itch   1:469
                                Inflammation of  the lungs-Foote, Warren,  stupid   1:213
                                Itch, The-cure, green soap   1:469
                                Malaria-Kane, Thomas dying of, baptism for healing   1:337
                                Mental Illness-Clayton, Diantha-Joseph Smith appears to   1:91
                                Nurses-Swapp, Elizabeth-called to be a nurse   1:443
                                Scarlet Fever-Cornick, Sarah healed of   1:401
                                Summer Complaint-Cure   1:381
Singing in Tongues   See Gifts of the Spirit  
Slavery   See African Americans
Slippery Elm   See Trees, See Food
Smith, Asa Dee   Lewiston, Utah-Poverty Flats   1:391
Smith, Caroline   Clayton, Diantha-appears to in vision   1:91
Smith, Don Carlos   Elders Journal-editor   1:415
Smith, Emma   See Church Organization (Relief Society)
Smith, Emma S.   See Church Organization (Relief Society-Other)
Smith, Ethan Rev.   “View of the Hebrews,” claims Joseph Smith got idea for the Book of Mormon   1:493  
Smith, George A.   See Church Organization (Apostles)     
Smith, George Albert   See Church Organization (Prophets)
Smith, Hyrum   See Church Organization (First Presidency)
Smith, Jesse N.   See Church Organization (Stake Presidents)
Smith, John H.   See Church Organization (Patriarchs)
Smith, John Henry   See Church Organization (Apostles)
Smith, Joseph   See Church Organization (Prophets)
Smith, Joseph III   See Religions (Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints)
Smith, Joseph F.   See Church Organization (Prophets)
Smith, Joseph Fielding   See Church Organization (Prophets)
Smith, Joseph Sr.   See Church Organization (Patriarchs)
Smith, Lauritz   Bishop determines his tithing   1:261
Smith, Lot   Woodruff, Wilford stated, “some heirs of Brigham Young are going to hell”   1:441
Smith, Lucy Mack   Harris, Martin-visits, gold plates   1:227   
                                   Hears voice of why Joseph and Hyrum were taken from her   1:95
Smith, Lucy Meserve   Flax wheel, nickname of   1:377
                                         Smith, John H. drowning miracle   1:407   
                                         Women taking petticoats off in the Tabernacle   1:326
Smith, Moses   Strangite mission to England   1:319
Smith, Samuel H.   1830 mission-Orson Hyde Campbellite minister   1:342   
                                  April 6, 1830, order of baptisms into the Church   1:265
Smith, William   See Church Organization (Patriarch)
Smith family (Joseph Sr.)   Clark, John-Palmyra minister, thoughts on   1:424
Smoot, Abraham Owen   See Church Organization (Stake Presidents)
Smoot, Reed   See Church Organization (Apostles), See United States Government (Senators)
Snipes   See Birds   See Food
Snow, Eliza Roxey   See Church Organization (Relief Society Presidents)   
Snow, Lorenzo   See Church Organization (Prophets)
Snow, Warren S.   Moroni dedicates hill that the Manti Temple is built on   1:223
Soap   Homemade   1:375
            making   1:376
Solemn Assembly room   See Temples (Salt Lake Temple)
Sons of Helaman   See Groups
Southern States Mission   See Missions
Spanish Fork   Gopher Town, dugouts   1:399
Spaulding Manuscript   Accusations toward Joseph Smith   1:492
Spaulding Theory   Mormonism Unvailed [sic], accusations against Joseph Smith   1:492
Speaking in Tongues   See Gifts of the Spirit
Spiders   See Insects
Sports   Baseball-Adams, Spencer-First LDS player to play in the majors, Babe Ruth story   1:304
                     -Gehrig, Lou-Spencer Adams rooms with   1:304
                     -Jacobs, Ray-major leagues, plays two games   1:334
                     -Kimball, Newt-pitches no-hitter in his first major league appearance   1:305
                     -LDS pitchers combined World series won-loss record, 1991   1:307
                     -Lazzeri, Tony-Spencer Adams rooms with   1:304
                     -New York Yankees-Adams, Spencer plays for   1:304
                     -Pearson, Monte pitches first no-hitter in Yankee stadium history   1:15
                     -Perry, Red-pitches for 1927 Pittsburgh Pirates-gift story   1:306
                     -Pittsburgh Pirates-Red Perry gift story   1:306
                     -Ruth, Babe-Spencer Adams gambling story   1:304
                     -Washington Senators-Adams, Spencer plays for   1:304
               Basketball-Ashton, Marvin J.-plays on winning Great Britain basketball championship team while on mission   1:16
               Football-BYU/San Diego State play to highest tie in NCAA history   1:17
               Golf-Grant, Heber J. and U.S. President Warren G. Harding play   1:14
               Track and Field-Haymond, Creed, sets first world record for a Latter-day Saint in running event   1:139
                     -Larson, Clint sets world record in, first for a Latter-day Saint   1:138
               Wrestling-Smith, Joseph accidentally injures friend   1:185
Spying   Belnap, Gilbert for Joseph Smith   1:66
Squirrels   See Food
St. George Stake Academy   1:374
St. George, Utah   Children, on   1:370
St. Joseph Stake Academy   See Education
St. Louis Daily Missouri Republican   See Media (Newspapers)
St. Louis Globe Democrat   See Media (Newspapers)
Staffordshire Ware   Nauvoo Temple rarest   1:432
Stake Presidents   See Church Organization
Stakes   See Church Organization  
Stamps   See Post office
Statues   See Art (statues)
Steamboats   See Ships
Stedwell, Mary   Haun’s Mill-dies at   1:181
Steele, Catherine   Young Elizabeth, daughter born to   1:194
Steele, John   Young Elizabeth, daughter born to   1:194
Steele, Young Elizabeth   First baby born in Salt Lake Valley   1:194
Stenographers   See Media
Stevenson, Edward   See Church Organization (Seventy, Quorum of)
Stewart, Adiel   Crop miracle, prayer in field   1:401
Stewart, Isaac J.   1876 Mexican Mission-visit with Gov. Safford of Arizona, he wants the Saints to move to Arizona   1:249
Stewart, J. Z.   1876 Mexican Mission-visit with Gov. Safford of Arizona, he wants the Saints to move to Arizona   1:249, 1:315, 1:316
Stewart, Joshua Beynon   Patriarchal blessing-discernment and healing   1:401
Steward, Julia Ann   Faith and courage while her husband is called on him mission-recalled 7 days after returning home   1:316
Stink base   See Game/Recreation
Stockholm Sweden Temple   See Temples
Stoddard, Lyman   Baptizes Jacob Hamblin   1:96
Stone boxes   Gold plates, what box looked like   1:239
                          Harris, Martin-Hill Cumorah seeking for other stone boxes   1:53
                          Whitmer, David-Chicago Times interview-stone box that housed the plates   1:52
Stowell, Josiah   Smith, Joseph disorderly conduct charge
Strang, James J.   See Apostates
Strangites   See Religions
Streets   Bethlehem Street, City of Zion   1:394
                Hell Street, Salt Lake City   1:224   
                Jerusalem Street, City of Zion   1:394
               Whiskey Street, Salt Lake City   1:224
Strong, Alvah   Harris, Martin , obituary decades prior to his death   1:350   
Success   Callis, Charles A.-determines success of “unsuccessful” missionary   1:1
Suffrage   National Woman’s Suffrage Association-Emmeline B. Wells attends in Washington D.C.   1:339
Sugar   See Food
Sugar Beet Industry   Established in Provo, then the temple lot, finally Sugar House   1:221
                                       Rescue 1:202
Sugar House, Utah   Establishment of the sugar beet industry   1:221
Summerhays, Joseph W.   Original Book of Mormon manuscript, receives portion of   1:225
Sumner, Charles   Reads Thomas L. Kane’s The Mormons   1:340
Sunday School   See Church Organization
Susquehanna River   See Rivers
Sustaining Vote   See Church Practices
Swapp, Elizabeth   See Nurses   
Sweetwater River   See Rivers
Sword of Laban   Whitmer, David interview   1:335
Sydney Australia Temple   See Temples
Tabernacle   See Temple Square
Taft, William Howard   See United States Government (Presidents)
Talmage, James E.   See Church Organization (Apostles)
Tanner, Nathan Eldon   See Church Organization (First Presidency)
Taxes   Meeting house built in Utah, boundary change-Nevada taxes   1:396
Taylor, John   See Church Organization (Prophets)
Taylor, Stephen W.   Sweetwater River crossing incident-Martin Handcart company incident   1:169
Tea   See Beverages
Teachers   See Church Organization
Telegraphy   See Media
Temple Groundbreaking   Billings Montana Temple-weather miracle   1:32   
Temple Site Selection   Bountiful Utah Temple-first time entire First Presidency selects the site   1:26
                                           London England Temple-David O. McKay insists on site regardless of engineers   1:27
                                           Provo Utah Temple-non members dream   1:31
Temple Square   Assembly Hall-General Conference held in during WW II   1:435   
                                Bowery-various uses, natives see plays performed in   1:112
                               General-National ranking of vacation spots   1:219
                               Tabernacle-Roosevelt, Teddy first to speak in   1:147
                                     -Shoe and Leather Record, on   1:248
                                     -WW II-closed during   1:435
                                     -Women taking petticoats off in   1:326
                               Temple lot-sugar beet equipment set up at   1:221   
                               Visitor Center-North-mural and Christus statue   1:2
Temples    Apia Samoa-postage stamp-featured on   1:23
                   Atlanta Georgia-Angel Moroni Statue   1:242
                   Baton Rouge Louisiana-construction miracle   1:24
                   Billings Montana-groundbreaking weather miracle   1:32
                   Boston Massachusetts-Angel Moroni Statue   1:242
                         -”Flew three angles in one day”   1:429
                   Bountiful Utah-first time entire First Presidency chooses site for the temple   1:26
                   Cardston, Alberta-miracle-E. J. Wood-perform sealing   1:30
                        -miracle -grieving father permitted to speak in temple   1:29
                        -official representative of king permitted to tour after dedication   1:28
                   Columbus Ohio-Angel Moroni statue from Monticello Utah Temple   1:427
                   Halifax Nova Scotia-dedicated the same day as the Regina Saskatchewan Temple   1:19
                   Hawaiian Temple-construction miracle-lack of wood   1:49
                         -Wilson, Woodrow first president to be mentioned in temple dedicatory prayer   1:146
                   Idaho Falls Idaho-Angel Moroni statue   1:242
                   Kirtland-Coltrin-Burgess, Harrison visions seen in   1:88
                         -Congregation separate vocal prayers in   1:272
                         -constructed of sandstone-infused lagging economy   1:431
                         -fast meeting-held on Thursdays   1:274
                         -Zebedee sees the finger of the Lord while consecrating oil   1:68
                   Logan Utah Temple-construction miracle   1:108
                          -Dedication-non member tries to enter   1:109
                   London England-David O. McKay selects site regardless of engineers   1:27
                   Manti Temple-Moroni dedicates the hill the temple is built on   1:223
                   Monticello Utah-White Angel Moroni Temple, only temple to have one   1:427
                   Nauvoo (original)-capstone ceremony-Brigham Young gives prayer   1:282
                          -construction-Sidney Rigdon false prophecy   1:409
                                -wanting to build a tabernacle   1:244
                          -Fielding, Joseph description of during construction   1:113
                          -fire, Lewis Bidamon tries to save   1:106
                         -Gilded angel placed on, angel represents John the Apostle   1:238
                         -Pratt, Orson carries six shooters in the temple   1:55
                         -Staffordshire Ware-rarest   1:432
                         -U.S. Marshals seek for Apostles in the temple   1:54
                         -Wood, Wilford C.-purchases site   1:433
                   Nauvoo Illinois (new)-”Flew 3 angels in one day”   1:429                        
                        -Original prints found to construct   1:58
                   Nuku alofa Tonga-postage stamp-featured on   1:23
                   Oakland California-only temple constructed with five spires   1:25
                   Ogden Utah-First temple dedicated in the state of Utah   1:428
                   Palmyra New York-most people view dedication   1:34
                   Provo Utah-land acquisition, dream   1:31
                   Redland California Temple-land purchased in 1851   1:430
                   Regina Saskatchewan-dedicated the same day as the Halifax Nova Scotia Temple   1:19
                   Salt Lake Utah-Angel Moroni statue-first to have, Cyrus Dallin story   1:105
                        -construction-sandstone foundation   1:111
                        -Dedication-Wilford Woodruff’s remarks   1:483
                        -postage stamp-featured on   1:23
                        -Shoe and Leather Record-on   1:248
                        -Snow, Lorenzo-sees Jesus Christ in the temple   1:195
                        -Solemn Assembly room-General Conference held in during WW II   1:435
                   Stockholm Sweden-construction halted when Viking graves were found   1:20
                        -postage stamp-featured on   1:23
                   Sydney Australia-nesting Plovers   1:22
                   The Hague Netherlands-”Flew 3 angels in one day”   1:429
                   Tokyo Japan-Property hit by two bombs during WWII   1:21
                   Veracruz Mexico-dedication weather miracle   1:33
Tenney, Warren R.   Smith, Jesse N. ordains   1:443
Terry, George   1876 Mexican mission-meets Gov. Safford of Arizona, wants the Saints to move to his state   1:249
Testimony   See Gifts of the Spirit
Thacker, Vern   Nauvoo Temple prints-finds while tracting   1:58
Thanksgiving   See Holidays and Vacations
Thatcher, Arizona   Latter-day Saint Academy   1:317
The Hague Netherlands Temple   See Temples
The Result of Two Meetings between the L.D. Saints and Primitive Methodist   See Printing (Pamphlets)
Thistles   See Food
Thomassen, Peter  O.   First foreign language newspaper in Salt Lake Valley   1:300
Thomsen, Karen   Smith, Jesse N.-gives wine to, baptism   1:439
Three Witnesses    Cowdery, Oliver-April 6, 1830-order of baptisms   1:265
                                        -Book of Mormon printing   1:226
                                        -LDS Messenger and Advocate-8 beliefs of the church   1:413
                                              -editor   1:415
                                        -Smith, Emma on Book of Mormon translation   1:485
                                        -vision of Adam and Eve   1:176
                                        -Whitmer, David-interview   1:335   
                                 Harris, Martin-agriculture-success at   1:352
                                       -Book of Mormon translation process   1:485
                                       -Clark, John-Palmyra minister, tells about Golden Bible   1:424
                                       -false teeth   1:351
                                       -Gilbert, John H., thoughts on   1:226
                                       -Gold plates-Martin Harris’s wife touches   1:227
                                       -Grandin, E. B.-thoughts on   1:353
                                       -Hill Cumorah seeking for other stone boxes   1:53
                                       -Humorous-obituary written decades before he dies   1:350
                                       -Palmyra Freeman-on   1:425
                                       -Seerstone, joke on Joseph Smith   1:236
                                       -Sermon, John and Henry-testimony of the Book of Mormon   1:204
                                       -Strangites-supposedly joining   1:319   
                                 Whitmer, David-April 6, 1830, order of baptisms on   1:265
                                       -Book of Mormon printing   1:226
                                             -translating process   1:485
                                       -Chicago Times interview-stone box that housed the plates   1:52
                                       -Saints Herald-interview   1:335
Timbimboo, Moroni   See Church Organization (Bishops)
Times and Seasons   See Media (Newspapers and Magazines)
Tithing   See Church Practices
Tokyo Japan Temple   See Temples
Tolstoy, Leo   Mormons, thoughts on   1:201
Tomahawks   See Weapons
Town ball   See Games/Recreation
Trading   California gold seekers in the Salt Lake Valley   1:48
                 Hancock, Mosiah with gold seekers   1:283
Trail of Tears   See Natives
Translation   Book of Mormon, Emma Smith, on   1:485, 1:486
                             -Trejo, Meliton, translate into Spanish   1:402
                        Deseret Alphabet-Smith, Jesse N., sees similar in Europe   1:484   
                        Doctrine and Covenants-Louis Alphonse Bertrand into French   1:354
                        Gold Plates-Clark, John, Palmyra minister version   1:424
Trapped by the Mormons   See Art (Movies)
Trees   Hill Cumorah-planting 200,000   1:3
             Mahogany-Smith, Lauritz, Bishop sets tithing, answer to prayer   1:261
             Poplars-tree of  the pioneers   1:475
             Slippery Elm-Saints eat bark   1:174
Trejo, Meliton G.   1876 Mexican mission-meet Gov. Safford of Arizona, wants the Saints to move to his state   1:249, 1:402
                                  Dream about visiting Utah Territory when not a member of the Church   1:402
Truman, Harry S.   See United States Government (U.S. Presidents)
Twain, Mark   See Clemens, Samuel Langhorne
Twelve Mormon Homes Visited In Succession on a Journey Through Utah to Arizona   See Printing (Books)
Tyler, Samuel D.   Kirtland Camp, City of Manti   1:477   
Unification Church   See Religions
United States Government    Congress-Hinckley, Gordon B.-opens with prayer   1:8
                                                     Constitution-Saints constitutional rights-Iowa governor   1:251
                                                     Declaration of Independence-Huntington, Samuel baptized for the dead by William Huntington   1:263
                                                     Federal Bureau of Investigation-Cowley, Samuel P. kills John Dillinger   1:466
                                                                                                                     -Kills George “Baby Face” Nelson   1:467
                                                     Governors-Boggs, Lilburn W.-assassination attempt   1:290
                                                                               -attempted murder, Orin Porters sentence   1:116
                                                                               -extermination order/Trail of Tears   1:254
                                                                               -Jackson County courthouse, 1st built, Sidney Gilbert buys   1:243
                                                                                -possible suspect in attempted murder case   1:288
                                                                                --Woodruff, Wilford-assassination attempt, on   1:291
                                                                          -Ford, Thomas-fears of being known as a “Herod or Pilate” after Joseph Smith’s death   1:187
                                                                                 -June 27, 1844-protects himself, but not Joseph Smith   1:293
                                                                          -Lucas, Robert-Iowa Gov.-Saints constitutional rights   1:251
                                                                          -Reynolds, Thomas-attempted murder attempt on Lilburn W. Boggs   1:288
                                                                          -Safford, Anson Pacely Killen-Arizona Gov.-wants Saints to move to Arizona   1:249
                                                     Marshals-Nauvoo Temple-searching for Apostles in   1:54
                                                     Political Parties-Democrats-Adopt measures to aleve the Saints sufferings after the Missouri years   1:251
                                                                                        -Smith, Joseph-prophecy on   1:408
                                                           -Independent American Party-Smith, Joseph prophecy   1:408
                                                           -Republicans-Smith, Joseph-prophecy on   1:404
                                                           -Whigs-Saints don’t support during the Nauvoo years   1:251
                                                     Presidents-Cleveland, Grover-Mormon Persecution-asked if he will stop   1:347
                                                                        -Garfield, James A.-only President to utter “Mormon Church” in inaugural address   1:145
                                                                       -Harding, Warren G.-golfs with Heber J. Grant   1:14
                                                                       -Hayes, Rutherford Birchard-Wells, Emmeline B. meets with   1:339
                                                                       -Jackson, Andrew-cane, given to Thomas Kane, given to Church   1:241
                                                                       -Jefferson, Thomas-Martin Harris   1:353
                                                                       -Johnson, Lyndon B.-feels inspired when with David O. McKay   1:6
                                                                       -Lincoln, Abraham-critical of Stephen A. Douglas anti-Mormon comments   1:148
                                                                             -Lincoln, Mary Todd-attends Joseph Smith’s trial   1:203
                                                                             -Smith, Jesse N., comparison to Joseph Smith   1:463
                                                                       -Roosevelt, Teddy-first to speak in the Tabernacle   1:147
                                                                       -Taft, William Howard-Hermitage, The-stays at   1:247
                                                                             -Smith, Joseph F., invites and Mormon Tabernacle choir to the White House   1:144
                                                                             -Utah-visits 6 times   1:144
                                                                       -Truman, Harry S.-Jackson County courthouse, his law office   1:243
                                                                       -Van Buren, Martin-rejects visit by Church leaders   1:8
                                                                       -Washington, George-Moroni in his camp   1:178
                                                                       -Wilson, Woodrow-appoints James H. Moyle to subcabinet position   1:59
                                                                              -first to be mentioned in temple dedication prayer   1:146
                                                     Recruiting-Seminole uprising, during   1:142
                                                     Senate-Chaplain Edward Everett Hale-father to Abby Calista Hale-1st non member instructor at BYA   1:299
                                                          -Smith, George Albert, Hugh B. Brown open with prayer   1:8
                                                     Senators-Douglas, Stephen A.-speaks out against the Church-Abraham Lincoln critical of him   1:148
                                                           -Smoot, Reed-length of service   1:5
United States Marshals   See United States Government
University of the State of Deseret   See Education (Universities)
University of Utah   See Education (Universities)
Upper Missouri Advertizer   See Media (Newspaper and Magazine)  
Urim and Thummim   Book of Mormon translating   1:226, 1:485
                                        Gold plates-Clark, John-Palmyra minister version   1:424   
                                        Smith, Joseph-carried at all times   1:56
Utah Expedition   See Expeditions
Utah Magazine   See Media (Newspapers and Magazines)
Utah Politics   Assessor and Collector-Albert Carrington   1:456   
                          Associate Judge-John Taylor   1:456
                                -Newell K. Whitney   1:456
                          Attorney General-Daniel H. Wells   1:456
                          Bullock, Thomas-Inspector of Liquor   1:464
                          Chief Clerk-Bullock, Thomas   1:464
                          Chief Justice-Heber C. Kimball   1:456
                          Governor-Brigham Young   1:456
                          Liberal Party-organized by Utah non-members to combat the People’s Party   1:256
                          Marshall-Horace S. Eldredge   1:456
                          People’s Party-organized by Church members   1:256
                          Secretary of State-Willard Richards   1:456
                          Supervisor of Roads-Joseph L. Heywood   1:456
                          Treasurer-Newell K. Whitney   1:456
                          Territorial officers-voted by sustaining vote   1:456
                          Utah Territorial leaders-Council of Fifty decides   1:456
                          Utah Territorial Legislature-Superintendent of Meteorological Observation, W. W. Phelps   1:438
                          Voting-Territorial officers, sustaining vote   1:456    
                          Waterfall, William-campaign in Utah-People’s Party   1:256
Utah Posten   See Media (Newspapers)
Utah Territorial Legislature   See Utah Politics
Van Buren, Martin   See United States Government (Presidents)
Veracruz Mexico Temple   See Temples
Viewings   See Death
Views of the Power and Policies of the Government of the United States    See Printing (Pamphlets)
Violets   See Food
Violin   See Art (Music, Musical Instruments)
Visions   See Gifts of the Spirit
Voices, Hearing   See Gifts of the Spirit (Visions)
Volcanoes   Kilauea (Hawaii)-McKay, David O. inspired to move back from edge of   1:4
Voting   See Utah Politics
Walker War   See Natives, See War
War   Battles-Battle of Crooked River-two ministers fight against each other, Patten/Bogart   1:210
           Civil War-Jesse N. Smith returning vets   1:444
           Medals-Medal of Honor-first given to a Latter-day Saint   1:133
           Natives-Seminole Uprising-LDS men recruited during the Missouri years of the church   1:142
                 -Walker War-mentioned   1:389
           United States and England, 1841-missionaries called home   1:121   
           World War II-High Priest and Seventies called on missions during   1:449
                  -SS Brigham Young-Lucy Gate Bowen christens   1:12
                 -SS Joseph Smith-Eugene W. Hilton christens   1:13
                 -Tokyo Japan Temple property bombed during   1:21
Ward   See Church Organization
Ward Teachers   See Church Practices   (Home teachers)
Warner, Amos   Warner, Frank W. adopts   1:42
Warner, Frank W.   See Natives (Natives)
Warsaw Signal   See Media (Newspapers)
Washakie Ward   See Church Organization (Wards)
Washing of Feet   See Church Ordinances
Washington, George   See United States Government (Presidents)
Washington Senators   See Sports (Baseball)
Waterfall, William   See Utah Politics
Watermelon   See food
Watters, Virginia Ryder   Articles and Covenant-donates back to the Church   1:62
Wayne Sentinel   See Media (Newspapers and magazines)
Weapons   Guns-Apostles constantly carried six-shooters to protect themselves   1:54
                           -Browning, Jonathan-Nauvoo gun maker   1:192
                           -Browning, Moses-Ogden, Utah gun maker   1:192
                           -Hancock, Levi-makes rifle for son   1:384
                           -Pratt, Orson-carries six shooters in the Nauvoo temple   1:55
                     Tomahawks-Hancock brothers protect 600 homeless Saints   1:208
Weather   Billings Montana Temple groundbreaking miracle   1:32
                   Hawaiian Temple-lack of wood during construction miracle   1:49
                   Veracruz Mexico Temple dedication weather miracle   1:33
Weber Stake Academy   See Education
Weeks, William   See Buildings (Architects)
Wells, Daniel H.   See Church Organization (First Presidency)
Wells, Emmeline B.   Conversion, family turns their back on her   1:339   
                                       Young, Brigham, on imprisonment   1:252
Wells, Junius   Contributor, The-editor   1:415
Wells, Robert W.   Missouri’s Mormon friendly attorney general   1:253
Wentworth, John   Wentworth letter   1:413
Wentworth Letter   See Post Office (letters)
West, John A.   Sermon, dancing, evils of   1:471
Wheat   See Food
Whig Party   See United States Government
Whiskey Street   See Streets  
Whistle and Whittling Gang   See Groups
Whistling   West German mission evacuation miracle prior to WW II   1:35
Whited Sepulchers   See Printing (Books)   
Whitmer, David   See Three Witnesses
Whitmer, David Jr.   David Whitmer interview   1:335
Whitmer, John   See Apostates
Whitmer, John Jr.   David Whitmer interview   1:335
Whitmer, Peter Jr.   1830 mission, Orson Hyde Campbellite minister   1:342    
                                     April 6, 1830-order of baptisms on   1:265
Whitney, J. W.   Committee chair to alleviate sufferings of the Saints after the Missouri years   1:251
Whitney, Newell K.   See Church Organization (Presiding Bishop)
Whittier, John Greenleaf    Reads Thomas L. Kane’s The Mormons   1:340
Widows   Smith, Joseph cuts wood for   1:347
Widtsoe, John A.   See Church Organization (Apostles)
Wight, Lyman   See Apostates
Wild Onion   See Food
Williams, Frederick G.   See Church Organization (First Presidency)
Williams, Nancy Abigail Clement   Stink base, game-gets sick playing   1:383
Willie Handcart company   See Mormon Trail (handcarts)
Wilson, Benjamin   Wilson, William (Billy) Gibson, father, tells of kindness   1:247
Wilson, William (Billy) Gibson   The Heritage, resort   1:247
Wilson, Woodrow   See United States Government (Presidents)
Winter Quarters, Nebraska   African American Mississippi Saints   1:43
                                                    Gardner, Robert Jr.-establishment   1:220
                                                    Heber C. Kimball company battles natives   1:44
                                                    Kane, Thomas-baptism for healing   1:337
Wolves   See Animals   See Food
Women’s Exponent   See Media (Newspapers and Magazines)
Wood, E. J.   Cardston Alberta Temple-miracle, performs sealing   1:30
Wood, James   See Court trials (Lawyers)
Wood, M. Douglas   See Church Organization (Mission Presidents)
Wood, Wilford C.   Purchases historical sites and artifacts   1:433
Woodruff, Arizona   ACMI issues   1:473
Woodruff, Sarah Delight Stocking   Baptism for healing   1:103
Woodruff, Wilford   See Church Organization (Prophets)
Woolley, Edwin Dilworth   See Church Organization (Bishops)
Woolley, Ralph   Hawaiian Temple construction miracle-lack of wood   1:49
World Fair   See Fairs   
World War II   See War
Wrestling   See Sports, See Games/Recreation
Yankee Stadium   See Buildings
Yerba Buena California Star   See Media (Newspapers)
Young, Brigham   See Church Organization (Prophets)
Young, Brigham Jr.   See Church Organization (Apostles)
Young, Clara Decker   Native Sally, raises in her home   1:277
                                        Salt Lake Valley, on-humorous   1:324
Young, John Willard   See Church Organization (First Presidency)
Young, Joseph   See Church Organization (First Quorum of the Seventy)
Young Woman’s Journal   See Media (Newspapers and Magazines)
Zion Co-operative Mercantile Institution (ZCMI)   Shoe and Leather Record, on   1:248
Zion’s Camp   Dennis Lake sue’s Joseph Smith   1:123
Zion’s Watchman   See Media (Newspapers and Magazine)

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